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May 5, 2015

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Police: Teen’s shooting death a ‘tragic accident’

Updated Wednesday, June 5, 2013 | 2:53 p.m.

Brooklyn Mohler

Brooklyn Mohler

Metro Police said it’s likely that no charges will be filed in the shooting death of 13-year-old Brooklyn Mohler on Tuesday.

Metro Police responded to the shooting about 3:25 p.m. Tuesday in the 1600 block of Littlecrow Avenue, near West Pebble Road and Spencer Street. They found Mohler suffering from a single gunshot wound, police said in a media release. The preliminary investigation indicates that the shooting was a “tragic accident,” police said.

The firearm came from inside the residence, and was in the hands of another teenage girl when it fired, police said.

Mohler was transported to University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, police said. No official cause of death has been released, according to the coroner’s office.

Mohler was a seventh-grade student at Jack Lund Scholfield Middle School, Clark County School District spokesman David Roddy said. The district’s crisis response team was dispatched to the school Wednesday morning, and Principal A.J. Adams sent a letter home to parents Wednesday afternoon informing them of Mohler’s death and grief counseling opportunities for students.

“It is never easy to lose a valuable life, especially at a young age,” Adams wrote. “This student will always be remembered as a part of our Schofield family, and our staff and students will miss her dearly.”

Roddy said the school also held a moment of silence at the end of the day, the final day of the school year.

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  1. Yeah! More guns...that's the answer.

  2. First of all, Many sincere condolences to the victims family.

    And apologies to family for all the nit-wits here that have or will post stupid, uninformed, and inflammatory comments with no regard to the loss of a young life.

    IMHO the gun owner and the person who pulled the trigger should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    The sad fact and truth of the matter is that some irresponsible adult left a firearm where another irresponsible teen was able to access it. Of, course, we don't know if the teen loaded the gun or if the irresponsible owner of the gun left it loaded. Does not matter, both are guilty of this senseless death in my eyes.

    Another case where none of the involved people had any common sense, and had, evidently, not been instructed in the proper use, storage, and handling of firearms.

    People that simply want to wish away all guns really need to get a grip on reality - it ain't gonna happen.

    Education and development of skill is the answer, and laws that punish the irresponsible should be enforced for this kind of senseless violence.

  3. How awfully sad...

    another tragic, SENSELESS waste of life.
    My condolences to Brooklyn's family & friends.

    Dan Connell,

    While I agree with most of your post, your comment "People that simply want to wish away all guns really need to get a grip on reality" is...MADDENING.

    Why is it that every comment about gun control is met with hysterical comments from 'gun advocates' that 'they wanna take ALLL our guns away!"

    Why can't people comment on pending legislation involving background checks & psych evaluations, or limiting the sale of assault weapons & certain types of ammunition, which would actually be cogent talking points... instead of, "THEY'RE COMIN' FER OUR GUNS, MARTHA! DIN'T I TELL YA!"

    There's a lot of common ground in the good ol' USA on the issue of gun control...
    common sense on both sides is the exception rather than the rule, but those with the LOUDEST VOICES seem to carry the debate. Very unfortunate.

    Personally, I think it's NUTS that we have weekly 'annual' Gun Shows in Las Vegas & that people flock to 'em by the thousands, & ammunition for certain weapons is nearly impossible to get because certain individuals are buying STOCK LOADS of the stuff, & gun shops can't keep inventory because again, on the premise that 'purdy soon, that evil Obama's gonna take away our 2nd amendment rights, & I am personally going to be SO READY for it!"

    Let's tone down the rhetoric on both sides & recognize what needs to be done in the interests of ALL Americans, not just those who wanna be armed to the teeth because of some mythical, outrageous LIES perpetrated by the NRA & the Gun lobbyists.


    "1. Across states, more guns = more unintentional firearm deaths

    We analyzed data for 50 states over 19 years to investigate the relationship between gun prevalence and accidental gun deaths across different age groups. For every age group, where there are more guns there are more accidental deaths. The mortality rate was 7 times higher in the four states with the most guns compared to the four states with the fewest guns.

    Miller, Matthew; Azrael, Deborah; Hemenway, David. Firearm availability and unintentional firearm deaths. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2001; 33:477-84.

    2. Across states, unsafe gun storage = more unintentional firearm deaths

    We analyzed data from the 2002 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System that asked questions about guns and gun storage in the home, combined with information on deaths from the National Center for Health Statistics. Across states, both firearm prevalence AND questionable storage practices (i.e. storing firearms loaded and unlocked) were associated with higher rates of unintentional firearm deaths.

    Miller, Matthew; Azrael, Deborah; Hemenway, David; Vriniotis, Mary. Firearm storage practices and rates of unintentional firearm deaths in the United States. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2005; 37:661-67.

    3. Youth killed in gun accidents are shot by other youth

    The majority of people killed in firearm accidents are under age 24, and most of these young people are being shot by someone else, usually someone their own age. The shooter is typically a friend or family member, often an older brother. By contrast, older adults are at far lower risk of accidental firearm death, and most often are shooting themselves. This article highlights one of the many benefits of the National Violent Death Reporting System. Before the NVDRS, data on the shooter in unintentional gun deaths were not readily available

    Hemenway, David; Barber, Catherine; Miller, Matthew. Unintentional firearm deaths: a comparison of other-inflicted and self-inflicted shootings. Accident Analysis & Prevention.2010; 42:1184-8."

  5. I will pray for this family!

  6. There are 1.2 million firearms in Las Vegas with the populations of 543,424 (2012 consensus). The potential of having an accidental shooting, suicides, robberies, and all categories of gun related crimes will definitely raise the stake of having more deaths and alarming injuries.

  7. The anti-American Left uses tragedies like this one to further their agenda.

  8. @gmag39 wrote "Why is it that every comment about gun control is met with hysterical comments from 'gun advocates' that 'they wanna take ALLL our guns away!"

    Um... if you can find the words "they wanna take ALLL our guns away!" or even a hint of a sentence that means the same thing, you let me know, ok? Because I sure did not write that or intend to write that.

    @gmag39 wrote "hysterical comments from 'gun advocates'" ... There are no hysterical comments in my post.

    I own one side-arm and one shotgun. I have taken many safety classes, and I practice on a regular basis. I keep my arms secured at all times (under a finger print access lock).

    For the record, I advocate constitutional rights.

    As long as the right is in the constitution, guns are not going to be removed from law abiding citizens - that is exactly what I intended to say. I'm no more a gun advocate than I am an advocate for free speech. They are equally important.

    If you can't deal with that fact, then you'll have to not deal with it. But don't tell me I'm a gun advocate or that I'm making hysterical statements. IMHO it's you are the one making irrational statements. I guess we have a difference of opinion.

  9. If I gave an unlicensed, under-age teen access to my vehicle, and then that teen took my keys, drove off, then ran down and killed some poor soul, I and the teen would promptly be jailed and prosecuted for manslaughter. We could never, ever claim that the traffic death was a tragic "accident" and ask for a mulligan.

    However, If I leave a loaded gun where that same teen can access it, use it, kill a person with it, and the teen says "I didn't meant to do it!", then the law calls it "a tragic accident" and no one is prosecuted.

    Time to change some laws, folks.