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April 19, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Go ahead, compare guns with vehicles

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To legally drive a motor vehicle, a person has to have a license and the vehicle has to be registered and insured, so that we know who is responsible for whatever happens in that vehicle. If an owner sells a vehicle, the person has to report when and to whom it was sold, no ifs, ands or buts.

This is for everyone’s protection.

The vehicles are not made to intentionally kill people. However, if someone accidentally kills someone with a vehicle, the owner can be tracked down in a matter of minutes, and the person will be held accountable.

Yet we tolerate the National Rifle Association dictating to all people that its members have the right not to be accountable for guns that are made not just for hunting animals but also for killing people.

It’s not unpatriotic to want to know who owns these killing machines and limiting their capacity to kill. It’s common sense.

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  1. Physicians are supposed to inform the State when a person's medical or psychological state, and medications, could be a hazard in driving. An example is a person with a serious seizure disorder, and many other conditions. The DMV then makes a determination to license a driver or not.

    The problem is that doctors don't make notifications because of our dependence on cars to get places.

    Sometimes families have to take action, as in a person with Alzheimer's Disease.

    I wouldn't want a patient with Alzheimer's to be licensed to have a gun. I wouldn't want a paranoid schizophrenic, or a delusional person, to have a license to have a gun. There are many conditions that make gun ownership potentially dangerous to the public. It isn't just felons that we have to be concerned with.

    Here are some interesting statistics for those who like statistics.

  2. No view of common sense includes illegal invasion of law-abiding citizens' privacy.


  3. @Re....usual dissembling by throwing out randomly selected data. Alinsky tactic #71....confuse the issue with irrelavant crap;

    @ Carmine....pithy bumper sticker

    @ usual Teeps, trolls and comments yet, haven't broke out the Icehouse.

    Registering firearms, licensing owners and user, requiring insurance and knowledge of safe operation all fall squarely within the definition of reasonable regulation that the Roberts SCOTUS has said is constitutional.

  4. People with mental health issues may finally be prohibited from owning a gun, but they can still run for Congress with an excellent chance of success.

  5. "It's not unpatriotic to want to know who owns these killing machines and limiting their capacity to kill. It's common sense."

    Witherspoon -- only one of the several flaws in your reasoning is motor vehicles aren't mentioned in the Bill of Rights. And you failed to mention what source of authority government would have to know what's behind my closed doors.

    Next time, try thinking for yourself. If you can.

    "Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams "Thoughts on Government" (1776)

  6. "To Carmine d, Don't you think it's an invasion of those young kids privacy to kill them? Or as you seem to think,gun owners privacy trumps other peoples right to live. How pathetic and sad." @ jspoon

    If the government knows what guns the citizens have, it can take them away.

    Germany has 80 million people and about 6 million guns. They have to register their guns with the government. By all accounts, the vast majority of German gun owners believe they are treated badly for owning guns. And will openly and outwardly say so.


  7. BTW, the polizei in Germany can make unannounced visits to gun owners and inspect their weapons at will. And take them away if they choose. No questions asked.


  8. "KillerB- did you really use the argument that motor vehicles aren't mentioned in the Bil Of Right [sic]?"

    Hugh_G -- evidently you're not functionally literate here. My post only says what it says. It's an opinion, not an argument.

    "If the government knows what guns the citizens have, it can take them away."

    CarmineD -- good rebuttal. You antagonist seems to not have a clue what privacy in the Constitutional sense.

    "Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have." -- Barry Goldwater (1909-1998), Republican Senator from Arizona, 1964 candidate for President

  9. "CarmineD believes that if his loved ones are shot and killed that the police should not be able to trace the gun back to its owner." @ By Victor_Eismine

    Starting with the spree shootings in Arizona last year this time and up through the Sandy Hook Elementary school on Dec 14, [just to use the most recent], NONE, I repeat, NONE were committed with guns that were bought illegally and untraceable to their owners. NONE. Did I say NONE?

    FAST & FURIOUS included. Although the criminals believed they bought these guns illegally, it was actually a hoax perpetrated and approved by the highest levels of the US Justice Department with the knowledge some say of Eric Holder's best friend in Washington, DC, the President.


  10. "What a waste of time reading this."

    Jeff -- as if you were forced to post anything. So go away

    "Starting with the spree shootings in Arizona last year this time and up through the Sandy Hook Elementary school on Dec 14 ... NONE, I repeat, NONE were committed with guns that were bought illegally and untraceable to their owners. . .FAST & FURIOUS included."

    CarmineD -- another good post. How quickly they all forget.

    "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." -- Thomas Jefferson, letter to Isaac H Tiffany (1819)

  11. "What is needed is a way to have friends, family, ammo suppliers, acquaintances, gun dealers, strangers, the entire quilt of America get the guns out of the Lanza home before his brain fries." @ Jeff

    The damage to Adam Lanza's psyche was done long before he picked up a gun.


  12. "No doubt, however he DID pick up his 15 minutes of fame that had a trigger and 26 death certificates attached to it." Jeff

    Plus Adam and his mother. Total dead on Dec 14, 2014 for the Sandy Hook tragedy: 28. I don't know what the relationships were, BUT I have to think that in their heart of hearts Adam's brother and father bear anguish and guilt for the murders, not just of Mrs. Lanza and Adam, but 26 others they never knew. And they both will hold, be affected by and carry these feelings to their graves. Unlike grieving, guilt becomes greater over time not lesser.


  13. "Unfortunately the authorities don't do much til after the crime. This needs to change." Jeff

    Authorities who pass into and out of Adam and his mother's lives can't be held accountable to the same degree as Adam's brother, mother and father.

    20 percent of people in the US have mental and emotional problems. Only 12 percent of them seek and get health assistance for their problems.

    All the authorities under the sun can't force them to get help and watch them 24 hours a day to make sure they do.