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July 7, 2015

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Bill would allow motorcycles to cut through traffic

Nevada lawmakers are considering allowing motorcyclists and moped riders to drive between lanes when traffic grinds to a standstill — so long as they don't go too fast.

The issue will be discussed when the Senate Transportation Committee takes up AB236 Friday.

Current law only affords the time-saving privilege to on-duty police officers.

This bill would open that up to any motorcycle or moped riders who are mindful of the driving conditions and don't go too fast. Drivers would be permitted to go 10 mph faster than the rest of traffic _ up to a maximum of 30 mph.

The bill was already approved by the Assembly.

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  1. Brilliant idea. Not.

    This will only lead to more accidents.

    But hey, if the Legislature wants more organ donors, then so be it.

  2. Long overdue, anyone that rides understands how and why this works.

  3. "Long overdue, anyone that rides understands how and why this works."

    And anyone who drives a car understands how and why this doesn't work. I don't suppose anyone who supports this bill has considered the possibility that cars tend to switch lanes a lot in congested traffic.

  4. This has been legal in California for decades with little trouble. I don't see why this wouldn't work here as well.

  5. why would a motorcycle have higher priority than anyone else? Lets all drive as fast as those bikes go and weave in out like that. Lets see what happens.

    This law makes it easier for law breakers to take advantage of those following the rules.

    If Im in the left lane with traffic in front of me, I see no point yielding to some guy who doesnt want to deal with traffic like the rest of us. Screw that.

  6. Whats next? if you have 4wheel drive and lift kit you can drive over traffic?

  7. As someone who rides -- terrible idea. Never liked it.

    As to cliff's comment: "Half the idiots on mopeds decide to ride right in the middle of the lane, doing 25 in a 35 - with a trail of cars behind them."

    Exactly what they should be doing. You've obviously never taken a motorcycle safety class or driving test. A moped is a motorized vehicle, and has a right to the lane -- and for safety reasons, should occupy the whole lane.

  8. Once again, the "common sense" crowd is offering uninformed opinions rather than EVIDENCE.

    Yes, there are risks associated with lane sharing -- but there are also significant risks that are reduced by the practice. In particular, lane sharing reduces the likelihood of riders being rear-ended by cars.

  9. I have no problem with mopeds or motorcycles taking the entire lane. Is it too much to ask that motorcycles extend the same courtesy to cars? If I can't lane share with a motor, the motor can't try to squeeze between lanes filled with cars.

  10. Unlike cars most of the motorcycles out there are air and oil cooled engines, these tend to run hot just sitting still so the law would make it easier for the bikers to get out of traffic and get that air flowing again. Yes it is risky and I wouldn't open it up to mopeds most of them have no idea how to ride a motorcycle anyway.

  11. I agree with this Bill. Motorcycles and Scooters don't have the same cooling system as cars. Some are air cooled and some are liquid cooled yet both need to keep moving so air will either cool the liquid or cool the engine. Modern cars have electric fans that keep the liquid cool so the engine doesn't over heat. This also permits the rider to get out of the elements faster. In the summer if you are in a car, chances are good that your air conditioner is running. A motorcycle and Scooter has no air conditioning. As long as the riders pass safely, there should be no problem.

  12. The three highest Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities states all have the sharing lane laws. California is number three on the list.

    After riding a bike for years and watching people in cars do things to bike cutting through lanes I don't see this as a good idea.

    If they pass it I am willing to bet we are going to see more bike deaths within a year.

  13. Bad idea, espcially in this city. Drivers here are already distracted and MC accidents are the worst to respond to. Simply put, you aren't going to fare well in this type of accident. I can see the rise in accidents already, as drivers change lanes without a though of what's going on. Mopeds I don't even wnat to think about. I will not buy a motorcycle simply because of the drivers in this city. This is not going to be a good thing, and the motor officers in this town will be very busy.

  14. Although I don't have a problem with this allowing motorcycles the lane, or moving on the line in dead traffic, they take great risk driving here in Southern Nevada. Mopeds are hardly fast speed, freeway vehicles, they should be restricted to the slow lane, unlesss doing a left turn.

    The drivers here in Southern Nevada tend to be distracted over way too many things. If it ain't their cellphone calls, then it's their kiddos in the vehicle, pets, or changing music. Add gridlock traffic to that mix, and you are begging for carnage.

    Motorcyclists: Just claim a lane and stick with it until you have to change for turns or ramps. Rarely does a motorcyclist win in a traffic accident. As a mother of a son who sometimes drive his bike to work, I hope safety is the priority in any traffic law passed by Lawmakers.

    Blessings and Peace,

  15. This bill is written and supported by ideologues who have never themselves, survived riding a gas-bike in traffic or on the open road for more than a month.

    One has to KNOW, that there are no fender benders with two wheeler mishaps. Accidents range from the serious to fatal. Broken legs to severed spines. Injuries can easily last a life time and none of these people have the money to pay for a life time of the public pays.

    This bill is nothing more than a TAX INCREASE for the public.

    When the gas-bike gets to the front of traffic, waiting in line for the light which turns green, who has the right of way? Can they claim the lane to the right or left? Suppose the cars don't want to let them in..does the biker drive down the road between two cars or play chicken with one of them? Who is right?

    The gas-biker knocked down by one car will fall under the wheels of others coming by, and those cars will disappear into the traffic ahead.

    Who pays for the brain trauma? Who pays for a life time of invalid care? The Public? KMA.