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April 21, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

We’re unprepared for a nuclear Iran

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The progress marches on in Iran toward a nuclear weapon. Sanctions and internal hardships notwithstanding, Iran is intent on developing this weapons capability and the world is not prepared for that event. The two presidential candidates do not want to come to grips with the ultimate crisis once it presents itself. The implications of reaching the “red line” are not part of the debate. No one seems intent on defining for the American people what is at stake, or what can be expected should a military strike on Iran eventually happen.

Is it political manipulation or an intelligence failure that prevents our leaders from shooting straight with Americans as what they can expect, or what preparations are in the works for this potential scenario?

Iran has been preparing for war for years. It knows that war is imminent, and the leaders have been engaged in war councils more than once to ensure that preparations for an all-out war are in place. America must be prepared this time for hostilities on our own soil. Terrorist surrogates of Iran are surely already here, and the effects could be lethal to our lives and destructive to our infrastructure and commerce, seriously disrupting our way of life.

The turmoil in America would be matched or exceeded by war in the Middle East, where American military assets will be engaged with Iran concurrently with attacks on Israel.

The day of reckoning is nearing, and it is getting late in the day for our leadership to prepare us for what is to come.

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  1. I agree Mr. Jack. For the past 6 plus years, and still, US foreign policy with Iran has ignored the threat and given the Iranians carte blanche to develop nuclear weapons. Biden in his debates with Ryan, citing current US intel, kow towed Iran's efforts. Yet, it is 1940's technology, only requires 80 percent iranium enrichment, and can be delivered by boat, plane, or truck.

    Israel should preemptively strike Iran with or without American approval. I'm surprised Israel hasn't already. Perhaps it is waiting for the outcome of the US election.


  2. When you negotiate with a foe like Iran it helps to understand their perspective. While we constantly look at Iran's desire for nuclear weapons as having only offensive motivation, it also has defensive motivational elements that shouldn't be ignored. Iran has experienced having U. S. and other foreign troops on three of its borders..Iraq to the west, Afghanistan to its east, and American bases in Turkey to its north. Iran has witnessed up close and personal what happened to Iraq when they didn't have a credible nuclear threat.

    Another factor that's rarely discussed is the fact that one country Iran views as an adversary, Israel, already has nuclear weapons.

    Before I'm accused of favoring a nulear-armed Iran (I DON'T) I just point out that diplomatic solutions are more complex and difficult than most sources credit them.

  3. Bchap--I totally agree with your comments on Star Wars(AKA the Strategic Defense Initiative).This was a commanding strategy for America which has fallen from main view. The hope that I have is that the technologies seeded as the result of that initiative are still to some degree being pursued in laboratories and contractors facilities today in America.

  4. Iran is not a nuclear threat at this time but can be very soon to it's neighbor Israel and the West.Santctions have caused far more damage to the Iranian economy than previous believed.And have sparked additional domestic criticism of the regrime. The average citizen is actually blaming Iranian leadership for the situation,not the west.

    If sanctions don't do the trick,than military action may be the last option necessary to stop Iran from having nuclear capabilities.

    It is believed by some that once Iran develops a nuclear weapon that it is willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of the destruction of Israel.Iran has said that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth more than once.

    The Iranian situation is not a easy fix.There is much cause for concern.But the end result is Iran and it's people will be the big loosers.

  5. BChap,
    "Sam,the philosophy of your above comment makes absolutely no sense or logic whatsoever"

    Sanctions seem to be working to some degree. I also stated that if they (sanctions) don't do the trick than military action may be the last option. Are you against giving sanctions a chance to work before considering the military option?

  6. BChap,
    Fact check, Iran on the brink of nuclear bomb in 6-7 month'

  7. Mr. Chapline I compliment you on your comments regarding "Star Wars" and others touting the same weapons system.

    For those that believe that sanctions are going to control Iran, you are only misleading yourselves. The people of Iran are the only ones feeling the effects of sanctions, not the regime.

    I have a friend that used to live in Tehran and has recently relocated back to the Netherlands. His reason, specifically, is the effects of sanctions on the people of Iran and the simple fact the those sanctions are doing NOTHING to inhibit the nuclear development of this fanatical regime. One of his major fears is where such weapons may be deployed by Islamist once developed. He thinks that their use in terrorism will have a greater effect than to deter any attack on Iran. That terrorism will be aimed at Isreal predominately.

    In addition, they believe that once they have a nuclear weapon they can, and will,become the de facto Islamic center of the world. That is the sort of power they are striving for. The ability to direct billions of muslims worldwide.

  8. BChap et al:

    Recall in the last and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, the 11th question that Mark Schieffer addressed to the candidates was: What in your opinion is the greatest threat to the world?

    President Obama answered first saying terrorism. Governor Romney answered second and in fact rebutted that it is a nuclear Iran. In my opinion, and others too who scored the debate answers, the governor had the better of the two answers.


    PS: The fear is, and part of the reason the Governor answered batter, is that a nuclear Iran will export the nuclear weapons to terrorists.

