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April 24, 2015

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Assumptions made about ‘victims’

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Is anyone really surprised at candidate Mitt Romney’s declaration that 47 percent of American voters are weak-kneed exploiters of government social welfare programs?

We should have no doubt that he, and his Tea Party constituents, really believe what he has said and are firm believers that everyone who relies on government assistance considers themselves victims.

It is beyond frightening to consider the possibility that this person could become president of the United States.

I went to graduate school on the GI bill. My parents depended on Medicare and Social Security; we appreciated — and still do — the government help received and never considered ourselves victims.

The bottom line of this verbal miscue is that it is not a miscue at all; it is, rather, an unvarnished example of the arrogance of the right in assuming that half of the U.S. electorate lacks the ability to think intelligently and independently.

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  1. This letter is an example of the Left's tactic of cherry picking distractions from the central problems that plague Obama'a radical mess created in nearly four years of his incompetent leadership. Romney was telling donors the truth. His only mistake was to focus on the wrong group in his comments. While there is overlap, Romney meant to be describing the 100 million Americans on Welfare--jobless benefits, food stamps and medicaid. Almost 1/3 of all Americans. What a pitiful situation. It is these people that Romney must not target in his campaigning--they are all dependent on the Obama welfare parade. Based on personal interviws which have been well publicized this includes a huge core of unplugged humanity, biased, and uneducated and totally sold down the river on Obama who gives them free housing, cell phones, food stamps, disability benefits, and they would never think of getting a job. Let's get honest. Romney does not have a chance with most of these government supported dependents who know only that Obama butters their bread. Why waste money trying to get their votes. What is masked by this fanatical tirade against Romney is a society and a nation that has been extended far beyond its limits by a clueless leader who is destroying America by his failed policies both in the domestic and global spheres. The Middle East is in shambles, unemployment remains at above 8%, six trillion dollars has been poured down the deain in the past four years, the debt is overs $16 trillion, the deficit is well in excess of $1 trillion a year. 370,000 Americans left the job market last month. National security is disintegrating before our eyes. Al Qaeda is surging. Our embassies in the Middle East are unprotected. Our Ambassador in Libya and three of his associuates are dead, and the American poeople were badly misled as to the cause. The FBI has not arrived on site 18 days after the Islamic terrorists achieved their successful murders and destruction.
    American policy and performance in this region are in free fall. And this the American people are expected to tolerate?!

  2. The injustice about the 47n percent who pay no federal income taxes is that it is growing by leaps and bounds. What happens when it passes 50 percent? Then 60 and so on. Great societies are not murdered from the outside, they commit suicide.


  3. Willard Romney - "I'll never convince them to take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

    True! Most of us would need an arrogance transplant first.

  4. Making people dependent on federal handouts is a cornerstone of the Dumbocratic agenda. As soon as 51% are receiving some sort of, as the dopey broad in Detroit put it: "Obama money," the Dumbocrats will have bought the presidency & other elective offices. We're pretty close to that scenario and it's long past time to put an end to it. And to mix Social Security or Medicare in with the "freebies" is not only disengenuous, it's a downright lie. Neither are "handouts" in most cases since the recipients have paid into the system all their working lives. Not so with food stamps, housing subsidies or welfare. Many of those with their hands out have been leeches their entire lives. There has to come a day when they are shown the door and told to be responsible for themselves.

  5. The definition of 'inartful' is 'Awkwardly expressed but not necessarily untrue; impolitic; ill-phrased; inexpedient; clumsy'.

    Both Obama and Romney are poor speakers 'off the cuff'. Witness 'the private sector is doing fine' and 'you didn't build that' for Obama and the 47 % remark by Romney as examples.

    We should not let either comment obscure the facts. The portion of our population that has employment and funds the government with taxes is shrinking and the portion that doesn't have employment and receives benefits is getting larger. If our government was unable to borrow and print money, our society and economy would have already collapsed.

    President Obama was provided an almost 1 trillion dollar stimulus package that should have been divided between tax cuts, money that directly created private sector jobs and money that made it possible for state and local governments to maintain 'vital' services. Instead, this vast sum of money was used partially for tax cuts, and to make it possible for state and local governments to continue to provide unwise raises and benefits to government employees, both vital and not vital. As President Obama said himself, with a laugh ... the shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as we thought...'.

    That package and how it was misused should scare every American who values our way of life. At our current rate of deficits and debt, if we don't ramp up 'private sector' employment soon, our society and our economy will collapse.

    I cannot know but it is my belief that President Obama is not willing to put the breaks on government expansion and direct resources to expanding employment in the private sector. If he maintains this course for another 4 years, I worry that our society and economy will not survive.


  6. Esperian,

    Have you been in a coma the last several weeks? This "issue" has already been debated, and your "take" has been debunked. Back to sleep for you.


