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April 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Take care of yourselves, people

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Our leaders are incompetent. Our citizens are incompetent. We have a growing number of the population dependent on government redistribution for their livelihood. All of the other arguments are just noise.

The United States was built on self-reliance. It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. Life is not fair. Some have taken advantage of this great system (the best that has ever been created to give the masses the opportunity to take care of their own business), and they are better prepared to provide for their children. They shouldn’t be penalized and demonized because they have worked hard to do this.

It’s time to step up and work our way out of this fiscal mess. It starts on an individual level. Start taking care of yourself and your own kids. Quit relying on the endless excuses we hear from the phony politicians and their intellectual cronies for your dependent status.

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  1. Amen. Once we Americans depend on the government and its leaders to take care of us, we're done.


  2. "Well we are DONE" @ Future

    Not quite. Just 4 more years and then it's a second chance for a new beginning.


  3. It must be difficult for the writer to be a genius in sea of incompetence. Fortunately for him, he is enthusiastically supported by those who would stereotype an entire economic class of working people.

    I have little patience for those who view this country's fiscal challenges as easily solved by making big spending numbers into small spending numbers as though there are no consequences of any importance for doing so.

    There are a great many people in this country who work hard without acquiring great wealth as well as many who acquire great wealth with little effort - making a lie out of two more stereotypes.

  4. The cold day in hell has arrived when I agree with Ref. We will likely disagree on causes of his observations but he is absolutely spot-on as regards effects. But as to the subject of the letter....more Cassandras worming their way from the woodwork., [Jeez, talk about mixed cliches]. The United States faces a number of challenges, some unique and some global. Our biggest challenge is that we are viewed as a role model by many in the rest of the world and how we respond to those challenges, how we exercise leadership is a test in itself. We have a political system which is going through predictable change with competing interests within the Republican Party. We have competing political, economic and cultural interests which have grown increasingly divergent. In many places those interests are resolved by hauling away a few dozen or more and putting them up against a wall and shooting them. In the US we have a tradition of providing rich sinecures and allowing them to live life to its fullest. I have absolutely no sympathy with the purveyors of doom and gloom....although it's a lucrative gig. Will it get worse? For some, likely yes....the uneducated, the unmotivated, the marginally able, the folk who believe that they must have an 84" TV and every other toy advertised thereupon. We are not, however, going to collapse, become a second world country, lose our representative democracy, start shooting dissidents en masse. We will not only survive these speed bumps of progress, we will thrive.

  5. Freeman

    The tax man knows where I live. I don't dread his arrival as you seem to. When the time comes I'll handle it.

    Jim Weber

  6. We can nudge this along by cutting government programs. Eliminate some programs and gradually decrease the amount of assistance from other programs. By gradual, let's say 2-3 years, not another generation growing up on assistance only. Before you have a child, be sure you can support yourself, a partner, and the child. TEMPORARY help from UC and SNAP EBT food stamps is OK but not as a life style.

  7. Ref: Did ya notice that the legislation has more spending added than tax revenue enhanced? Most of it for Hollywood and the movie industry. Gee, wonder who O.'s friends are.

  8. Freeman

    Judging from your professed concerns about upper tax brackets I'm sure you can handle the tax man too. I applaud your success.

    Jim Weber

  9. I really wonder when or even if Americans are going to wake up. Congress just passed higher taxes on a tiny, tiny slice of Americans and basically did nothing else.

    I know many people here feel we are too big to fail economically, but I think they are wrong.

    Jim Weber rightly points out that spending cuts of just about any kind negatively affect peoples' lives but he, along with many others, offer no alternative to help get our deficit spending under control.

    Progressives like Alan Combs say just keep spending until the economy recovers, but he seems to ignore that our government overspends in good tomes or bad times, so I have to ask...when is it... that Mr. Combs thinks government will stop overspending and under taxing?

    The stock market is happy... but for how long? I heard the argument between a Conservative and a Progressive this morning about our credit downgrade last year. The Progressive argued that the downgrade was 'solely' caused by the debt ceiling fight. The Conservative argued that the downgrade was 'solely' caused by our huge debt. How about admitting that 'both' things caused the downgrade?

    My goodness! We can't agree on anything and we all seem to be cemented into our positions. Talk about a recipe for disaster!


  10. Boffo, Bent! The "useful idiots" disagree since they are parasites enjoying a ride on the "gravy train." To those witless wonders, being self-reliant is a foreign term; one they have no knowledge or concept of. They feel comfortable only when their thinking is done for them by some pencil-pushing, unelected, unaccountable governmental bureaucratic drone. They sell their souls for a few pieces of silver and "feel-good" about themselves. Thank God most American's have more honesty, ethics and morals than the greedy & grubby parasites.

  11. Lastthrows,

    You can be happy that people making over $ 450,000 now have to pay 3 1/2 % higher income taxes, but please explain how this makes an appreciable difference in our yearly deficit spending of over 1 trillion dollars and our debt of over 16 trillion dollars? Please also explain what else the government should do to address those issues?


  12. Freeman

    $40-60 billion is a start and it means $40-60 billion we don't have to borrow. As for the additional $822 in social security taxes - it might hurt spending as much as it helped spending during each of the past two years it was in effect.

    JIm Weber

  13. Former President Bush served 2 terms and will most likely be rated as one of the 5 worst Presidents ever. I voted for the guy twice and I get to live with those decisions.

