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May 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Is Romney really a job creator?

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Mitt Romney has been boasting about how he can create jobs like no other. Why, then, when he was governor of Massachusetts did his state rank 47th in the nation in economic growth? Why, then, did he leave with only a 37 percent approval rate?

Obviously, he can create jobs, but only in China where he outscourced them, leaving many American people unable to make a living.

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  1. What it boils down to...

    Rmoney/Ryan want to return us to the halcyon days of the previous Presidential Administration that took us into the abyss.
    Virtually the entirety of their platform is a return to the 'good old days' of George W., with lower taxes on the wealthy, less regulation, corporate favoritism and the tried & failed policies of 'trickle-down' economics.

    It's a recipe for DISASTER.
    And the letter-writer is correct;
    Mitt's claim of 'job creation' is BUNK.
    Mitt's record in Massachusetts ain't that purdy...

    "from December 2002 to December 2006, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 states (not including the District of Columbia) in job growth. (We calculated that by using the number of jobs at the beginning and end of the period for each state to determine the percentage change and then ranking the states.) Only Ohio, Louisiana and Michigan fared worse."


  2. If Mitt Romney did such a chili red hot job in Massachusetts, why isn't it fondly remembered by the voters there. Anybody heard anything about Massachusetts being a red state or even a battleground state this year? Anybody?

  3. Letter writer bought into the negative democratic [read Obama] spin ads. If the letter writer takes each year the Governor served, the truth is in the last year [4th year of his term] Massachusetts was 29th in job creation nationwide. Almost a cut in half from when he assumed the position. With a state legislature that was over 80 percent democrat, who bear at least some of the credit [or blame] for it.

    Be my guest, fact check it.


  4. Romney is businessman and an effective one. He can balance budgets, and lead successful efforts, unlike the present Faculty Lounge occupant of the Oval Office. Under Romney Mass had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.Hard to improve on perfection.
    He also led in a state where the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the legislature--87%. He brought the state out of debt and left with a surplus. Sound like something the nation could use?

  5. Trust is an issue in this election. After watching and listening to Romney for months, I have seen, and heard, him morph from a radical right wing agenda (the GOP race for the nomination), to the GOP convention where he had no argument with the radical right wing platform adopted by his party. Then I watched his debate performances when he suddenly became a centrist moderate (in stark contrast to the beliefs of his "base" voters). Who is the REAL Mitt Romney?

  6. Re Future. I've read virtually the SAME talking points on another blog, also with nothing to back them up such as sources, and dare I say it, FACTS.

    Even the mainstream media would have jumped all over this, if it had a shred of truth in it......crickets chirping.

  7. No Bob, he had no other choice. He had to cede to the 85% who were democrats much like Obama now had to cede to the Teapartiers in Congress to get anything done at all.

    Think about it. Governors and Presidents do not have dictatorship powers. We have checks and balances. It was a Herculean task for Obama to pass anything at all.

    Romney on the other hand couldn't pass his own agenda in MA because the democrats wouldn't allow him. Of course he touted that experience as leadership. If you analyzed it, he was simply rubber-stamping. And, you blame Obama for not doing anything when Romney did the same in MA. Why do you think MA is a blue state? Why didn't it turn red if Romney did such a great job there?


  8. Mitt Romney did create a lot of jobs while being the CEO of Bain Capitol for 15 years. The Chinese Govt.are very grateful to him for doing so.

  9. We don't need a job creator. We need someone to stop DESTROYING JOBS. Mr. O. waves a pen and adds 2 million (plus extended families) young job seekers--and fails to add them into the Unemployment Rate calculations. Anyone think Mr. O. can wave another pen and find work for everyone? Hyping nation building at home--what's he been doing for 4 years? Borrowing and spending, giving it away.

  10. Mitt Romney is not a job creator, not directly. The majority of Mitt Romney's activity was to generate more wealth for the wealthy.

    Mitt Romney and the investors he represented are not concerned about creating jobs. They areo only concerned about the return on investmet(ROI).

    The companies that were successfull because of investment from Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, those companies created, saved, or maintained jobs. However, creating jobs is not the goal, or the mission, or the intent of Mitt Romney or Bain Capital.

    The companies that failed because of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital far out number the successfull ones in terms of employees retained or hired, in relation to employees fired or layoff because of jobs moves overseas, or business closures.

    Overall, Mitt Romney is not a job creator. Mitt Romney and Bain Capital business model is not about job creation, it is about wealth creation.

    Businessman creat jobs. Investors take from business. Mitt Romney is an investor, as is Bain Capital and other companies like them.

  11. @express,

    You're tangled up in your own wire. You said Mitt Romney is a job creator...why?

