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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Seniors hurt selves by voting for GOP

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The book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” questioned, among other things, the propensity of the people of that state to vote against their own interests. However, that book could describe a good portion of the people in the rest of the country.

For instance, I seethe with anger and recoil with disbelief when I read or hear that senior citizens are supporting and intend to vote Republican in overwhelming numbers. I say to myself, “Don’t these fools know they are voting to be starved and thrown in the street without medical care?” Don’t they read the papers or watch anything but “The Price is Right” or Andy Griffith on TV? Haven’t they heard of the Ryan budget, which would decimate Medicare and practically defund Medicaid (which pays for seniors’ nursing home care) and privatize Social Security?

All of these ideas are not new, as GOP politicians have been braying their desire to institute them ever since these programs became law and have especially intensified their efforts and rhetoric recently. Of course, they promise that it won’t affect today’s retirees. Anybody who believes that, I have a seaside property in Kansas I will sell them.

Even if they do honor this promise (very unlikely), future seniors will suffer terribly from the Romney/Ryan plan on these programs. The really sad part of all of this is that as Social Security and Medicare are not causing the deficit, there will be no deficit reduction.

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  1. Seniors have lived a long time so they do possess some wisdom only time can bring.

    SS and Medicare have not contributed to the present debt, but wisdom tells them that both programs will contribute to bankrupting the country in the future if some changes to them are not made. This is an actuarial fact due to our aging population. Many seniors don't like the R's plans but again their wisdom tells them not to believe a party that tells them both programs can stay exactly as they are forever with no effect on future budgets. BTW... seniors do watch programs other than Andy Griffith or The Price is Right. What a condescending thing to say about seniors.

    Senior's wisdom also tells them that the old canard that all R's want to throw granny off the cliff and destroy Medicare and SS are gross exaggerations. Seniors care about themselves but again, that wisdom tells them they should also care about the future of their kids and grand kids and all Americans still living once they are gone. If Medicare and SS are not reformed, along with our tax code and spending habits, the future will be bleak for all those that follow.

    Michael (aka... a senior)

  2. Kansas was [and still] one hundred percent behind President Richard M. Nixon. Even after his resignation. Right now the largest voting base for Governor Romney is men over 39 years old. I presume they don't all reside in Kansas.


  3. Here's a breakdown as of October 26, 2012 of Romney versus Obama:

    "Governor Romney now leads with independents (46%-42%), and continues leading among Republicans (91%-7%), voters over 65 (60%-36%), conservatives (78%-17%), whites (60%-35%), evangelicals (57%-40%), married voters (55%-41%), men (49%-46%), and investors (56%-41%)."


  4. ".......Calling retired people FOOLS after they have carefully evaluated the plans of both candidates and making a choice......".

    Carefully evaluated? Yes, there are few who do, but honestly? Many seniors do not have the wherewithal to do any kind of research or "fact-check" anything. How many older retirees do you know who is a whiz with technology? Their main source of information is the TV and FOX is certainly providing them the correct information. Right!

    ".....People understand that Obama passed a law -Obamacare- which raided Medicare of $716 billion which mean reduced or eliminated service for Seniors...."

    This one is especially an excellent twisting of the truth by Republicans. It has been proven many times that this is false. The 716 billion comes from the savings the ACA will get from insurance companies due to lowered cost of services. It is NOT taken from any existing funds. This is the same 716 billion Ryan is using in his own plan. Was this explained to Seniors? Yes, but Republicans still keep on repeating that it will be taken away from seniors!

    The non-partisan budget office in fact has warned that repealing ACA will increase the deficit by billions, not to mention the fact that millions of Americans will die without the benefit of early detection of potentially fatal illnesses. They claim that they do not want to pay the cost of insuring people who are not responsible enough to afford their own. In fact, they already do at a greater cost. Who do you think pays for medical bills of those uninsured who flock the emergency room because they have not been through preventive medicine? Who do you think pays for Medicaid and similar programs?

    "....Senior understand the difference between the PRICE CONTROL Obama plan and the COMPETITION Romney plan....."

    Competition that benefits only his cronies - the rich who controls insurance companies, drug companies, medical equipment companies, and other related medical services companies. Do you honestly think these companies are thinking about senior citizens when they make corporate decisions? Think!

    Do not call retirees FOOLS. Honestly? As I have said earlier, their decisions are based on Romney's and FOX's propaganda. Give them each a computer and the ability to fact-check. They are not fools. They are being fooled!

  5. I am not bashing seniors. I am about to be one. I am talking about how you Republicans manipulate the truth for vulnerable people who do not have the wherewithal to fact-check your claims.

    If anyone is bashing seniors, it is you, the Republicans for giving them garbage.

