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July 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Children’s future tied to economy

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Regarding Brian Greenspun’s Where I Stand column Sunday, “Our children shouldn’t have to live in a savage world”:

I agree totally with you when you wrote, “It is your choice what you choose to read: the Bible or the Constitution. In either case it is absolutely clear that we have the obligation to protect and defend the lives of those who come after us.”

I would add that if we don’t do something about the $16 trillion-plus debt, the children and future generations will look at this generation and hold us all accountable for what we left them: a bankrupt country.

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  1. I second the letter writer's motion. Out of control government spending has resulted in huge debt and deficits. These double D's are bankrupting our nation. It is morally apprensible to burden our future generations with this fiscal and budget irresponsibilty by forcing it upon them to resolve.


  2. Sometimes, we all inherit situations that were not entirely or even mostly of our own making. That's what happened to President Obama in 2008. That said, when it happens, we should do what we can to make the situation better.

    President Obama got a tax rate increase, spent money on a stimulus, passed the ACA, and pushed for and got additional bailouts. Whether we agree with those actions or not, the President felt them necessary and he was re-elected.

    Many polls show that a large majority of Americans believe government spending is too high and out of control. It is true that large and quick reductions in spending would place us at risk of another recession but there is also another truth.

    This economy and the government spending it supports has a lot of waste, duplication and fraud in it and it always has. We have studies sitting on shelf's and even shows where it is and the studies were done under both parties.

    I think it's time to take the studies down and carefully and prudently start acting on some of the recommendations.... for the good of our future and that of our children. I wonder what President Obama thinks.


  3. "the children and future generations will look at this generation and hold us all accountable for what we left them: a bankrupt country"

    Why shouldn't they hold us all accountable? We are all responsible. Not many objected to lower income taxes even though we knew it was adding to tne debt. We flushed a lot of lives and a trillion bucks down the toilet in Iraq without enough courage to stop it or pay for it. We wanted to get more and pay less. Now we're finding Jesus and we don't like His answers.

  4. If the author is so concerned about "the children", I wonder why she isn't mentioning the fact that income inequality in this country is rapidly approaching that of Mexico. I wonder why she fails to mention that 22% of our children are currently living in poverty. I wonder why she isn't mentioning that France, UK, Germany, Canada -- and most other first world nations -- now offer greater upward mobility than the U.S.

    I suspect that like many other conservatives expressing concern for "the children" regarding debt and deficits, she's a senior who's actually concerned about inflation eroding her nest egg.

  5. For the most part debt creation is no better or worse then every other industrialized nation. Debt enables nation's to keep taxes low and provide entitlements for the needy. This country has been creating debt since George Washington. In the 1830s we paid off the revolutionary war and were debt-free. What happened? We entered some of the worst economic periods in American history with recession followed by depression followed by recession.

    I agree with Emthrees post above. Wealth distribution is currently a Third World levels. This is much more important than debt.

    Industrial production is a multi-decade highs. Economic output is at an all-time high with both real estate and the stock market at multiyear recovery highs.

    This is nothing short of a miracle given a large portion of the world is back in recession. Our 2% growth rate is the gold standard of the industrialized world right now, and if you look at Decembers economic reports it appears things are getting stronger. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  6. In terms of the whole Savage worlds thing. Americans love guns, pickup trucks, ethical pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. There are hundreds of millions of prescriptions written a year for mind altering psychotropics. It's one hell of a combination. You know the nut cases and hate groups are all armed to the teeth.
    God bless America!

  7. Our economy has shouted that we CANNOT continue deficit spending. It's NOT ENOUGH to merely decelerate the rate of increase. We must END DEFICIT spending. The deficits have consumed any and all wiggle room in the economy, leaving nothing for capital needs of businesses, real estate industry, M1 functioning. (M1 functioning refers to cash available for current needs--of government, businesses AND people.) WE NEED INTEREST RATES to start going up as of yesterday. Modest increases would enable the Federal Reserve to see where things are. As is, we are confiscating the savings, pensions, annuities of those who worked, paid taxes, and planned. And we spend those confiscated assets on those who refuse to work. Not a good idea to keep doing that.

  8. "I suspect that like many other conservatives expressing concern for "the children" regarding debt and deficits, she's a senior who's actually concerned about inflation eroding her nest egg." @Emthree

    And what do you do differently than conservatives with the money you worked for and earned? Donate it ALL to the government?


  9. BTW Emthree if you didn't know, Fed Reserve policies under Bush and Obama have already devalued the dollar by a minimum of 10 percent against most of the world's currencies. And with more of the same for the next 4, even more. What happened to the "strong dollar" fundamentals of this country and government? It's given way to our supposed fiscal and budget experts calling for the minting of a trillion dollar coin.