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July 4, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Syria could become another Vietnam

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is talking tough about arming the Syrian rebels. One word comes to mind: Vietnam. Remember how tough our country looked then. Remember the pictures in Life magazine of children, badly burned, escaping down a road.

See and feel that long, black wall in Washington, D.C. Feel the 55,000 names and let your hand float over their chiseled edges.

Perhaps leading is remembering.

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  1. There is a distinct difference between Vietnam and Syria. In Vietnam, the armies of the North and South were warring factions each trying to gain political control and govern the other.

    In Syria, Assad's government is killing innocent women and children to suppress the voice of the people and quell the uprisings against it.

    The two are not the same.


  2. BChap:

    Both Iran and China are arming the Syrian government with weapons and money used to kill innocent Syrian people, mostly women and children. What are the Islamic nations in the region doing to end the genocide?


  3. Let's learn a lesson from Afghanistan in the 80s. The USA helped the Afghani's in their fight against the USSR when we should simply have stayed on the sidelines and let them kill each other off. Later, some of those same weapons we armed them with were used against us. Face it, as long as the Syrians, Yemanis, Libyans, Sunnis, Shiities, etal, are busy killing each other, they are not killing us. Let them. Stay out of their petty, vicious and lethal differences!

  4. Mitt Romney is throwing everything and anything out there to sway the uninformed and undecided voters.

    Saying you will arm the rebels in Syria (Mitt Romney's inference, if you can call it that) sends a coded message to the uninitiated that America is somehow in danger, and the danger is coming from Syria.

    All indications point to a Romney administration placing America boots on ground in a foreign country.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  5. Here go the military sales job again. Syria will be so essential to "our national interests" that we will be unable to function without interfering. If and when the majority of Syrians want change, they will get it. (And when that happens we can VERBALLY support them.) In the mean time, our known enemies will interfere enough for us to jump in and attempt economic suicide, again. We should be concentrating on special forces and small high-tech means--drones, espionage. While technology can be pricey, if we stop giving our enemies the blueprints, we really shouldn't have to spend hundreds of billions on new technology. The world has changed. Let's build our defenses to CYBERWARFARE.

  6. In my opinion we should stay out of it. We should allow the entire greater Middle East to go through its upheaval, and remain clear of involvement in any sides in this gigantic mess. Look at Libya and Benghazi. I am a Romney supporter but this it just politics to be advocating taking sides in any of these upheavals.
    The most we should do is supply our opinion, if we know what we are really doing, which I doubt. The Obama administration is a loose canon on deck in foreign policy(as in all policy matters) and is most likely to err no matter what it does. We need to protect our own nation, our men and women overseas, and our bases, and honor our military and other commitments to our allies,including Israel.

  7. The SPENDing campers are saying foreign aide is immaterial, that it's just 1% of spending. Nonsense. What about military aide, contractors, embassy staff and costs to "work with the locals" and decide how much they "need?" (And then there's all the cost of later defense spending when we've fed them into overpopulation.) The FACT remains that dolling out aide gives the ugly American impression of arrogant uncaring, unthinking people who only have to CHOP UP ANOTHER BLOCK of the streets paved with gold--so we could give them everything they want and that they don't have to earn a living, feed themselves or do anything productive. Let's face it. Even with equal I.Q.'s, a society focused on survival does not even consider that America WAS fairly well off not because we have endless resources but that we HAD a culture than encouraged inventors, innovation, production, self reliance. It's not just the 1-10% of our spending that is actually aide--it's the injustice of taking from working Americans, including affluent Americans, to enable misfit societies to survive, expand, and attack.

  8. 2bxx: Excellent point. "We" killed so many civilian Iraqis that the carnage in Syria is not so much, in comparison. We also killed a lot of American and U.N. soldiers. We have so many maimed veterans that we'll have to double social welfare spending to care for them.

  9. At least Mitt has five (1,2,3,4,5) sons that he won't have to worry about serving in the military over there or anywhere else.

  10. It doesn't matter in what country it is, Romney will get us involved in a war.

    The reason: The military industrial complex trough needs feeding, as part of his plan for economic recovery.

  11. Viet Nam's Agent Orange is today's depleted uranium weapons.

    No wonder many of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq hate us. We have caused a disaster for the populous by using depleted uranium weapons.

    It is no better than when the Native American's were killed by infecting them with smallpox from the gift of blankets.

    Don't think our own soldiers have not been effected as well.

    Yes, the Syrian people should do everything they can to keep from being involved with a war that includes the US.

    We should remember what goes around, comes around.

  12. I doubt that we will put any large numbers of ground troops in Syria.

    Former secretary of defense Robert Gates has stated most recently. That any President that puts ground troops in Asia,Africa,or the Middle East,should have his head examined.

    Who ever gets elected President will take this advice to heart. It has been proven that the enemy's of the U.S. will continue on with war and will try and wear us down until we pick up and leave.

    Pres. Obama has proven that we can get rid of dictators such as Col. Gadaffi of Libya. Without the use of ground troops.This was suggested (ground troops) by some Republican Senators at the time of Gadaffi's rule.U.S.airpower,and the airpower from our allies did get the job done.

  13. The problem is if Romney gets elected.

    He has been saber rattling with Iran while campaigning, and siding with Israel. Obama also stands with Israel and won't allow nuclear weapons in Iran.

    Now, if Romney wants to use war as a tool to keep the military industrial complex going following our leaving Afghanistan, he could see Syria as a route to Iran.

    I just cannot trust that Romney will use his brain over profits.

    With already laying the foundation for another Cold War with Russia, and threatening China with tariffs, there are plenty of reasons to not trust the man. He has no sense of foreign relations. He has no judgment even regarding the damage he can do during the campaign.

    He seems to have a dictators personality and it is sure to get us into trouble.

    Obama is different. I think he acts with counsel and thoughtfulness when dealing with lives.

    I also worry about Romney's penchant for secrecy. We could find ourselves in real trouble and not understand why or the truth. The last time that happened it was WMD's in Iraq. Ha!