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July 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Stop the sacrifices for Afghanistan

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The current count this year is 51 NATO soldiers dead in Afghanistan at the hands of trainees in the Afghan forces. One is all that should have been tolerated by our military leadership and commander in chief.

This is intolerable. We should withdraw now from Afghanistan.

American objectives were achieved shortly after arriving in Afghanistan in 2001, and most American troops should have been removed shortly after their arrival.

Al-Qaida had been dismantled and the Taliban routed. Nonetheless, focus drifted to Iraq; the focus in Afghanistan was lost for some time.

This was a significant mistake, as was believing that a counterinsurgency strategy by NATO was to be adopted instead of a counterterrorism strategy that relied on special forces operations and airstrikes.

We must realize that Afghanistan will return to Taliban rule once America leaves. This region is corrupt and will never be a democratic society.

The current regime will be eliminated after NATO forces withdraw. Cutting our losses and departing now is the wisest course in the long term.

If America is judged to have lost the Afghanistan war, it is essentially because we remained too long. The sooner we leave the better.

Too many American heroes are being asked to continue to sacrifice for a cause with significantly diminishing returns.

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  1. Agree with the letter writer. US should not have gone into Afganistan to bein with and certainly should have been out long ago.


  2. America's foreign policy is wrong on its face and should be changed. When we decide to attack a nation, for whatever reason, good, bad or indifferent, our 'mission' should never include 'nation building', 'occupation', reconstruction', or 'democratization'.

    We should go in and kill and destroy to whatever extent we feel is justified and then exit. On the way out, we should always restate our policy. 'If you provide us reason to invade and attack, we will and your country will be devastated. We will not rebuild it, pay reparations or provide aid.

    Former President Bush said before he was elected in 2000... 'I do not believe in nation building.' He was right and he should have followed what he said and so should we, going forward.


  3. Good letter, it's time we stopped dinking around in the middle east, period! Let those people develop and govern themselves. Nation building should start at home.

  4. Mr. Jack. I agree. No matter how much money we squander we cannot change a culture into our clone. Why are we doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? Bring our troops home. Bring our troops home from Europe and Japan. We cannot afford to defend the planet, nor can we afford to prop-up the economies of Europe, Japan, elsewhere by sending Billions to our troops there.

  5. I emailed Senator Reid almost 4 years ago and told him about the Soviet losses from Afghanistan. I warned that he should research and advise O. that it was a lost cause. Such stupid inaction destroying our young men and women, promoting generals for bad advice, endless lock-step to the old war machine. Let's emphasize technology for American continental security: drones, smart bombs, special forces, border security, removing terrorists from within our country, removing illegals who are prone to outside influence, discourage Al-Qaida in Mexico.

  6. It is what we will not and cannot do that really makes our present policy so foolish.

    We cannot occupy and convert every country that doesn't like us into a democracy. As powerful as we are, that is impossible. We do not have enough money to give to groups in all these countries that want to fight the status quo, whatever that may be. We cannot buy loyalty from governments that will fall if they really go after terrorists.

    If all that is true, and it is, why in the world do we spend billions trying to accomplish the impossible?

    We need to be mostly out of these countries. In areas where we decide to be involved the involvement needs to be low key and low cost.

    Many people, inside and outside of government have companies and jobs that benefit from our current foreign policy and they will not give up what they have without a fight. We can't believe our representatives will make this change voluntarily because they won't. We are going to have to force this change.


  7. Let me say again: Do something about Al-Qaida in Mexico. No, I'm not hysterical. I have seen news coverage of Al-Qaida infiltration (try a web search). So we can spent trillions to "protect" Arabs but can't address border security? You think these guys aren't coercing illegals to do their bidding in the U.S.?

  8. Agreed. Long past time to go.

  9. What would all the angry young men do if they didn't have our embassies and our troops to push around? Would they develop their economies. Would they reclaim the deserts and farm (like Israel)? Would their economies emerge into viable? Would they be less dependent upon the charity of strangers? Would they stop abusing and using women and children while the "men" live well? Or would they devolve (more?) into complete anarchy and self destruct?

  10. Much to my amazement, I agree with Bob Jack's premise. The president has withdrawn the surge forces he approved (I disagreed with sending them), and the timetable for total withdrawal of combat troops is "on schedule", but not on my schedule (as if it matters).

    I disagree with Michael Casler, vis a vis his 04:48 post. Without nation building, occupation, reconstruction and democratization, Japan and Germany would not be the thriving democracies that they are today. We did all of the above, and in particular, the Marshall plan was responsible for the rebuilding of Germany. Under Gen MacArthur, the society in Japan flourished. We have never been a successful oppressor government, or occupier.

    The overall record of the United States in interventionist wars is a total failure: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan are all failures militarily and politically. There is no rational argument against this.

    Now, there are those who wish to see us "teach Iran a lesson" (my words). This too shall fail, if persued.. We seem to never learn by past lessons taught us in unilateral wars.

  11. The longer it takes Mr. O and company to BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME, the more we'll pay for eternity for disabled soldiers, dead soldiers, expensive military equipment blown up, planes shot down, choppers that crash.... Do whatever it takes. Declare victory and bring em home.

  12. Lobo: Who cares Bush or Obama. End it. DECLARE victory and get us out of there.

  13. Afghanistan is known as the Graveyard of Empires. Placing our military men in their arena is what gives them the will and power to keep fighting. We have done enough. That country must be allowed to evolve on it's own over the passages of time. Don't ever expect them to be trading baseball cards as a hobby.