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April 19, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

The GOP and the presidential race

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In response to Michael Casler’s letter, “Congress has no desire to change,” the title is fine but the letter is not. Mr. Casler appears to be walking right down the middle while trying hard not to disclose his support for the right. It must be hard to walk that way!

To be fair, there is enough blame to go around in both parties, but the fundamental beliefs of each party will never coincide. There have always been stark differences between the parties, but the 2008 election brought their core values to the forefront. The question was, “Is the country ready for a black president?” The answer is no. We don’t talk about racism, but we should.

The Republican Party made it clear from day one that its goal was to make Obama a one-term president, but it failed. The Republicans’ failure drove them to double down on their obstructionism agenda.

The Republican House has not passed or brought forward any bill of substance in four-plus years to help the majority of its citizenry. The Republican Party is wasting our time on its personal vendetta. The Republicans’ ratings are plummeting, and they have destroyed the trust some voters mistakenly placed in them.

No matter what Obama says, proposes or nominates, the Republican Party is against it. It’s hard to believe Obama has not had a good idea since taking office. The statement that both parties are to blame is only partially true. One party is intellectual; the other is heartless. The winner is?

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  1. Let's separate truth from convenient myth:

    The vast majority of the people opposing President Obama do not oppose him because he is black. Are there people who do? Yes. Is the number very small? yes. He is opposed for two main reasons. (1) People disagree with his philosophy and polices. (2) Many Republicans want to grant him as few successes as possible, so they have a better shot in 2016.

    As for the Democrat party, I find myself on their side on many social issues. On the fiscal side, I find common cause with neither party.

    Current Democrat philosophy seems to be let's tax the wealthy and business more; let's expand government; let's make tiny steps on the debt and deficit; let's continue to ignore the waste and fraud in government programs; let's not re-write the tax code; let's punt on SS and Medicare, etc.

    The Republicans are out of power in DC and in disarray so it is difficult to pin them down on much, except opposing President Obama.

    But while all of the above continues, I see powerful interests with lobbyists in Congress making sure no action is taken on most major issues of the day and when action is taken, such as the ACA, they use their power and money to make sure the action is ineffective for most of us but either advantages them or at the very least, protects an advantage they already have.

    Parties matter, but until we break the strangle hold powerful interests have in Congress, 'our' government will continue to be driven by people who do not have the countries interests at heart.


  2. The letter writer is either intentionally bashing the Republicans for her own ideological reasons or is blind to very contrasting values of the two parties. For the Republicans to lay down and allow the liberal Obama train to run amok would be totally illogicsal. The Republicans are of course going to protect and advance the fundamental values of smaller and less intrusive government,individual freedoms and liberties,free enterprise,lower taxes,strong national security/ defense, American exceptionalism, constitutional guatantees,and belief in the Judeo-Christian values on which America was founded. These values contrast sharply with the liberal- progressive-secular values of the Obama administration. The two sides are as different as night and day. The letter's author is oblivious to the fact that roughly half of all Americans still believe in these traditional Republican core values and are willing to fight to protect them in the political arena. We are also forced as a nation to come to grips, whether a Democrat or a Republican, that this administration is seen more everyday to trample on and intimidate anyone who thinks differently, and to use the government illegally as a tool for advancing the ideolological and political agenda of the administration. Further,this administration is seen more and more to place its ideological and political agenda ahead of the security and lives of the American people. When this outrageous behavior is coupled with the obvious failure of top government officials to assign and accept accountabilty for their actions,and are approaching the state of a tyrannical regime, then these propensities must be stopped cold in their tracks by all Americans. To defend this intolerable rot in our government is to sustain it.

  3. Wow! The amount of verbiage in the comments is vast, but says nothing except let's continue with the same old same old. A distilled comment would read like this: As long as a black Democrat is in the white house, nothing is going to get done. Legislatively, the HR has expended 20% of it's time in session renaming Post Offices. Non stop hearings on "scandals" takes up the rest of their time. Prediction: NO budget, NO jobs bill, NO addressing of entitlement reform, NO smidgen of sensible gun control, NO repeal of sequestration (fine with me), NO immigration reform, NO NOTHING. For brevity's sake I will end here.