  7. Carmine 4:49 am,"The injustice about the 47n percent who pay no federal income taxes is that it is growing by leaps and bounds".

    Could you provide facts that we actually do have 47% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes at all.Even people with pensions and social security,along with retired military pay some income tax.Even if it is a small amount,they still do pay income taxes.

  8. "The definition of 'inartful' is 'Awkwardly expressed but not necessarily untrue; impolitic; ill-phrased; inexpedient; clumsy'."

    Here's another Mr. Casler: The definition of a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.


  9. Here it is Mr. Pizzo:


  10. Carmine,"here it is Mr.Pizzo http:/".

    I will have to agree with you it does state that 47% of American taxpayers pay no income tax,included in these numbers are millionaires who also pay no income tax what so ever.

    They also state that this has to do with the income levels people are in.Poor people with incomes of $10,000-$20,000 per. year will pay no taxes etc.

    What it does not state is that these are the same people who have been called freeloaders and moochers getting govt. handouts and assistance.As it has been said by Gov. Romney. Maybe the income tax laws need to be changed so that everyone pays something.

  11. Mr. Pizzo:

    You asked for the proof for my statement and I provided it to you. A simple "thank you" would have sufficed.


  12. Carmine, I answered the way it was printed.You don't like my response don't answer my posts.You yourself dance around a lot of questions and try not to answer, and change the subject many times in doing so..

  13. Mr. Pizzo: Thank you Carmine for responding to my post and providing the proof for the 47 percent of people who do not pay incomes taxes.

    CarmineD: You're very welcome Mr. Pizzo. My pleasure.

    See Mr. Pizzo. It's very simple. It's called manners.


  14. <<They also state that this has to do with the income levels people are in.Poor people with incomes of $10,000-$20,000 per. year will pay no taxes etc.>>

    That "$10,000-$20,000" doesn't seem accurate. I sure as hell paid federal taxes last year, and federal taxes are being taken out of my paychecks this year. In 2011, my annual income was about $12,500 and this year - about the same.

  15. What is Obamas' plan when the credit reporting agencies downgrade US debt next year? Get another credit card?
    What about all the unemployment? Why not deport ALL the ilegals, give those who are able bodied those jobs that open up. What, they are low paying? SO? Are you saying you don't want to create jobs or that those who get free stuff should not work in low paying jobs and give up thier free stuff? How can these people build self esteem when they have no sense or work ethic? Push a broom today, tomorrow be the CEO, this is America, it happens!
    Better education? When the ilegals are gone the students will enjoy better education in English, and USA citizens will have a better chance of higher education and better paying jobs. What president has the guts to impement these kinds of actions?

  16. Carmine,Perhaps you might consider your own advice,and not do the tarantella when a question is asked.That's called sticking to the subject matter.Try it.

  17. Good letter John.

    You stated your experiences as they happened and you know very well what you experienced. One of the most salient features of the 'conservative mind', albeit an oxymoron, is the need to explain to people what they are viewing and experiencing. If you don't submit to a barrage of irrationality, then you are a victim or a blasphemer or worse.

    Those features can easily be seen in their other World View that the earth is about 6000 years old and was created in six days. They call this 'science' because it says so in their Holy Book, yet the origins and authorship(s) of that book they don't understand themselves but claim at the same time to understand nature, the origins of the entire Universe and why we are here.

    The conservative mind works from ideology, not from reality. They gin up operating principals for the world in dark rooms and after repeated failures of those principals, attempt to employ them to solve the problems those same principals have created.

    Even worse, they fail to see the misery that they create in the world. They say '(our) heart aches' for the unemployed and are ready to repeat the policies including the Bush wars that created them in the first place.

    No wonder Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan is speaking out, warning the world about 'Republican cranks and crazies' that will bankrupt the Country. He understands reality when he sees it.

  18. Don't know of anyone who is against helping those who are in need for the first time and due to no fault of their own. Do here that many are tired of paying excessive taxes and facing an insurmountable deficit because many take advantage of "safety net" programs that they have not earned. Unemployment insurance is a benefit of having been employed. Ditto Medicare, SS, GI benefits.... Not so for what is commonly referred to as social WELFARE programs. And could we END welfare programs for foreign countries: U.S. paid RX and vaccines, food aide, military training aide, U.S. troops stationed overseas but not in war zones--the hundreds of thousands of permanent party in Germany, England, Guam, Japan, Korea.....costing us and our economy hundreds of billions every year?

  19. "Carmine,
    Sam is a gentleman; he always conducts himself in a polite respectful manner in posting and responding to comments. Sam is one of the few who do have manners, which are sometimes hard to find in this discussion room."

    True most of the time, but not this one.


  20. "Carmine,Perhaps you might consider your own advice,and not do the tarantella when a question is asked..."

