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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Incongruent logic in the Tea Party

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Sometimes I wonder what goes through some of these Tea Party-types’ minds in Congress. They sign a “no tax” pledge, but do they wonder where their wages come from?

I have not seen one effort to cut any of their excess money for only working part time. They are bringing down over $200 per hour. They keep throwing up the Constitution and then want to make it harder for minorities to cast a vote. They don’t want to give women equal pay. What is going on in their minds, if anything?

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  1. To use logic and congress in the same sentence is incongruent. Maybe congress and self-aggrandizement would be more appropriate.

  2. If Americans do not like the performance of Congress and the self-aggrandizement of members of Congress, they should insist on term limits and public financing of campaigns. I always am reminded of this question:

    What would most of us do if we could obtain a nearly $ 200,000 a year 'career' with awesome benefits and the main thing we had to do to keep all of that was do the bidding of powerful interests with lobbyists?

    If we are honest, we know the answer. The system has become 'corrupted'. If we want better results, we 'must' change that corrupted system.


  3. Michael:

    How can we, who are so powerless and far removed, ever 'insist' on term limits and public financing of campaigns? We do not have the wherewithal to do it! Our system is so Byzantine at best and its participants are careless at its worst.

    We, who comment on this forum do nothing but argue. Many comment simply to attack others who do not believe the same way they do. Many still, do not care.

    Quo vadis, USA?

  4. Congress has a 9 percent approval rating by Americans. Yet, the incumbents get reelected by the voters by almost 90 percent. We get the elected Congressional representatives we deserve.

    Carmine D

  5. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Karley. The one consistency the howling mobs of the Tea Party is readily seen by their....inconsistency.

    They seem to feel the need to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they want to uphold. And trample on the rest of it.

    They also have this nasty tendency to do this with programs too. They'll all of a sudden go off on a tangent they want to go after military benefits and retirement pay. But not one single one of them is retired or even were a part of the military at any time before. And this can be carried over to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and yes, even that hated (spit, ptooey, spit, ptooey!) Affordable Care Act.

    Anyways, I REALLY REALLY DO hope they are here to stay. I want them to infect the Republican Party. HEAVILY. Rot them from within. The Republicans decided to lay in bed with them. They got it. They have to take the good with the bad. And it's mostly bad. They created the Frankenstein monster. Too late to eradicate it. I would imagine the entire Republican Party will be sucked into the Tea Party's sphere of influence. The Tea Party may be dying off as an entity on its own, but people overlook its parasitical interests to consume the Republican Party.

  6. They don't have any critical thinking skills to speak of and therefore no mind to think with.

  7. ColinFromLasVegas: In your comment of 6:30 a.m. you say in part that "They'll <tea-party types> all of a sudden go off on a tangent..."

    Not really "all of a sudden," Colin. It usually happens when they are presented with an inconvenient FACT that completely contradicts their wild propaganda. Which happens frequently...

  8. Very true, renorobert. I stand, er, um, ah, sit corrected.

  9. ColinFromLasVegas; I believe you accurately described members of the National Tea Party. An angry bigoted mob that has been accepted by the Republican Party. It is a known fact, the GOP leaders made a conscious effort to get in bed with this radical mob. They thought they could control them in their own self appointed role of destroying President Obama, but alas it backfired and it is (the tea party)rotting the core of the Republican Party. They have been forced to attend the "Mad hatter" Ball. I say good-let them "eat cake".

  10. The last time the whacko fringe (then called the John Birchers) tried to remake the Republican Party, the sane wing of the party had no problem calling them what they were - whackos. By doing so, the Party survived - and I remained a member. Today the sane wing of the Republican Party is making every effort to remake itself into the image of the whacko fringe and will either return to sanity or will disappear - either way I, for one, am LONG gone!

  11. Bradley,

    There is a good reason to not like Barack Obama, he's worse than Bush.

    When you're done cheerleading for the blue team get back to us and we can have an adult conversation about politics.