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April 18, 2015

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Some shouldn’t be able to own a gun

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Regarding Robert Gardner’s letter, “My guns are my business,” why do some people always seem to think that the government is trying to take away their gun rights?

Background checks are a reasonable way of hopefully preventing felons and mentally ill people from obtaining guns, and that is the only reason for having them. When you buy a gun at a legitimate outlet, I believe there should be a background check. However, no background checks are required at gun shows and other outlets of this kind.

No one, including E.J. Dionne, is accusing Mr. Gardner of being aligned with murderers any more than any of us would be aligned with a reckless driver who killed someone. I’m sure he is a law-abiding citizen who has every right to own his guns. But there are too many people in this country who should not have the right to own a gun, such as convicted felons and those who are mentally unstable.

That is the only reason for expanding these background checks: preventing those people from obtaining guns. When you own a car, you must have a license and pass a written and driving test. If you want to buy a gun at a gun show, all you have to do is plunk down the cost of that weapon.

No laws can prevent some gun violence. However, if background checks can prevent even a small percentage of unqualified buyers from obtaining these weapons, then it would be well worth it.

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  1. Background checks are a good start. Enforcement and sentencing for gun crimes are better. Chicago has the worst gun crime rate in country and the worst track record for enforcement and sentencing of gun criminals. See a correlation there?

    Carmine D

  2. Letter writer is confused. Private sellers at gun shows don't have to do background checks. Gun dealers at shows are required to by law. How many sellers at gun shows are private versus dealers? That's a loop hole [private sales] and those will be stopped. If you think it's a big deal, it's not. Most sellers at gun shows are dealers and already do background checks by law for gun sales.

    I have an officer's hand gun from World War I that belonged to my great grandfather. I want to pass it down to my nephew. I have to do a background check? It hasn't been fired since the war [1917]. I have to do a background check on my nephew, who's 45 years old, married with an young daughter, lives in an upscale home in NJ and never had a day of problems in his entire life? Really? Give me a break.

    Carmine D

  3. We wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone"s version of their Second Amendment rights by requiring universal background checks, would we? After all, that might only remind them that they might owe a teensy bit of inconvenience to the society that enables them to have those rights in the first place.

    I cannot predict how much benefit universal background checks will do, but neither can anyone else. What we can predict is that doing nothing will just continue the experience we have already had and that shoud be unacceptible to all of us.... not just 90% of us.

  4. Jim:

    I opine the case I illustrated with my nephew and a World War 1 officer's hand gun will be addressed in the bill before it becomes law. So the President will get something [background checks] but certainly not the gun control points he wanted from his January 2013 speech. Democrats in the Senate, thank you Harry Reid, threw a monkey wrench in the works.

    Carmine D

  5. The NRA is just another idiotic lobbying group. They don't kill people. They just provide a voice for gun groups in Washington.

    It's the 3100 medical lobbyists that are killing off the country. High-priced medicine that no one can afford is leading to the first decline in life expectancies for women in the nation's history.

    Ask Mr. Freeman what it costs to battle brain cancer month after month. It's ridiculous. I battled the medical lobbies for 20 years. Lobbyists are so powerful in Washington that make it impossible to get to first base when it comes to passing sensible legislation. The gun nonsense is just a small part of it!

  6. Lobbying combined with the fact that most of the gun violence that takes place in this country is in the inner-city, is why we don't have serious gun legislation. No one cares about blacks killing blacks and Hispanics killing Hispanics. They don't have strong lobbying groups representing their interests.

    Decades ago they were contemplating legislation that would have required all guns be destroyed. There were 42 million in the country at the time. Today there are as many guns as people. The consequences are nothing short of mindbending. Millions dead and injured and medical costs that run billions of dollars a year. Only 40% of gunshot victims have any insurance. The rest end up on welfare.

    Mr. Freeman's first post is dead on. Millions of poor Hispanics and blacks blowing the hell out of each other.

  7. Talking about firearm restrictions in this country is an oxymoron. Less than 5% of world population and half the guns.
    The poor with next to nothing should lay off the guns and ammo and buy stocks and bonds. They would be better suited. The poorest states have the most guns.
    A great day to all!

  8. "...why do some people always seem to think that the government is trying to take away their gun rights? .....When you own a car, you must have a license and pass a written and driving test. If you want to buy a gun at a gun show, all you have to do is plunk down the cost of that weapon."

    Zodin -- because it is, by degrees. The legal term for it is "chill" which is defined as "To inhibit or discourage" and "The result of a law or practice that seriously discourages the exercise of a constitutional right."