  4. Barack Obama's worst enemy is Barack Obama. He frittered away his first term's political capital with Obamacare to the exclusion of the economy and the budget. His reelection was a rarely gotten do over. A second try. His win had the Democrats and liberals ecstatic about an ushering in of a new progressive era. There were shouts of a takeover of the House by democrats in 2014. But, no such thing happened nor will. Just 5 months into his second term, the time to leave his legacy, and President Obama is on the skids, fighting to stand up on the ropes. The three controversies--I.R.S. targeting conservative groups; Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder assaulting the freedom of the press; and the State Department and Hillary Clinton debacle in Beghazi, Libya--will preoccupy his second term. Can the President salvage his second term? He has to be wondering right now, how?

    Carmine D

  5. Enjoyed the letter, Ms. Starr. The American people out here are sick and tired of the Tea/Republican Party. They are not serving America. They are serving themselves and their failing ideology that always seems to over reach.

    For over four years now, America has focused on jobs and the economy.

    The Tea/Republican Party, especially their majority in the House of Representatives, have focused on repealing the Affordable Care Act, defunding Planned Parenthood, enacting ridiculous anti-abortion legislation and naming Federal Buildings. To mention a few. And that's not even talking about the tiresome and silly games they play that only center around party politics all the time.

    Now, in order to make the American people think they are doing something, they are devoting the rest of the summer to scandals.

    Non-stop Congressional Hearings were conducted to fish around and find dirt before. Which ended up in wasting time and money.

    Now, in President Obama's second term, we STILL have Representative Issa fishing around. But this time it's different. He's in desperation mode where he is just pounding out the agenda of his hearings, not letting the facts determine where it goes.

    This is going to backfire. Because the American people are already getting sick of this Benghazi Oh My Ghazi crap.

    Start focusing on the jobs and the economy. Which is what the American people voted not once, but twice, for this President to do.

    The American people out here don't like it when we are being manipulated to direct our anger at President Obama and his administration. For no reason at all.

    Reince Preibus recently said that they will not close for repairs, but they are open for repairs.

    They may have that sign on the window, but every time they look out and see a minority, a gay, and/or a woman walk across the street heading to their shop, they flip the sign to closed.

    The Tea/Republican Party has now been verified to be dead. Taken over by a combination of protesters, riff raff, the religious right, corporation special interests, and power mad despots. They are a ship without a rudder. They are no longer a viable alternative to conduct the peoples business anymore. They know how to complain, but they don't know how to legislate. Instead of compromise, it's my way or the highway.

    The voters have no alternative but to cast votes in the next few election cycles to absolutely crush the Tea/Republican Party.

    Jobs and the economy. Not searching for scandals to throw dirt at our President. Where are the jobs, Speaker Boehner? He can't answer that question, we'll take that gavel away from him. Soon. That's not a wish. That's not a hope. That's not a threat. That's a promise.

  6. I can sympathize with Michael Casler's frustration over a Congress that demonstrates all the class and maturity of a high school cafeteria food fight.

    We can disagree on the blame, but we all share the frustration.

  7. Ms. Starr,

    Please read and understand the following:

    "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." Soren Kierkegaard

    Now, Ms. Starr, don't be a fool.


  8. Oh Boy Bradley! If I am a preferred pet of the Sun, they forgot to tell me! The only contact I have with the Sun is when I send in letters and when a very nice woman named Nadine calls me and asks the same two questions: Did I write the letter and did I also send it to the RJ. I am sure she asks the same questions to all who write in.

    You don't seem to like me or my opinions, which is fine. Try debating me and what I write, instead of concocting conspiracy theories which 'try' to tar the reputations of your local paper and me.


  9. Re Freeman,

    You are correct about the misrepresentation but it's not just Ms. Starr. To many of us, instead of debating issues, misrepresent the positions of others in an attempt to discredit them. You cannot have compromise if you spend all your time and energy misrepresenting the opposing side. You have to 'listen' to the other side 'consider their point of view' and then respond to their argument. That's debate. Anything else is completely worthless in the area of reaching common ground and making progress.


  10. Future,

    You misstate what I propose. I favor allowing people to form groups, collect money, and use it to advertise and advocate to their hearts content... without tax advantaged status. Every group should be required to publicly disclose every donor so the public knows who funds the advocacy. However, campaigns should get a set amount of public funding and not be able to spend more than that amount. Campaigns should not be allowed to coordinate with outside groups.


  11. Let me set the record straight once more since Bradley persists. I corresponded with Boftx and met with him personally once to discuss our views, political and otherwise. He did ask me to become involved in Nevada Whig Party. I did not become involved. He and I agree on some things and disagree on others, like most of us. That's all there was and all there is.


  12. Ms. Starr has a valid point and those who say racism is a minor problem are ignoring the facts and reality. Then again, isn't that normal procedure for wingnuts? How many racist jokes have you heard about Obama but said nothing, chuckled or laughed? The election of Obama sure as hell brought closet racists out into the open.

