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April 28, 2015

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Knives just aren’t the same as guns

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Michael Solazzo’s letter, “Is knife control regulation next?” argued that outlawing knives because of the attack in Texas is akin to the regulatory attempts on firearms. It is an argument that is often made by those who share the same view.

Fourteen people were stabbed at a community college in Cypress, Texas; there were no casualties because most of the victims were able to get away and the attacker was subdued by faculty and students.

Solazzo’s argument not only fails to make a valid point, but it also reflects a collective inability to understand the destructive capability of two entirely different implements. The knife has many uses and, yes, it can be used to kill someone within arm’s reach. A firearm has one purpose and can reach out and “touch” its victims at great distance, leaving little chance for people to get out of harm’s way or get close enough to subdue their attacker. I look forward to reading similar arguments involving the baseball bat and automobile in hopes those too receive print.

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  1. People kill. Not guns, knifes, cars and bombs.

    Carmine D

  2. After yesterdays vote in the Senate, gun control legislation and the attached amendments is DEAD (for now). Reid voted "no" in order to have the opportunity to bring the issue back at a later date.

  3. So, are some of us arguing that we shouldn't have laws because people just break them anyway? Or do we profess to be a nation of laws only when people cross our borders illegally? Just askin'.

  4. Mr. Reynolds,

    Good letter but you expect too much from the wing nuts. They don't have the capacity to be logical and/or rational. Think about, to protect us from a perceived 2nd Amendment infringements they would rather have terrorists (domestic and foreign) or gang bangers buy weapons from straw purchasers out of the trunk of their cars. Meanwhile the same whiners who pretend to be constitutionists will let the Patriot Act crap all over our rights without a peep. How much more hypocritical can one get?

  5. Gary:

    Background checks are dead for this Senate session. The best hope the President had was background checks and he couldn't get that passed in the Democrat controlled Senate with a GOP TEA party favorite, Senator Toomey from Pennsylvania, on board. President won't get anything on gun controls in this Senate session. He's the big loser. The Obama party is over. Dems and Reps alike won't give him the time of day with his own watch.

    Carmine D

  6. "Four Democrats who will face re-election in conservative, gun-friendly states opposed the Manchin-Toomey background checks amendment - Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Max Baucus of Montana.

    Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid supported the measure, but changed his vote after it was apparent it would lose in order to preserve his option to bring the measure back up in the Senate.

    Four Republicans backed it: Toomey, Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona and Mark Kirk of Illinois."

    Carmine D

  7. Even if the 4 Senate Dems voted in favor and Harry Reid too, that's 59 votes. One shy of the 60 needed to pass. Background checks [and hence gun controls]: RIP [at least for this Senate Session].

    Carmine D

  8. Carmine seems to be wetting his trousers with anticipation that the "Obama party is over". Considering that tightening backgrounds has wide support even among gun owners [of which I am one BTW] it does not appear that this issue is over by any means. While various Senators have now gotten the vote they need for NRA contributions and their re-election campaigns, the vote as otherwise an exercise in public relations flummery. States can and will establish state regulations as they see fit.

  9. I thought only lemmings commit suicide together. Background checks should be declared unconstitutional on their face by U.S. Courts but, since there are so many Commie-lite" sympathizers among judges, that will not happen anytime soon. When someone attempts to or commits a crime (with or without a weapon) that's the time to put the clamps on them, not before. What have we become? The "Minority Report?"

  10. The next thing you know they will want to regulate nuclear weapons in this country. Remember, "nuclear weapons don't kill people, people kill people!"

  11. Gun laws will change. Just like slavery, women's suffrage, child labor, civil rights, gay rights and many other things my conservative antagonists on this page would have, and currently oppose. We will drag you slowly, inexorably, into the 21st century despite your collective efforts to tune-in daily to information sources that keep you half as aware of the problems that face our existence than the rest of the population around you easily recognize.
    Rick Reynolds

  12. Let's cut through the baloney here. We have massive gun proliferation because of lobbying pressure in Washington. That's about it!