    Democrats are not claiming superior intelligence to Republicans. We are simply thinking more globally - inclusive of everybody - rich, poor, alternative lifestyles, women, children, divergent faiths, races, and ideas; and the marginalized - not just our own pockets.

    We abhor claims of 'supported by research' when no such research exist. We abhor claims of plans to get this country solvent, when the math does not even make sense.

    We abhor being lied to all with arrogance.

    We abhor claims to provide 12 million jobs in 8 to 10 years, but expect the current administration to do it in two!

    We abhor blaming the current administration without giving consideration of the state the world economy was in when this administration took office, yet do not give credit for its Herculean task of keeping it from falling off the cliff.

    Go ahead. Convince me otherwise.

  6. Headline is not true. Dems push for more giveaways. Well let's glance at non-profit food banks. Employees and volunteers make it clear that illegals make weekly trips in to the food banks for their six kids per family, none with a SS number, but all the moms have Ipads. At the same food banks, seniors are told not to come back. So sorry that your SS check and food stamps won't last the month. So sorry you've worked and paid in for 50 years. YOU (seniors) are on your own. We're spending it all on illegals, single-parent "families" and those who will take and take rather than make do.

  7. If you are a Senior Citizen, and vote GOP in this election, you are committing financial and health security suicide!

  8. Senior's should not be taken lightly.They will show their strength at the polls in great numbers on Nov 6th. This is when it will be shown how strong they really are,as they cast their votes for the re-election of Pres.Obama.

    You can't raid the social security trust fund and use the money for other programs without acountability.Seniors are to smart to believe that the social security trust fund is going broke because not enough people pay into it.They (seniors) know the real reason.Politicians did the damage by raiding it.

    Seniors also realize that if Republican Mitt Romney were to get elected Pres.He would operate just like he did with Bain Capitol.Stripping away social security and medicare as we know it.Repeal the ACA and replace it with what? Create jobs in the he did for China,while he was CEO of Bain Capitol.I don't think so.

    It's time for all Americans to wake up.Go to the polls and say no to the Tea Republicans and the party of no.Pres. Obama is our best hope for making things right for our country, that the Republicans nearly destroyed.

  9. The evidence is clear President Obama is putting back to work the millions of workers who lost their jobs because of former president Bush and the Republican Party policies and actions.

    President Obama is cleaning up the mess created by Bush and Republican leadership.

    Clean up. Cleaning up the mess the Republicans have made, and continues to make by obstructing and causing the down grade of the US economy.

    President Obama is cleaning up their mess. And like an untrained dog, they continue to mess-up on the living room floor. We need a new congress, not a new president.

    If your a senior, and voting GOP, why not just leave your home now and start living on the street, so you can get use to being without a home, and food, and health care. Because if your voting for Mitt Romney, he will make all this possible for you. Why not start now, get ahead of the long line for the best spots under many bridges here in America!

  10. Olivier,

    Say what? "I say to myself, "Don't these fools know they are voting to be starved and thrown in the street without medical care?"

    Please talk to just yourself, and leave the rest of we senior fools alone.


    p.s. Agustin, with all sincerity, please get some high-quality mental health assistance. We will need your passion properly directed.

  11. Maybe the seniors are more worried about Obama care pulling the plug on them when they get sick more then they worry about the possibility of a revamped SS system with some changes that will not effect them anyway in the GOP plan.

  12. @El_Lobo,

    ReFreeman's post is correct. What he did not include is the depth of the recession during President Obama's four years, and the depth of this recession compared to the past 10 recession.

    There is no way the recovery would be greater as many others have suggested. The USA recession included all markets around the world. The balancing act to stabilize such a huge breach against a broad scope cannot repaired in four year. Not in 8 years, not in 12 years. This is a 20 year repair my friend.

    There is no quick fix to the problem. And no one person is to blame, or can fix the problem alone.

    Blaming President Obama is not the answer, nor is the President the cause of the recession, or have made the recession worse.

    The President has made a position difference, and is part of the solution in repair our economy.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  13. @EL_Lobo,

    ReFreeman is providing numbers from the results from one of the two worse recession in American history.

    The depth of this recession and the recovery cannot compare with the 10 recessions ReFreeman has referenced. This is no comparison to be made, for there no recession like the one at the end of the Bush administration, going into President Obama's first year. Nothing is close.

    The other 10 recession were not world wide affecting. The recovery numbers cannot be compared. ReFreeman knows this, or should know this.

    EL_Lobo, there is nothing more rewarding to find the truth on your own. Don't rely on others to interpret data to conclusions based on another belief or understanding that is not universally sound.

    Universal understandings are simple and lead to meaningful discussions on differences. Simple stuff if applied across any disagreement.

