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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

A comparison of guns and cars

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In his letter, “My guns are my business,” Robert Gardner is right. As a gun owner who has never killed a person, he is not responsible for the Adam Lanzas and Jared Loughners of this world. That’s just as I, as a car owner who has never killed a person, am not responsible for the drunken drivers of the world.

Yet I, like millions of other car owners, have to obtain a license to prove that I know how to safely operate a car and must register that car every year.

On top of that, there are all sorts of laws and regulations that car owners must follow, such as speed limits and not driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Yet even though there is no constitutional amendment protecting our right to own cars, I have never heard a peep about the government trying to take away my car or restrict my right to own a car. Why is that?

It can be argued that owning a car is far more important to the American way of life than owning a gun. So why would the government want to take away your gun but not your car?

Why would people be willing to pass driving tests, register cars and follow laws and regulations in order to own a car, but resist any and all restrictions on owning guns?

If it is too much to ask gun owners to register their guns, pass safety and background tests, and abide by a few common-sense restrictions on using a gun, then it also should be too much for car owners to do the same.

Mr. Gardner points out that none of the “common sense” gun laws now being discussed would have stopped either Lanza or Loughner.

That is probably true. But the “common sense” laws against DUI have not stopped sick individuals from driving under the influence of alcohol, either.

But because of these laws, there are a lot less of these sick individuals out there driving on our roads. That’s better than nothing.

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  1. The letter writer's defense: "It's better than nothing" is not true when it comes to passing laws. That's why we have 9000 gun laws on the books and they don't work.

    Carmine D

  2. Apparently the argument here goes something like... we shouldn't have laws because people just break those laws.

    We shouldn't bother with stop signs because people run through them.
    We shouldn't bother with traffic signals because people run red lights every day.
    We shouldn't have DUI laws because people continue to drink and drive.
    We shouldn't require driver's licensing because people operate cars every day without them.

    And, of course, we have the NRA parrots that tell us we shouldn't have gun laws because people break those every day.

  3. The "well regulated militia" part of the Second seems to be conveniently overlooked by the willing dupes of the NRA. As for registration, who needs it. If push came to shove the feds would simply tap into the NRA's vast merchandising databases and have your names, addresses and pertinent information at hand. The revolution against Obamatyranny sold out by the NRA for profit. How uniquely appropriate.

  4. More laws do not make us safer, gun or auto. You will never do away with My Right to Bear Arms. Get over it. Move on.

  5. Whenever this issue comes up the inhabitants of the right wing paranoid bubble shriek that their precious guns are being confiscated. Joan...this subject is background checks, part of an effort to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and those lacking sufficient mental capacity to responsibly own them. When the subject of confiscation comes up you can have your turn.

  6. People who say gun laws don't work know absolutely nothing about the history of those laws. Many frontier towns enacted strict gun legislation. Murders were almost completely eliminated. In addition restrictions have been placed on selective fire weapons, machine guns, silenced weapons as well as short barreled weapons and explosives. Deaths from these types of weapons and devices have been nearly eliminated.

    It's handguns in the hands of irresponsible people and criminals that are destroying the lives of millions in this country. That's what they need to work on. If they refuse because of public pressure. Fine! Millions of Americans will continue blowing the hell out of each other. Be prepared to pay the medical bills. Less than half of gunshot victims that end up in hospitals pay the bills.

  7. For the most part its minorities murdering other minorities in lousy neighborhoods. If this type of violence should ever spread to more affluent areas you will have significant gun legislation overnight.

  8. Mr. Future, I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that I want law abiding citizens to register there guns in a national registry so that the government can take them. The only thing I wanted to do is point out the hypocrisy between owning a car and owning a gun.

    By the way, Mr. Future, when you decide to sign your full name to your comments, I will take the time to read the rest of your comment.

  9. All these whining, crying babbies that are against background checks...

    I assume are among the small percentage of U.S. citizens that wouldn't pass one.

    No one wants your guns.
    We simply want to ascertain that you aren't bat@H$t crazy or a criminal; it's a really a very simple matter that the vast majority of Americans favor.

  10. "We simply want to ascertain that you aren't bat@H$t crazy"

    Irrelevant, considering most people don't turn crazy until the moment they decide to do murderous violence.

  11. "Yet I, like millions of other car owners, have to obtain a license to prove that I know how to safely operate a car and must register that car every year."

    Clearly, you have never been involved in an accident with an unlicensed, uninsured motorist.

    Cars kill far more people directly (via accident, including those not involving illegal activities) and indirectly (via harmful emissions) than guns, yet, as your letter illustrates, we as a society are not one bit interested in improving road safety by improving our drivers license training and testing. Now that, sir, is hypocrisy.

  12. "Carmine: They pass 9000 watered down laws. The NRA fights anything that works. And no law has 100 % efficacy. You use the same old tired lies."

    The NRA won the debate on stricter gun laws on the facts and evidence. The President lost on emotions and lies. He can't blame the GOP for obstructionism, because there was an up and down vote in the Senate against 3 of the gun bills before the others were tabled by Senator Reid. So, true to form, the President and his supporters like you, blame the NRA. Talk about same old tired lies. Don't you ever get tired of President Obama's [lies]?

    Carmine D

  13. at 6:49 a.m. SgtRock asks: "Can any kool-aid person give me some examples where a mass killer used weapons that they legally purchased outside of a background check?"

    While I don't qualify on Sarge's initial requirement, I can answer his final question quite simply. "Timothy McVeigh"

    Yes, his final bomb was illegal, but he purchased his components (primarily fertilizer and diesel fuel) openly, over the counter, over a period of time.

  14. At least LastThroes (1 p.m.) understands logic. NO ONE has yet explained why it is reasonable to compare the abusive use of a tool that was specifically invented and designed to transport people and things with the intentional and proper use of a tool specifically invented and designed to kill people at a distance.

  15. About those "9,000 gun laws":

  16. Mark:

    There is a difference between "9000 Federal gun laws" and "9000 gun laws." I used the latter. If you don't know what that difference is, let me know.

    Carmine D

  17. "Carmine: the NRA did not win on facts and evidence. They won on threats of primarying, and with money. They defeated the clear will of the people."

    No, 5-15 Democrats who supported the NRA positions defeated the 3 gun bills from passing in the Senate. If any in the Senate did not do the will of the people, then include these Dem Senators with them.

    Carmine D

  18. Carmine,
    I'll ignore your obtuse comment about not knowing the difference in favor of a simple request. Please prove there are 9,000 gun laws in the country using actual data.

  19. Mark:

    Since you'll ignore my obtuse comment, I'll return the favor and ignore yours.

    Like I said, people like you, who ask for proof for the obvious: i.e. 9000 gun laws, never cease to amaze me.

    Carmine D

  20. So you have no evidence. Typical dodge by a propagandist when asked for evidence.

  21. Plenty, Mark. But not for someone who has been blind all his life and when he miraculously gets his sight back, asks for proof. Some things are obvious for all except the most obtuse.

    Carmine D

  22. PS: For those [most obtuse] there is Google and Ask and Bing. They, like you, can look it up.

    Carmine D