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July 4, 2015

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Don’t settle for second-best choice

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A major responsibility of a president of the United States is to defend and protect the Constitution. To assist in that effort, we have all the forces of the military and intelligence services. The largest agency in that endeavor is the Defense Department.

The president appoints the person who is considered the best to hold the position of secretary of defense.

That person is there to assist in that profound responsibility and must have the complete confidence of the president. For the Senate, through the constitutional provision of “advice and consent,” to decide that the president’s best choice is not to its liking, may force the appointment of a second choice.

Is that what the country wants to live with? Notwithstanding the quality of the next appointment, it will still be the second choice.

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  1. Robert Griffin III was not a bad NFL second pick draft choice behind Andrew Luck.

    Ginger or Mary Ann?

  2. Chuck Hagel, like him or not, qualified or not, will be confirmed by the Senate. He's just twisting in the wind for a time. It's called pay back. And the Senate is very good at it. Maybe even better than the President.


  3. While it is not solely the reason to select Chuck Hagel, I believe that the choice of a person who has served as an enlisted man in combat is preferable to one of the draft dodging pointy heads who have been suggested.

  4. wharfrat - "I believe that the choice of a person who has served as an enlisted man in combat is preferable to one of the draft dodging pointy heads who have been suggested."

    Amen to that!

  5. No matter how much this conversation is twisted around, sometimes only to suit an agenda, the truth of the matter comes out:

    FACT: Hagel is fully qualified for the job. Just because the Three Stooges (Ayotte, McCain and Graham) don't like him is of no consequence.

    The lines of attack these three have made make no sense. Hagel had nothing to do with the killings in Benghazi, Libya. All these attempts to turn him into the whipping boy are falling short and making these three look utterly stupid. And even wrecking the integrity of their political party.

    Mainly because McCain himself came out with the fact that he is totally irked that Hagel was a Senator from his own party, and was against the Iraq War. THIS is the main bout of contention thrown out there. They treat him like a traitor and so, therefore, in some kind of twisted and warped reasoning that only Tea/Republicans understand, that makes him unqualified to even be nominated.

    FACT: The President chooses his cabinet. PERIOD. So far, all of his choices, no matter how much mud has been slung at them, have all been eminently qualified for the jobs nominated for.

    As each day goes by to fillibuster Hagel, it only strengthens the belief with the American people that....the Tea/Republicans only want to foster hostility with President Obama and his entire administration.

    In their world, the Obama Derangement Syndrome MUST and WILL continue. We've spent four years spinning wheels because of Tea/Republicans pouting and doing nothing. Well, it looks like so far that the fever is not breaking.

    Tea/Republicans only care about politics. They care nothing for this country.

    If they have to destroy the Department of Defense all because of petty politics....SO BE IT.

    What they don't seem to understand is that the American people out here are watching all this nonsense going on.

    It's getting so incredibly stupid that the Three Stooges (Ayotte, McCain and Graham) seem to even be scouring through telephone books in their anger. Looking all over America for a Mr. Ben Gozzy. So they can get a conference call going and yell at him.

    The Tea/Republican Party is dead. Bereft of ideas. Only protesting, pouting they aren't in power and harboring grudges from years and years ago.

  6. While I think Hagel, as the president's first choice, should be confirmed, it's well within its Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the United States Constitution "advice & consent" role for the Senate to NOT confirm someone they believe unqualified for a cabinet position. If the President's first choice doesn't pass, his administration needs to come up with better criteria for making the next selection so that their choice isn't rebuffed. It's how the system is supposed to work (we're not a monarchy).

  7. "FACT: Hagel is fully qualified for the job. Just because the Three Stooges (Ayotte, McCain and Graham) don't like him is of no consequence."


    In fact, it's been Democrats calling and going to the White House to petition the President to kill Hagel's nomination. McCain, Graham and Ayotte have all said they will vote to confirm Hagel when there is a final vote.


  8. The US Senate has the right of "advise and consent," like it or not. Let's not forget what the Democratically controlled Senate did to the Tower nomination for Secretary of Defense. Did some here already forget?


  9. True - the Senate does have the right of "Advice and Consent" about certain Presidential appointments, including Secretary of DoD.

    How does that cover holding an appointment hostage until the President answers Senate questions not directly to the appointee?

    The President has a right to appoint people he feels he can best trust to represent his administrative objectives. What right does the Senate have to tell him "You don't ACTUALLY trust that person! You trust almost anyone else much more!"

    Republican'ts argue that they don't trust Hagel in part because he gave speeches to groups like "Junior League of Hezbollah, in France" and "Friends of Hamas"! THAT particular attack doesn't even warrant a rebuttal here. Go over to for the rest of that particular story.

    Unless the Party of NO actually has facts that support their refusal to approve Hagel, facts that are truly relevant to his ability to properly perform the functions of the specific position he has been selected for, they have a duty to allow the President to make his own decisions about who best to trust in it.

    Or would certain Senators be happy if someone else told THEM who to trust to work in their own offices?

  10. Carmine,

    Chuck Hagel,like him or not,qualified or not,will be confirmed by the Senate.

    Chuck Hagel and Sen. John McCain were best of friends,when both served in the Senate.It was also Chuck Hagel who was running Sen. McCain's 2000 bid for President at that time which ended going to G.W.Bush who became President.

    When Sen.McCain in his second attempt did get the nomination for Pres.from his party in 2008(Republicans)and did lose to Pres.Obama.It's been said that Chuck Hagel did not support Sen.McCain in his run for the Presidency,because of his pick of Gov.Sarah Palin as his V.P. running mate.

    Now that Chuck Hagel has to be confirmed for the Secretary of Defense by the Senate he suddenly seems to not be qualified to do the job as so stated by Sen.John McCain. Sen.McCain's payback attempts seem to make him look a little foolish at this time.

  11. Chuck333,

    " So which one guys.You both say two different things.Which one is true???????"

    These are not my words they belong to Sen.John McCain who has repeadly said that Chuck Hagel is not qualified for Defense Secretary.

  12. Please excuse my error in my last post.I spelled repeatedly incorrectly.

  13. "Sen.McCain's payback attempts seem to make him look a little foolish at this time." Sam Pizzo

    It's politics Sam, nothing more nothing less. Hagel will be confirmed. He's got all the Democratic votes in the Senate and enough Republican votes. The Senate Republicans are just letting him twist in the wind for awhile.

    Again think of John Tower [ex-Senator just like Hagel] and his nomination by Bush 1 to Sec of Defense. It was squashed by Senate Dems [after 3 months not 3 weeks]. The second choice who was confirmed: Dick Cheney.


  14. Carmine

    "It's politics Sam,nothing more nothing less",

    I can say that I agree with you on this one. It sure is politics and it's a dirty game.
    Some people keep paybacks in the back of their minds for years.Sen.John McCain waited all this time to get what he thought was his revenge.It May come back to haunt him.Somethings are worth letting go of.

  15. "I can say that I agree with you on this one. It sure is politics and it's a dirty game." Sam Pizzo

    It's business Sam. Not personal. They back slap each other and laugh about it. It's a game clean or dirty. But still a game.