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April 24, 2015

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Gun-car analogy is apples and oranges

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In his letter, “A comparison of guns and cars,” Richard Pratt writes, “Why would people be willing to pass driving tests, register cars and follow laws and regulations in order to own a car, but resist any and all restrictions on owning guns?”

He is comparing apples and oranges. He has mixed up the difference between owning a car and driving a car on public streets. You do not have to do any of those things to own a car. Just go to a car dealer, put up the cash and you own the car. No license or registration is required to own it. Furthermore, if you have it towed to your farm, ranch or private track, you can then drive it to your heart’s content without any of the so called “requirements” he lists.

Mr. Pratt then writes, “If it is too much to ask gun owners to register their guns, pass safety and background tests, and abide by a few common-sense restrictions on using a gun, then it also should be too much for car owners to do the same.”

He is right, it is too much to ask car owners to jump through all of those hoops just to buy a car and drive it on their property. Only when you drive a car on public streets does the state have authority to make you follow regulations such as testing, licenses and registrations. Likewise, only if you desire to carry a firearm concealed in public should you have to follow various requirements for testing or have a concealed carry license. That is the correct analogy.

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  1. I would have no argument with the letter writer's analogy, but for one small fact: most shootings occur on "public streets" or in "public buildings". Kind of changes the whole concept behind the letter writer's logic. If all gun owners kept their weapons under lock and key in their own homes, or used them only on their own private property, you know, ranches and farms and such, there wouldn't be a need for regulation. Fact is, they don't do that. The writer's analogy comes full circle. Until there are no guns on the streets being used to violate other folk's civil rights, ie; shooting them, then regulation is needed. Will it prevent all mayhem in this country? Of course not. But, like having to be registered and licensed to drive, it will be a step in the right direction.

  2. Apparently some in high levels, or at least think they are, see a very clear similarity between guns and cars. So much so that they want gun owners to buy insurance just like they do with cars.

    Carmine D

  3. Future: Until the results are in on Doctor Goswell's ALLEGED murder of four viable fetuses, post birth, then it remains alleged. If found guilty, he should pay the price meted out by the justice system. That doesn't mean that a woman's right to choose should be denied her.

    As a liberal, I accept that all murder, no matter the means or implement used, is murder. Statistics show that murder by gun is far more prevalent than other means. It doesn't change the definition of murder, but simply points out that when gun(s) are available, they tend to be the weapon of choice.

    Planned Parenthood provides far more important services to women, and abortion is not the end all and be all of the organization. There is no "pro abortion movement". That is another inflammatory slogan used by those who would deny women the right to choose whether or not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

  4. "Planned Parenthood provides far more important services to women, and abortion is not the end all and be all of the organization."

    And people go to bars for the bar nuts. The President lost an opportunity to denounce Dr. Gosnell and he chose not to. For political reasons. Served him well in 2012 election and hopes the same in 2014.

    Americans were told without Roe v. Wade women would be having back alley abortions. Well after 40 years of the law, we have Dr. Gosnell and his staff of medical miscreants killing babies and mothers.

    Carmine D

  5. A person who buys a gun from a private party at a gun show,he or she is not required to give their names to the seller.This is what's called the "gun show loophole."

    However if you buy a car from a dealer you have to give your name and address to the selling dealer,along with proof of insurance before leaving the dealership.

    If you buy a car from a private party none of these same requirements are in place.This could be called the "private party car buying loophole". Some of these private party buyer's are driving on city streets without insurance or legal license plates.

  6. If you don't like the government keeping track of statistics or you, throw away your social security card. Never allow a photo ID of yourself or get a drivers license.

    The problem is you people are paranoid from buying into the idiocy a few pundits use as fearmongering tactics to persuade you to vote for certain candidates. You forget those pundits make millions conjuring invisible enemies and lying to their audiences.

  7. Cars are for transportation. Guns were designed to kill. There are no similarities whatsoever. People that think guns and cars are similar are kooks.

  8. Yes, Mr. Pratt. You ask too much. Guns will never be registered in this country. For good reasons.

  9. Commentors constantly whine about what the American people want. They're blowing each other to bits by the millions and the medical costs run billions of dollars a year. Only about 40% of the people getting shot have any kind of insurance. If people want America to be an armed camp they should be willing to pay the bills. Currently the majority of gunshot victims are part of the deadbeats class. They get shot and then expect the rest of us to pay their bills.

  10. Law-abiding people are not the problem?? There are literally thousands of gun accidents a year. Thousands of suicides per year. The costs both from an economic perspective and an emotional perspective are staggering.
    You can commit suicide with a car but blowing your head off is a lot easier.
    There are over 115,000 gunshot victims a year. Depending on the hospital the costs run from $17,000 per person to well over $300,000 per person. It's a complete joke!

  11. "Guns will never be registered in this country."

