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July 6, 2015

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letter to the editor:

Red states are discriminating

In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court gave permission to every red state to change their voting rights before the 2014 election.

There were dozens of attempts in the red states to change voting rights before the 2012 election, but all attempts failed due to an amendment to the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Now, that amendment no longer exists.

I never thought the Supreme Court would commit such a vile act. How low can the Supreme Court sink?

There will be restrictions on the demographic groups that traditionally vote Democratic. The Republicans lost the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections.

The brain trust of the Republican Party will be working overtime to devise a plan to make it difficult or impossible for many Democratic voters to cast their vote.

Maybe they will attempt to re-establish poll taxes and literary tests. They will make every effort toward new redistricting, gerrymandering and voter ID laws.

Four red states have already announced plans to implement voting changes that already ruled discriminatory. The groups targeted by the Republicans will include blacks, Hispanics, college students, the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

Watch evil at work with all the new voting rules that red states create. Why is it that only red states discriminate? What have we come to as a country? Can canceling civil rights be far behind?

The Middle East had an Arab Spring; maybe we will have the USA Fall. We have red state dictatorships.

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  1. I fail to understand how requiring an I'd causes any difficulty for any voter.

  2. So, is the GOP strategy to avoid any introspection on issues that alienate certain demographics? Are they, instead, embarking on a strategy to suppress the vote of those demographics via reducing early voting days and enacting voter ID laws? The intent seems obvious. Trust these people with your freedom at your own peril!

  3. Yada, yada, yada. All BS; no facts! Try getting a "free" T-shirt at a casino "rewards" center without showing a photo ID and you're out of luck and mopes like Starr think the world is ending if a voter is required to prove who he or she is. We know why Starr thinks the sky is falling. If proof of identity is required, all of the creepolas now illegaly voting will be denied and the Dumbocrats will crash along with their "social justice" Communism. The parasites will then have to actually fend for themselves and do some productive work and that frightens them - a lot!

  4. Interesting assortment of comments this morning. One asserts the right to vote is akin to the right to a free T-shirt. Another professes a failure (obviously not his only one) to understand. A third, in deference to the 18th century, might prefer that only those who pay Federal income taxes have the right to vote.

  5. The voting records of the southern states disparately treated by the Federal law [as they deserved to be] had more black and minority voters as a percentage of their voting groups in recent national elections than the states not affected by the law had white and majority voters. That's successful change as the Supreme Court said when it struck down the ancient law as no longer applicable and relevant.

    Carmine D

  6. As a noted pundit observed, 90% of the intellectual capacity of the conservative movement died with William F. Buckley. The current iteration, as exemplified by Jerry, Re, Future, Carmine, et al, is fighting a delaying action against a demographic tide. King Canute has been replaced by a gaggle of Tea Partiers and assorted old white men who have suddenly discovered principle after 50 years.

  7. Pat:

    The "Conservatives" you cite here, me included, are correct on one point that you apparently still can't get your arms around: Facts are incontrovertible and have no bearing on race, color, age and ideology.

    Carmine D

  8. Carmine...I'm pleased that you accept my premise that the facts of demographics work against conservatives.

  9. CarmineD

    No One is disputing that the Voting Rights Act has had the desired effect. As such it was highly desirable legislation. In dispute is the strong suspicion that Conservatives do not want that record of achievement to continue or improve.

  10. Why no ID? Simple. Poor people often do not own cars and thus have no need for drivers licenses. The elderly and immigrants may not have easy access to birth certificates. They may not have bank accounts, so no need for ID.

    Conservatives can attempt to spin this until they're blue in the face, but voter ID laws are designed for no other purpose than to suppress the vote among those groups. Voter fraud is virtually unheard of in this country.

  11. "Carmine...I'm pleased that you accept my premise that the facts of demographics work against conservatives."

    Perhaps...but it's too soon to tell for sure yet... time and future elections will tell. I opine American voters are more conservative than you are and you think. So far, with the president's missed wave of liberalism on all his legislative attempts after reelection, I think I will be right. If so [I'm correct], the demographics will work in favor of the conservatives not against.