    I answered you here in less than one hour. You asked 7:35AM, I answered 8:20AM. If that's dancing around/avoiding the subject to you, then may I suggest you do your own research and answer your own questions. And don't ask me. Especially if you're not even polite enough to say "thanks."


  21. Carmine, "especially if you're not even polite to say thanks".

    What makes you think you need a special pat on the back.On my Sept.29th.9:33 post I said,"I will have to agree with you". If you can't except that there's nothing more to say.

  22. Every blog I reads continues to amaze me at how Pavlovlovian (sic) my fellow Americans have become. I can't for the life of me understand, why do Americans continue to bicker over forty-seven percent of the population not paying taxes.

    The idea that more Americans should pay taxes is un-American. Taxes are due for the maintenance of or country and or its governmental expenditures, which underlying revenues fall short of covering, yet folks making less than two million keep thinking they and others should pay taxes as a form of righteous citizenship.

    This impression is far from the envisage of our framers belief, we the people are the rulers of our domain- America and all that it supplies us via resources should be shared by us equally. America is without a Potentate, unlike other parts of the world where a Ruler has full charge of all, or a Dictator to hijack the country's wealth for personal benefit.

    America broke from the Crown, if you will, so that all Americans could be sovereigns in their own right, as a God given right not some closed affluent society without the possibility elevating one's station through the pursuit of self-determination.

    The brazen waste of American wealth by politicians is criminal when reflected upon in the context of investment returns. All the members of the board would be fired if theirs was a similar spread sheet to that of America.

  23. Gee, Mitt's daddy was born in Mexico and came to the United States. So why doesn't Mr. O. have Mitt introduce him?

  24. Statistical analysis is boring to many people. And it is inherent that one NOT discuss personal factors--just the facts. So next time we calculate how much income redistribution we can send to every country that gets a new treaty under this administration, we must say 3% (half our 6% of the planet) will be supporting the planet. Time to cut back that life style. We have to raise taxes so we can send more in food stamps and medicaid to the third world.

  25. Mr. Pizzo:

    I would have done both if the situation was reversed. I would have agreed and thanked you. The two are not mutually exclusive. First, thanking you for responding so soon and then agreeing with the source you quoted. My only , if you can call it that, is expecting you to do what I would have done.


  26. Carmine,we all make comments and don't expect any prolonged pats on the back.Maybe you are a bit sensitive.

  27. "Maybe you are a bit sensitive."

    Funny, Mr. Pizzo. I thought the same about you and the umbrage you took about the 47 percent.


  28. Carmine, "maybe you are a bit sensitive".

    It wasn't me who complained about my feelings being hurt,it was you Carmine. It's not that big of a deal,amen to this sillyness.

  29. "It wasn't me who complained about my feelings being hurt,it was you Carmine. "

    You took it personal not me [you asked for proof and I provided it]. The truth is the truth regardless of whether we believe it and errors are errors even if everyone believes them. I give kudos to Governor Romney for being honest. You and others who criticize him for doing this are the ones who are sensitive and thin skinned. Not me. I support and defend his right to say it. In fact it is welcomed change.


  30. Carmine, It is my first Amendment right to freedom of speech.Just is it is yours when you critcize Pres. Obama in some of your past posts.

    If you can't except my Sept.29th.9:33 am. post that "I will have to agree with you". than our conversation on this subject is over.Amen.

  31. Mr. Pizzo:

    The fact that 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes and growing and the proof for it that you asked me to provide is over 3 years old, July 2009. I know I've seen this factoid and the study posted here before by posters and have posted it myself here many times before. To ask now at this late date makes me wonder Mr. Pizzo: Where have you been the last 3 years? And similarly all your life?


  32. "Where have you been the last 3 years? And similarly all your life?"

    Rhetorical questions. No answers necessary!


  33. Carmine,"Where have you been the last 3 years? And similarly all your life".

    That is exactly what I thought about you,where have you been,actually all your life? No response back needed.

  34. Is that the best you can do Mr. Pizzo? You sound like my pet parrot.


  35. Carmine, "is this the best you can do Mr.Pizzo? You sound like my pet parrot".

    I knew you had a mentor somewhere,(pet parrot).Your wise cracks entitles you to the same response back.

  36. Mr. Pizzo:

    I have a difficult question for you to answer. Did I name my pet parrot Sam after you or are you named Sam after it?


  37. Carmine, If I were you I would ask your mentor,(pet parrot).He may have advised on which way to go.

  38. I did, Mr. Pizzo. You didn't answer.


  39. Carmine,"you sound like my pet parrot"

    I'm not your mentor your pet parrot is,and a good one I might add.

  40. Like I always say, Mr. Pizzo, we can learn alot from our furry and feathered friends. If we can just talk to the animals.


  41. Carmine,I think you have done well with yours.

  42. Thank you. I like to think so too!