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April 27, 2015

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Looking back to look ahead

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The president of the United States holds the most powerful individual office in the world. It is incumbent upon all of us to look into the future and try to predict how each candidate would act in that office.

One way is to look at the experiences each had prior to election as an indicator of what to expect. In President Barack Obama, there was a professor of constitutional law and a person who was involved in community work. That attitude was certainly borne out the past four years and the results of the first debate, non-confrontational and erudite.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney has a trait that was exemplified by his reported actions while in college. In his talk about foreign policy, he reiterated his personal trait, and that scares me. In college, he was reported to be a bully, although he said it was just college pranks.

He used Bain Capital to assist in doing his bidding with companies in which Bain invested. He bullied his opponents in each of the primary debates and again in the first debate with the aid of an ineffective moderator.

His proposed foreign policy is to use the strength of the United States, economic and military, to “influence” other nations to our way of thinking. To me, that is just another bullying tactic but is his history. Do the American people want a schoolyard bully in charge of our nation?

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  1. Not this citizen! I think you hit the nail on the head with your comparison, Earle.

  2. This bullying argument is ridiculous. Romney was aggressive in the first debate and both men were aggressive in the 2nd debate. It's a non issue.

    I'll repeat again: This election should be and hopefully will be about economic issues. Romney has an economic plan. Obama has the last four years. There are some issues with Romney's plan in the area of balancing the tax cuts with closing loopholes. Obama has a weak economic record to run on and there are issues with his stance on capital gains taxes and his exaggerated claims about how much good raising taxes on the wealthy will actually do.

    The choices are not what I wish they were but we all have to choose. I hope we all wisely base our choices on which guy we think can better start our economic engine so we can get more people back to work. All this other stuff is a bunch of noise that we'd be wise to ignore.


  3. Barackward has a brother in Kenya living in poverty and despair his entire life. What has the president done before and after his presidency to assist him?

    How many times did Barackward say: "I am my brother's keeper?" Does he really mean it? Not by his actions.


  4. The Tea/Republicans advocate old, antiquated ideas that have been proven to not work.

    They have stubbornly decided they won't change. They just turn the guitar amplifier up to eleven, SHOUT IT OUT LOUDER, and go with candidates that are so far to the right they are deemed basically unelectable. Candidates who have decided to go back to policies that got America into the economic mess we're now in.

    On November 6, 2012, the American voters are rejecting it. Because kowtowing to the filthy rich, at the expense of everyone else, has been certified to never work in the past, nor will it work in the future. The curtains have parted to fully reveal to American voters what is behind it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    It's over with, Tea/Republicans. You keep screaming that the voters out here need to change. But you're not listening to the voters. They reject your old ideas that only serve the rich and no one else.

    On November 6, 2012, we are going to see further efforts to destroy this abomination called the Tea/Republican Party. In the long run, it will do them good. Because we rip it apart, they might re-build it to a point where they'll make sense again with a brand of conservatism that is more realistic. And not so over the top.

  5. If you listen to Romney carefully, he thinks, acts and still lives in the 1950's on social and military issues.

  6. I read your opinions about the debate, kepi. Enjoyed and agreed with them.

    I intend to help fight back the Tea/Republican Party's self-declared World War Women in solidarity with you when I vote, but I can't do it by myself.

    Lace up yer high heeled sneakers and get to the booth and vote.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  7. Isn't that the distingishing quality of conservatives that they're bullies ?

  8. Oh wow, kepi! You got your sample ballot today?!!!?

    That means I need to check my mailbox. Mine is probably in there.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Should be easy to fill out. Straight up and down Democratic Party. BOO YAH! I'm going for complete destruction of the Tea/Republican Party!

  9. Here are two questions for all you who have posted a response to Earle Malkin's Letter to the Editor:

    (1) If you support Mitt Romney, why? Explain with facts, your answer. Such as, Romney's economic plan, Give the details point by point.

    (2) And, if you do not support the President, please give the reason(s) why, and explain point by point(with facts)your answer.

    Thank you.


    Not going to happen. Start planning for 2016.


  11. What happened to the Mitt Romney supporters and opposition to the President?

    What, no takers on the challenged posted by Longtimevegan on Oct. 17th at 10:05 pm.

  12. We've done ENOUGH looking back except we've overlooked why America became prosperous--the emphasis on rewarding risk, innovation, investment, hard work, work. We should be looking at candidates who have had experience, good or bad, that educated them in the areas we need leadership in. The ECONOMY. National defense. Nix the over-concern for "doing the right thing" for every foreigner, illegal, insurgent.

  13. "What, no takers on the challenged posted by Longtimevegan on Oct. 17th at 10:05 pm."

    Speaking for myself, I can't do so with the 3000 character limitation here.


  14. @Carmine,

    So you support one of the candidates, but you cannot explain the candidate's position you support.

    So you going to vote for someone you know nothing about?

    You know, you sound just like Paul Ryan when he spoke on Fox New saying, he didn't have enough time to explain his budget to the America people.

    Wise decision process Carmine, you doing great in being a responsible voter. Keep up the good work.

  15. Your opinions are based on facts not introduced into evidence.


  16. OMH! Now we have trials!

    Everyone beware of the Inquisition!