    Carmine D

  12. "In dispute is the strong suspicion that Conservatives do not want that record of achievement to continue or improve."


    Quite the opposite. Based on just the liberal commentators here, the suspicion is stronger that they [liberals] fear the advances more.

    Carmine D

  13. North Carolina, ruled in the legislative and executive by republicans, is working on restricting/banning early voting and voting on Sundays.

    Sunday voting is very popular, as many African-American churches hold "Souls to the Polls," where the church takes a caravan of their congregation to vote. The GOP in NC want to prevent this.

    Why on earth -- other than to suppress turnout -- would a state ban voting on Sundays?

  14. This issue isn't about ID's. It's about cutting early voting, reducing polling places, changing polling hours, forcing students to vote in their home states, deny voting on Sunday's, etc., etc., etc. All tactics to suppress minority, elderly and students voters.

    House Majority Leader Mike Turzai of Pennsylvania said, "Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it's done. First pro-life legislation -- abortion facility regulations -- in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done."

    wharfrat - "As a noted pundit observed, 90% of the intellectual capacity of the conservative movement died with William F. Buckley."

    Got that right! I may not have agreed with Buckley, but I did admire his intellect and enjoyed watching many of his debates.

  15. I took umbrage with many opinions of Bill Buckley, two of which got me labeled as a liberal not a conservative. One: Buckley's defense in his book "McCarthy and His Enemies" which defended the Senator from Wisconsin. Two: Buckley, a Catholic, had an archaic perspective of AIDS victims. Basically wanting to treat them like leopards were treated in the Bible.

    Carmine D

  16. anchorbine - "Liberals just won't be happy until the entire country drowns in mediocrity, anybody productive moves to another country or retires, and the only jobs available will be government created makeshift pork belly type projects."

    You complain about porkbelly projects? Do you mean those contractors who manufacture antiquated armaments and weapons the military doesn't need or want? Jobs? Do you mean those jobs outsourced to communist and third world countries? And yes people have left this great nation, so they didn't have to pay taxes and basically gave up their citizenship for wealth. Wow, not very patriotic when it comes to the dollar, including those hiding their funds in offshore and foreign accounts. Mediocre? We are becoming mediocre due the cost of a for profit education system. Who the hell can afford to get a college education without being scammed by banks? Student loan rates jumped to 6.8% because of a do-nothing House and the average cost of higher education is unattainable by most.

    Your comment about liberals is pure nonsense, we have these problems because American capiltalism is a failed system that supports just a handful of elites. If a corporation is successful the gov't. will hand them tax payer subsidies, if it fails the gov't. will bail them out at tax payer expense.

  17. CarmineD sez

    "Quite the opposite. Based on just the liberal commentators here, the suspicion is stronger that they [liberals] fear the advances more."

    HUH? What advances are you talking about? Advances in voter suppression?

  18. You have little to back up your point except for misinformation and emotion.

    Minority voter participation is at historic highs. So can you use actual facts to back up what you are saying?

    Also you are wrong when it comes the VRA. Only Section 4 was invalidated. Those formulas originated in the late 60's and Congress just needs to update them.

    BTW liberal bastion Massachusetts has the lowest minority voter participation. The southern states have parity or higher minority voter participation. Again get your facts right.

  19. I am far, FAR less concerned about a dozen or so ballots cast improperly in Nevada than I am about a dozen or so Registrars of Voters improperly counting the ballots actually cast or by a dozen or so manufacturers of voting machines providing their own closed source programs for counting votes and leaving no - as in ZERO - paper trail for the record.

    I whole-heartedly agree with the quote attributed to J. Stalin: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." It is that source of fraud the the Voting Rights Act was implemented to prevent and has now been re-authorized.