    FreedomRadio -- wrong, they have been at least since 1998

    "Law-abiding people are not the problem?? There are literally thousands of gun accidents a year. Thousands of suicides per year."

    zippert -- OK, I'll bite. Accidents are just that, since this isn't a perfect world. Suicides are a personal choice, for the same reason.

    "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." -- H.L. Mencken

  12. Carmine 0542 AM: What a load of BS. Since Dr. Gosnell hasn't been found guilty of anything yet, why should the President voice any opinion on the matter? "Denouncing" a person who has yet to be tried in a court of law is asinine. By the way, when is the last time you went to a bar? There are no "bar nuts" anymore. Bad analogy. After 40 years of Roe v Wade, the best you can do is cite an ALLEGED criminal act(s) ALLEGEDLY carried out by ONE Doctor. Weak, Carmine, VERY weak.

  13. Kris 704: Take your right wing and FAUX talking points, and address someone who cares...I don't. Demonstrate that your "comments" are factual, with references, and I may consider them...Guns kill people, a proven and undeniable or defensible fact that may piss you off, but that's life. Guns kill more people per year than any other form of homicide. That is an undeniable fact; your attempted spin not withstanding. One word that you 2nd amendment folks fail to mention, or in fact, recognize is this: REGULATED. Read the GD amendment in its simple minded entirety and let me know if your feeble intellect can grasp the definition of the word REGULATED. You can throw in the word MILITIA as well, and look that up.

  14. If you are going to start bringing accidents into the conversation you have actually made it easier to compare guns and cars. Acidental discharges happen, it's a fact, Many times these accidents hurt no one and cause property damage and frayed nerves. I actually refer to them as negligent discharges, because you should always be paying attention when dealing with a weapon, but accidents happen.

    Vehicle accidents happen a hell of a lot more thab accidental discharges and cost billions of dollars a year in medical costs. Many are caused by impaired drivers, many more by people disobeying traffic signals, careless or distracted driving. Uninsured drivers are another issue to contend with. Yes, vehicles are intended for transport and guns for defense. Simply put, if I take a 4000 pound hunk of metal, with 4 people inside and decide it's OK to drive drunk and plow into a family car killing everyone inside I do more damage than a gun accident.

    I don't believe cars and guns should be compared, but to bring up gun accidents invited the comparason. Every day I see the result of people's inability to drive with any courtesy at all. People chopped and hurt because someonewasn't paying attention to driving, or just had to get there 30 seconds earlier. I see gun violence as well, but never near the rate of MVC's. To call namy of these "accidents" is also false, becuase most are avoidable, due to negligence or carelessness. I have a meempry bank full of the carnage from car accidents over the years.

    As far as a suicide, thats a choice, one I don't get and yes it's easier to fire a round into your head, but I seen a variety of successfull suicides that didn't involve a firearm.

    Guns and cars don't compare,not at all, but to bring up gun accidents as one poster did invited the response. We need to address gun violence somehow, but I don't see it happening anytime soon because all the parites involved are serving their own interests more than resolving the issues. We all have our opinions and I don't consider myself to be right, it's just an opinion based on my personal experiences.

  15. Apples and Oranges? Not really. The comparison is more like a T-0bone vs a rock.

    Cars were invented and designed to move things and people - they kill only when ABUSED. Guns were invented and designed to kill people - they kill whether PROPERLY USED OR ABUSED!

    Future is wildly wrong is claiming "Liberals also will not accept that a murder by a knive, or bomb, or posion, or fight, is the same as a murder by gun."

    At least this forced liberal (the GOP made me do it...) will cheerfully accept that a murder is A murder, regardless of the tool used/abused to do it and should be prevented. What I will NOT accept is the foil-hatter idea that one death by knife is the same as 500 deaths by gun. Nor will I accept that 699 deaths in the US by bomb in TWENTY years is the same as some 309,536 deaths by guns in TEN years! HALF the time, 443 times the number of deaths! For that matter, I don't accept that 3 deaths by bomb are the same as 14 deaths (up to two days ago) by corporate negligence.

  16. "Carmine 0542 AM: What a load of BS. Since Dr. Gosnell hasn't been found guilty of anything yet, why should the President voice any opinion on the matter? "

    Apparently there is sooo much evil in the world, and particularly Dr.Gosnell, that it is blinding you and the President to the truth. All the proof is in the jars, milk containers, and cat food packages that peppered Gosnell's office and clinic. Several medical staff who collaborated with the authorities about what Gosnell did were already found guilty and sentenced.

    If it looks like a duck...

    Carmine D

  17. "Ninety percent of the American people, gun owners included, want strict gun control regulations"

    One of the shortcomings of polls is that they change constantly. This one is old. Latest poll shows the American public evenly divided on stricter gun laws. ABOUT 39 percent in favor, 39 percent against, and 20 percent who say no changes to the gun laws are needed.

    Carmine D