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July 4, 2015

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Smoking just isn’t worth it

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Lane Filler’s Feb. 6 column, “My Marlboro Red or my life? I’m thinking ...” is an interesting read that creates a need to open discussion.

I rid myself of that nasty habit. I quit the two-pack-a-day Marlboro Reds cold turkey at the age of 40; this was well before the health warnings about smoking were published.

Putting longevity to the forefront of the smoking debate should be the least of anyone’s concern. Does the writer think about not living in a gun-crazed society, or any other causes that snuff out life?

Any smoker should realize the lasting effects along with the anguish it may have on his children or his spouse. Not only does this smoke stink up clothes and the area where one smokes, but it lingers with folks in the near vicinity.

Recently, a cousin who smokes had two years of horrible suffering before he passed from lung cancer. He never considered suffering the consequences.

Being elderly and knowing how smoking damaged my sinuses and affected some portions of my lungs, etc., I would like to relay to all: Dump these smokes now, not tomorrow or next week.

For us cured and nonsmoking, fun-loving gamblers, wouldn’t it be nice to go to a casino without trying to avoid the smoke that has a stinking way of ruining your day?

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  1. There is no believer as strong as a converted one. Congrats on kicking the habit.


  2. It seems endemic. I also quit at 40. It was not only a nasty habit but an addiction as well. Why any kid today would take up smoking or "recreational" drugs is a mystery to me. They have to be either stupid or believe they are immortal. I found it far easier never to start a nasty habit or addiction then it is to stop it and that's one reason I stayed away from alcohol. That and the fact alcohol tasted like $#%* to me. A long time ago, I sipped a little Scotch at a party and, to me, it tasted like gasoline smelled. I told that to a guy near me and he said, "You have to acquire a taste for it." My reply? "Why would anyone want to?" Anyhow, it was Mark Twain who said it best: "Giving up smoking is easy. I've done it hundreds of times."

  3. How can cigarettes be bad? They're organic aren't they? :-)

  4. "I quit the two-pack-a-day Marlboro Reds cold turkey at the age of 40; this was well before the health warnings about smoking were published."

    Ellis -- good for you. As I recall those health warnings started up in the 60s. So half a century later you're claiming the benefits?

    I grew up Mormon, lived and preached it, then kicked that nasty religion habit at about the same age you and lvfacts mentioned. Now I enjoy coffee in the morning, the occasional cigar, and the even more occasional bourbon.

    In case anyone starts getting preachy on the topic, George Burns smoked cigars most his life, lived to be 100, then died from falling in his bathtub. Check it out @

    "And a woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke." -- Rudyard Kipling "The Betrothed"

  5. If only KillerB understood statistics and why betting against the odds is rather dumb.

  6. "If only KillerB understood statistics and why betting against the odds is rather dumb."

    mschaffer -- I probably understand statistics better than you. And betting in the local context holds no attraction at all for me. Unlike the usual herdspeaker like yourself I don't parrot the headlines.

    "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." -- Mark Twain "Chapters from My Autobiography" (1906)

  7. Mark: Gambling - Nevada's way to tax those who do not understand statistics.

  8. If KillerB really DID understand statistics he wouldn't have posted anything about George Burns. Therefore he gets an F on this subject.

    Hi Robert,
    So true! I wonder if "KillerB" gambles at all?

  9. "If KillerB really DID understand statistics..."

    mschaffer -- opinions vary. I decline your offer to get personal. I'm finished with you here.

    " little does the common herd know of the nature of right and truth." - Socrates in Plato's "Euthyphro" (399 B.C.E.?)

  10. Finkster: A "good" drink once or twice a week is much good for el body. Brandy, bourbon, wine, whiskey, whatever. Helps burn the lipids (fats) out of your blood stream.

    Love it, Mr. Weber. I acquired COPD from parents who chain smoked while I had chronic bronchitis from infancy.

  11. Information on contents of cigarettes.

    Information on contents of cigars.

  12. Guidelines related to drinking alcohol and heart disease.

  13. Ahhh did I hurt the little "KillerB"'s feelings?

    Well he is part of the "...common herd..." after all.