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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Social Security should be left alone

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President Barack Obama said these words in the State of the Union message of 2011: “To put us on solid ground, we should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations. We must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market.”

Can President Obama get Congress to get the elderly or disabled on full employment with equal wages? We know that isn’t going to happen.

Can President Obama and Congress hold the corrupt accountable for the housing bubble and stop picking on the elderly and disabled? This has to happen.

Social Security did not cause the deficit and is separately financed with its own tax system. It is solvent.

Martin Luther King Jr. said over 40 years ago, “It is criminal to have people working on a full-time basis and a full-time job getting part-time income.”

Last month, the Department of Labor released the new job market numbers. It seems that these new jobs are for low wages; that is what our college graduates have offered to them.

Many people want jobs and they want Social Security left alone and running as it always has. President Obama should listen to his elders and read his 2011 State of the Union speech.

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  1. Social Security is solvent now. It won't be by 2033 as the Trustees, who oversee the Social Security Fund, have said each year in their reports for the last 5 years and still. Presidents Clinton and Bush appointed bipartisan committees to review and recommend financial reforms. They did. Nothing happened. President Obama did too with Simpson Bowles. Nothing happened. The President is burning daylight. He needs to fix Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He's not, yet. Today his 2014 budget will be released. Let's hope it's a serious proposal to address reforms of these programs and not Washington politics as usual.

    Carmine D

  2. CarmineD

    I would point out to you that Simpson-Bowles also recommended revenue increases via closing tax loopholes and Republicans adamantly oppose doing anything about those.

    I'm willing to see some reduction in future Social Security benefits by changing the way cost of living increases are made if we eliminate tax loopholes that only benefit the wealthiest of us.

    Our deficit problem can only be solved by shared sacrifice. Those sacrifices cannot be solely assigned to Social Security beneficiaries.

  3. Sure, it's the Republicrats that are at fault for the massive spending spree Osama Obama and his fellow travelers have been on for some 5 years now. When the system actually collapses, leftists will still be blaming the Republicrats and, per usual, taking no responsibility for their own prolific ways. As for Judith, keeping her head in the sand may serve to soothe her fears, but will do nothing to solve the problem.

  4. Social Security is one of the great success stories of the American system. It recognizes that free market capitalism cannot work efficiently without workers across and range of incomes and that those who work in the lesser economic spheres deserve to have a modestly secure retirement. It is operated extremely efficiently with minimal administrative costs. It is currently financially solid and can be continued on that basis with modest changes in contribution levels and/or limits and universal participation. Some elements of the conservative movement have despised SS since its inception and they continue to work for ts destruction. A few are principled and put out reasoned arguments. Most are simple scare-mongers spewing spittle-flecked invective at every opportunity.

  5. Jim:

    You're right on all accounts. But it was President Obama who dropped the ball on Bowles-Simpson. He had it in his hands in 2010. This is 2013. Same with immigration. Same with gun controls. Same with sequestration. Same with policy on drones and U.S. citizens. Same on debts and deficits. Same with Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, ICBM defense, Benghazi and on and on. Too numerous to mention. Does that exonerate the Republicans from blame? Of course not. But we only have one President and Americans who voted for him expect him to do the job he was elected to do. So far, he's not. He's got ONE legacy so far for his 5 years: Obama Care: 2700 pages and 17,000 new regulations. By all accounts from those on both sides of the aisle, he fumbled the ball on that too.

    Carmine D

  6. The entire Social Security system should be completely revamped so payments are increased dramatically. The average check is about $1100 a month. Over a third of recipients rely on this as their sole source of income.

    I couldn't even imagine trying to live in such a small amount of money. Staggering numbers of seniors are living in poverty and dying flat broke. It's pathetic!

  7. Future...keep in mind there is going to be in the neighborhood of $180 trillion worth of economic activity generated by this country in the next 10 years.

    Much of the spending is due to medical inflation. Reduce medical costs and all these problems go bye-bye.

    Eliminate Social Security? Just take half the elderly population behind the barn and shoot them. It's more humane than starving them to death. This country has the guns and the bullets!

  8. Teamster:

    There is a much better probability of implementing a flat tax and/or value added tax than your 4 options above.

    Private unions are dead. Public unions are dying. The Teamster pension fund for truck drivers is going bust. 800 union paying employees are pulling out.

    Carmine D

  9. "Over a third of recipients rely on this as their sole source of income."


    When President Roosevelt passed Social Security in 1933 it was not meant to serve as the only source of retirement income. It was a safety net, a supplement. Not the end all and save all. You know that as well as I do and everybody else who knows the facts about SS.

