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April 25, 2015

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Bill would up speed limit to 85 mph in Nevada



Tom Stephens, director of the Nevada Department of Transportation, talks about the higher speed limits in Nevada during a news conference, Dec. 8, l995, in Las Vegas. Stephens predicted that higher speed limits would have no increase in speed-related highway deaths.

Sen. Don Gustavson

Sen. Don Gustavson

CARSON CITY — A bill was introduced Monday in the state Senate to raise Nevada’s speed limit to 85 mph on sections of major freeways.

Sen. Don Gustavson, R-Sparks, the bill’s sponsor, said an increased speed limit wouldn’t result in more accidents or deaths.

Gustavson has 15 cosponsors in the Senate and 13 in the Assembly for the bill to allow the state Transportation Department to increase the maximum speed limit from 75 mph.

He suggested the limit could be raised on freeways such as Interstate 15 in Southern Nevada and I-80 in Northern Nevada.

The Transportation Department would have to consider the traffic, width of the highway and other factors to make sure it would be safe to up the limit.

Gustavson said Utah raised its speed limit to 85 mph, and it recorded fewer accidents and deaths on sections of highways with the higher limit.

The department would still have the authority to post lower speed limits for trucks, overweight vehicles, cars pulling trailers and buses.

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  1. Have U drove a round the local freeways here in Vegas lately..I think people think the speed limit is 85mph plus here now..they will keep doing it, seems nobody in the law cares until there is an accident..

  2. This is useless unless California increases on their end- but that won't happen since fuel efficiency drops off a cliff at those speeds. God forbid we burn a little extra gas

  3. C'mon maaannnn , if its 85 people will hitting a 100, if anything it needs to drop not increase. There are sections of Utah that are 85 but you still don't see a lot of drivers doing 85, and those sections are in the most rural sections of I-15. Useless legislation here, they won't repeal the helmet law but the speed limit can bump up to unsafe speeds.

  4. thats it? 85mph? Lame. Make it 90!!! Southern California drivers need more speed when they go through Nevada!!!85 will make them fall asleep on I15. Oh, and yeah, fuel companies will love this bill too should it pass! The higher the speed limit, the higher the fuel consumption! Its a Win-win for everyone...NOT!!!

    On another note, I have nothing against a good majority of Northern California drivers on the I80. They're mostly a decent bunch. 85 should be okay up north. Kudos! From a Vegas/Reno resident

  5. "Does anyone really "need" to drive 85mph on freeways?"

    really? are you not up to the task? your vehicle marginal? 85 is nothing. Just stay over in the right lane and watch the rest of us get on.

    as to the economy "argument" --- pfft. my car gets 28 mpg at 80, 27 at 100. not worth bleating on about. now maybe some of you with 90 hp weazers might burn some extra fuel but that was your choice not mine.

    85 is a wonderful idea --- we also really, really need a left lane law. work on those two the state would improve greatly.

  6. Long past due. Thank you Sen. Gustavson!

  7. Excellent. It's not the "Speed Unlimited" of years past, but it's a step in the right direction. I'd actually like to see an Autobahn lane that requires sepcial drivers licenses and and proper vehicles. One of my cars can cruise comfortably at 130 MPH all day; I'd like to use as much of that as I can.

    Now, to address the problem of weak drivers licensing requirements and driver training, and the enforcement of the "slower traffic move right" law... Annual in-car testing is a start. And please, stay right except to pass.

  8. The faster the better. Take away the seatbelt law and maybe, just maybe, we will see evolution start thinning out stupid from the herd.

  9. While driving on the interstates, especially long distances (think thousands of miles across the midwestern USA), I have often felt that it is ridiculous to be limited to 70mph when we are using vehicles and roads that could easily handle 100mph+ all day long.

  10. As a driver with over 50+ years experience, I am absolutely FOR this bill!!! Finally, someone with a brain, realizes we now live in a world with high performing vehicles equipped with safety features that folks routinely use.

    For many years, I made those long haul commutes north. You don't make such trips without proper preparations and precautions. And certainly, the Department of Transportation will also make sure commonsense prevails with, "The department would still have the authority to post lower speed limits for trucks, overweight vehicles, cars pulling trailers and buses."

    This bill will probably encourage MORE tourism, more recreational driving, more pleasure driving, which WILL stimulate local businesses.

    My little red car awaits....
    Blessings and Peace,

  11. "According to the only extensive studies ever done on speed vs. MPG,"

    care to post that study? I'll agree that a lot of vehicles suffer, and all of them look like boxes.

    As someone who's spent hours in a wind tunnel there's not a lot you'll tell me about coefficients of drag. Why some of us use the wind to trim their cars out so they have less resistance at higher speeds. My ride hunkers down close to two inches over 110 -- poof, gone are the drag issues.

    just sayin'.

  12. The way this economy is going, there really are not too many people who own a car that can make it up to 85MPH.

    I know mine makes it up to 75MPH, but only if I herk and jerk back and forth rapidly like I'm humping my car seat. Don't wanna push it and chance 85MPH.

  13. Why go to the expense and effort to change the laws and the signs. Many drivers are doing 85 and better as the law stands now. Just tell the "Barney's" to CONTINUE NOT ENFORCING the current speed limit. Although, you could tell them NOT TO ENFORCE a new 85 mph limit. Same difference, but more expensive. Either way the citizens lose... and die. Lawyers have a monster party. I can't wait to see their new commercials on TV.