  12. It appears that Romney's supreme goal was using the Governorship as a stepping stone to the Presidency. He wanted the name "Governor Romney" while campaigning. He really didn't care about the people of Massachusetts. Many grew dissatisfied with his frequent out-of-state travel and shift toward promoting socially conservative issues while he began to focus on national rather than state politic.

    Date Approval Disapproval
    March 2005 50% 37% After rumors of exploring run for presidency.
    August 2005 50% 40%
    March 2006 46% 47% After announcing not running for re-election.
    June 2006 39% 56%
    Nov. 2006 34% 65% Lowest approval of governorship.
    Dec. 2006 39% 59% Last full month of governorship.

    His one term gave him the undeserved title of Governor. He also claims we have a 'moral obligation' to invade Iran if Israel invades but also says that the Government is spending too much. Where will the money come from for another $4T war? There aren't enough Big Bird shows to pay the bills. His budget plan is a fraud.

  13. Nancy,

    "If you analyzed it, he was simply rubber-stamping"

    Yes, Nancy, and the rubber stamp read VETO on it. He used the Veto stamp 800 times, while he passed Romneycare as his signature and only major accomplishment, with the help of Edward Kennedy.

    Other than that, his crossing the aisle story is a bag of spoiled fruit.

    He also raised the fees on everything he could find.

    That is his leadership record in MA.

    Now, he accuses Obama of not fulfilling his promises, with an obstructionist Republican House and Senate.

    Whatever Obama accomplished, he did so by crossing the aisle and compromising, much to the consternation of liberal. However, he showed more leadership than Romney did as governor.

    The US is much more complex given that it deals with 50 states, not 1, and Federal laws and regulations that go far beyond a single state.

    Add to that, the catastrophic economic meltdown that went global as he entered the Whitehouse. The fact that we are now in a global economy, with all parts effecting others, and not having control of the governments all over the world, makes it much more complex to deal with than the state of MA alone.

    Romney's business experience is about plunging failing companies into higher debts, then selling them when they cannot pay.

    He is about privatizing everything possible, which is part of the solutions of third world countries, but which leaves them in worse straights.

    In the US he wants to privatize Soc Security and Medicare, the only real safety nets we have. He will be a disaster for Medicaid, for the poorest and most needy.

    And what will he and Ryan replace it with? Private charities. Who is going to be funding those charities. I leave it to each individual to consider how much they can afford to give to charity and what the record is for those charities, especially if you consider the tithing basket a charity for most religious denominations.

  14. Romney has a major lack of credibility and trust problem as a result of his own lack of integrity.

    It appears he handles "job creation" with the same expertise and finesse he demonstrates with Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations.

    He also appears he has a problem with premature ejaculation of the tongue in his long standing quest for power.

    He not only lies, but he does so to create fear in workers that they will lose their jobs unless they elect him. This is CRUEL.

    He stated in Ohio...

    "I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China," Romney said during a rally in Defiance, Ohio, before 12,000 cheering supporters, according to several reports. "I will fight for every good job in America, I'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it's fair, America will win."

    Correction came out from the company addressing the true facts.

    Gualberto Ranieri, Chrysler's vice president of communications, criticized those stories Thursday even before Romney made his comments.

    "Let's set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China," Ranieri said. "It's simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China, for the world's largest auto market. U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation."

    A spokesperson for the Romney campaign declined to comment.

    In fact, Chrysler is investing $500 million at its Toledo North Assembly Plant and plans to add 1,105 new workers by the third quarter of 2013 to build an all-new SUV that will replace the Jeep Liberty.

    Production of the new SUV will begin next summer and the hiring process for the new workers, who are scheduled to start by the next fall, has begun, said Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson.

    Today comes a tweak that is insufficient & misleading still.

    "Mr. Romney today renewed the China claim in a new ad, but with a key tweak leaving out the word "all."

    From Romney's 5 Point Plan...

    "Protect workers and businesses from strong-arm labor union tactics."

    And what will protect workers from Romney and business. Neither has shown they can be just toward workers on their own.

    This is very important since China is moving to be an industrial power. This poses the greatest threat to Germany right now, but in the future...

    The potential competition from China in the auto industry is very real, and with Romney's outsourcing history and anti-union stance, I don't see him on the side of workers or job creation.

    Romney is a "vulture" capitalist in his heart and can't be trusted to do right for the people in the US.

  15. Re Future comment at 1058. John Stewart, MTV, limp the pimp (whatever that is), Jay Leno....etc. etc. Get over it. The fairy tale you cited is just that; a fairy tale. Oh, let me add some more "facts" to your original off topic post: C130 gunships, 2 Navy Seals held off a "platoon" of terrorists for 7 hours (other post on the same topic that I cited, from a different blog), bases close by that could have provided support, etc. etc. What a crock. Panetta and the Joint chiefs chairman stated no action was taken at the time because of a lack of verifiable "facts". Get it? There was no action taken because the situational facts did not warrant any.

