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July 4, 2015

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A tribute to peaceful warriors

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It’s the beginning of the year but the end of January. I’m always thankful for every day given me. I’m also thankful for everyone I know born in January. From my brother, my dad, my aunt, Martin Luther King Jr. and everyone else, whether it’s by blood, spirit or acquaintance. I’m also thankful for President Barack Obama’s inauguration. I’m thankful for and love my brother, father, aunt, and the teachings and freedom given me by King, a peaceful warrior.

I am also really proud that this president is going to free 11 million of our brothers and sisters, who are illegal immigrants, from the bondage of living in the shadows. They will now be able to say as Martin Luther King Jr. has taught us, “Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, we are free at last.” I hope everyone remembers this and that one day, years from now, Martin Luther King Jr. Day will also be Barack Obama Day.

Martin Luther King Jr., for our freedom after hundreds of years of bondage, and Barack Obama, for the freeing of 11 million people who are, for now, in the bondage of the shadows of no documentation. That is one of the most beautiful things I could ever imagine. It shows that we are all soul brothers and sisters of the same spirit, peaceful warriors for the good of humanity.

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  1. Mark, your words of thanksgiving are so refreshing to read. Thank you!

  2. They were "free" when they left their country to come to the USA. Now, they just have to become legal citizens.


  3. Some will remain righteously indignant about the fact that 11 million people illegally entered our country. Their anger towards the immigrants is misplaced.

    The migrants came here because they knew that AMERICAN businesses run by AMERICAN owners would offer them employment even though that was ILLEGAL. These AMERICAN businesses would profit from cheaper labor and transfer the cost of such things as emergency medical care and education of the children of migrants to the rest of us. So, save some of your anger for AMERICAN greed. We have met the enemy and they are us.

  4. "Illegals came here because corporations & mom & pop stores are greedy." What a load of horse manure! The bleeding-hearts in this country who blame the USA for the flood of illegals swarming our nation haven't a clue as to why they break our laws by sneaking across the border. Illegals don't come here because we offer opportunity; they come here because there is little offered in the country of their birth. I don't see Brazilians breaking down our doors to sneak in here and that's because they are no longer a third-world country ruled by despots with a government riddled with favoritism, nepotism and corruption. The truth is those who "blame America first" are treating the symptoms and not the disease. Clean up the scumbag governments in countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, Guatamala, etc. and their citizens would have no reason to opt to flee them. Under the rule of men, not laws, most are denied any chance to rise from the grinding poverty and, so, they sneak into the USA. We must quit subsidizing the tyrants and their corrupt practices! We should put an economic embargo on them just as we did Cuba. They are no better! We must insist they change their indefensible treatment of their own people and things would change quickly. If the USA has any resposibility for the plight of the illegals it's because our government turned a blind eye towards their mistreatment at home for decades. It's time to stop it and live up to our true values. The buck stops in Washington, DC, beginning with our crass, disingenious and uncaring politicians!

  5. Commenters Bradley Chapline, CarmineD, Jim Weber, and Jerry Fink all bring very valid points to the table, Mr.Wells.

    Not for one moment, would I believe that Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr., nor President Barack Obama, advocate any person entering the USA ILLEGALLY, and continue to reside and work in the USA ILLEGALLY, which is a CRIMINAL act. If an American Citizen did that in another country, they would arrested, prosecuted, and deported, as it is illegal.

    The thing to be thankful and encouraged over, is that our country's Lawmakers are compelled to sit down together and once and for all deal with immigration, and resolve the issue.

    Blessings and Peace,

  6. BChap, Carmine et al neglect the role that American foreign policy and American corporations have played in the dislocation of many Central American countries. Furthermore, American drug policy has helped in the formation and maintenance of shadow narco-states. The vagrants derisively mentioned above are in that position precisely because we have created their environment. In the minds of these correspondents the notion of responsibility seems to be a distinctly one-way street.

  7. Wow, Many letter writers have a 'part' of the truth, but few have most of it.

    Illegals come here because American companies will give them jobs at higher wages than they can make at home AND because they cam get social safety net benefits here that they cannot get at home. That's the magnet.