  14. This is a good debate! I drive 80 miles one way to work every day and the posted speed limit on I65 is at 70mph now you and I know that people drive over the POSTED SPEED LIMIT I encounter people passing me (Me In the right Lane) at speeds at least 10 to 15mph faster than the Posted speed limit Which leads me to this if the posted speed limit were 85mph will it become common place for those same people to drive at 90 to 100mph?
    Next question is this if this cause's fuel consumption to increase that would certainly cause the demand to increase and drive the cost of fuel even higher no?
    Another question if the trucking company that drives at a faster speed and pays more for fuel will they inturn pass those extra cost onto the shipping cost and then the merchant then also passes that to the end user all on account of a decission of the freight liner?
    Now as for the persons saying that the people who don't want this should stay in the right lane I may agree with that except for those of you who drive 90 or more mph should also stay in your lane when you wreck which is why we have the slower speeds today you can't stay in your lane can you? I've seen tractor trailers leave a north bound lane on highway I65 and end up in the south bound lanes with mutiple fataities on those that were STAYING in Their lane.

  15. @Elvegas...I agree, reading about "Philip A. Contos" does in essence signal "End of Discussion."

    Despite Contos' death while participating in a ride with 550 other motorcyclists to protest New York's mandatory helmet law, despite the medical expert who pronounced him dead's unwavering belief Contos would've survived the accident had he been wearing a helmet, despite those organizing the protest stating they were "very saddened and...shocked by his death, despite all that--- The group remained steadfast in it's belief that each motorcyclist should have a choice how they ride I agree, "End of discussion." Helmet use is a personal choice.

  16. Chunky says:

    He agrees with Mr. James Reza specifically on a progressively tiered, tested and enforced drivers license system.

    An short, a class A, B, and C license where for instance a new or marginal driver would hold a class C license that allows travel on surface streets or the far right lane of highways only. Each level would require additional experience and testing. A class A driver would have use of special lanes and higher speeds on freeways and for instance be able to turn left across six lanes of traffic at a non-signaled intersection.

    The problem Chunky has with this is it creates additional bureaucracy (= money) in government and we all know how well that works.

    Chunky spends a lot of time going back and forth to LA and SLC from Vegas on two wheels and four. Like Mr. Reza, the Chunkster's moto and AMG can easily cruise in the 130+ range. HOWEVER, Chunky finds it's a lot more relaxing and pleasant to set it on 80-85 mph instead of living on the edge for the trip. It's nice to cruise at 85 in Utah without worry of a ticket. Chunky supports an 85 mph speed limit EXCEPT on I-15 south of Las Vegas; too much congestion even on a good day.

    Chunky's pet peeve though are those who sit in lane 1, the outside passing lane doing just the speed limit or less. Prius / small hybrid owners are the worst offenders of this.

    No new laws, no new bureaucracy and less government in our lives!

    That's what Chunky thinks!

  17. I hear that the faster a person drives, the more alert the person is. 85 miles per hour is not that much faster than 70. Outside of the city, I see no reason to keep the speed limit low. Cars nowadays handle those speeds with no problem. As far as the gas mileage, that's the drivers decison if they want to pay for it.

  18. "Gustavson said Utah raised its speed limit to 85 mph, and it recorded fewer accidents and deaths on sections of highways with the higher limit."

    If raising the speed limit from 75 mph reduces accidents, why stop at 85? Raise the limit to 95 mph since we should expect even fewer accidents. This should also increase the alertness above those who cruise at 85.

    If 95 mph proves to be a benefit, then it would seem reasonable to raise the limit to 105 mph. If a driver fails to negotiate a curve at that rate of speed and above, the car travels so far out into the desert before it disintegrates that there is no accident visible from the highway to report; just a lot of small metal, glass, plastic and rubber parts scattered at random through the mesquite. The coyotes, rats and snakes clean up the rest. This would save taxpayers a lot of money.

  19. Want fewer accidents? Harsher penalties for cell phone usage while driving and mandatory semi-annual driving road tests for license renewal over the age of 65.

  20. I have driven cross country a few times, 80mph signs are nice to see.. 85 even better. Texas has a left hand lane law with many left hand lane riders they just sit there and cruise oblivious to anyone else..

  21. When the speed limit is 85, there will be a significant fraction of drivers who cruise at 90. Once they reach 95, they will qualify for a speeding ticket. Now imagine the chase set for the Highway Patrol.

    If they begin the chase 1/4 mile back, starting at 110mph, it will take about 60 seconds to reach the speeding car; from 3/8 mile back, about 90 seconds.

    That's a long time to be passing cars in the right hand lane which may be traveling at only 60-65mph. This is incredibly dangerous because the Highway Patrol is passing at ~double the speed of slower moving cars which may also want to pass each other.

    A driver in the slower lane may not see a Patrol car 1/4 mile back, but at 120 mph, that speck in the mirror will take only 15 seconds to reach the slower car.

    The 85 mph speed limit is creating an envelope wherein law enforcement is both very dangerous and often not possible.

  22. I also doubt highly, that Utah actually recorded fewer accidents and deaths with the higher, 85 mph speed limits.

    Utah is where the 'Cold Fusion' was first reported by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, yet no one else in the world has been able to reproduce those reported results. It is very likely that no one in the world will be able to reproduce Utah's highway surveys or their 6,000 year old Dinosaur bones in cold storage.