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April 26, 2015

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letter to the editor:

GOP is fickle over immigration

The Tea Partyers now want to extend the existing horrendous steel curtain wall on our southern border by another 700 feet to keep out the influx of immigrants entering our country illegally.

The Republicans do not mention any other immigrants who enter our country illegally via the Canadian border or by way of the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. Why are they welcomed with open arms? Especially when some of those people turn out to be terrorists and inflict more harm to our country than those people entering from our southern border.

Some conservatives apparently also want to check the IQ of all immigrants and also test their aptitude, obviously to pick the cream of the crop from other countries. They want our corporations to hire highly skilled workers from other countries, and still do all the outsourcing they want. I believe most Americans would not like to see that happen, but would prefer to educate our own people. What do Republicans do? Cut funding for education.

Are we going to have to reincarnate Ronald Reagan and let him call President Barack Obama: “Mr. President tear down that wall”?

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  1. There are 9 million Mexican born immigrants who live here and are US citizens. Canada? 820,000. Add the 11 million more that is reported to be here illegally then it's 20 million out of Mexico's population of 114 million people which is 17% of Mexico's population. The next largest group of foreign born immigrants is from the Philippines with 1.3 million people. Give the current group of illegal immigrant workers a green card to work here. At the current pace another 10-15 million more illegal immigrants from Mexico will enter our country again illegally in 30 years time. 30 million Mexican born immigrants every 50 years, nearly 25% of Mexico's population? Think about it. We have the potential to become The United States of Mexico. The numbers clearly show the southern border is the problem, not the Canadian border. Canada and the US are very similar so there's no mad rush to the US from the north.

  2. the simplest least expensive solution would be to lay a mine field along both borders. doing so would cut down on the need for more border patrol.

  3. The U.S. abated and abetted the influx of undocumented immigrants by not securing and enforcing the integrity of our borders. We owe it to all who came here, estimated at 11 million, to provide a legitimate and reasonable pathway to citizenship. Not amnesty. Immigration reform must address both issues: Border security and enforcement and a pathway to citizenship. And it [immigration reform] will or it won't pass in the current political and social environment of the country.

    Carmine D

  4. BS, Carmine! We owe nada to those who disregard our laws! Put the blame on the mass exodus of citizens fleeing their countries exactly where it belongs - on their countries for subjecting them to a lower standard of living by denying them economic and social opportunities available to all in this country willing to work for it. That said, our government has a duty and an obligation to stop illegals from arriving here and if it takes a fence or an army to do, that's just fine with me!

  5. "BS, Carmine! We owe nada to those who disregard our laws"


    Note I said "abated and abetted" not aided and abetted. The U.S. wanted it both ways at the same time. Bad policy. Can't have it both ways, and we need to rectify the wrong our policy done.

    Carmine D

  6. Ms. Rey,

    You may want to expand your horizons and understanding: leave your neighborhood and visit a port city, say Long Beach or Seattle, where you will find a small army inspecting most cargo ships.

    You can then determine your assessment that other "borders" welcome invaders with "open arms" is incorrect.


  7. Enjoyed the letter. To get this thread back on track, let's look at the dilemma the entire Tea/Republican Party faces regarding this controversial issue.

    The GOP has a race problem. Last election, just about three quarters of Latino Americans voted for President Obama. And it even went down ballot to other candidates, especially in the Senate. The GOP got creamed.

    Then, their "alien autopsy" says they gotta do somethin'. They say they gotta change. They have to appeal to minorities and make new voters. Or they will lose elections for at least a few generations.

    But the funny thing is...they can't change.

    They simply can't change right now. Stuck in a rut.

    They are more scared of each other and facing primaries than they are of anything else. An insatiable lust to get to the far right of each other. And it doesn't stop.

    But they know they have do something. Anything. Because if they don't, they know the demographics of this great nation will be against them. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

    But then again, and this is what they believe, if they do vote for immigration reform, they absolutely fear that 11-12 million new immigrants will be made naturalized American citizens. And they believe to their very souls that each and every one of them will vote against the Tea/Republican Party. They are probably right.

    So, they are caught between a rock a hard place.

    Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    We didn't put them in this situation. THEY did. All by themselves. They can point fingers everywhere else, but any sane, rational person can see their radical and extreme racism and xenophobia got them put in this position.

    So, whatever you do, Tea/Republicans, don't matter. We gotcha.

    Please quit your griping and put your head down on the chopping block.

    The next few elections in 2014 and 2016 and going to be extremely painful for your entire political party.

    The American people have suffered the predations and over reach for far too long.

    The House is incompetent. And it's solely due to the Tea/Republican Party majority. They can't pass a simple farm bill. They can't even sit down and figure out the rising student loans rate. But they can spend time on stupid stuff. And going from one manufactured crisis regarding debt limits to the next.

    So, shoot down immigration reform or approve it. One way or the other, we are seeing the absolute destruction of the Tea/Republican Party. Because it's guaranteed to start an internal rebellion within. Not to mention politicians voted out of power in droves. It's all shaping up that way.

    I would think the worst thing they can do in the house, especially after other legislative failures, is to shoot down immigration reform. If that does happen, you can kiss the modern day Tea/Republican Party goodbye. Fini. Dead in the water. They will NEVER recover.


    Please proceed, Tea/Republicans.....

    Please proceed.....

  8. Immigration will never be stopped. Not until companies and coporations stop hiring cheap labor and are able to get away with just a slap on the wrist. You can waste $30 billion on building a wall and all you'll get is a wall that can't keep people out. Not that we have that sort of influx today, immigration from Mexico is net zero. That $30 billion could be put to better use restoring, repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure which in turn will boost the economy through job creation.

    ColinFromLasVegas touched on something that most over look when he said they can't change. It's very true, fear is what motivates so-called conservatives nowadays. They are afraid of women who makes their own decisions, they are afraid of minorities having the vote, they afraid of religions other than Christian, they are afraid of gays, and the list goes on. Today's so-called conservatives are afraid of change in any form, period! What's so odd about that fact is they don't care to win the White House back. They've gerrymandered districts to represent mostly white voters ignoring other voters. What's even funnier, Obama received 51% of the vote, something not done since Eisenhower won a second term. All of those people who voted could not possibly be people of color which indirectly indicates voters prefer progressives who are moving forward while the GOP/Tea Party stagnates.

  9. I don't agree with Colin that it is doom and gloom forever for Republicans if the House doesn't pass immigration reform. Forever is a long time, but it will hurt Republicans for awhile. Colin tends to forget that the country is nearly evenly split between those supporting Republicans and those supporting Democrats.

    I think, in the end, the House will pass immigration reform, because not to do so would put too many members at risk. That is a poor reason for supporting immigration reform but it is what it is.

    I simply have to hope that this time, the measures to finally secure and control our borders actually are put in place quickly and are enforced. My hopes are not high for many reasons but all I can do is hope.


  10. Vernos,

    I think there are many people less Progressive than you, such as me, that think the whole idea of a wall is stupid.

    Mexico controls immigration by making it difficult to find employment if you are illegally in Mexico. All along, that's all we would have had to do and it is still what we need to do. Can you say E-Verify?

    Illegal immigrants make products and services less expensive for consumers, fill low skilled low paying jobs, allow employers to make larger profits by paying low wages and no benefits, and supports a huge industry (government and private sector) that supports illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. For those reasons and others, I am highly skeptical that we will secure our borders, no matter what is passed in Congress.

    We'd have a better shot if we had public financing of campaigns so that members of Congress could not be bought off by 'interests' that favor de-facto open borders.


  11. Vernos,

    I most often vote Republican and most Progressives that write in consider me a Conservative. Let me address and hopefully speak for some other people who you label 'so called Conservatives'.

    I am not afraid of women making their own decisions, but I think a society that has as many abortions as this one does, with available birth control, should be ashamed. I don't support a ban on abortion but I can and do respect those that feel that abortions are taking a life and should not be allowed.

    I am also not afraid of minorities having the vote but I don't find it unreasonable to ask voters to provide identification.

    I am not afraid of religions other than Christian, but I also am bothered when concerted efforts are made to remove religious symbols from the public square that have been there since the countries founding.

    I am not afraid of gays and supported allowing gays to marry and ending don't ask don't tell.