    It has been said that in the days of wide-spread voter literacy laws, some Southern voting officials maintained Chinese language newspapers to "confirm" the literacy of Black registrants: "You claim you can read? Read this newspaper article." While this tale is perhaps apocryphal, its intent is not and is in practice today: One registered voter = one vote. One LESS registered voter - one LESS vote.

  20. "Non working, lazy, pathetic people will only vote to give themselves a raise."

    Southern strategy "welfare queen" bullcrap. Should we bring back Jim Crow also?

  21. "Minority voter participation is at historic highs."

    Yes, THANKS TO THE VRA, which has blocked hundreds of discriminatory and unfair changes to voting laws in just the last few decades. I'm flabbergasted that the argument against the VRA, or even preclearance, is that the LAW IS WORKING as intended.

    Now that the VRA has been weakened, you're seeing states such as Texas and North Carolina ram through laws obviously targeted at creating hurdles and thus increasing voter suppression. ID laws, reducing early voting... both will detrimentally affect minority turnout significantly. That, in turn, helps the GOP, who have retrenched themselves into a strategy based on limiting turnout, rather than appealing to policy preferences.

    Still no answer from anyone on the right as to my question: why, other than to suppress voter turnout, would the GOP try to ban voting on Sundays?

    Why is that?

  22. Anyone who values a vibrant 2 party system should hope the GOP isn't going to try to use voter suppression to counteract demographic changes in America. It won't work. It would be like trying to prevent a dam collapse by sticking your finger in the first hole you see.

    I have confidence that if real voter suppression is detected in red or blue states, it will be addressed. As for voter ID laws, I find it hard to fathom, as Jeff points out, how so many Americans can find it acceptable that you can't get a casino gift without showing ID, but you can get a gun or vote without one.

    Casinos are pretty smart and they know their customers include the elderly, minorities and the poor. If an ID was the obstacle so many on the left claim, I think the casinos would just give anyone that came in a gift, with or without ID. The reason they don't is the 'real' concern that if they did, people who did not qualify for a gift would come in and get one. If that seems reasonable for casino's it should also be reasonable for buying a gun .... and for voting.

    Consistency should a word we should all familiarize ourselves with.


  23. Kevin,

    If you research a little, you'll find that nations all over the world hold elections on different days, some over several days, as the European Union does. Here, we mostly vote on Tuesdays. All the other days are 'banned' including Sundays. I'll posit that along with the 'possibility' of trying to suppress voter turnout, it 'may' just be possible that part of the reason for the push for a Sunday ban on voting 'may' just be those darn 'religious nuts' again trying to push their religion on the rest of us. Many of those 'religious nuts' would favor a ban on all commercial business on Sundays, for strictly religious reasons.


  24. "HUH? What advances are you talking about? Advances in voter suppression?"

    Just the opposite: More pervasive voter registration and turnout. It's a death knell for liberals who fear that future minority voters, black and Hispanics, are leaning conservative not liberal.

    Carmine D

  25. History is clear. It wasn't the republicans who unabashedly coined the infamous phrase "vote early and vote often." It was the likes of Mayor Daley and House Speaker Rostenkowski--Democratic Chicago styled politicians extraordinaire.

    Carmine D

  26. The Red States only worry about their shrinking voter base. Now they see a chance to use it to their advantage to get their lackluster candidates into power, but are free and clear to suppress everyone else. It is so blatant now, they don't even have to campaign for votes anymore. Just stand there and wait for the votes to roll in.

    The funny thing about that is the list of people they surmise will vote against them FAR SURPASSES the ones they believe will vote for them. Simply put, demographics is the changing face of America. The Tea/Republicans don't seem to understand they are becoming overcome by events. A thing of the past. An ideal that is quickly becoming noxious smelling and foul tasting.

    One of the reasons I am committed to destroying the Tea/Republican Party with my vote is simple.

    Their voting base is without a doubt mostly male, white and elderly.

    I myself am an old white male.

    And I simply detest them for giving me a bad name!

    Anyways, when you tell someone they cannot do something...or even make it hard for them to do something....they are going to take extra lengths to ensure they do the opposite.

