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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Fracking destroys the water table

I was glad to see recent coverage about “fracking.” Everyone should know about it. They totally screw up the water table when they inject waste chemicals in the ground.

Try it in this state and it will be back to a wasteland. Unfortunately, there is no real regulation on the junk they inject into the ground. The oil companies just don’t care.

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  1. There is absolutely no scientific proof to date that "fracking" is harmful to water aquifers. None. In all cases investigated to date, it was poor sealing and pipes that caused the contamination. Both easily corrected. In fact, studies have found contaminated water where no "fracking" at all was ever done.

    Carmine D

  2. Carmine, I have to admire your ability to twist logic and engage in convoluted semantics to their fullest degree....all at 5:25AM. Well done!

    "...studies have found contaminated water where no "fracking" at all was ever done." Well, yeah. Might there be other sources of contamination....raw sewage, salt, radon, leaks at Hanford, arsenic, almost any soluble chemical hazardous to humans?

    " was poor sealing and pipes...". Human error, sloppy work, cheap materials, rushed production....all elements of the overall production process of injection an unknown chemical stew through aquifers to access natural gas and oil contained in [mostly] shale beneath the aquifer. That's is called , colloquially, "fracking".

    The letter posits simplistic twaddle....your response is simply more of the same.

  3. Latest Duke Study on fracking.

    Scroll down to fracking.

    Carmine D

  4. "That's is called , colloquially, "fracking"."

    No, it's called unregulated, unmonitored and uncontrolled "fracking." The EPA MUST set standards for "fracking" and enforce them. Then "fracking" is a win-win.

    Carmine D

  5. I wonder if one day deniers will wake up. Will they realize we breath unsafe air, we drink unsafe water, we eat unsafe food because pollution has contaminated our planet. You can't continue blowing holes in the surface without it having a negative effect on the environment. Man's effort to continue making profits for a handful of people has made our planet toxic. Yet the deniers will continue to turn the other way until they are directly affected, then we'll hear NIMBY, Not In My Backyard!

  6. If anyone would like to learn more about "unconventional hydraulic fracturing", check out Dr. Tony Ingraffea on youtube. He is a professor at Cornell University & he is a rock fracture mechanic.He worked in the industry for many years.He says that Engineers take an oath that if they uncover information that is harmful to public health, they must disclose it. He takes his oath seriously while some others do not. The Draft EPA report regarding water contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming is dated 12/8/11. I watched a committee meeting during the legislative session where all "experts" stated there was no "known" cases of contamination. I quickly emailed the report to one of our legislators, which she immediately opened, & called them all on it.Two of the men were from industry & another was the head of a regulatory body for the state. What are the odds that none of them knew about this report? ZERO.

  7. Future, Carmine, et al. There's no proof that fracking subsurface water supplies? Then why is it that water that used to raise crops and slake lifestock, now catches fire at a spark?

    Fracking doesn't harm the water supply, but actions by frackers do? Maybe we need to legalize the process of fracking and criminalize the people who engage in it...

  8. Great Britain estimates that it's shale gas reserves are even larger than the U.S. Plans to start "fracking" on the same scale as the U.S. to become less dependent on middle east oil and boost jobs and economy. Now, I can go to the web and site a dozen links to this effect. Or, you can go yourself and read them.

    Carmine D

  9. "Maybe we need to legalize the process of fracking and criminalize the people who engage in it..."

    Or, alternatively, set "fracking" standards and hold companies accountable for following them.

    Carmine D

  10. Fracking can unlock energy resources in North America that were long thought inaccessible. If, by fracking, we do destroy the water table and that cannot be prevented by carefully applied safeguards, fracking should be abandoned.

    Oil drilling also had and has the potential to be environmentally damaging and even with regulations, damage has taken place. We accepted the dangers and lived with the mishaps and oil has provided most of us with wonderful lives we could not have had without it.

    Fracking comes with risks, just like oil drilling and a hundred other things. And when the profit motive and human beings are involved, regulations will be skirted at times by bad people and damage will result, just like with oil drilling.

    'If' the risks of fracking with tight regulations appear to be about equal to those of oil drilling, I think we are foolish not to pursue fracking. 'If that isn't the case, that's another matter entirely.

    Being dependent on other nations for a supply of a commodity so 'vital' to the existence of this country is dangerous, expensive and foolish. We should be doing what reasonably makes sense to become energy independent. That includes government involvement in clean energy 'research', not retail development and it should also include fracking 'if' it can be made as 'safe' as oil drilling is today.... not without risk, but with strict regulations to minimize risk.


  11. Only in Hollywood movies, rusty57?

    The evidence isn't well defined yet, but her are a couple of starting points...

  12. CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio) suggests (at 5:29 a.m.) that: "...alternatively, set "fracking" standards and hold companies accountable for following them."

    That would work also. I'd suggest some controls: 1) Advance notice that fracking is about to begin. This will allow local residents to have their existing wells tested, allowing a before/after comparison. 2) Disclosure of all components of the fracking process and the constituents of the gas recovered. This will allow the analysis of the before/after water tests to identify any changes created by the fracking process. 3) A requirement that any chemicals added to the ground water as a result of the fracking process must be completely removed.

  13. "Or, alternatively, set "fracking" standards and hold companies accountable for following them".

    Carmine D

    Carmine D. Here is NV SEC Nevada State Environmental Commission "web-page"

    The Commissioners are the same folks responsible for giving the ok for most everything that goes on in Nevada...Miners working for Miners... even the NV Water Engineer is on the Commission...Do you honestly believe NV SEC is here to protect the Nevadan's environment or could it be the Commission is in place to protect Corporate profits and NV State fees and Revenues?

  14. I believe the Federal agency with jurisdiction for "fracking" is called THE EPA! What do you think?

    Carmine D