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May 3, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Dick Cheney should face charges

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The 10-year anniversary of the Iraq War and the recent showing of “Hubris: Selling the Iraq War” on MSNBC once again opened the wounds of how the Bush administration blatantly lied and/or twisted the facts to promote its unscrupulous agenda. We are still listening to former Vice President Dick Cheney, the person who may have been the greatest promoter of this war, spout his lies of how it was the right decision and that if given the chance, he would do it again.

This was a stupid, unconstitutional war that helped devastate the U.S. economy and brought the deaths of many Americans, not to mention Iraqi civilians.

Cheney’s arrogance of twisting facts should greatly anger the families of the military personnel who are still suffering and the many who lost their savings because of these lies. Cheney’s role in promoting torture should be brought front and center.

Cheney the draft dodger is a disgrace to a great number of us who served to preserve our standards. Is it now our day to demand he shut up or be brought up to face charges of war crimes?

The majority of Americans would have liked to see the troops pulled out of Iraq the day President Barack Obama was elected, but, being diplomatic, he chose a way the U.S. could save face.

He may have cleaned some of our faces, but he can never clean the faces of George W. Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and a few others.

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  1. Either way, elected and appointed Washington officials lied to the American public.

    The war was a lie. Congress voted on a lie to go to war against Iraq. Dick Cheney is not by himself as being a criminal in the minds of many Americans. Especially those who have lost loved ones on the undefined battlefield of Iraq.

  2. The letter writer ends: "He [President Obama] may have cleaned some of our faces, but he can never clean the faces of George W. Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and a few others.

    The "few others" include all the 2004 Democratic candidates for President and Vice President plus former President Clinton and his wife Hillary who was the Senator from NY.

    Lest we forget the mainstream media was for the Iraq war until it was against it. As was U.S. public opinion. Over 70 percent of Americans as reported by the media favored the Iraq invasion.

    What happened? As soon as the body bags and coffins with dead Americans came into Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, just like the pictures on the nightly news with the American war dead and injured in Viet Nam, public opinion on the war soured. The media and politicians reversed course. Pointing the finger at Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell and the GOP.

    Carmine D

  3. Many of them still believe WMD's did exist but were hidden in the desert or transported to Russia. It just goes to show that there are many people living in an alternate reality because they can't deal with the truth. I have little doubt that the Bush administration will go down in history as one of the worst. Posting how many votes it took to decide if we engage in the Iraqi war is a weak argument. Those voting for war were seriously misled into believing in mushroom clouds.

  4. Those who continue to call for Bush, Cheney and others to be prosecuted will continue to be frustrated.

    1) There would appear to be no way, at this time, to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that anyone 'knew' that Saddam did not have WMD's... except Saddam.

    2) As Re Freeman points out, if Bush and Cheney and others were put on trial, it would open up the revisiting of why so many leaders and elected officials around the world and here in America readily signed onto the decisions that were made.

    Many decisions turned out to be bad decisions but they are, unfortunately, decisions that cannot be undone. I understand the letter writer and others anger and share some of it, but this idea of trying Bush and others for war crimes should be put to rest.


  5. Maybe we should. Maybe politicians will think twice about doing their jobs they are elected to do instead of abusing their power.

    Congress and the senate will never vote themselves term limits, but if Citizens United Against Crooked Politicians (we should have one such) start prosecuting, maybe we will be able to clean up government.

    It's a shame that politics has totally usurp the power of the people. They no longer represent us and democracy has been replaced by plutocracy, slowly but surely, and all the sheeples do is say baaaaaaaa!

  6. Enjoyed the article. As a retired U.S. Navy Veteran, I totally agree. The military was used in the Iraq War as only a tool for political ends.

    To add to the letter, the former District Attorney from Los Angeles (who successfully prosecuted Charles Manson and his cult) who went on to become a defense attorney and a noted book author, has already mapped out a comprehensive strategy for prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Rove, et al.

    He wrote a book "The Prosecution of President George W. Bush, Jr. For Murder." He lays out exactly how to win convictions against everyone in that failure of an administration for getting us into a war under false pretenses. WILLFULLY.

    All someone has to do is pick it up and follow it. It's all laid out. Easy convictions.

    Somebody show some fortitude and end this and put it to rest.