    At this point, we do need to find a path to make the people already here (without criminal records) visible, so we can put them under wage laws and collect taxes from them. BUT, if we start down that road without first 'totally' implementing a national E-Verify system, tough employer sanctions
    and the deportation of those breaking the immigration laws, we will just repeat 1986.

    Americans need to remember that the very powerful business community, the illegal immigration spawned 'assistance' industry, those favoring open borders and other groups DO NOT WANT ANYTHING put in place that would actually really control (under all circumstances, not just one where our economy is slow) the flow of people coming in illegally, over our borders. A GOOD E-Verify system could control the flow and these groups will fight that until hell freezes over.

    That's the fight (over a good E-Verify system) that must be won before the illegals here are given a path to citizenship. It can be done and we are foolish if we don't insist that we get that.


  8. Those who say our foreign policy helps create the crappy nations that a lot of illegal immigrants come from are correct. But the biggest problem we create comes directly from our voracious appetite for drugs. That's a societal problem we have and it is a very tough one.


  9. It's nice that certain letter writers use the fact that we took America from the Indians and Mexicans, as a reason we should just kind of gloss over illegal immigration. We did after all, do what they say.

    The problem is, as it often is, REALITY. There is an argument to be made that since all these people came illegally, while knowing it was illegal, they should all be sent home. REALITY says that's not practical. There is also an argument to be made that says since we took this land by force, we should ignore what 11 million illegals did. REALITY says that also isn't practical.

    If we leave a de-facto open border system in place, where most poor, low educated and low skilled people are the majority of immigrants, we will degrade our own country. E-Verify is vital...


  10. What absolute drivel. This is about 11 million votes from fools like you, and nothing else. Have some Kool-Aid while singing "Kumbayah."

  11. All won't be able to make the cut as there will be the criminal element that I hope we can weed out and send back to what ever country they came from.

    Of the people that do make it.And who are able to latch on to the American dream,and play be the rules I say welcome to your new found freedom and country that has excepted you and yours.

  12. I listened to and read President Obama's entire remarks regarding immigration. Here's the rub:

    Some people still refuse to come to grips with the way our system really works. The proposals we are hearing now are much the same as what we heard in 1986. The amnesty went through back problem. Border Security?.... not so much.

    Why? Powerful interests that did not want to actually secure the border. Nothing much has changed, except now we have 11 million instead of 3 million illegal immigrants, and the forces that depend on illegal immigrant labor and make a living off exploiting the illegal immigrants, while 'assisting' them are more powerful than before.

    I'm calling for the E-Verify 'first' piece to be in place and functioning well before much else is done. I hear the President's words, like 'we will close Guantanamo', 'health costs will go down with the ACA', just like I heard former President Bush say 'Saddam has WMD's'. Words are just that... words and when politicians speak them and our Congress remains corrupted by special interest influence, my 'trust' is at a low ebb... be it Republicans or Democrats doing the talking.


  13. Some people still believe that the people we have in office, will, if we just keep supporting them, do the 'right' thing. All we have to do is just 'lend our support and money' and not squawk much about the terrible mess we see almost everywhere we look and the self serving decisions that we see being made.

    That ignores the fact that our legislative branch is totally corrupted due to the money needed to be elected and re-elected, and the fact that we have allowed a seat in Congress to be a career and that we refuse to enact term limits and public financing of campaigns.

    In my opinion, the people that foolishly think we are going to get important things done properly under the current system run by the current elected representatives is just kidding themselves.


  14. There's no doubt e-verify needs to be part of any reform legislation. There should be stiff fines for employers hiring ineligible workers. I would suggest triple the wages paid to the illegal worker as a minimum penalty.

  15. Comment removed by moderator. Quotes a removed comment.

  16. The 15 million are free to GO HOME and stop stealing our jobs and our economy, our cultures, our society.

  17. I honestly do not comprehend how anyone could compare the victims of the slave trade in this country (or any slave trade anywhere) to the people who have voluntarily entered our country illegally to live in the shadows.