    The far right conservatives get all the attention because the media in the main leans left and outrageous views make people watch, read and listen.

    Just as on the left, there are people on the fringes on the right but there are also millions of Conservatives that don't fit in the box you so easily try to shove them into.


  12. Michael,

    You said:

    "but I think a society that has as many abortions as this one does, with available birth control, should be ashamed."

    Not when you have groups that refuse to teach sex education and refuse to make birth control available.

    "I am also not afraid of minorities having the vote but I don't find it unreasonable to ask voters to provide identification"

    So why close polls on Sundays, disallow early voting, cut early voting hours and an assortment of deterents? There should be no reason a person stands in line for eight hours to vote.

    "but I also am bothered when concerted efforts are made to remove religious symbols from the public square"

    Then why pass laws banning the practice of Sharia Law as if it was a real issue?

    "The far right conservatives get all the attention because the media in the main leans left and outrageous views make people watch, read and listen."

    Far right conservatives get attention because the GOP/Tea Party was hijacked by the religious right Flat Planet Society. The belief that all of our problems was due to Obama being elected is pure paranoia. Their paranoia is so deep seated that over 50% of the GOP believe Obama was born in Kenya. They can't cope or face the fact the man was duly elected. We have no antichrist/socialist/commie/Muslim/Kenyan sitting in the White House. You yourself read these rants everyday. Why don't you question the sanity of a few who post here or those who suffer from ODS, Obama Derangement Syndrome?

  13. Donna, do you need glasses to see the dots? It's a Dem/bipartisan suggestion for 700 more miles. The Tea party wants OUR LAWS ENFORCED. Tea does NOT welcome illegal immigrants at all. Illegals have stolen more than 7 million American jobs and there is no way our economy is going to recover, no way American unemployment will drop, no way long-term unemployed Americans will get free food, free housing, free medical care, free utilities that we dish out to illegals. Gee, if Obama can get ACA to work, who's gonna pay for all the illegals using ER's, dialysis at UMC as routine medicl care, illegal students who "need" vaccines?

  14. We NEED an INS that locates, arrests and REMOVES illegals whether those illegals entered illegally or outstayed VISAs. Why hasn't Congress or the President done ANYTHING to even track VISAS. Example: Student VISAs are handed out like bus tickets--just apply/accept "plans" to attend a university. NO checking to see if you ever attend school. But you get the VISA right away and no one tracks when you enter/exit the country.

  15. Vernos,

    Surely you don't believe that a majority of those who consider themselves Conservatives are against some sex education in the schools and want to withhold access to birth control? Surely you don't believe that the numbers of abortions in this country are mostly the result of lack of sex education and access to birth control? Do you?

    I don't favor no Sunday voting, closing polls early or most other deterrents and I don't think most Conservatives do either. Asking for ID is another matter entirely.

    Laws banning Sharia law are stupid, but that is a completely separate issue from the attacks against religion in this country by people who want a totally secular society.

    I have and do question some on both the left and right that send letters in. I find the people who will not accept President Obama as a duly elected President about as 'nutball' as I do those that would not admit that George W. Bush was also duly elected using the mechanism put in place by the Founders under the circumstances that were present in that election. And 'both' sides did whatever they could to manipulate things in their favor, as would be expected.

    Vernos, let's face it. Many that just don't like President Obama and his policies refuse to acknowledge him as a legitimate President and then create reasons to feel that way. That is exactly what happened with Bush as well; just with a different group of 'nutballs' hating him.

    In truth, neither you or I know with any certainty just how much of the left or the right hold what would be considered 'nutball' views and how many are more reasonable.


  16. Roberta,

    I am sure you know this but the status of VISA's are not monitored because if they were, people would be deported. That would be a sticky and unpopular situation that the folks in Congress do not want to place themselves in. The same thing is true for the entire immigration area. If 'anything' is actually done to remove anybody or put effective obstacles to more illegal immigration, controversy and anger will be the result and every member in Congress know it. That and lobbying by people and groups that benefit from illegal immigration are the reasons we don't take any effective action.