  9. The salient question is not whether the sanctions are working economically. They are. The salient question is whether the sanctions are working to deter the Iranians from pursuing nuclear weapons. By all acounts the answer is that the sanctions will not [and won't] deter the Iranian government from its efforts to obtain nuclear capability.


  10. Estimates of Israel's nuclear bomb count range from 75 to 400. Furthermore, they have the missiles to deliver these warheads very accurately, thanks to the DoD. The reality is that Israel, which has never signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, is a nuclear threat to Iran and are completely capable of dealing with the stated problem.

    Iran's military build-up and intensified nuclear work immediately after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. They were very justified in believing they were next on the American invasion list.

    Diplomatic and economic isolation are working splendidly and taking a large toll on Iran. Without resources and lacking cash, their nuclear program will wither and fall short of completion. The greatest threat to America is it's paranoid willingness to go bankrupt chasing Evil around the world.

    Iran poses no threat to the United States at this time or in the foreseeable future. We can't afford a $4T, 8 year war with every rogue nation that pops up. The Crusader mind needs a sack pulled over hit's head followed up by several wacks from a heavy wooden club.

  11. I, for one, am a pacifist to some extent. BUT, I am a pacifist that likes to have a 7.62 NATO round, telescopic sighted rifle within arms length to make sure that everyone else is a pacifist as well.

  12. Exactly how is a nuclear Iran a threat to the United States or even Israel? Israel obtained how many nukes legally? NONE! Allowing them to become nuclear has given them an advantage over their neighbors so their neighbors are going out and getting nukes as well. Pakistan, a Muslim country, has now obtained nukes illegally as did Israel and the middle east arms race is ON! Just like Russia v USA, they won't use them unless they want to ensure their entire country is turned into a parking lot. If that's what they want, then they'll get it. At this point, nothing can be done to stop Iran or any other middle east country with money from buying a nuke (or the technology) from Russia, China, or someone else. Look, I don't have time to explain what is really going on here, but let me tell you this so you can research it yourself. Jerusalem was the ancient "headquarters" of the Sumerians after the flood. The civilization of Sumer was later destroyed, possibly by nukes in that region. Google "NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE 2024 BC" to learn more stuff they won't teach you in school but explains everything happening today in that region (Sumerians) Iraq was the home of the Sumerians before the flood. Wonder if Bush knew he was destroying many ancient secrets by leveling that area?

  13. @Jefffromvegas

    Jeff, you live in an alternate universe.Pulling the trigger on nuclear weapons by the US is unlikely until other major damages and losses have been sustained. That's the scenario I am referring to.
    No one in leadership even wants to inform Americans where we might be headed or exposed in this event or what plans might be under consideration.
    You for erxample are totally unprepared and unaware of what personal risks confront you.

  14. Let's cut the bull. Iran is a country of 75 million people. They have to be educated, fed and employed. Nominal per capita GDP is six grand per person. The whole country is on the verge of exploding economically. Let it explode.

    If we take military action against Iran all that will happen is that 1 billion Muslims will side with the Iranians.

  15. The question is what right do we have to tell the Iranians to do anything? We can't even get our own problems squared away. If a country told us we couldn't have nuclear weapons we would laugh at them. But the United States telling independent nations they can't have nuclear weapons is supposed to be okay.

  16. One of my heroes growing up was a guy named Armand Hammer. He had vast business interests all over the world. He did a great deal of business with the former Soviet Union. Gorbachev once told him that the United States could never defeat the Soviet Union. Hammer replied that the United States didn't have to defeat the Soviet Union. He told Gorbachev that they didn't have a viable economic model. Without an economic model that provides for the people the Soviet Union would be finished.

    The same theory holds true in Iran. Unemployment among the young is extremely high and discontent is growing every day. Plus for the most part the Iranian people love American culture. They wear American style clothing, listen to our music and party even under threat of imprisonment and death. Within a few years the mullahs will be finished.

  17. You "Chicken Littles" running around with your hair on fire screaming, "The sky is falling!" crack me up. You are the same "Chicken Hawks" who will invade a country without projecting the consequences of your actions, as we did with Iraq. There is no evidence of Iran building a nuclear weapon other than what right wing conservatives and pundits harp on certain television shows, as they did prior to our invasion of Iraq. I'm exremely confident in this administration doing what is, or will be neccessary to protect us, and our intelligence agencies have a grip on reality. I'm also aware of the fact, that no one on this planet is willing to have a nudclear exchange with the United States, and believing so, you have to be insane. Israel is dealing with the same irrational thinking in their country, the forever fearful conservatives arguing with the more reasonable stable minded.

    There was only one event in the history of this country that brought us to the edge, and that was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Iran in no way, shape, or form can be considered to be the equivalent of the now defunct Soviet Union. I also trust the people of Iran, who would rather revolt than allow a war with the United States.

    Some of you weak minded paranoids need to watch Dr. Stranglove.

