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July 3, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Why do we give politicians a pass?

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Disgraced former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is running for office again and may win. Why do we rehire people who have made grave errors while doing important jobs that affect many people?

We don’t generally rehire disgraced airline pilots or disgraced doctors, but we routinely rehire disgraced politicians. Perhaps it is because we simply don’t really understand that elected officials hold very important positions and their actions can and do affect the lives of all of us. Perhaps that is why we have the country we deserve, based on our own actions.

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  1. Michael

    Aren't you "casting the first stone here"?

    Sanford's actions harmed mainly himself and his family not the people of South Carolina and it's their call whether they believe he is redeemed or deserves an opportunity for redemption.

    You might consider that South Carolinians are only giving Sanford a second chance, not a pass.

  2. Former governor Sanford reportedly used taxpayer dollars to fund his trip to continue his affair with his mistress. I would guess that many people would consider that 'more' than damaging just himself and his family.

    I'm just pointing out the obvious. Too many Americans vote via name recognition, and are reluctant to try somebody new.

    This guy comes up short in the areas of courage (ask the wife you no longer love for a divorce instead of having an affair behind her back), ethics (use your own money for a trip to South America to see your mistress instead of tax payer funds), and morals (don't have affairs while married). To top it all off, he asks his ex-wife if she will run is new campaign (she declined), so we know the guy has no shame.

    Are these really standards we want to use to place our trust in public officials? It's partly a crap shoot with someone new, but this guy is a 'known' quantity. REALLY? REALLY?


  3. Congress has a 9 percent approval rating yet its members get reelected 90 percent of the time. Americans get the government they deserve. The fault lies with the voters not in the stars.

    Carmine D

  4. Sadly, one truth is, the America public will believe the big "lie". Especially if the lie is tag to a comeback. In addition, politicians have no shame, they are experienced liars. That's what they do for a living....tell lies.

    The bigger the lie, the public will believe. The sub-conscience places a doubt, all lies cannot be true. Having one thinking, no way all of this can be true. The politician plays on this doubt. Usually, using patriotic words, symbols and places to re-enforce the doubt. And it works.

    Cable news is a huge supporter of promoting a politician's lies.

    Every top politician in a leadership position has told a big lie. When caught, they go on cable news and change their position. The change of position then becomes the new lie.

    So, don't hate the liar. One has to look in the mirror and question where the problem (lies).

  5. Jeff,

    If I were there and could vote and Sanford and Colbert-Busch were the two choices, yes, I'd vote for Colbert-Busch.

    You make it sound like you believe that southern voters who vote R are the only voters that vote to return disgraced office holders to public office. I wish that were the case, but sadly it is something that happens all too often in both parties and all over the country.


  6. Had Gov.Mark Sanford simply filed for divorce and then announced his engagement after all things were finalized.All would have been acceptable to everyone.It's how he did things that irk people. Time to forget his childish acts,and move on.

  7. In the interest of bipartisan dialogue and debate, recall Democratic Governor Jim McGreevy from New Jersey. His fall from grace or as some would say "to grace." And former Governor and Senator from NJ, Jon S. Corzine. Not to mention current Senator from NJ, Menendez.

    Carmine D

  8. Politics is a polpularity contest. He appears to be popular. It's as simple as that.

  9. Not to mention Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr. [and his wife] who with a veil of a very public legal prosecution case hanging over his head for corruption was unanimously reelected to office without so much as a single campaign event appearance. He was by all accounts an AWOL candidate on the job and in the reelection campaign.

    Carmine D

  10. "Disgraced former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is running for office again and may win. Why do we rehire people who have made grave errors while doing important jobs that affect many people?"

    "I'm just pointing out the obvious. Too many Americans vote via name recognition, and are reluctant to try somebody new."

    Casler -- since this isn't South Carolina, "we" aren't "rehiring." And who are you to substitute your discretion for that state's voters?

    Hey people! We have enough problems right here without gossiping about what happens on the east coast.

    "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." -- Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

  11. I admit it. I blamed the wrong ones. I blamed politicians who, by nature, are venal, self-centered, sociopaths and corrupt, when I should blame us, the voters, for putting them in office. Sanford showed he is untrustworthy and the apathetic morons in SC couldn't care less. The same could have been said about Marion Berry, Edward Kennedy, William Jefferson Clinton, Richard Milhouse Nixon, etc. Some posters to the LV Sun are okay with putting liars and cheats in office. I am not! I don't care whether there is an "R" or "D" after their name on the ballot. I hold all politicians to as high a standard as anyone else I do business with. Shame on those who do otherwise! BTW, KillerB, what politicians in Washington DC, do affects more then their home states; it has repercussions for Nevadans, as well. Whether you like or dislike the law, one vote made the difference in passing Obamacare, lest you forget.

  12. It was pointed out by Michael already, Sanford who claimed to be a fiscal conservative, used state funds to pay for his love tryst excursions to Argentina. That in itself is enough to keep him out of office. Once again we face a Republican candidate that lauds "family values" and cheats on his wife. Those of you pointing out the indiscretions of Democrats need to be reminded, they don't thump bibles with a holier than thou air. By the way, it was found that the women involved with the Menendez scandal were bribed to lie about his affairs.

    Star Tribune 2013-03-22: SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - "A Dominican prosecutor said Friday that a local attorney told him someone claiming to work for the conservative website The Daily Caller paid him to find prostitutes who would lie about having sex with U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez. Jose Polanco told The Associated Press that attorney Melanio Figueroa said he was promised $5,000 by someone named "Carlos" to find prostitutes."

  13. Jeff 4:50 a.m. I differ--it is Sanford who is the home wrecker. I don't blame the party of the third part, the other woman, for responding to a man who tells her he is free to play, that he is completely taken with her, that he will do for her. He did not, probably still does not, have the courage of any convictions. He even asked his ex, while married, to approve of his messing around 'cause he wanted to. But I agree with others posting here--we don't need any more of him in Congress. He wants to redeem himself? Make it up to his kids and ex. Make it up to the people of his State via local work.

  14. "BTW, KillerB, what politicians in Washington DC, do affects more then their home states; it has repercussions for Nevadans, as well."

    lvfacts -- irrelevant, since the subject of the letter this Discussion is about was South Carolina's governor.

    "I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don't believe anything the government tells me." -- the late, great George Carlin

  15. bite - "What Vernos Branco really means is that only Republicans are reprehensible louts. All Democrats are without any sin."

    No, what I mean is those who profess to abide by the Christian religion are hypocrites when they acuse others of doing what they are guilty of doing. Holier than thou because I said so.

  16. We would never do that in Nevada, we don't have troubled politicians in our neck of the woods,well, except for Brooks,, and Gibbons,, oh and Gibson,,and the constable guy oh and the County commissioners Erin Kenny, Mary Kincaid, and Dario ohh almost forgot that Malone guy but other than that we don't have losers in office .

  17. Vernos,

    Religious or not, people who do what many of these politicians do should not be elected to public office again. I'm sorry, but the transgression is no more or less severe because the person committing it is 'Christian' nor is the outrage expressed by someone any more or less legitimate because he or she is or is not a 'Christian'.

    It is possible to see things outside a partisan prism. This guy, along with many others in both parties should not be in public office, at least in my opinion. I cannot and would not force other people to vote as I would but I can express my opinion, which is what I did.


  18. ....At this moment 04/10/2013 11:36 est. time, Senator Rand Paul is telling lies to Howard University Students.

    The Students are smart. During the Question and Answer session, the Student are exposing his flip-flops.