    We actually saw this happen in the elections of 2012. In Ohio and Florida there were long lines into the night to vote. To name a few States.

    I already see signs of organizing to fight this U.S. Supreme Court ruling. I read one account of an entire church in a poor African American neighborhood. The congregation all got together and asked questions of each other. Specifically on how to get voting ID cards. They identified each and every person's specific problem as to why it was hard for them to attain a voter ID card. And they are taking steps on every level to make sure they get their right to vote. Driving them to get their ID. Even collecting however much money to help each other. Whatever it takes. Mobilization. Organization.

    And this scares the Tea/Republicans. Because this is the real grassroots. Not the made up Tea Party malarkey that riles up the poor on their side and ends up only benefiting the rich and no one else.

    You started this in motion, Tea/Republicans. This is going on all around this great nation. Don't matter what obstacles are put in place to restrict voting. It's not gonna work.

    Bring on 2014 and 2016 elections. I'm going for scorched earth in my voting patterns. I want to wipe the Tea/Republican Party off the map in America with my votes wherever and whenever I can.

    I just hope everyone else wakes up. Because their nonsense will continue if you vote them into power again. They will NEVER change.

  27. Funny, all of those "Red States" were in fact "Blue States" when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Also funny, it was the Democrats that filibustered every Civil Rights Act that was passed by the Republicans in the 1950's and 1960's. All Democratic filibusters of the Civil Rights Act's were led by former KKK members. Robert Byrd? Democrat hero.

  28. TrueAmericanPatriot says "But I also said, and cited the source for, that the Act is toothless now that the enforcement provision has essentially been removed."

    Really? The only section that was nullified was Section 4(b) which affects the pre-clearance requirement in Section 5.

    The enforcement sections: Section 3, 12, and 14 were completely unaffected, as were the sections dealing with what actions are prohibited under the act: Section 10, 11, 201, 202, and 203.

    So everything that was illegal under the VRA last year is still illegal now. Every enforcement process in force last year is still in force this year.

    The only thing that changed is that the 9 states that had to get voting procedure changes pre-cleared now operate under the sames rules that the other 41 states have been operating under.

  29. allbuss84 - "All Democratic filibusters of the Civil Rights Act's were led by former KKK members. Robert Byrd? Democrat hero."

    Who grew as a human being, like many from that era, and apologized for terrible behavior. Unlike the stoic immovable GOP of today. Interesting how roles reversed and the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. Conservatives fear social change, and that sir, is a fact!

  30. SimplyChic - would you care to provide some factual data to support your claims that:
    "These 9 southern states have a long-standing history of blatant attempts toward voter discrimination."
    "...but the other 41 states did not practice discrimination!"

    Because what you have seems to be an emotional appeal unsupported by evidence.

    As cited by the Supreme Court (and as can be clearly read in Section 4(b) of the VRA), the 9 states included were included based, not on what you claim, but on low minority voter registration numbers on November 1, 1972. Nothing more than that.

    Your assertion that voter discrimination occurred in those 9 states, but not the 41 others is blatantly false.

    As for you ridiculous claim "So now, it is legal." and "Now there is no law against discrimination in those localities that have a long-standing history of cheating," you obviously have not actually read the VRA. As I pointed out before, everything that the VRA prohibited as illegal is still illegal. Sections 4 and 5 had nothing to do with what was illegal under the law or enforcement of those prohibitions.

    But hey, prove me wrong. Cite one single thing that was illegal to do under the VRA last year that's now legal. (careful, this part may actually require you to read the text of the law in question)

  31. Nevada was a blue state for the 2012 presidential election. Florida on the other hand was a "swing" state.

    "8 people have been arrested and/or convicted in Madison County Florida in Nov. 2011 for voter fraud, meaning they all voted more than once in an election. All of them were Democrats. It's no surprise to this writer that the party of the Godless is also the party of the unethical, illegal and immoral. No God, no morals. Know God, know morals."