  16. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate

  17. Look I used to live in Mass and until I moved here in Sep 11 I lived in CT. He did absolutely nothing in Mass and was a hostage of the Dems. You know what he did do, he dramatically raised fees on everything that carried a fee. Thats how he generated revenue. Look it up. BTW, I am a GOP'r.

  18. RefNV,

    I told you repeatedly that my comment about dividing the US was a sarcastic remark, but you caused me to think about it more in depth, so I am happy you are so persistent in your insults.

    Just because I wrote and informational comment about China and socialism doesn't mean I am either a socialist or a communist, and most thinking people would know that.

    It was meant as an educational contribution since there is so much misinformation wafting through the opinion here.

    People can't really comment well if they don't understand the difference.

    Since you are only 42, I can understand your deficits, but I admit I thought you were an old man because you seemed possible suffer from dementia since you cannot remember my clarifications of my intentions behind my words, as I have explained multiple times.

    Additionally, I wonder why you have an intent to simply repeat your malicious and incorrect attacks on me, rather than be an intelligent contributor to the Opinions here?

    Is that all you know how to do? I notice you do the same to others at times, and it reflects very badly on you, since it shows a lack of character and integrity.

  19. RefNV, I don't want to waste anymore energy on addressing your attacks. From now on, I will express my complaints to the LV Sun moderators.

  20. Loon.

    All Obama has done is destroy jobs. All you can do is try to destroy Romney.

    Leftists love destruction.

  21. RefNV is ONLY 42????? GOod grief, man, how much weed did you smoke when you were younger?

    I, too, thought you were an older man (hate the word "old") like Future and Carmine because of the phrasing of your comments.

  22. @peacelily,

    Here is good advice to use as a evaluation tool before deciding to debate anyone, or arguing a point of view.

    "Do not argue with idiots, liars or the ignorant, for they will beat you with experience." (unknown)

  23. Comment removed by moderator. Off Topic

  24. Mitt Romney is not a job creator, not directly. The majority of Mitt Romney's private sector activity was to generate more wealth for the wealthy.

    Mitt Romney and investors he represented are not concerned about creating jobs. They are "only" concerned about return on investment(ROI).

    The companies that were successful while under the control of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, those companies did created, or saved, or maintained jobs. However, creating jobs is not the goal, or the mission, or the intent of Mitt Romney or Bain Capital.

    The companies that failed or closed because of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital far out number the successful ones in terms of employees retained or hired in relation to employees fired or layoff, or jobs moved overseas, and business closures.

    Overall, Mitt Romney is not a job creator! Mitt Romney and Bain Capital business model is not about job creation, it is about wealth creation!

    Businessman create jobs. Investors take from business. Mitt Romney is an investor, as is Bain Capital and other companies like them. Job creation and adding wealth are entirely two different items.

    Mitt Romney adds wealth to wealthy clients. Mitt represents investors who are not concerned about job creation, nor is Mitt Romney based on his private sector performance.

    Mitt Romney's words: Our goal is buy companies, build them up (debt) and then harvest them for our clients"

  25. @Kepi, and to all commentators on the Sun;

    If you feel like your being bullied, by anyone, challenge the bully on what the bully says. Challenge the core of their argument using their own words and their information.

    You continue to challenge them, within reasonable limits, if your not satisfied with the answer. Americans are fighters, we fight bullies. However there are some who will "beat you with experience." You don't fight them, walk away because they will self-destruct.

  26. Well, it seems that many writers in this column have missed their "calling" as business consultants. How could anyone be so SURE OF THEMSELVES as to WHETHER or NOT Mitt Romney can repair our economy? I see no references to FACTS from "Sue Weinstein" - nor do I see anything but negative OPINIONS from many others.

    Perhaps some of you should hire yourself out as business management consultants - and become a CEO - and then, see if you could be successful in BUILDING a multi-million dollar corporation - like Mitt Romney did (and avoid the libelous comments while you are doing it).

    Some of you have correctly stated what Mitt Romney has done done, but others have just made long-drawn-out, mis-informed, OPINIONS as to what Romney has achieved. Well, didn't your hear the 1st Debate? Don't you WANT to believe Romney could fix our economy? Why then would you BELIEVE what Obama says?

    Romney has received praise for turning businesses around. And no one gave him his MONEY; he EARNED IT. But if Obama wins the election - you can welcome the collapse of the United States Economy. Will THAT event make you (and your children) happy?

