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April 19, 2015

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We have had 400 years to learn

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I am deeply concerned for our great country. More than 400 years ago, a small group of disgruntled men and women landed at Jamestown, Va., coming because of the king of England and decisions on their religious beliefs.

Over the years, men and women have made this the greatest county on earth, but at the rate we are going with our borrowing money (plus or minus $16 trillion debt), we will be a third-class nation. We won’t be able to borrow our way out of our problems. When is Washington going to wake up to these problems? When they can’t borrow any more money, it is too late.

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  1. Apparently, 400 years later, some of us are still disgruntled.

  2. It took 396 years to build a national debt of $9 Trillion. And the last 4 to increase it to $16 Trillion. 396 years versus 4 years? Letter writer is right on. We're sinking quick in debt and deficits.

    Carmine D

  3. I totally agree with Mr. Mentlik's letter.
    As with all bubbles, while the excesses are forming, credible analysts assure us that everything is fine and that this time things are different.
    That is certainly happening today, with so many politicians and economists claiming that debts and deficits don't matter any more, which permits the dangerous status quo to continue unchecked.
    America's current bubble of artificially low interest rates fueling obscene government overspending and massive printing of new money will at some point burst. At that point, as Mr. Mentlik points out, it's too late.
    Like the dot com bubble and the real estate/banking speculation bubble, once they burst we all wonder how we could have been so naive not to see what was happening.
    Like old Yogi Berra is reputed to have said, "it's deja vu all over again". Scary!!!

    Donald W. Desaulniers

  4. Just to be clear, slavery made America the greatest country on earth. Free labor. At the expense and the lives of Africans who were taken from their homeland by force, and betrayal, and put to work on the plantations throughout the southern states...known as the slave states.

    Don't get nervous so of you. Telling the truth helps. This is one of the biggest truths that remains, and one of the cornerstones of American's foundation. As painful as it is, this is American's History.

    Without slavery, America would not be where it is today. America, built on the labor of slaves. Truth!

  5. Slavery did not make America the greatest country on earth. The Industrial Revolution did and consequently also abolished slavery in practice not just in law.

    Carmine D

  6. After inheriting a 350 billion surplus from out going Pres.Bill Clinton.The Bush/Cheney presidency left Pres.Obama with 10 trillion in deficits.Maybe it had to do with Cheney saying at one time deficits don't matter.

    With no concern for deficits from the Bush/Cheney presedency, it's anyone's guess why we didn't go under after their circus act was over in 2009.

  7. Aaah, Carmine,

    The Industrial Revolution (as you call it) was made possible because of Slavery.

  8. El_Lobo,

    You are correct. Many people what to dismiss Slavery as if it never happened. History tells us in so many ways, Slavery is what built America. An acceleration of growth, new ideas, and innovation. Slavery made all that possible.

    In fact, Slavery tested the mission and vision statement of America. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Slavery forced America to live up to the stated value and principles. Saying, all Men are created us, show me, prove it. That is one part of Slavery contribution in forming America History.

    What about the ugly part...Yes, most will run out of the room on this subject and avoid a discussion.

  9. Carmine 8:55 amen. The industrialized north carried the south for generations without slavery. And the northern people fought and died to free the slaves. Americans continue to die to "free" peoples who are not ready, able, or willing to stand on their own. We might rethink some of that--perhaps until a population is willing to sacrifice for freedom, they are not ready. Enough of wasting our fortunes on medieval minds who insist women and children must slave for men.

  10. I have to disagree with Mr. Mentlik on one historical point. The settlers at Jamestown were not, as he seems to imply, there seeking religious/political liberty. They were there to make money. Jamestown was a chartered company of the Crown whose primary goal was to return a profit for the investors in the company. Certainly other settlers like those who came to New England were seeking religious freedom, but not everyone was so inspired.

  11. Still at it RefNV (Re Freeman)? At the top (2:16 a.m) you claimed that Obama's "...economic plan was to raise $40-$60 billion in extra tax revenue from top wage earners which he's done."

    That statement is as false now as it was the last several times you raised it. His plan was to take a Republican't-enacted temporary tax cut, with a Republican't-enacted life-span, and determine if some or all of it should actually be allowed to die as Republican'ts originally planned. And yes, he did just exactly THAT!

  12. El_Lobo: You are quite right about Jamestown (9:32 a.m.). It was the colonies in New England that were established to procure "religious freedom." The phrase didn't mean then what it is supposed to mean now, however. Then it meant "Freedom for us to practice OUR religion as we see fit and to exclude/persecute/forcibly convert anyone who holds to a different religion." Unfortunately, that meaning is regaining a following among some of the modern evangelical groups.

  13. Robert Anderson,

    What industry in the North carried the South?

  14. Robert Anderson wrote:

    "And the northern people fought and died to free the slaves. Americans continue to die to "free" peoples who are not ready, able, or willing to stand on their own."

    Your comments implies people in the condition of Slavery had a choice?

  15. ..missed the "a" in Roberta. Sorry.

  16. ByRefNV(Re Freeman,

    "Sam Pizzo is a respected LVS poster however, he omits giving the reason why surplus turned into a deficits in the 2000s."