  18. Well Mr. Branco you can laugh all you want at the "hair on fire" crowd but I can tell you from first hand information that Europeans also think that Iran is in the process of making nuclear weapons. It is not just the "right wing conservatives" thinking this. They were and are very concerned when UN inspectors are not allowed to inspect. You type of people make me laugh. I have stated that it is very possible that Iran will engage in nuclear terrorism in and around the middle east and western Europe.

  19. John....they can barely feed their people. Totalitarian regimes haven't faired well the last 100 years or so. Countries do business in Iran and that sustains the country. Do you really believe countries like Germany will do business with them if they are trying to set nukes off all over the world.
    The entire world economy would suffer including their best economic partners.

  20. Earth to Houston : Whose paying for this, jack your energy company buddies ? Perhaps Sheldon's got a couple trillion, Maybe Heck's rich doctor lobby can kick in some war mongering dough. No thought about breaking the bank with the defense budget though.

  21. BChap

    I had to leave for a family commitment or I would have still been posting. You dug in and took aim today, and hit the target!!

  22. "And it is BOB Scheiffer, not Mark."

    Thank you Jeffery. I'm bad with names as you know. BUT... at least you didn't, as you usually do, call me a liar for my mistakes.

    What happens, being long in the tooth or old, depending on your preference, people at least to me, become familiar on several levels. It could be age and it could be having had several professional careers. I have a tendency to overlap both [careers] and confuse their names when in a hurry typing and posting.


  23. "Quit doing what Carmine and several other do on this board. They love to "cherry pick" information and they follow that up by painting with a very large brush..."

    If there were an award for it [cherry picking] they would gold plate one [a cherry picker] and present it to you El Lobo. You are the absolute best at it.


  24. Here is an excellent article on the subject by Senator Joe Lieberman, AN INDEPENDENT. It appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the WSJ doesn't make these artciles immediately available to protect the subscribers who pay for reading the journal before others who don't.

    It just hit the internet. Basically, the Senator is perturbed, to put it mildly, that under this President and Administration, the defense department has taken the largest cuts in our history. The Senator says it sends the wrong message to our allies and enemies. It says we are willing to sacrifice strength AND SECURITY around the world for economic reasons. I call that the Obama Doctrine. President Obama has been preaching it to the world since his apology tour in Cairo in June 2009. Enjoy.


  25. Building of ten nuclear power plants by 2030 are planned to help resolve the worsening electricity crisis, said Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Chairman Dr Ansar Parvez in 2011. They also have nuclear warheads.

    Pakistan is also the home base of Al Qaida who continually cross the borders into Afghanistan. They are home to thousands of Madrasas where young males are brainwashed into 1400 year old thought patterns of war and psychosis. Pakistan is much more dangerous than Iran and it's economy cannot be blockaded. We aren't prepared for Pakistan either but it's there and there are no plans for invasion.

    Another 10 year multi-trillion dollar war will bankrupt this country and begin the greatest civil strife since Vietnam. Another 10 year war in the middle east is the formula for bringing military patrols to main street.

  26. ByZippert1,4:58 p.m.

    "The question is what right do we have to tell the Iranians to do anything? If a country told us we couldn't have nuclear weapons we would laugh at them.But the U.S.telling independent nations they can't have nuclear weapons is supposed to be okay".

    We are forgetting one thing.It's the Iranians who have threatned Israel more than once that they need to be wiped off of the face of the earth.This is a threat that has to be taken seriously.It has also been said that the Iranians would be willing to sacrifice it's own country for the destruction of Isreal.Who in their right mind would let this and other Iranian threats go as just talk.The middle east is a powder keg waiting to explode if left unchecked, as some have indicated.

  27. Whose better at defense the dudes who got us bombed or the guys who got bin laden ?

  28. Bradley are you and Michael Casler the same person ? Bin Laden dead ----GM alive !

  29. Lots of saber-rattling in this thread but I haven't seen one mention of cost. Beyond the " it's gonna be cheaper to deal with it now rather than later" platitude, I'd like to know just how y'all expect to pay for backing the Israelis with technology, equipment and troops to [a] carry out the mission of destroying Iran's nuclear facilities, [b] maintaining a presence to make sure they don't start up again and, [c] dealing with the regional and global consequences of such a decision. In order to do these things you will all have to become die-hard Kenseyans.

  30. I support any and all activity by the supreme state of Israel. (I am not Jewish although in my mixed dna......) The Israeli focus is on survival, not dominance. I also understand that no other state is likely to publicly support Israeli "aggression." That's OK. We pray that Israel will act SOONER rather than later.

  31. Bradley 9:13 a.m. Excellent point about not paying attention to Posters with nothing relevant to say, ever. I can only surmise that the same Posters think failure to respond to their baseless refutations to our posts is capitulating to their nonsense? Not so. We just don't read their blather with any consistency since reading their stuff is generally a waste of time.

  32. Jeff: Do you HAVE TO pour sand on everyone else in the sandbox?

  33. "Carmine:

    I know you and your family are from New Jersey and your mystery meat (meaning you never shared what kind of business it is) business are or were still in existence."

    What do you do for a living Jeffery?