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April 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

A lesson about armor, weapons

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On Jan. 10, at Taft High School in the small town of Taft, Calif., a high school student carrying a shotgun entered a classroom with 28 students and their teacher.

He shot and wounded two of the students. Neither student died.

The teacher urged the shooter to put down the shotgun, and he did.

Unlike other shootings, such as the one at the movie theater in Colorado, this shooter did not have high-powered weapons and body armor.

If he had, there probably would have been many dead students and a dead teacher.

I hope this lesson will not be lost on our lawmakers in Washington: no assault weapons, no body armor, no one killed.

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  1. Tell me please what gun laws now, and to come, would prevent the current LA cop killer, and military trained soldier, from doing his evil deeds?


  2. If the shooter had used a water pistol the author of this letter would have had an even greater field day promoting this phony argument for gun restrictions.

  3. The gun violence problem does not have a singular cause. Multiple variables are in play here with weapon availability and type, mental health, and preventive security being mentioned most oftem. No solution ignoring one or two of these three variables can have optimum results

    And while correlation does not prove causation it is empirical evidence and it doesn't disprove causation either.

  4. "The answer to Carmine is that none of the current laws or pending laws will stop some of the people who have gone "tilt", that doesn't mean that customizing laws to reflect the newer realities of what and how guns and their accessories are evolving." Jeff

    Thank you. You're absolutely right and the phenomena of spree killings like Va Tech in Virginia, the Aurora, Colorado Movie theater, Newtown, Connecticut grammar school, and LA Cop killer Chris Dornan all fit that description. Despite the 9000 gun laws already on the books that can't/won't stop any of these spree killings, anti-gun rights people want more. And they think the NRA is crazy!

    Look at NY State. Governor Cuomo pushed through a gun control law in a knee jerk reaction, FORGOT TO EXEMPT cops, and his popularity dropped 15 points in a recent poll. 15 points. If you think Harry and the Senate aren't affected by this poll result, with 1/3 of the Senate coming up for reelection in 2014 mostly Democrats and NRA supporters, you don't know Harry Reid.


  5. Jeff:

    Those knowing and understanding the facts and truth about guns have a huge lead over the anti-gun rights people who don't. If that qualifies for a victory lap in your eyes, then as the saying goes: Gentlemen start your engines.


  6. Jeff:

    The reason we have 9000 laws on gun controls, which don't work, is simple. Everytime there is a catastrophy like the spree shooting/killings in Arizona 2 years ago, the first knee jerk reaction by anti-gun rights people is: "There Needs to be a Law!" New York and Governor Cuomo are a case in point. But, that kind of reaction is like wetting the bed. It feels good at first but afterwards you have a huge mess.


  7. Right at the top RefNV (Re Freeman) criticizes the letter writer, saying "Faulty causation Bob. Correlation does not imply causation. The absence of a high-powered weapon(definition?) and body armor did not lead to (cause)fewer student injuries/deaths."

    Wrong, Freeman. Mr Mueller's statement regarding the Taft shooter was that "IF he had <possessed a high-powered weapon>, there PROBABLY would have been many dead students and a dead teacher." (Emphasis added.) This is quite clearly NOT a statement of causation. It is simply Mr Mueller stating either a potential hypothesis or a personal opinion. In either case, prove it or disprove it on its own merits. Don't try to deny it by alleging a non-existent logical flaw.

  8. CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio): This time I'll neither agree nor disagree with your comment that "Everytime there is a catastrophy like the spree shooting/killings in Arizona 2 years ago, the first knee jerk reaction by anti-gun rights people is: 'There Needs to be a Law!'"

    I'll simply note that the first knee-jerk reaction by pro-gun rights people is: "We refuse to discuss any possible legislative solution. To do so would violate the sanctity of the Second Amendment!"

    Why is it that conservatives have no problem with minor restrictions on First Amendment rights (Don't cry "FIRE" in a crowed theater; get a permit to assemble before City Hall in protest; Christmas must be a NATIONAL holiday - not just a day for the religious to celebrate; you can't print that picture, it's pornography! etc. etc.)? Yet those very same conservatives are now arguing in favor of egregious violations of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments? Yet they continue to hold the Second to be totally sacrosanct despite 200+ years of cultural and technological change?

  9. Excellent article Mr. Mueller!

    It is clear to me that the point you made is to demonstrate that capability is related to gun and ammunition types, as demonstrated in the example you gave. Capability is related to how many lives are lost and how much damage is done.

    The reality is that the only need people have for military style assault weapons and large magazine capacity is to fight a war on some level.

    Isn't that the role of our National Guard and military, or the police in a much smaller situation? Have we reached the point that we have no confidence in any of these protectors of our rights and Constitution? If so, we are in big trouble.

    Are the Taliguns coming? Are they already here?

    It appears a flat earth mentality is tipping and falling off the edge by standing firm on a priority of defending Guns of Mass Destruction, rather than innocent people who are the potential victims of GMD's.

    These weapons are not needed for personal protection or they would be licensed for carrying in public. Or is that the next plan of the GMD's cheering squad?

  10. '"We [pro-gun rights] refuse to discuss any possible legislative solution. To do so would violate the sanctity of the Second Amendment!"' Robert Leavitt

    Using NRA as ONE example of a pro-gun rights lobby, I have yet to hear it, or anyone associated with it, say it refuses to discuss/debate solutions, includng legislative, to spree killings. In fact, just the opposite. It is probably one of the most vocal proponents for solutions.


  11. "Carmine, you are a prolific writer of fiction..."

    While I am a prolfic poster, I use words more sparsely than most here including you. Oftentimes, the excerpts I quote are longer than my comments to them. That's a fact.


  12. It's interesting to note that Taft High School had already done just what the NRA was to later propose - put an armed guard on its staff. Problem - he was snowed in that day. Since they hired only ONE there was no backup. How many backups would be necessary? Impossible to say. How many simultaneous personal emergencies do you want to plan for? One guard? Snowed in. One back-up? Had an auto accident on the way to work. Two backups? The second one had the flu. Etc. Of course, each of those back-ups needs to be on your payroll or they'll go to someone else's payroll.

  13. "That is a delusional, sad statement." Jeff

    Such are the facts and truth to those who refuse to understand and believe.


  14. Carmine: So far the ONLY solution the NRA has proposed or supported was LaPierre's infamous "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" statement. I'd hardly call that as being willing to "... discuss/debate solutions, including legislative, to spree killings." It may be ONE possible solution. It is definitely not the ONLY solution.

    Everything else the NRA has supported/proposed has been in the nature of easing restrictions they felt were inevitable.