    Your car analogy is completely bogus. Cars are not covered in the Bill of Rights or Nevada's counterpart, arms are.

    "You and others are mistaken by assuming that background checks, magazine sizes and vigorous prosecution efforts will lower homicides rates."

    RefNV -- excellent post!

    "I have an officer's hand gun from World War I that belonged to my great grandfather. I want to pass it down to my nephew. I have to do a background check? It hasn't been fired since the war [1917]."

    CarmineD -- yet under proposed laws you could become a criminal for that gift. That's only one result of lawmakers stripping two essential elements out of criminal law -- mens rea (evil intent) and corpus delicti (a crime was actually committed).

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- attributed to Benjamin Franklin

  9. CarmineD

    If you're so concerned about any hassle you might go through giving your World War I handgun to your nephew, why not do it now.? You'll not only avoid any future paperwork, but be assured you can experience his happiness due to the receipt of your gift.

  10. Jim:

    I'm in Las Vegas, he's in NJ. We plan to see each other in September 2013. By then, I opine the law should pass, But it may not.

    The law should exempt gifts of collector and antique guns between friends and family members that are for show and tell.

    Carmine D

  11. Universal registration would require a database. Perhaps we should consider limited to no gun ownership until the age of 30--so much violence, suicide, strife, indecision when we are young, very young. We as a nation continue to ingrain violence by forceful domination of other countries--when their behavior is not what we want--and our young are taught violence as a way of life. I recall the WW vets who NEVER talked about what they saw during combat. They inherently knew that was not something to share nor dwell on. Instead, they relished non-violent daily life and people.

  12. "Some people who post here daily have entire lives based on show and tell."

    They're called VIP's.

    Carmine D

  13. zippert1 - "Talking about firearm restrictions in this country is an oxymoron. Less than 5% of world population and half the guns."

    We consume over 25% of the worlds energy resources, we spend 58% more than the next top ten countries on the military, we have the highest health care costs, we control the largest banks, we have billions spent by lobbyists to influence politicians, corporations are making huge profits, we no longer have an economy based on manufacturing, European banks are going bust because they were cheated by American banks, etc., etc.,etc. World wide $32 trillion is being kept in offshore accounts by the very wealthy while millions of people starve to death.

    This argument over gun laws/gun violence is just one example of capitalism out of control. If people worry about being tracked by a serial number on a weapon, what's to stop them from disallowing the gov't. to track your social security number? Someone needs to keep track of your retirement funds. If we tracked weapons as we do with social security numbers, I bet there wouldn't be nearly as many sold out of the trunk of a car in states with tighter restrictions.

  14. "Try and buy a gun in the hood and wait for it -- no approval required"

    How do you think guns get to the hood? By PFM ... pure friggin magic?


    That's the problem with certain people, they gravitate and live in a communications bubble. One reason they still can't understand why and how President Obama won reelection. Since Reince Priebus gave the 97 page Growth and Opportunity Project report we keep hearing the same distorted view of their world. They say they must change but it's the nature of the beast, they refuse to seek common sense. It will be ages before they win the White House and I won't be surprised at all if they lose the House over the next few election cycles.

  15. Mathew Warren committed suicide with a gun bought on the internet. The seller was anonymous, Mathew provided no identification.

    This also is how criminals obtain their weapons, through direct purchase or straw buyers as Mathew could have been.

    The facts are, that MANY should not be able to buy guns and MANY should not be able to sell them. No need for any more discussion.

  16. "Regarding gun control, it appears you and Archie Bunker are the only ones trying to opine then declare the "case closed"."

    Are you confused suggestion Archie Bunker was liberal?

  17. The NRA is winning the debate on gun laws arguing on the facts. The gun activists are losing the debate arguing on emotions. Laws are passed and approved based on the facts and the evidence, not on emotions.

    Carmine D

  18. Vernos: one benefit of a national database of all firearms is that when you buy one in the HOOD, we can track who sold it. Sure, we already know most will show as "stolen" during home burglaries. Maybe we should start now with the legislation that if you lose or have more than one theft you can't buy more????

  19. Joe:

    Currently there are over 9,000 gun laws on the books. Why? Because the ones that are on the books are not enforced. That's what happens [you get meaningless laws] when emotions rule the law and not the facts and evidence.

    Chicago has the worst gun crime rate in the nation. It also has the worst enforcement and sentencing for gun crimes in the nation. What do the facts and evidence tell us?

    Carmine D

  20. An overwhelming majority of law enforcement officials in a recent survey said assault weapons ban and outlawing of magazines with more than 10 rounds would have no effect on gun crimes in the U.S.

    Carmine D