    Carmine D

  32. Ohio was a "swing state" too in the 2012 election.

    Carmine D

  33. More on voter fraud in Florida by the Democratic Party

    There are more. You can do your own homework, if you want.

    Carmine D

  34. One more for good measure:

    "As a result of Tuesday's presidential election, several reports are coming in of voter fraud by the Democratic Party, particularly in key states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Florida where in St. Lucie County, the unofficial vote count showed 175,554 registered voters but 247,713 vote cards were cast coming to 141.10% ."

    Carmine D

  35. And more:

    "How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures

    Here are the facts:
    To date, 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases of voter fraud.
    More than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide.
    There are over 1.8 million dead voters still eligible on the rolls across the country.
    More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.
    True The Vote recently found 99 cases of potential felony interstate voter fraud.
    Maryland affiliates of True The Vote uncovered cases of people registering and voting after their respective deaths.
    This year, True The Vote uncovered more than 348,000 dead people on the rolls in 27 states. California: 49,000
    Florida: 30,000
    Texas: 28,500
    Michigan: 25,000
    Illinois: 24,000

    12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
    The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
    Federal records showed 160 counties in 19 states have over 100 percent voter registration.
    The Florida New Majority Education Fund, Democratic Party of Florida and the National Council of La Raza are currently under investigation for alleged voter registration fraud."

    You can figure out which are Democrat.

    Carmine D

  36. "The biggest voter fraud, in our lifetime, was
    done by the republican party when they stole the
    election from Al Gore."

    Al Gore, who I supported for President in his first run in 1988, is a multimillionaire in large part because he sold his interest in his cable channel to the Chinese--the worse environmental polluters and human rights violators on the planet. So what does that make him and his "global warming" crusade?

    Carmine D

  37. "Al Gore is almost as rich as Mitt Romney, according to a new in-depth Bloomberg analysis of his wealth. He's got a fortune just short of $200 million, as opposed to the $250 million net worth of the Republican the 2012 Obama campaign framed as an out-of-touch plutocrat.

    Much of Gore's wealth stems from the January sale of Current TV, which he co-founded, to the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera media empire. Gore netted about $70 million from his Current stake, estimates Bloomberg. That same month the ex-VP and almost-president of the United States also raked in about $30 million from sales of Apple stock. He's on Apple's board of directors.

    "That's a pretty good January for a guy who couldn't yet call himself a multimillionaire when he briefly slipped from public life after his bitterly contested presidential election loss to George W. Bush in late 2000," write Bloomberg's Ken Wells and Ari Levy."

    Carmine D

  38. CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio): perhaps its true, as you stated at 5:52 p.m. yesterday (and I have no interest in debating THAT issue...) that "More than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide." Of those how many actually generated real, live, at the booth FRAUD? 1%? 1/10 of 1%? ANY? And that number is spread over how many registrars offices? Maybe 1,000? that means 24,000 names per registrar - a bit high for White Pine County, a drop in the bucket for Los Angeles County.

    Considering the accuracy of many registrars files and procedures, is there any assurance that 24 million is the right figure? Or that ALL of them are really, actually invalid? Go ahead, purge those 24 million names. And when you find out, next election day that 240,000 PEOPLE (and yes - that's only 1%) have been disenfranchised, without notification, without notice, ILLEGALLY, what then???

    Suppose that Clark Count purged invalid names - and one of them was yours! You may very well not find out about it until you are in line some November Tuesday, waiting to vote. What would be YOUR reaction?

    While I suspect that most registrars would rather have NO invalid names on their roles, I also suspect that, given the choice between invalid names and disenfranchised voters, most reputable registrars would far rather have some invalid names.

  39. Robert:

    24 Million are invalid!! How many people voted in the 2012 election? Compare the two numbers. It's obvious to me the system for cleansing bad data is not working in 46 states, for whatever reasons. I'm more concerned about the 24 million than I am about my one. How about you?

    Carmine D