    Now fast forward to today. Unless he totally changes course and does a Clinton (not likely), many of those that criticize me for supporting Bush twice will be able to join me. They will have voted twice for President Obama, who will join former President Bush among the 5 worst Presidents ever.

    You cannot pass tax increases that amount to 1/40th of spending increases in a slow economy when we are deficit spending at a 1 trillion dollar per year clip with a 16 trillion dollar debt .... and expect a good economic outcome. Economics simply don't work that way. Just take a look back at the guy I voted for twice and you have to know it won't work.


  14. President Obama has implied that people are not to depend upon themselves, that they are incapable of doing anything for themselves, that they MUST rely upon government assistance, when he said "you didn't build that."

    That one simple statement (when taken in full context) puts a damper on individual initiative. Obama is telling people that no matter what they might accomplish, they do not deserve that much credit for it, that it would have been impossible without the government in some way, so one should depend even more on what the government can do for them.

  15. Motorsports,

    I do not argue that America should go on a full on austerity program. Doing so would hurt many people and the economy overall. I also support cuts in military spending and for us to stop being worlds policeman and benefactor.

    That said, to continue to spend as we are and only raise taxes a small amount on a small sliver of Americans is akin to economic suicide. If we don't change to a course that isn't the one Conservative Republicans favor but also isn't the one President Obama favors, an economic calamity is going to visit us all.... the only remaining question is .... when?


  16. LastThrows,

    You make good points in that quite a bit of our economic problems were created by two wars that were not paid for and tax cuts we could not afford.

    However, I have listened as Bob Beckel and other Progressives have said they are 'sure' now that President Obama has been re-elected and won his tax increases, he will go after entitlement spending in the next several months.

    I hope these true believers are not going to hold their breath waiting. Either he will not even try to address entitlements or if he does, it will be a token effort where he claims that he cannot get enough support from Progressives in Congress to pass any meaningful changes.

    Bush fought wars and provided tax cuts and did not pay for either. Obama simply spends in other areas, raises taxes a tiny bit on a tiny sliver of Americans and doesn't pay for what he spends either. There is a difference between the two, but it is a difference that hardly matters in the long run. Bush was not responsible economically. Obama is not responsible economically. And sadly, neither is Congress.


  17. Lastthrows,

    Of course the people you mentioned are propagandists. What about the other side that supports legislation that has a 40 to 1 spending increase ratio to tax increases. Let's face it; there are NO honest brokers here.... and that is the real problem.

    Many of us are more than willing to admit that the Republicans and Conservatives have not been honest brokers. It is now time for all Americans to admit that there are NO honest brokers and that if we don't embrace that fact and stop trusting these people, we are all screwed.


  18. According to Mr. Rasmussen, our system is "the best that has ever been created to give the masses the opportunity to take care of their own business. . ."

    Sadly, that's no longer true. The United States now trails Denmark, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Germany and France in upward mobility. People born in poverty in those countries have a far greater likelihood of making their way up the economic ladder.

    Why? Because those "socialist" countries have been using public money to ensure that education keeps pace with technological advances. Germany and Denmark in particular have invested heavily in youth employment programs and thus generate high-wage manufacturing jobs.

    These "socialist" countries have been using public money to fund universal healthcare. In the U.S., by contrast, one-third of the population cycles in and out of poverty every year because of medical problems.

    After the financial downturn in 2008, Germany didn't adopt austerity measures. Instead, the government subsidized private companies to keep workers on the payroll because they recognized that it would be cheaper in the long-run to keep people employed.

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these "socialist" countries have tax policies that specifically promote greater income equality. They recongize that everyone benefits from a prosperous middle class.


    An economy is not a zero sum game. The wealthiest Americans will ultimately do better by supporting government services that improve the lives of the middle class.

  19. teamster,

    It was President Clinton that expanded NAFTA, and also sponsored China for full member status with the WTO which automatically carried "most favored partner" trading status with it.

    As for lowering salaries among the tech sector, take a look at Bill Gates. He wants an unlimited number of H1B work visas. I won't bother explaining the bad side of that, look it up.

    How do you feel about Steve Jobs setting up his primary manufacturing in China? Is he a Republican?

    Yes, Republicans have their faults, to be sure, but Democrats are just as guilty when it comes to sending jobs overseas.

  20. Motorsports,

    Everything you say is true and I don't deny it. My concern is this. Spending is out of control. It was under former President Bush and Congresses during that time and it still is today under President Obama and the present Congresses.

    You and others don't want to hear Republicans sounding the alarm on spending now. Fine. I get that!

    But what we have today is two major parties, neither of which is willing to implement a rational combination of tax increases and spending reductions over time to address our fiscal issues.

    It's like we Americans are inside a burning house and because the person telling us it's time to get out is a hypocrite, we are going to stay in the burning house and die.

    Please explain to me how that makes any sense?


  21. Foolish to think this is about Republicans versus Democrats. As long as you participate in that "discussion" you are perpetuating Congress / Presidential politics as they are now. We must insist that ALL politicians do things with the best interest of AMERICAN taxpayers--not for immigrants, not for dependents who pay few taxes, not for special interests. The American taxpayer should be the majority of the population with goals and concerns to support themselves and to insist that others do the same--foreign and domestic.

  22. Who is "LasThroes?" Personally, I do not read "untrusted" comments. If someone hides behind anonymity, they are not to be given any credibility and are unworthy of joining the conversation. To me, they are cowards and I don't understand why the LV Sun bothers to allow them to comment. They don't allow it on their editorial pages. Why here?