    Southern Poverty Law Center: Right-Wing Hate Rises Along With Obama

    by Kevin Fallon Mar 9, 2013

    "For the fourth straight year, the Southern Poverty Law Center's annual "Hatewatch" report found very significant growth of the radical right, and in particular with respect to the so-called "Patriot" groups, what we used to call militia groups. It's been really astounding. There were 149 of these groups in 2008, by our count. That number as of 2012 was 1,360. That's 813% growth in four years."

    "It seems quite clear to us that this has a lot to do with Barack Obama, who was of course elected right at that time at the end of 2008, and what he represents: the demographic change that is going on in the population right now. The loss of the white majority is predicted by 2043, according to the Census Bureau. That along with the economy, which collapsed at right around the same time, is really what's driving this movement."

  13. As long as voters such as Future, RefNV, Houstonjac, and others who lean far right continue voting, the GOP/Tea Party are doomed. The country has moved left of center and will leave those who deny "evolution" and unwilling to grow will be left in the dark.

    We've seen this pattern when McCarthyism and John Birchers took root. In late 1990's we witnessed the ousting of Newt Gingrich and a shakeup of the GOP over their neanderthal ideology and tactics.

    There are people in Washington who no longer put the country first. Obstruction and their careers are at the head of their todo lists ignoring the masses and what the American people truly want.

  14. El_Lobo,

    7:48 a. m. post," It's a shame people can't see it..... It's morning again in America."

    When we have paid shills who will always put their own two cents in on every subject whether valid or not.They make sure President Obama's name is mentioned on every post in a negative fashion. Some people will do and say anything for a buck.

  15. "If you go back a week ago, a month ago, or even a year ago you will see their posts are basically a "stuck record" that just repeats itself over and over."

    If you do as you recommend to others, you'll note I warned of an Obama second term curse immediately following his reelection win. Obama knew it too an spoke about it in his first news conference after his win.

    In my wildest dreams and imagination, I would never have expected it to be this bad. Never. President Obama is a sad skeleton of a man let alone the leader of the free world. He has had no victories, big or small, in his second term. None. While his opponents are racking up political wins daily. It's so bad for President Obama, he can't even identify a front and stick with it. He flitters from one to another. When the liberal left and the press, two of the President's golden assets, are both against him, you know the future for this President is dim.

    Can he salvage his second term?

    Carmine D

  16. Bradley,

    You are drawing conclusions not based on evidence. I am favored by the Sun. Where is the evidence? Because my letters appear in the Sun? Really? I am in cahoots with the Sun and they tell me in advance about the letter from Ms. Starr. Where is the evidence? Is it because I am able to write a good response. I was part of setting up the Whig party of Nevada. Where is the evidence? Because i know the founder, Boftx?

    This is really reaching, even for you. And you are not attempting to 'tar' anyone? First you crap on the Sun and accuse them of favoring me and colluding with me. Then you crap on the Whig party and finally on me.

    Come on Bradley....stop...the hole is already deep.


  17. Jeff,

    I am in agreement with you regarding the non talking filibuster and the Hastert rule. Both are used to prevent votes on the floor one side or the other does not want debated. In the Senate, Harry Reid routinely doesn't bring up matters to the floor unless he wishes to.

    As an American, I want issues debated and voted on in Congress. If you'll note however, neither major party seems inclined to change the rules in any substantial way. That is because both know that eventually, they will be in the minority. I can even understand their position.

    But I'm an American. I'm not in Congress. I am not a party. I want all issues debated and voted on. I am willing to live by the mantra that 'elections matter'. I don't expect either party to lay down for the other, but I would like to see the stupid rules that prevent debate and votes done away with.


  18. Eric Holder used a 1917 Espionage Law to spy on the press and restrict their First Amendment freedoms. No one ever has been convicted under this law. Hence, the reason that the liberal mainstream press AND conservative journalists are both united against the Attorney General's action. If this were John Ashcroft, and Bush were president, what would be happening right now? At least Bush told his cabinet members and advisors to tell the truth before the investigative Congressional committees AND not invoke the 5th Amendment right.

    Carmine D

  19. I'll make a prediction here. When the Congressional committee asks the President to provide the reasons for 161 meetings with former I.R.S. Commissioner Shulman, the WH will invoke Executive Privilege. Just as Nixon did.

    Carmine D

  20. Jeff,

    Thanks for NOT engaging in debate. Great job...NOT!