    In 4 years, Obama has SHOWN that he can not do ANYTHING to fix the economy. So I do not understand why so many people still want to "bet on" Obama - rather than give the "new kid on the block" (Romney) a CHANCE TO repair our economy.

    It IS POSSIBLE - Ronald Reagan DID IT. He brought our economy back from 18% INFLATION, a great recession, and other economic problems - to a new PROSPERITY. And it ONLY TOOK 3 1/2 years to do so (while House Majority Leader Tip O'Neil was saying: "no, no no - it won't work" to everything Reagan did.


    And Reagan was RE-ELECTED in a LANDSLIDE by both Republicans AND Democrats - and almost 90% of the voting population. I suggest that, in a similar manner, Mitt Romney has different skills, and a proven record of success in business - that makes him our BEST OPPORTUNITY to recover from this DEPRESSION.

    Romney has been PRAISED by many people for his business acumen, and becoming so successful. And Romney HAS TOLD US what his five-point PLAN for fixing the economy.

    SO, WHAT BUSINESS SCHOOL did the nay-sayers attend that makes them so smart about how to improve a business, and then earn millions of dollars for having done so? And why is it they must make such vehement statements about Romney, which are uncivil attacks - and also deride him.

    We cannot TAX the rich, and SPEND ourselves out of this mess. SO, if Mitt Romney is NOT elected - given Obama's proclivity for spending, he will soon BANKRUPT the United States. And we will wind up like Argentina - a failed attempt at economic Socialism.

  27. LTV:

    I have asked many times for rebuttals, but no one ever did.

    They attack you personally instead.

    I consider it really juvenile. Much like teenagers who think they know everything!

    Oh well. I hope this country survives our folly.

    Good luck to us all.

    Hello Kepi. Bless you.

  28. @butch2412,

    You just made the argument that "jobs have been shipped overseas."

    No where in the information you provided answers your charge, instead it shows just the opposite.

  29. THANK YOU TEAMSTER AND JUMBO for proving my points, as pertains to my post, last night(Oct 29, 2012 @ 7:21 p.m.).

    Your, REPEATED NEGATIVE comments today, further REINFORCE the points I made, as to the lack of willingness, and/or understanding many people have about economics and business - or Mitt Romney's background and qualifications.

    In addition, both of you - and other people who are spouting negative comments - WITH NO FACTS to back them up - really ought to, instead, discuss or provide qualified REASONS, for your "pro or con" comments - and not use such vehement language if in opposition.

    AFTER ALL, isn't meaningful conversation about issues, and NOT aboout one's personality? Isn't THAT what BI-PARTISIAN agreement consists of? Otherwise, neither writers in this column, nor the Congress, nor ANY president, would ever get anything acomplished unless they FIRST understood the need for civil conversation, doing legitimate research on the issue, allow some "give and take," and offering to compromise (for the benefit of ALL citizens) toward a SOLUTION to the question at hand.

    Certainly the criticism and anger that is evident herein (especially in TEAMSTER's, and a few other writings), will only serve to PRECLUDE and ALIENATE any chance for consideration of another point-of-view, or agreement.

    So now we are at an impasse, where all seem people are just FIGHTING - and lashing out with biased, non-factual OPINIONS, rather than discussing the qualifications, achievements, of the candidates. Opinions are fine - but not at the expense of either candidate, or civil behavior.

    Such thinking seems to be the basis for writing negative (or positive), comments in this column. But we should REMEMBER, that the Framers of our Constitution ALSO HAD very strong OPINIONS - yet they managed to engaged each other ON THE ISSUES, and survived the "verbal battle" in a strained, but civil manner - and ultimately, after several years, coming to an AGREEMENT on what our Constitution should say.

    So have we come to a point where we not CARE what we SAY about someone? Especially if we are DEFAMING someone's reputation, and making libelous statements? It is probably ONLY because Mitt Romney is running for "Public Office" that he has not chosen to FILE LAW SUITS against people, and the press, who repeatedly tell lies about him. How long would YOU, or anyone else (not in public office) put up with "Defamation of YOUR Character?"

    I submit that stating an opinon FIRST REQUIRES UNDERSTANDING what the truth is, and the issue being talked about. And then, NOT injecting NEGATIVE VERBIAGE into the "conversation," IN PLACE OF REASONABLE ARGUMENT.

  30. Mitt Romney is more of a pirate/racketeer than a businessman. He is a financial speculator to put it nicely; to buy up profitable companies, load them up with debt, then close them down, put thousands of Americans out of work, and sending the jobs overseas, while he walks away with millions, is no way to build up America's economy.

  31. Well said Jenifer!