    Carmine D

  10. If Social Security were left alone and not touched by both parties [raided],it would be the talk by all as the best performing retirement fund in the world.

    If it were not raided and put in the shape it currently is in, we could spend more time and energy on finding and prosecuting people who file and obtain funds illegally from the system. lets fix Social Security and go after the cheaters of the system.

    It won't take much to put Social Security back in the spotlight of where it once was.

  11. Sam:

    According to the Trustees reports for the last 5 years and still, it will take legislative action to keep the Medicare and Social Security Funds solvent in the future. Trustees said this, Sam. Democrats, Sam. Not me. They are the experts. President Obama should listen to them.

    If you read the President's 2014 Budget Proposal, he does. Finally. Took him 5 years. As the saying goes, better late than never.

    Carmine D

  12. Teamster:

    I said Truckers' Teamster pension [recall I said the one Jimmy R. Hoffa founded, our hero]. Get your facts straight. It's insolvent. 800 drivers will bail out.

    Carmine D

  13. Carmine, It was the raid the put Social Security where it is today.Even Republicans admit that you should listen to them.

  14. Sam:

    I read and listen to the facts and the experts: The Trustees who just happen to be Democrats. So you should get along with them very well. I do. Why? They're right.

    And the President is finally listening to them. Read his 2014 budget proposal especially for Medicare and Social Security. Ironically the Democrats not Republicans will be the biggest opponents of his reforms for Medicare and Social Security.

    Carmine D

  15. How interesting it is to read what people seem to think has happened to Social Security. And most will not address what the real problems are, that have caused Social Security to fall from grace.

    It does not matter that people are living longer and collecting more in Social Security benefits. What matters is we had the money to cover it and it was taken out and used for something else.That's the real problem but people look for other excuses to blame Social Security's problems on.

    How would retired Government workers like it if their retirement fund was raided and not paid back? Would we be saying the same things, "people are living longer and getting more benefits so we need to change the system." I don't think so,it's the same principle.

  16. Sam:

    I'm still collecting from "my" contributions that I made and paid into "my" Federal pension. I haven't made a dent in it yet.

    I paid into SS too but I don't collect it. It's my gift to Uncle Sam and the U.S. Treasury.

    Carmine D

  17. Carmine,


    "I'm still collecting from my contributions that I put into my Federal pension.I haven't made a dent in it yet."

    So what does that have to do with what I posted at 8:53 today?

    The question I asked was how would Federal retired like it if their was retirement fund was raided and the funds were not put back? Would we be saying "people are living longer and getting more benefits so we need to change the system."

    See if you can answer that,without going somewhere else.

  18. I answered, Sam. But it's not the answer you want and expect. So you ask and ask over and over ad nauseam until you get it. But I still answer the same. If you don't comprehend, then that's on you. Not me. Find someone who will answer the way you want and ask that person.

    Carmine D

  19. Carmine,

    Avoidance is your biggest escape from answering a direct question.Flooding the comments section with 4 or 5 different answers on the same subject won't cut it.Find someone else to dodge your answers to,not me.

  20. Since when Sam is one answer to a subjective question the best and only one?

    Carmine D

  21. Carmine,

    "Since when Sam is one answer to a subjective question the best and only answer."

    It's almost impossible to get you to cut to the chase, on any subject.

  22. You should know. You're the master at it.

    Carmine D

  23. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

  24. Apparently, not nearly as often as you!

    Carmine D

  25. Carmine,

    I do look in the mirror all the time,and I see the person that I know I am.

  26. I figured you did Sam [like to admire yourself in the mirror]. I don't have to Sam. I know already how I look.

    Carmine D

  27. You can never figure out who you really are with your, I am better then you attitude toward everyone else.In your case A mirror won't help.

  28. You said it Sam. Not me. I never had that course like you in mind reading. Wish I did.

    Carmine D

  29. Don't need to be a mind reader to figure you out Carmine. All you need is commen sense.Switching words around and trying to achieve a different outcome,still won't work no matter how much you switch.

  30. How about a bi-partisan solution to STOP giving career-indigents more in benefits than SS retirees get? How about ending the assisted living paid by Medicaid for those who refused to work, had kids to collect benefits, had foster kids/grand kids to collect and now have difficulty getting by on housing vouchers, medicaid, EBT SNAP, LIHEA free utilities, food banks, non-profit benies.....

  31. Sam: Common sense is very uncommon. Just like mind readers.

    Carmine D

  32. Carmine: Common sense is something that not all people have,you are one of them.

  33. No Sam, common sense is something that not everyone has. And you are one of them.

    Carmine D

  34. Do I hear a echo?

  35. Maybe Sam. Or perhaps your hearing aids need new batteries.

    Carmine D