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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Berkley is dedicated to veterans

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Rep. Shelley Berkley deserves a big vote of confidence from Nevada veterans. She has been a great supporter and advocate on behalf of veterans’ rights and services. The new veterans hospital is a testimony to her commitment and contributions. As a Navy combat veteran and VFW life member, I have had the opportunity to visit other Veterans Administration hospital facilities, and I would rate the Southern Nevada facility one of the best in the United States.

Many of us who attended the grand opening realize that many people contributed toward the hospital’s completion. However, we also should recognize that Berkley had a vision and cared enough about veterans’ health, medical needs and services to lead efforts to obtain land and secure the funding for the hospital in Congress. Her dedication to our veterans is commendable.

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  1. Wake up, Fred. Shelley Berkley is as corrupt as they come. She belongs in jail; not in Washington DC, where she can continue to do what's best for her pocketbook and to drain ours.

  2. Most likely, Berkley has done some good work in her time in office. As with most office holders, I also suspect she used her position to enrich herself and her family. It's sad that most people we send to office to 'serve', serve themselves first.

    Berkley, like most office holders, would have skated through, except she shot herself in the foot by not removing herself from the effort surrounding kidney dialysis when she 'knew' her husband would benefit from a certain out come. She most likely would have gotten the out come she favored anyway but through a foolish decision or arrogance or both, she did not remove herself.

    That's the truth here and her support for veterans, while commendable has little to do with the main issue.


  3. If all the veterans in Nevada vote for Shirley Berkley, a fine woman with terrible political judgment, it won't change the outcome of the election: Dean Heller wins.


  4. Shelly Berkley will win re-election in her district.Ms. Berkley's help in getting the new Veterans hospital,and the Kidney Dialysis ctn. are just two things that she has done for our great state.Without her help we would still be needing both of these new facilities that we currently have in place.

  5. Willie Tanner,

    Yes, it does bother me that warnings of an attack against the US were not taken seriously enough by President Bush before 9/11.

    It also bothers me that insufficient forces were allocated in Benghazi, even after requests were made and then when the attack did come and help was requested, 'someone' made a decision not to send any help... and we cannot find out why or who.

    And your point is ..... ???


  6. Mr. Casler et al:

    I am saddened and disappointed that Leon Panetta and President Obama and VP Joe Biden REFUSED to approve and send back up to the annex and save the lives of the 2 Navy Seals. It is unconscionable. When American lives are at risk and they are pleading for help to be saved, it is the American way to provide it or die trying. Obama, Biden and Panetta didn't. They don't deserve to keep their jobs.


  7. Kepi,

    Maybe I understood the rules, but I thought we were free to respond to any letter writer or any comment in this public forum.

    My point is the same one I usually bring up. Criticism is fine and often deserved, but too many people have one set of rules for one person or side and another for another person or side.

    When I see it, as I often do, I point it out. Doing so doesn't endear me to partisans but I do my best to ignore that.


  8. BTW I am and have been a fan of Leon Panetta for years. BUT...., if he was instrumental in the decision to leave the 2 former Navy seals high and dry, he needs to go. He does not deserve the job as Secretary of Defense.


  9. Carmine,
    "I am and have been a fan of Leon Panetta for years. But he has to go".

    The letter to the editor was about Shelley Berkley".Titled, "Berkley is dedicated to veterans".

    So how did you end up with bringing Leon Panetta into this discussion?

    You are way off topic, and I can't imagine why you are attacking Mr.Panetta.When we were talking about Ms.Berkley,and her dedication to veterans.

  10. Mr. Pizzo:

    I was addressing that comment in particular to Mr. Casler who introe'ed Benghazi in the post before mine.

    I added "et al" as a courtesy to others who wanted to read it. It's Latin for "and others." You didn't have to read it if you didn't want to.

    If you have been following the news stories about Benghazi the decision to leave the Americans in the Consulate and the CIA Annex out on a limb was made by the President, VP and Defense Secretary. Ths battle went on for 4 HOURS plus. This was enough time for American help in the area, ground and air, to come to the Americans' rescue. The blood of the 4 dead Americans are on their hands.

    PS: Fox news which has covered the story every day, while liberal left media have done so sporadically and reluctantly, will likely get a pulitzer for their results.


  11. BTW, Mr. Pizzo while I call for Panetta's resignation for his involvement in the wrong decision, the buck stops with the President on the decision to abandon the Americans.

    We are our brother's keepers, Mr. Pizzo. That's what President Obama says constantly on the campaign trail. Too bad he doesn't follow his own advice when it really matters.


  12. Amen Mr. Young, if it weren't for Berkley we wouldn't have a new VA hospital.

    "Fox news which has covered the story every day, while liberal left media have done so sporadically and reluctantly, will likely get a pulitzer for their results."

    I seriously doubt Fox will get a Pulitzer for reporting on Benghazi. Like that bonehead Romey they are using Benghazi as a political pinata before all the facts are in. Jumping the shark as they did with "Fast and Furious" a program that started under the Bush admin and was ended by Holder.

  13. Carmine,
    "Mr.Pizzo I was addressing that comment to Mr Casler".

    I see that you were addressing Mr. Casler,who was addressing his comment to Willie Tanner.It looks like all three of you were off topic. All three of you should have been addressing the letter to the editor about Shelly Berkley, not Leon Panetta .

    So I will apologize to you for just singeling you out.When it should have been all three of you.

  14. Mr. Pizzo:

    Don't apologize to me. But to the Moderator. For trying to do the job the Moderator gets paid to do. Not you.


  15. "Carmine: There is no Pulitzer prize for broadcast journalism. If Fox ever did get an award for their "reporting" it will be their first."

    If you are still posting here after November 6, I'll remind of your comment when Fox is awarded the Pulitzer. 3 journalists in particular. 2 women and one man. BTW, Greg Palkot from Fox is [was] the only jounalist on the ground in Benghazi Libya. After the US government said it was too dangerous to send the CIA in to investigate.

  16. "Amen Mr. Young, if it weren't for Berkley we wouldn't have a new VA hospital."

    There is a financial means test for veterans who were not in combat in order to use the hospital facilities. It's based on a law passed and signed in 2003 by Bush2. Vets can't earn more than $40,000 a year to use the facilities free. And can't use, and pay/reimburse the VA, if they do.


  17. Carmine,
    "Mr.Pizzo don't apoligize to me.But to the moderator.For the job the moderator gets paid to do.Not you".

    My apology has been withdrawn to you.No response back from you will be necessary.

  18. Willie Tanner,

    A better name for Fox news is tabloid news,that's where it fits best.

  19. "My apology has been withdrawn to you.No response back from you will be necessary."

    Evidence that it wasn't sincere just a rote gesture.


  20. "A better name for Fox news is tabloid news,that's where it fits best."

    Mainstream media news is the entree, tabloid news is the dessert.


  21. Warmongers have to give lip service to veterans--it's part of their hype. Let's really support our troops by bringing them all home right now.