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April 18, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Gun laws won’t prevent violence

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In response to James Witherspoon’s letter, “Go ahead, compare guns with vehicles”:

Let’s have a realistic comparison between the two. If I purchase a vehicle but never drive it on a public roadway, I am not required to register or even keep insurance on it. I must pay taxes and sign a declaration. If I use it only on private property, such as a ranch, it’s registered differently and doesn’t need insurance. Only vehicles operated on a public roadway require registration, insurance and a licensed operator.

If guns were treated the same, as long as I never carry my weapons off my property, I would be able to possess the largest guns I could legally purchase, including military weapons.

Witherspoon’s letter proved one argument of the National Rifle Association: It’s illegal to drive a vehicle on a public roadway without a license, registration or insurance, yet many do this daily. If laws won’t stop some people from breaking them regarding cars, what makes anyone think it will work for guns?

To have safer streets, we must increase punishment for criminals and take them off the street.

After the Virginia Tech shooting, we should have kept guns away from the mentally disturbed, except many blamed the tool for the crime. When a drunk driver kills four or six, will you blame Ford?

Change the laws so mental health professionals can add people to the FBI database, along with a penalty if they misuse it. Make it law that every gun be locked when not in use to help prevent theft of guns by criminals.

We shouldn’t unduly restrict constitutional rights for law-abiding citizens. I’m positive more gun laws won’t cure mental illness.

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  1. Laws stink- Let the richest and most heavily armed prevail !

  2. Wow, JeffFromVegas, way to go! Pretty much like Hitler, Stalin & Mao did it! I'm all for invading the privacy of people's homes and taking away their guns. No, wait, why stop there? There's lots of things I don't like about people, especially those on the left, so I'll just confiscate anything they own I don't agree they should have. To Hell with their "Constitutional" rights! They are doing things or saying things I don't like. Better yet, I'll open "Concentration" camps for those I determine are "criminals," starve them and put them into forced labor. Next, I'll line some of them up against a wall and execute them as a warning to the others. That's worked so well in the past, it will surely work in the 21st Century, won't it? The more I think about it, the more I like your plan, JeffFromVegas. But only if I am the boss.

  3. hookershaky says: "Laws stink- Let the richest and most heavily armed prevail !"

    Thanks for my very first morning chuckle.

    Enjoyed the letter, but I don't see the comparison between vehicles and semi-automatic assault rifles. Vehicles kill, and they can kill multiple people all at the same time, but the only way they can continue killing is if someone drives back and forth, or continues to wreck into things without completely destroying the car. Assault rifles though have the ability to kill multiples times, especially with extended magazines you can use without reloading, and you don't have to go all through that smash, drive back and forth, speed up, slow down thing.

    Sorry. Just don't see the comparison.

    One thing I do know is that if there are no sane, rational gun safety regulations and/or laws on the books, and soon, the American people, an OVERWHELMING amount of people, will be clamoring for our Government to do something to do something, anything to stop mindless, senseless killings.

    The only sure thing we know is that the NRA and other pro-gun manufacturer lobbies WILL NOT and CANNOT be allowed to have a say in this matter. They are to be rejected. Any and all of their advice. Because they are talking on the level they want to sell guns. They don't care about any of this. Just sell, sell, sell. They act like they care, but they really don't care if everyone blows each other away. Period.

    So, I'm glad to see that people who are trying to enact legislation are ignoring those Ted Nugent pry the weapon from my cold, gnarled up, rigid, rigor mortised fingers types. Because they are not helping. Just spouting nonsense.

    Everything I see is the American people want something done. On ALL sides of the political aisles. Every single poll I have seen shows a majority across the board. Background checks, ban on assault weapons, change the Second Amendment, mental health issues changes, WHATEVER.

    The American people simply do not like to wake up to drink coffee and eat cornflakes by watching startling news that twenty, COUNT THEM, twenty children, along with six elementary school adults, got blasted to smithereens. To further add to this horrifying picture, it has been reported that each child received anywhere from three to eleven bullets entering their bodies apiece.

    This cannot happen anymore. Fix it. Stop the bickering. Sit down at a table and fix it.

  4. We need all parents, relatives, neighbors, teachers, employers and co-workers to report the deranged. Then institute them in a California mental facility for mental rehab until they pass all mental fitness exams. What happens if you yourself are reported? Tough. Paybacks by those you've had differences with in the past is part of life. Tagging someone as deranged will be a great method to payback your enemies.

  5. A large number killed? How about 55 million since 1973 due to the liberal policy of abortion. Babies who never get a parent's love, hugs or kisses.

  6. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  7. The letter writer wants more people imprisoned. We currently have the world's largest prison population at a cost of roughly $47 thousand dollars a year per inmate.

    I would love to see the look on people's faces when federal state and local governments try to pass dramatic tax increases to build more prisons and incarcerate many more people.

    They want more people in prison but don't raise those darn taxes. In California they are contemplating releasing thousands of prisoners due to overcrowding and lack of funding.

    With all the psychopaths we have in this state I would love to know what we spend on the prison system.

    People also constantly talk about increased enforcement and taking guns away from the mentally ill. With what? Federal employment is roughly the same as it was when Harry Truman was in office and the population has doubled.

    We don't have people to properly monitor Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, securities fraud or anything else. There is vast amounts of corruption in our society and we can't properly monitor that. Who the hell is going a monitor the mentally ill which number in the tens of millions.

    There are currently 30 million Americans that take hundreds of millions of psychotropic medications a year. Who do federal state and local governments have to monitor all of this? Basically no one!

  9. "Laws stink- Let the richest and most heavily armed prevail!" Right on, Hookershaky (Michael Kelly)!

    The NRA is absolutely correct in saying that an armed society is a polite society.

    BUT. . . It's the person with the touchiest hair-trigger on his temper and on his heaviest firearm who gets to define just what is "polite."

  10. The comparison of firearms to cars is, at best, spurious and may actually be venal or worse.

    Cars were originally invented to move people and things from one place to another. Their current design still reflects that purpose. Firearms were originally invented to kill people and break things. Their current design still reflects THAT purpose.

    True, some people kill other people with cars. Doing so is antithetical to the car's original, and still current, design purpose. Using a firearm to kill people, however, is completely consistent with its original, and still current, design purpose. It is impossible to compare willful misuse of one object with the good and proper use of another object.

  11. "We can't predict who our enemies may be or the fire-power they may possess -- we can only prepare ourselves to defend against such potential violent threats by possessing the tools of a modern military soldier while becoming proficient in their tactical applications" from Harley

    Agreed. But liberals are putting the guilt trip on those who choose to protect themselves and their family with a gun. Where is the logic in that?

  12. I head a pundit explaining that ONE gun law would be most effective: Federal crime to transport a gun across state lines--mandatory 10 years in a federal facility. This would leave individual rights secure. This would not further intrude on States' rights. And this would not dump all the costs onto local government. And here's the nicest thing, for me: If a Perp gets off on a technicality for whatever crimes he was arrested for, the feds will still LOCK THEM UP FOR 10 YEARS.