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July 2, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Sandy relief divide caused by pork

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In response to Robert Blanner’s letter in Monday’s Sun, “When did we become so divided?” I want to agree. We have become more divided than ever since Barack Obama became our president.

Where I disagree, though, is his assessment of the opposition in the House to the bill for Hurricane Sandy relief. It wasn’t due to politics or being cold-hearted on their part. Quite the opposite. The bill was full of pork. Millions of dollars were put into the bill for things not related to Sandy whatsoever.

Those opposed wanted all the funds to be used for the victims of the hurricane and refused to sign it until the pork was deleted. We are in deep enough debt without adding even more pork.

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  1. What propoganda! The House of Representatives had plenty of opportunity to amend the Sandy relief bill including completely offsetting the cost with spending reductions elsewhere. The latter was defeated and so the vote on final passage came down to will there be financial relief for victims of Sandy or not. The final vote was not a vote against pork, it was a vote against people.

    Does GOP stand for Greenbacks Over People?

  2. It's called "Filling the Tree." The Senate leader, in this case Reid, allows the majority party to fill a bill guaranteed for passage without debate with pork items. Reid has used it over 69 times since he's become Leader in 2007. The republicans who voted against risked their political careers by doing so. Gov Christie said they should have voted for it for the greater good. I opine Christie is getting soft and not just in his belly.


  3. "Does GOP stand for Greenbacks Over People?" @ Jim Weber

    No, GOP stands for "get rid of the pork."


  4. "Why the wait in the Senate if it was sooooo important" @ Future

    Excellent point. The Senate, under the lead of Reid, is debating a change to the filibuster rule. Reid in a power grab wants to change the super majority of 60 votes to 51. This will put the Senate's business entirely in the hands of the democrats in the Senate. The minority party will be snuffed out. There will be a compromise on this issue. Soooo Ried has decided this matter is more critical that the Sandy relief bill.

    Any wonder that the NY Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism, nicknamed Reid: Dirty Harry.


  5. Comment removed by moderator. - -

  6. We, who are sensitive about the out-of-control-spending in the pig sty known as Washington, DC, will never convince those who benefit personally from it. The parasitic class has swelled under the Osama Obama administration and that's intentional. Greedy & grubby, they want "IT" and they want "IT," now! Not content with taking from the productive class of today, they are more than happy to steal the future from generations to come. I hold them in the deepest contempt!

  7. One of the common denominators of the teep and troll correspondents in these threads is that somehow, someone is getting "stuff", "it", "gifts", "entitlements", ad infinitum. Yet, nor surprisingly, they rarely can quantify any of this cornucopia of largesse. Further, they themselves, seem to be completely immune from such largesse.

    An example bandied about on various teep part organs is reconstruction funds for re-planting trees damaged or destroyed by disaster. Up here in Eastern Washington we had a July windstorm [a microburst] which destroyed 16 houses, killed three, left hundreds homeless and without power and destroyed an estimated 6-10 million board feet of high value Ponderosa just on the Colville Reservation. Similar damage was reported across several counties. Those replanting funds were requested, in part, by our Republican Congresswoman, part of the leadership. Please explain to me how that is not a legitimate allocation or use of disaster funds.

    Every year there are floods, blizzards, wildland fires, train derailments, landslides, insect infestations across the US, none big enough to trigger a full-throated Federal declaration but all challenging to individuals, communities and states. Bills such as Sandy relief almost always contain funding for smaller relief efforts.

    What you see as pork, I see as a means to get my community back on it's feet and my neighbors back to work.

  8. Malcolm: spot on. This legislation is NOT designed for VICTIMS of Sandy. Twas designed for repair, maintenance, and remodeling government infra structures. Why should federal tax revenue be used in specific areas because local governments don't maintain nor insure...

  9. 1. Pork, i.e. riders and add-on bills are the preferred way Congress does business. Pork has not caused the hold-up on Sandy aid.

    2. "Twas designed for repair, maintenance, and remodeling government infra structures" Those are the structures that Sandy destroyed and require rebuilding and remodeling.

    3. "Why should federal tax revenue be used in specific areas because local governments don't maintain nor insure" the GOP in Louisiana didn't mind getting air for Katrina - so what's the problem with Sandy?

  10. SunJon. again, Katrina destroyed levees which are the responsibility of the FEDERAL Corps of Engineers. Outdated infrastructure in New York that has been there for over a century without remodeling, repair, maintenance SHOULD NOT be paid for by federal revenues.