    The frontier towns enacted some of the most draconian gun laws in the history of the United States. They were able to bring the murder rate down to about one a year in most of these towns. During the gangster era the Thompson Submachine Gun popped up. For a while the gangsters are blowing hell out of everybody. They put restrictions on machine gun ownership as a result. I spent decades in law enforcement and I can't remember the last time someone was killed with a machine gun in this country. Restrictions have been put on the ownership of machine guns, silencers, short barreled weapons, Dirks, daggers, push knives, shooting knives, explosives, fertilizer and many other things.

    150 years ago they realized that guns, whores, gambling and booze don't mix. It's a good lesson for Vegas today and the rest of the country.

  13. In many instances the ironies surrounding these issues are more interesting than the issues themselves.

    Three of America's foremost gun enthusiasts were recently shot and killed. One guy had millions of Internet followers. He was shot and killed and I believe the crime remains unsolved. A guy that had a gun related TV show was shot and killed in a love triangle. Chris Kyle was a highly decorated Marine sniper. He was shot and killed while trying to set up a gun therapy program for servicemen suffering from PTSD.

    More Americans have been shot and killed domestically in the last few decades that have been killed by all of our enemies in all of our wars. That's got to be the ultimate irony. The whole thing's joke!

  14. "So, are some of us arguing that we shouldn't have laws because people just break them anyway?"

    Precisely, PISCES41 (Jim Weber)! We need to start repealing every single law that has been violated in the last 75 years. We can start by legalizing speeding and drunk driving in districts where Republican'ts live. After all THOSE are infringements on peoples' rights also! Evolution in action.

  15. The pro-gun-violence sect loves to use irrelevancy in their arguments. "How can we ban guns when xxxxx (insert favorite comparison - cars, knives, swimming pools, whatever...) also kill people and we don't ban THEM!

    They always choose common, popular items that are also occasionally involved in killing people. So far, not one has challenged the concept that, of all the items they like to use as part of their comparison, not ONE was originally designed for the very specific purpose of killing people from a distance and has been constantly upgraded over the years to do so ever more efficiently. Only GUNS were so designed and are constantly so upgraded.

  16. "Fourteen people were stabbed at a community college in Cypress, Texas..."

    Reynolds -- a situation begging a lesson in the folly of bringing a knife to a gun fight.

    "There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." -- Will Rogers, American entertainer famous for his pithy and homespun humour (1879-1935)

  17. Guns. Something to do with compensating the size of certain body parts.

  18. Pat:

    You're wrong on all accounts. If background checks had a snowball's chance in hades to get revived in this Senate session, President Obama would have been more conciliatory in his remarks after the bill failed. In the states where Senate Dems voted against the background checks, Obama lost to Romney by double digits. There's no chance of anything coming out of the Senate this year on gun controls. None. And consequently nothing coming out of the GOP House either. At least there was a vote and not a filibuster, thank you Senators Toomey [R-Pennsylvania] and Manchin [D-WV]. Perhaps President Obama, who can't cry GOP obstructionism on this one, should move to a more centrist political position? Rather than his constant impugning and attacking the very people whose support he needs to move forward.

    Carmine D

  19. BTW, since President Obama could not cry foul on GOP obstructionism, he blamed the NRA. 5 years into his presidency and he's still making the same political mistakes. Any wonder Dems are abandoning him too?

    Carmine D

  20. "Guns. Something to do with compensating the size of certain body parts."

    ASadTeacher -- Guns. Something to do with every citizen's right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.

    "Carmine, when 90% of a senators constituents want background checks , and the senators vote en mass against it, there is no clearer indication that they are bought and paid for by the NRA."

    CreatedEQL -- your opinion is flawed. In the first place every senator's first obligation by oath is to the Constitution. In the second, background checks have been around for a long time. I had to pass it to buy my shotgun in 1998 after facing a violent home invader unarmed.

    "...a legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law." -- Marbury v. Madison, 1 Cranch 137, 177 (1803)

  21. ""Carmine, when 90% of a senators constituents want background checks , and the senators vote en mass against it, there is no clearer indication that they are bought and paid for by the NRA."

    Amen Killer B. I second your motion.

    Carmine D