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July 5, 2015

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Can we bring guns to your office?

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I always scratch my head when I see another senator or representative ranting against any sort of gun control measure, including background checks. I just have one question for those NRA lackeys: If more guns make for a safer nation, then why can’t spectators pack heat when visiting the Capitol, the Supreme Court or the White House?

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  1. "Michael Dunn pumped nine rounds into the Durango that Jordan Davis and his friends were sitting in at the Gate gas station. The 6' 4", 280 pound Dunn claimed the unarmed teens "threatened him" and had a "shotgun". - "A Most American Way to Die" by Paul Solotaroff, Rolling Stone, Issue 1181.

    This stemmed from Dunn complaining that the teens in the Durango were playing their music too loud. Davis was killed, and Dunn used the worst law ever, "stand your ground" as a defense. This happened in Florida, a state I will never set foot in as a result. By the way, there were no weapons in the Durango.

  2. Why? Because there are over 800 armed guards and police ON DUTY at all times in an 8 block radius of the Capitol. Now, would you like me to tell you why there are?

    Carmine D

  3. Terry Cox,

    Your defining statement that our representatives are "ranting against any sort of gun control measure" is incorrect and, as such, your comment is irrelevant.

    I am certain you believe you made a point, but you didn't. You may return to scratching your head or any other body part of your choosing.


  4. El Lobo,

    I neither own a gun nor am I a member of the NRA. However, I am learned & wise enough to know that, historically, a government that owns all of the guns is a dangerous thing. Therefore, I am against -- and you should be too -- any additional restriction/licensing/confiscation that our elites may propose.

    Simple enough for you to understand?


  5. You can't have a gun on government property because the worthless people inside those buildings would be taken care of by some screwball who's had enough of thier corruption.

  6. The Democrats control the Senate. The bill didn't pass because of Democrats, period.

  7. According to the NRA, Mogadishu should be one of the safest places in the world to visit because of all the firepower. For two gold stars and a pat on the butt, what is wrong with this argument?

  8. "Carmine......

    There are over 800 armed guards around the Capital
    because there are too many nuts in this country
    that are armed to the teeth.

    That's why."


    If you arm the nuts, then you have to arm everybody. Simple logic just for you.

    Carmine D

  9. Kenny Rogers wrote this: "...taken care of" as a charming euphemism for murdering people. I feel safer knowing people like him are walking around with guns don't you?

  10. Carmine,
    Wouldn't it be better to not arm the nuts? Please call Senator Heller and explain this simple logic to him and see how far you get. Alternatively, you could stop voting for conservatives who spout simplistic, jingoistic slogans in place of reducing the number of deaths and injuries from guns that happen every year in this country.

  11. The second amendment is about a REGULATED MILITIA, not about your lunatic belief that anyone should own and carry a weapon of their choice. REGULATION of arms owned by private citizens never seems to cross the pea-brained gun lunatics interpretation of the BS, archaic, and irrelevant second amendment. It should be amended and better yet, repealed.

  12. Mark Schaffer, the term "taken care of " would be what the screwball would call it not me.

  13. Hi Kenny,
    Sorry for the misinterpretation but I would also hope you wouldn't call the many dedicated government employees actually "worthless" as it just encourages those "screwballs" to do horrendous things.

  14. "Carmine,
    Wouldn't it be better to not arm the nuts?"

    Mark: When you strip persons of their Constitutional rights you had better have good reasons based on solid grounds. Going down that path is a slippery slope.

    Carmine D

  15. I have already shown elsewhere that your reference to the slippery slope argument misses the point that it is a logical fallacy. More importantly why are you for arming people with mental problems, prior felons, and this guy:

    "Even al-Qaida gloats about what's possible under U.S. gun laws. In June 2011, a senior al-Qaida operative, Adam Gadahn, released a video message rallying people to take advantage of opportunities those laws provide.

    "America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms," Gadahn says, explaining that "you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center" and buy a gun without a background check.

    Then a faint smile crosses Gadahn's face. "So what are you waiting for?" he asks.

    Under current laws, if a background check reveals that your name is on the national terrorism watch list, you're still free to walk out of a gun dealership with a firearm in your hands -- as long as you don't have a criminal or mental health record.

    Data from the Government Accountability Office show that between 2004 and 2010, people on terrorism watch lists tried to buy guns and explosives more than 1,400 times. They succeeded in more than 90 percent of those cases, or 1,321 times."
    Doesn't this give you a warm feeling Carmine?

  16. Or...Carmine...what about the 1,323,177 (and counting!) people who have lost all their constitutional rights because they died at the hands of guns? Are you for those people losing those rights?

  17. Mark:

    And the 9000 gun laws on the books didn't help them. FBI reports every year for the last 5 that murders by guns in the USA have gone down despite the increase in the guns bought and sold.

    Carmine D

  18. "Data from the Government Accountability Office show that between 2004 and 2010, people on terrorism watch lists tried to buy guns and explosives more than 1,400 times. They succeeded in more than 90 percent of those cases, or 1,321 times."

    Didn't stop the Tsarnaev Boston brothers from getting a gun. Possibly 2.

    Carmine D

  19. You haven't shown any data that supports your assertion regarding the number of gun laws. Repeating such doesn't make it true or even if true germane given various complexities of jurisdiction.
    On your second post you assume without evidence that the brothers were on a terrorism watch list and I have to ask why you left this part out:
    "Under current laws, if a background check reveals that your name is on the national terrorism watch list, you're still free to walk out of a gun dealership with a firearm in your hands -- as long as you don't have a criminal or mental health record."

    You DO have some kind of reading comprehension and thus made this clumsy attempt to change the meaning of what I posted above in the same manner a junior high student would ignore context.
    Also, you missed the point that without life rights are meaningless. Comprende?

  20. Personal responsibility and obedience to law characterize a safe society. We already have a law for every crime imaginable and many are redundant. Many are not enforced and more words on paper won't make anyone safer. Societies change for better or worse depending on the evolving values of their citizens. Today our country among others is in a period of low values. Denial of personal responsibility and excessive reliance on others are symptoms.

    Reality is that never in history has any society had such a majority of those two characteristics that it was once and forever safe and secure for all. Countries, societies and even entire civilizations come and go. Some favor power over others and some need only to be given a framework for individual liberty within the rule of law. The juxtaposition of the two always insures turmoil and change.

    There never will be one perfect society, human nature precludes it. Mans natural right to self defense and self governance will always be at odds with those who trade both for a false sense of security or well being, and with those who will seek to control and gain power regardless of means.

    Law abiding citizens stripped of their ability to take responsibility for themselves, their families and livelihoods will always seek to regain it; their character making it a necessary component of life. Whether by criminals or politicians the victims of either will always fight for freedom from both. The balance desired is difficult and delicate. None has lasted forever, some are still trying.