  21. NLV-Indep13 - "Liberal attempts to frame the discussion in terms of race are a red herring designed to appeal to & motivate their baser interest groups (admittedly a sound strategy -- worked well for the Bolsheviks & others in history)."

    Just a few years ago congressional members were spate on and verbally attacked by Tea Party members using the "N" word, but right wing talking heads and pundits denied it ever happened. Denied by elected officials and people who played Barack the Magic negro videos, emailed racist jokes and called women femanazi's.

    You've lost the election of Mitt Romney for the same reasons people are defending the GOP/Tea Party, ignoring the facts. Haven't you noticed the GOP/Tea Party is mostly sexist-older-southern-white men? A few of the original Tea Party groups bailed on the current GOP because they believe their ideology has gone off the rails. Look back at videos during the campaigns and you'll see predominantly white audiences at GOP rallies versus a fairly mixed crowd at Dem rallies. You've had idiots such as Ann Coulter make incredibly stupid comments like, "our blacks are better than their blacks" and a few men talking about "real rape" and women able to reject sperm cells.

    There are those within the GOP commenting about those differences saying the GOP needs to broaden their tent. College Republicans are saying the party is in trouble because of their narrow minded attitude. When do they get a clue, when the party becomes completely useless and loses the House and Senate again? "The hand writing is on the wall" and no one is reading it.

    "To young voters, the Republican Party can appear "closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned," according to a newly-released post-election report probing the party's failures to capture more of the young electorate in last year's presidential election."

    "The 95-page report from the College Republican National Committee, the latest post-mortem from party leadership, paints a grim picture of the GOP's image with voters under 29, citing a series of surveys and focus groups conducted before and after the 2012 presidential election. The report found that younger voters -- even those considered "winnable" for Republicans-- tended to associate the party with words like "rich" and "religious" while stating that adjectives like "open-minded," "caring," and "co-operative" were traits that least describe the GOP."

  22. Jeff,

    I really don't know what to say to you. Like me, I suspect you noticed when Bush was in office that many Conservatives tended to feel it was OK to violate rules and laws and use the heavy hand of government to accomplish goals they felt were important. Now that Progressives are running things, I am seeing the same things happening with the IRS and 501C(3)'s and 4's, AP records, James Rosen, etc.

    I suspect like others on both sides, you recognize the overreach when the opposite side does it, but dismiss it when your side does it. What I find to be absolutely scary is that we seem to have a country where far too many people believe ideology and goals to be sooooo important that 'the ends really do justify the means'.

    To me, this attitude will destroy this country better than any terrorist or foreign army could. It's not just on the left or just on the right. It seems to be pervasive and that is really sad.


  23. Bradley,

    I did say that and at the time, I thought a 3rd party might be a good idea. Jim sent me information on the Whigs and although I did agree with some of it, it contained things I did not agree with and Jim was unwilling to incorporate some things I thought were necessary. I did not take it any further than that.

    I just don't understand what nefarious plot you think you have found and I don't see any deception on my part.

    Backward logic is drawing a conclusion and then going mining for anything that can be used (however weak) to bolster that conclusion. I think it is a bit telling that with the many people that write and disagree with me, very few are jumping on your bandwagon. Try reworking your logic and only draw conclusions after you have facts to back them up.


  24. Bradley,

    I have GERD, which makes it difficult to sleep, so I often wake up in the middle of the night or early morning, which explains my early morning responses.

    Do you have any other nonsense to provide for the readers viewing?


  25. Bradley,

    You should really stop, before you are completely buried. Now you've entertained the possibility that your accusations may be untrue, but say if they are, it's OK because I deserve to be treated badly, like President Obama. OMG!!!!!!!


  26. So Jeff, you believe these assertions by Bradley:

    Michael Casler has a deal with the Sun to be provided word about when a letter is about to be posted so he can have time to prepare a response.

    Michael Casler is a favored poster of the Sun and is allowed to post more often than anyone else.

    Michael Casler was responsible for the formation of the Nevada Whig party.

    If you want to support someone who makes those assertions without proof, be my guest and good luck to you.


  27. 77 comments at the time of this post. All it amounts to is the bchap Cassler unending debate. Waste of time and space on this blog. Neither the twain shall meet...who cares?

  28. Michael Casler does have his share of letters to editor in the LVS, and interesting ones at that. Michael does not get special treatment from the Sun. He just writes more then some of us and the more he writes the more his chances are that the topic he writes about will be picked for print.