  17. Michael,

    Yes I believe sex education is an issue with many in the GOP because I've the word "abstinence" far too many times. I believe you don't ascribe to many of those issues, but like it or not, the GOP/Tea Party has a proven track record of passing those type of laws. If you are a moderate or center right Republican, not aligned with the Flat Planet Society, the radical right religious base will call you a RINO. Xenophobia, paranoia, suspicion, and fear has a solid grip on those to the far right.

  18. Vernos,

    I have issues with those on the left that want a totally secular society and those on the right that want religious doctrine to dominate. I have a problem with those that want to provide any and all types of sex education in schools without parental approval and those that want no sex education in schools.

    I really do sit in the middle on many issues and I find it troubling that so many people would not know the middle if it slapped them in the face. You blame the right and more or less give the left a pass. Others do the opposite. Unless more of us can stumble upon the middle and embrace it, our society and our nation will suffer.


  19. Oh, right, Donna, they're just pouring over the Canadian border by the millions, and they're swimming across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans so they can land on beaches and skirt the security at airports and harbors. Millions of them!

  20. Until the absolutely impenetrable force field leaves the realm of science fiction and enters that of engineering, calls for "securing our borders" is a round-about way of saying "No immigration reform. No time. No way. No exceptions."

  21. Keep pounding your Congressman..............ESPECIALLY IF YOUR CONGRESSMAN IS A REPUBLICAN. Amnesty passed in the Senate.......however the House of Representatives is a different story where the Republicans are the majority. THE REPUBLICANS will decide the issue.....for or against (For you partisan types this is just the facts). 99% of Democrats are for legalization so pounding the Republicans is the only way to possibly stop it.

    The Senate amnesty bill has more pork in it than porky pig!

    Here's how to find out who your Congressman is and his or her e-mail address:

  22. If the ACA is President Obama's signature piece of legislation, and likely his only legacy if immigration reform is not passed, then why would his supporters object to calling it Obama care? If he [the president] and they [his supporters] are genuinely proud of it [ACA] then I would think they would call it Obama care with pride.

    Carmine D

  23. Let's see. 15 in 4.5 years. That's about 3+ per year. Not even one per quarter. I'd say he has a long way to go yet to match the expectations of those who voted for him. Maybe he can make up for lost ground in the last 3.5 years. Although, I'm not optimistic. How about you?

    Carmine D

  24. Recent doings, from today's NY Times:

    "House Republicans huddled in a crucial two-and-a-half-hour session in the basement of the Capitol as their leaders tried to devise some response to the demand for immigration legislation...

    "The bottom line was clear: The Republican-controlled House does not plan to take up anything resembling the Senate bill...The House also does not intend to move very quickly, and some Republicans are wary of passing any measure at all that could lead to negotiations with the Senate...

    "House Republicans find themselves in a difficult spot on immigration, caught between the needs of the national party to broaden its appeal to Hispanics, and the views of constituents in gerrymandered, largely safe conservative districts."

    All of this is indicative of a party whose members trust NOBODY - particularly each other and who feel no responsibility to ANYONE but the members of their own carefully selected districts. The system is supposed to be a House comprised of representatives selected by the voters, NOT representatives who select their own group of voters.

  25. The blame for failed immigration reform, if it does not pass, rests with the President who made it a issue in his election and reelection, not the House GOP. Recall it was the junior Senator from Illinois, Obama, who squashed the 2007 Senate Immigration Reform Bill sponsored by McCain-Kennedy over the Guest Worker program. Why? John Trumka [AFL-CIO] was against allowing immigrant workers into the U.S. who would jeopardize union rank and file members. Obama was on Trumka's [read Big Labor/union] payroll. In January 2013 when President Obama hawked the Immigration Reform bill in Las Vegas, he was silent on the Guest Worker program. Why? John Trumka was front and center in the audience. I know the liberal NY Times, and their readers, would like to blame the GOP for the all the immigration evils in the U.S., but it had better read current history first.

    On a good note, if Immigration Reform passes, President Obama will get the credit. And the GOP knows it. As far as votes are concerned, any path to citizen won't allow voting for 13-15 years. Unless of course Chuck Schumer, the day after it [immigration reform] passes, authors a Senate bill to grant voting rights immediately to the immigrants who sign up. And don't think he won't.
    Carmine D

  26. Let's see, CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio): at 10:19 a.m. you argued that "The blame for failed immigration reform, if it does not pass, rests with the President who made it a issue in his election and reelection, not the House GOP."