    The reasons why a surplus turned into a deficits, that's easy.Two out of control wars,a crashing stock market,the housing bubble,banks on the brink of collapse,and 15 million unemployed workers during the great recession.That's pretty close to the main reasons why we went from a surplus to deficits.All this happened on former Pres.G.W.Bush's watch.

  17. "The Industrial Revolution (as you call it) was made possible because of Slavery."

    History called it the Industrial Revolution not me and/or you. It [the Industrial Revolution] made the U.S. and its citizens great economically worldwide. That's why it's called "Revolution." Not slavery. History doesn't call it the Slavery Revolution. The Industrial Revolution eliminated slavery in the U.S. far more than the Constitutional Amendment that made it illegal. Why? Well, you can research the topic and answer for yourself.

    Carmine D

  18. "What industry in the North carried the South?"

    Who won the Civil War and why?

    Carmine D

  19. "Why did the North win the Civil War?"


    "A combination of a greater population to draw manpower from, combined with more industrial capacity to produce war materials, and the ability to blockade the Southern ports to reduce imports of all kinds. The Southern forces were never able to overcome their lack of supplies and materials, such as cannon and gunpowder. Bravery alone cannot carry the day."

    Carmine D

  20. History verifies Slavery was the driving force on building America.

    To prove the point, remove slavery from the history of America and calculate the results....Yes, this is reasonable. What is certain, Slavery, the free forced labor to America made America.

    Slavery, cultivated Racism in America. Make no mistake, Slavery is responsible for America rise to power in many ways.

  21. El_Lobo,

    It is called the "marketing of America". We do an excellent job in doing so. In others words, we can talk the talk. We are having difficulty "walking the walk". We will get there, with a change in attitude and living up to our Mission and Vision statement (The Constitution and the Bill of Rights).

    For now, the birth rate will slowly dilute old habits and deep culture divides.

    Again, Slavery is one of America's building cornerstone that cannot be ignored, and will not be forgotten.

  22. The issue isn't whether or not slavery built America. The debate is what made America great. The correct answer is: The Industrial Revolution made America great.

    Carmine D

  23. In fact you said: "...slavery made America the greatest country on earth."

    Superlative usage of "great." In your usage of the superlative, the ONLY correct answer is the Industrial Revolution. Hence, the North beat the South. If it were slavery [that made America the greatest country on earth], the Civil War winner would be different. And America would be called the United Confederate States.

    Carmine D

  24. ....Yes Carmine, All because of Slavery.

    Slavery to America is like the cannot escape it.

  25. ..Now... Slavery is called Human Trafficking.

    According to Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear, our top military commander in the North and South Korean area, Slavery is a 30 billion dollar a year business in that area. With North Korea and China in collaboration.

  26. El_Lobo,

    Carmine is like an ameba, an one celled protozoa. Hell follow the path with least resistance with an attraction with food. Food being "his" topics.

  27. "Carmine is like an ameba, an one celled protozoa. Hell follow the path with least resistance with an attraction with food. Food being "his" topics."

    With 3 ounces of brain and 95 billion neurons all in pursuit of knowledge.

    "Economic historians are in agreement that the onset of the Industrial Revolution is the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of animals and plants.

    The First Industrial Revolution evolved into the Second Industrial Revolution in the transition years between 1840 and 1870, when technological and economic progress gained momentum with the increasing adoption of steam-powered boats, ships and railways, the large scale manufacture of machine tools and the increasing use of steam powered factories."

    Carmine D

  28. "How did the Industrial Revolution end slavery?"


    "The Industrial Northern states could not use massed ranks of dependent laborers. The factory-bosses wanted skilled tradesmen, craftsmen and technicians, and free, mobile labor was the favored system."

    Carmine D

  29. Your 11:30 a.m. post is very correct, RefNV (Re Freeman), unlike your original post.

    You credit President Obama with actively increasing taxes on the top 1% of earners. He didn't. What he DID do was to stand aside and allow parts of a law passed by a Republican't House and a Republican't Senate, and signed by a Republican't President to follow the complete life cycle designed by all these Republican'ts. They WANTED their cuts to expire! Is it your position that a Democratic President is at fault if he allows Republican't legislation to run its full course?

  30. It's always interesting to watch, hear, and read the posts [or lack thereof] when a poster's argument falls apart.

    Carmine D

  31. El Lobo:

    Here's the truth. I can teach you history but you have to learn it for yourself.

    Carmine D

  32. Repeating the same fiction over and over doesn't make it come true. The facts are the facts even if no one believes them and fiction is fiction even if everyone believes it.

    Carmine D

  33. Probably because I spent my boyhood summers in South Philadelphia, the home of the soft twisted pretzel. Penny each back in the day. Then they went up to 2 cents each and 3 for a nickel. Sold by street vendors. I use to go straight to the factory and get them hot and fresh. Nothing like it. Some days that's all I needed to eat. The good old days. Check out those old American Bandstand shows. You might even see me.

    Carmine D

  34. Joe Lamy:

    Genius is rarely recognized and appreciated. It's a cross I have to bear.

    Carmine D