    We have many commenters here in the LVS who flood the forum with comment after comment on every subject that comes up.This does not mean that they are getting special treatment from the LVS. It just means that they like the response back that they receive when they write.It now appears that we need to move on and talk about something else,enough said. If I may add just one last thing Michael keep those interesting letters coming.

  29. Sam,

    Thank you. I do enjoy writing and expressing an opinion. I do enjoy the feedback as well. I am a concerned American who does pay attention to what is going on around me. I love my country and I do fear for its well being, which is also why I express my opinions and why I vote.

    I expect that Bradley and others who disagree with me also love their country and it is great that we live in a place where we are all free to express our differing opinions.


  30. Bradley,

    I had nothing to do with starting the Whig Party of Nevada and have no affiliation with it. Jim Beacon started the party, as far as I know.


  31. Chuck333,

    Thanks and I plan to keep writing. I don't have all the answers and I know that. It is sometimes frustrating that people attack me instead of debate me on the issues. I have also learned things from the comments of others.


  32. I can't prove that Bradley's assertions that I have some secret pact with the Las Vegas Sun are untrue, but they are untrue. Same with Whig party, where I had no involvement.

    The reason I continue to state that both parties are in part responsible for the present state of the country is very simply because it is true. I don't bash President Obama but neither am I a cheerleader like Teamster... 'our Economy is BOOMING again; he is like the second coming of JESUS CHRIST..' REALLY?

    Congress passes legislation, creates programs and spends money yet rarely if ever looks to see how what they created is working or even if it is working. Wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars, like has come to light recently at the IRS, happens over and over again. Government is used in ways the Founders never intended. Congress creates rules which short circuit the way the Founders intended that the Legislative branch would function. Money and lobbying place our representatives in Congress in a place where it is nearly impossible for them to do what is right in all to many cases.

    Many of us see all of what I stated above but far too many of us agree with the conclusion that only one of out two main political parties is responsible for all of it. I am pointing out that we have systemic issues in the legislative branch that ARE NOT a function of which party is in control. That doesn't mean parties don't matter but it does mean that total and blind support for either party and total rejection of the other is NOT ever going to be a successful recipe for what ails our country.

    Yes, what I write is repetitive, but no more so than what Teamster writes or Carmine writes, as two examples. The real key here is whether the reader agrees with what is written. If the reader agrees, he or she tends to find the repetition much easier to live with than someone who doesn't agree.


  33. "Obamacare is fast proving itself as a major improvement for health care in this country, and will continue to do just that as it's fully implemented in the coming year or so...."

    Really? What's really reassuring to the American people is that the Internal Revenue Service is tasked with enforcement of Obamacare. The agency currently under investigation for failure to correctly and appropriately define audit processes and procedures for tax exempt status for 501 (C) 3, 4 and 5 entities. Obamacare is more complicated and effusive to a factor of 10 to the infinite degree. American people have no faith and trust in the I.R.S. to be up for the task even with 19,000 new hires. I.R.S. isn't. Its proved that and the the current Commissioner Daniel Werfel attests to it.

    GOP House will pass a law to hold Obamacare in abeyance until the President designates another Federal agency to roll out, implement, and enforce Obamacare. It won't be the I.R.S.

    Carmine D

  34. "Yes, what I write is repetitive, but no more so than what Teamster writes or Carmine writes, as two examples."


    I don't know if I should be flattered by your reference above or insulted to be included along side Teamster as an example.

    Carmine D

    PS: See I do read all your posts here.

  35. Carmine,

    We are all repetitive to an extent so I intended no harm by what I said. I think that at times, your disdain for Obama and the Democrats is a bit excessive, but Teamster is in another league with his worship of Democrats and Obama and his total and complete disdain for all things Conservative or Republican. We could all benefit from dialing back some on our support for 'our' side and 'our' disdain for the opposition. No insult to you was intended.


  36. Jeff,

    If I said term limits and public financing of campaigns was the only solution, I will retract that statement for it is too encompassing. I should say that these two items, in my opinion, are necessary if we wish to have representatives who are not under great pressure to do the bidding of powerful groups with lobbyists. An all Republican or all Democrat Congress will have little effect on that situation.

    Right now there is no overwhelming, grassroots movement for term limits or public financing of campaigns. In my opinion, the reasons for that are:

    Things are still too good for too many.

    The parties are great at covering the problem up and convincing so many that the other party is the 'only' problem.

    Americans are largely ignorant about how campaigns are funded and how this affects the behavior of those we send to represent us.