  7. Oops. To add to my last post, I forgot to add his name: Mr. Vincent Bugliosi.

  8. As a foreigner, I really have no business commenting on America's war in Iraq, but I will offer up some indirect comments, since there were some unintended consequences that over time did have serious impacts on other countries.
    President George W. Bush put enormous pressure on my Canadian government to join in, as W had the strong but rather sick belief that "you're either with us or against us".
    Fortunately our Prime Minister at that time passed on the opportunity to enter your war, because Canadian troops had been used only as peacekeeping forces.
    However, after that government was defeated at the polls, the subsequent (and still in office)Canadian Prime Minister succumbed to Mr. Bush's continuing pressure and for the first time since the Korean War we Canadians sent combat troops to Afghanistan, a dreadful decision which cost Canada hundreds of innocent troops and untold PTSD.
    The negative effects on America of its two long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have devastated your economy and ruined countless military families with PTSD.
    Coincidentally, you have also permanently damaged Canada's national self-esteem. It hurts terribly when our best friend, America, pressures us into joining its foolish wars. You have shamed us!

  9. Jeff,

    You and the author you quote, point out that self interest can cause people to make poor decisions.

    What I always find disappointing however, is that you and others do not seem to carry your thinking to the logical conclusion.

    Why might Powell, Gates and others not do the 'right' thing? Answer: Self Interest.

    Why does Congress (both D's and R's) act in the interests of powerful groups of all kinds with lobbyists rather than do what they know to be correct? Answer: Self Interest.

    If that is the case and we cannot change human nature (ie: Self Interest), how can we get our legislative branch to do what they know to be right instead of what powerful groups with lobbyists want done?

    Answer: We need to break the 'connection' between doing the 'wrong' things and advancing one's self interest. Can this be accomplished by re-electing those already in Congress over and over again? I think not. Can it be accomplished by electing more D's or more R's? Not unless D's or R's are not susceptible to 'self interest'.

    No, we need to force a change in the 'system'. Term limit members of Congress (like the President) so serving simply cannot be a 'career'. Implement public financing of campaigns so that powerful groups with lobbyists cannot promise members of Congress campaign cash to be re-elected in exchange for favored treatment. And reform lobbying to keep lobbyists out of the room when legislation is being drafted.

    We need to carry the revelation about self interest to its logical conclusion and realize that we must alter the way Congress works, from elections to actual functioning.


  10. Don. I'm confused. You tell us, "Cheney the draft dodger is a disgrace to a great number of us who served to preserve our standards."

    Yet you don't seem to understand the standards you served to preserve. Since when is it an American standard to threaten someone with criminal prosecution if they don't forfeit their 1st Amendment rights?

    "Is it now our day to demand he shut up or be brought up to face charges of war crimes?"

  11. Freeman,

    "The Iraq resolution was a bi-partisan effort and voted on as such."

    We all know Saddam was not a good leader of his people,and not a good leader to represent his country to the outside world.Regrime change was something we all wished for,but not by the means that were used (war).

    Politicians and millions of us Americans bought into the selling of this war based on lies and fabrication about WMD.The arguement should not be that Saddam had to go,and everyone voted for war, based on what we were told.

    The arguement should be we entered this war on lies and fabrication,for made up reasons by Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld,and others in the Bush cabinet. Bush was not a very good choice for president at that time,and we all got taken.

  12. Cheney is a monster; he got five, count them, FIVE deferments to avoid the Military service, he has been suckling at the government teat for most of his adult life. Cheney also had a hand in starting this illegal, unlawful and immoral usurpation of another nation's natural resources that have upheaved the lives of MILLIONS of people, Military and civilian, and he is immune from prosecution; compliments of the Feres doctrine. Cheney, and his cronies, sold us out, and sold out America's future generations for instant gratification. Amazing that such a soul-less, mean-spirited jerk like Cheney is still allowed to walk around a free man, huh?

    When he dies though, his remains are either going to be cremated, or buried in some secret location (outside the country) so they don't get dug up and desecrated.

  13. Freeman,

    All the reasons you have listed are nothing compared to what N.Korea has been doing and saying to the free world since 1950's.

    Why didn't we do something way back then? Is it because we didn't see a real threat? Was Saddam a real and pressing threat at the time of the invasion in 2003?

  14. Saddam Hussein was a tyrant. Good riddance! He had nearly everyone completely fooled in terms of his military capabilities. It was a good bluff but it cost him his life. About the only guy that got it right was the UN weapon inspector Hans Blix. At the time everyone made fun of the guy but he nailed it.

    Dick Cheney has been on deaths door since he was in his 30s with congenital heart disease. He needs to enjoy his new heart and spend more time shooting birds and less time in front of the camera.