  14. People who do not have any more arguments for rebuttal, attack the commenter.

    How juvenile.

    Grow up people.

  15. Anyone who has had a 401K knows the losses they suffer during a recession, of which there have been 3 that I remember caused losses in mine.

    Nobody can predict when a recession will hit, therefore, if one is unlucky enough to take a losses just when they need it for retirement, they are in a tough bind.

    If SS becomes an investment account managed by the financial wizards of commissions, they will have little say, nor any choice, but they will contribute via taxes or if not taxes, will need to put their money there themselves.

    Who will decide how much people must contribute? Or will it be up to every person to decide themselves, even if they are unable to understand all the risks, and are subject to unscrupulous money managers in the private system?

    How will the majority afford the ever increasing costs of a privatized Medicare that will be much worse than it is today guaranteed.

    The vouchers will soon fall very short of what is needed, and people will be forced, in their retirement, when they are unable to earn, or produce any longer, to make some very dire choices, none of which will be life sustaining.

    This is the Republican legacy to the future generations.

    Will it be mandatory to buy privatized health insurance in retirement? But, who cares in the mentality of the Ayn Rand philosophy? That is your problem!

    What happens when large numbers of people find most of what little retirement income they have goes to paying premiums, deductibles, co-pays that increase substantially?

    What oversight do private insurance companies have? Only that which tells them how much then need to increase premiums and lower benefits.

    Those who are touting all this privatization ore comfortable now in their retirement, have money to pay out, or are secure in what they receive from SS and Medicare as it is. They cannot relate to the eventual reality since the majority have no idea how the healthcare industry operates, and has for over 50 years becoming increasingly worse.

    What an injustice they do to those who are vulnerable.

    The only things that the Republicans know is how to:

    1. Keep wage growth stagnant

    2. Increase profits for business

    3. Serve the wealthy or upper middle class

    4. Utilize power for the privileged

    5. Eliminate anything that would help the rest of the people as soon as they are empowered to do so.

    This '5 Point Plan' has been the same my entire lifetime and before, even when I was a Republican. This is their ideology. It hasn't changed.

    And still many fall into the trap of believing what they say.

    There are ways to deal with SS, including removing the income caps for contributions, however, that would make the high earners upset since they would have to contribute more.

    Medicare wouldn't be a problem if we finally joined the rest of the industrialized and some developing nations in establishing a single payer universal healthcare system.

  16. Agustin,

    As is self-evident, I hereby refute Olivier's "Don't these fools know they are voting to be starved and thrown in the street without medical care?"

    Your turn to do the same or my comment about your need for high-quality mental health assistance will be affirmed.


  17. Bob 2:26: I was a federal agent when we FINALLY got authority to go after CONTRACTORS who owed back taxes--up until 1987 or so, payments from the federal government to contractors were protected. Yes, it is time to go after federal employees. Are we getting tired of exemptions from the law for Senators, Representatives, federal employees, political appointments and anyone else the politicians will phone in about?

  18. Purgatory and company: Please explain why our food banks give preference to illegals. Employees and volunteers tell me they are told to tell seniors not to come back--we don't care if you can't live on your SS and food stamps. The same people say they must "not judge" when the young moms with 6 illegal kids, none with an SS number, come in every week, in their new trucks / SUV's, have smart phones and are well dressed. Do ya think the dads are employed (12%+ of employees are illegals) but perhaps not married to the moms? Why can't we prioritize American citizens? Because the Obama administration sets the rules and kids, even illegal kids, are prioritized over Americans.

  19. Purgatory 1:30: Thank you. Ms. Agustin has a decent vocabulary but doesn't always demonstrate much logic. Maybe it's a math thing--there just isn't enough revenue anywhere to pay for everything she says would be nice. Apologies to M.Thatcher: Sooner or later you run out of other people's money.

  20. RefNV 3:31: We can "fix" SS and Medicare to be self-sustaining. Not so with Medicaid, TANF, CCDF, EBT FS.... When you cite "entitlements" would you please explain that despite more Boomers retiring, we have EXPONENTIAL growth in UNentitled recipients. We must get the federal government OUT OF SOCIAL WELFARE. States, Cities, Counties, Churches, non-profits all have social welfare programs. The material duplication of services means career-indigents live better than working Americans. We can't afford it.

  21. @RefNV,

    "LOL Longtimevegan prefers partisan rhetoric over a more objective analysis because the numbers do not reflect well for the candidate he/she supports." (ReFreeman)

    Your determine to blame the President for the economic condition America is facing. The numbers may give you comfort, but you know the larger picture.

    Omitting facts as to the cause of a problem, and your failure to acknowledge progress tell us, your in denial.

    Just a reminder, since you like numbers,
    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.