    Let's see, now. A bill passed the Senate by an easily filibuster-proof majority, with both Democrats and Republicans assenting. President Obama is publicly backing it. House Democrats are generally in favor. Now just who does that leave opposing the idea??? Oh, yes. HOUSE REPUBLICANS AKA "THE HOUSE GOP!!!"

  27. Robert:

    The President is the Chief Executive. That's why he gets the credit and/or the blame for Immigration passing/failing.

    Carmine D

  28. Of course the President will back the Senate version of the immigration bill. He's a democrat and the Senate is democratic, despite the gang of 8 Senators who cobbled out immigration reform. That doesn't change the fact that Obama squashed the bipartisan immigration reform bill in the Senate in 2007.

    The House will uncouple the key provisions of the 1200 page Senate Immigration Reform Bill and pass the pieces one at a time. The Senate will go along. There is no rush. Get it right is the mantra.

    Carmine D

  29. "but even the GOP leadership has admitted that if immigration reform fails, the GOP is toast in the next election."

    That would be House Speaker John Boehner and he stands by the Hastert Rule regarding Immigration Reform. And well he would and should.

    What will pass the GOP House is comprehensive tax reform. I opine this session. I opine the vast majority of Americans would much rather have this [tax reform] than Immigration Reform.
    Carmine D

  30. "The Hastert Rule or the majority of the majority is an informal governing principle used by Republican Speakers of the House of Representatives since the mid-1990s to maintain their speakerships and limit the power of the minority party to bring bills up for a vote on the floor of the House.[1] Under the majority of the majority doctrine, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives will not allow a vote on a bill unless a majority of the majority party supports the bill.[2] Its introduction is widely credited to former Speaker Dennis Hastert (1999-2007); However, Newt Gingrich, who directly preceded Hastert as Speaker (1995-1999), followed the same rule.[3] Hastert was vocal in his support of the rule stating that his job was "to please the majority of the majority."[4]"

    Carmine D

  31. I don't respond to personal attacks by untrusted posters here. It's an exercise in futility. These attacks go away in 3 days, if not sooner by the Moderator, and I can wait.

    Carmine D

  32. "After all a bi-partisan group of republicans and Democrats passed it in the Senate, and after President Obama said he'd sign it,"

    As much as I understand that the President and Senate would like to have their way on all the laws passed, they don't. There still is a House of Representatives that is co-equal and has a say in the law passage process.

    Carmine D

  33. Donna, GOP is not a machine, even if the DNC seems to be expert at manipulating the minions. More and more Americans are figuring out that DNC is solely interested in electing party robots and not interested in the COMMON GOOD of Americans.

  34. That's quite a series of posts responding to mine of 4:18 p.m. yesterday, CarmineD. NONE of them refute the fact that Congress, by a filibuster/veto-proof bipartisan vote passed the immigration bill. Or the fact that House Democrats support it. Or the fact that the President supports it. As does the business community. As does Wall Sgtreet. The fact that Boehner refuses to waive the Hastert Rule simply shows that he recognizes as a fact that only a minority of his own party supports the idea of even DEBATING the Senate proposal - obviously aware that if they introduced the topic, a bipartisan group of House members would ALSO vote for it! Republican't House leadership is again using the tried and true tactic of their accomplices in the Senate - do ANYTHING to insure things are done their way or no way.

    If the immigration act of 2013 fails, it will be the SOLE fault of the Republican't party and its inability to control its members. Perhaps their owners in the business community will eventually convince them to see some sense.

  35. Robert:

    If you read the Wall Street Journal, there is an excellent article on the OP-ED page in the Wednesday July 10 edition entitled: "House Republicans and Immigration." It is an excellent guide to how and what the GOP House will likely do on immigration reform. It trumps the Senate bill. IMHO

    If you recall I said here several times an Immigration Reform Bill will be passed. I still believe it.

    But the credit/blame for doing/not doing will rest with Obama who made it a centerpiece of his reelection.
    Carmine D

  36. Robert:

    Here's the article. Enjoy!

    Carmine D