  15. Liberals and Democrats accuse the Republicans of being conspiracy theorists when they [liberals and Democrats] are the worst perpetrators.
    Carmine D

  16. Author, your personal opinions lead you to re-write history too often and you confuse conspiracy theories with facts. Take off your tin hat. Breath.

  17. byRefNv(Re Freeman)

    "Here is the you tube Video of Obama stating his Uncle liberated Auschwitz."

    I did listen to the video of Pres.Obama stating "his Uncle was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz."

    In the video Pres. Obama states his uncle was one of the first Americans to go into Auschwitz.It does not state at anytime that his uncle liberated Auschwitz.I suggest you re-listen to what the Pres.actually said.You seemed to have added a few of your own words to what Pres. Obama did infact say.

  18. Dick Cheney's own heart couldn't stand living with him - he had several heart attacks, a bypass, a pump and finally heart transplant from an anonymous donor, or is it better to say a victim?

  19. Hey SgtRock,

    You forget to mentioned Obama failed to change your diaper and wipe your bottom, and fixed your meals and cut your grass and take out your trash.

    Wow, this president is a loser, huh, don't you think?

  20. Mr. Sun,

    Please find Mr. Ellis a nice park bench for him to sit and pass his remaining days ranting and raving incoherently. I will assist in any needed fundraising efforts.


  21. RefNV (Re Freeman): REf yopur comment of 3:45 a.m. yesterday.

    Data may be used in a number of different ways to support a lie. One way is to outright distort the data itself. You use another popular method - presenting only part of the data, ignoring that part which may not fit your purpose.

    In the House the vote on the resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq was 296 (not 297) for and 133 against. The rest of the story? Voting FOR the resolution were 215 Repubs (96% of the Repub members) and 81 Dems (39% of the Dem members). Voting AGAINST the resolution were 6 Repubs (3%) & 126 Dems (61%). One independent voted no, 2 Repubs and 1 Dem voted "present". This was a far cry from "bi-partisan" approval - not even a simple majority of the Dems approved.

    In the Senate the vote was 77 for, 23 against. The rest of the story? Voting FOR the resolution were 28 Dems (56%), and 49 Repubs (98%). Voting AGAINST the resolution were 22 Dems (44%) & 1 Repub (2%). This, too, was a far cry from "bi-partisan" approval - at least here a bare majority (barely) of the Dems approved.

    Did a majority of both Houses approve?. Yes, they did. Was the vote what could be considered "bi-partisan"? Not hardly. The Repubs were clearly doing what they do the best - supporting the party line at a time when the party line widely advocated by the Republican war mongers, such as Cheney and W, was that the only possible "patriotic" vote was to approve the resolution. The Dems, just as clearly, tended to ignore the hyperbole of the war mongers and to vote for the action they deemed best for the country.

  22. Robert:

    With a Republican president [George Bush] it would be expected that the Republicans in the House and Senate would support the war overwhelmingly while the minority party would not necessarily. Bipartisan means members of both parties voted in numbers sufficient to favor and support. Not that both parties voted by the same amounts or in the same numbers to support.

    Carmine D

  23. "Bipartisanship is a political situation, usually in the context of a two-party system, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise, in theory. Realistically, each party advances their own political agenda at the expense of the other party because of the conflicting ideologies."

    Carmine D

  24. True, Carmine, Bush WAS President when the Iraq resolution was being debated. That fails to explain current Republican solidarity and intransigence with a Democratic President. Really! 36 (or is it now 38 or 40) bills introduced to kill the Affordable Care Act, even though not one stands ANY chance, to get past both the Senate and the President! Have Republican'ts nothing better to do? Strengthening the economy? Improving employment? Protect our economy from the abuses of big finance? NOTHING?

  25. The issue Robert is the Congressional vote for the Iraqi invasion and its bipartisan support.

    Carmine D

  26. Dick Cheney was probably in on the whole 9/11 disaster and probably made money on the Iraq invasion. Simply one of the worlds most evil men , even worse than Bin Laden himself.

  27. I watched the C-SPAN coverage of Dr. Hans Blix presentation to the UN Security Council of the findings of the UN inspection teams looking for WMD's in Iraq.

    The final report was to be published in 30 days. The gist being that NO WMD's were found after 700 inspections of 500 sites.

    Two weeks before the final report was to be published the US invaded Iraq. Convenient!

    I can't help but wonder if Congress would have been so supportive of war had they had the knowledge of the no WMD's being located in Iraq. Maybe they should watch C-SPAN to get pertinent information that would prevent the debt from increasing so dramatically without good reason other than trying to stop an Iraqi oil pipeline contract with France and Russia.

    In the end, we didn't get the oil.