    If nobody points out what I point out, all anyone hears is that it's that 'other' party that causes all the problems. I don't have the words to express what a crock of ..... I think that claim is and how .... I think the people who hold it are.

    You are free to say what you wish and I always read your comments but in my opinion, your unwillingness to admit that the way we fund campaigns contributes greatly to poor governance is unfortunate.


  37. Michael:

    None was taken. Please note I have disdain for Obama's policies and views. Not him as a person. The same is true for most Democrats with one huge exception: President Clinton. I disdain him personally and professionally. He's the epitome of everything that is wrong and evil with American government and politicians. I have the same perspective for Nixon.

    Carmine D

  38. I should add Michael that President Obama's disdain for Republicans and in particular conservatives is so extreme, he refuses to negotiate and conciliate with them. Just the opposite in fact, Obama blames them for all that is wrong with the country and governance including his own shortcomings. The Dems who support him do the same. It is the reason there are 3 controversies swirling around the President and his administration now. Obama used a bull horn long and loud to demean his opponents and his supporters did his beckoning.

    Carmine D

  39. Teamster and I, Michael, share one very important opinion in common. We both, I believe, have huge respect for Jimmy R. Hoffa [Sr.].
    Carmine D

  40. Jeff,

    There are some good ideas in what you wrote. Eighteen years to too long for a person to 'serve' in Congress , in my opinion but that's relatively minor. I don't think I would dedicate channels for advertising but I would mandate that the broadcasters using the public airways provide the time for advertising.

    You do seem to believe that a Progressive Supreme Court would be on the side of public financing of campaigns and term limits. In my opinion, unless the public, in large numbers calls for public financing of campaigns and term limits, no Supreme Court, Progressive or Conservative is going to get involved in those type of major changes.


  41. Jeff,

    You would need a majority of justices that would be willing to limit political free speech by limiting what could be spent by a campaign to a limited amount of public campaign money. Congress would not want that; the parties would not want it and many people on the left and right would call it an attack on free speech.

    No, I don't think more 'reasonable' justices would do it. We'd need a majority of Americans calling for it and calling loudly. We are a universe away from that at this point. Perhaps when a few million more Americans descend out of the middle class. Then.... maybe.


  42. Jeff,

    Some things are hard to get done, even when they are the right things to do. That should not mean we just give up. Your solution... vote in more Democrats... doesn't even address a problem you acknowledge exists.


  43. Obama's appointment of Rice to National Security Advisor is prima facie evidence of my statement above.

    If you recall on two occasions I impugned Donilon as a flunky unworthy to hold the position. His forced resignation from the post being replaced by Rice validates my position.

    Carmine D

  44. Are you confused again or just not able to keep up?

    Donilon's forced resignation and Rice's appointment is prima facie evidence that Obama hates republicans and in particular conservatives.

    Donilon will be thrown under the bus for the Benghazi, Libya travesty. Hence, he was not appointed to another position..which is probably good for the country. He never deserved the job to begin with, as I told you in several posts here previously.

    Rice does not need Senate approval so she won't have to answer questions on Benghazi, Libya. And if she is subpoenaed, she will invoke executive privilege. Won't have to answer.

    That's prima facie evidence that Obama stuck his middle finger in the eyes of not just republicans but all Americans. But these actions ultimately will convince more Americans that Obama knows more than he's telling.

    Carmine D

  45. In fact if I recall correctly I posted to you here that the fact Donilon was passed over for National Security Director, not once but on two separate occasions in two different presidential administrations, proves he was not worthy and not held in high regard.

    Yesterday's forced resignation of Donilon and retirement. That's 3 strikes and you're out.

    He's being set up to take the fall for Benghazi, Libya. He surely had a hand in it, but he's still the fall guy nevertheless.

    Carmine D

  46. Teamster:

    I like my name and I'm proud of it---unlike you.

    Carmine D

  47. Jeff,

    I, like you, would like to see good people elected, regardless of party. However, if we leave the campaign funding as it is, good people will continue to do the bidding of the powerful. We have some good people in Congress now, who are trapped in a terrible system.

    Infrastructure rebuild.... good idea. Where does the necessary funding come from. Do we borrow it, print it, or raise taxes to get it?

    I suspect that in your view, good judges would make many decisions that I would find objectionable, but that's why we butt heads in this forum.


  48. Hombre:

    WRT Martin Bashir's comments, you may recall when President Obama was inaugurated in 2009, both Bush presidents and their wives, the former first ladies, were booed when they were named as being in attendance at the event.

    Where were the calls of race discrimination by the media?

    Carmine D