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April 20, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

We’re encouraging illegal immigration

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Another morning, I open my eyes from yet another tortured night’s sleep. Was it all a bad dream? I rush to the front door and retrieve the newspaper and quickly scan the headlines. My heart sinks yet again.

What part of illegal do our elected officials not understand? Giving illegal immigrants the right to drive? So now they can drive around town while “legally” operating a motor vehicle?

Mr. One-term Governor needs to wake up.

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  1. The letter writer states "giving illegals the right to drive." Would it be better for illegals to drive around our city with no driver's license or insurance? Would it also be better to not know who these individuals are, with some form of identification? Guess what, they the illegals will continue to drive with or without a driver's license or insurance,if we don't change things. It does not appear that illegals are just going to dry up and disappear anytime soon.Time for us to face reality and do something.

  2. There are 9 million Mexican born immigrants who live here and are US citizens. Add the 11 million more that is reported to be here illegally then it's 20 million out of a Mexico population of 114 million people or 17% of Mexico's population. The next largest group of foreign born immigrants is from the Philippines with 1.3 million people. We are becoming the United States of Mexico very quickly. Amnesty? No. Give the current group of illegal immigrant workers a green card to work here. We must imagine another 10-15 million more illegal immigrants from Mexico entering our country again in 30 years time. 30 million Mexican born immigrants every 50 years? The United States of Mexico my friends.

  3. Oh the sweet irony. Remember history; the whole southwest, California and Texas used to BE part of Mexico. There are organizations, such as La Raza, who espouse the eventual "repatriation" of the lands that historically were a part of Mexico. If the Hispanics, legal and otherwise, can't have it their way through re conquest, they'll do it through sheer force of numbers, and the VOTE.

  4. Driver cards, border fences, etc... all have some effect...positive and negative... but the ONLY solution I see is the same one I've seen for a long time.

    If we do not want to look in 30 years and see 50 million illegal immigrants in America, we need to institute a very strong E-verify system and heavily fine employers who hire and use illegal immigrants. If one cannot find work in the country he or she enters, he or she cannot make money and cannot live. If that is true, Mr. and Mrs. illegal immigrant will not enter the country, similar to the way it is handled in Mexico, where it is exceedingly difficult to be able to work without being in Mexico legally.

    It isn't rocket science, but it does take political will to accomplish. Everything else, while it may have a small impact, is inconsequential to really resolving this issue.


  5. Pizzo asks: "Would it be better for illegals to drive around our city with no drivers license or insurance?" I say, it would be better if they went back home, got in line and applyed to enter the USA LEGALLY! BY handing out "goodies" such as drivers "cards," we only encourage more illegals to come here. That is not in the best interests of the USA, in my opinion. And, in my opinion, we should be making it tougher to reside in the USA illegally - not easier! Why this rush to encourage lawlessness?

  6. Open the borders to all, but put a wall around the welfare state.

    Carmine D

  7. Does James White really think illegal immigrants don't drive? Does he think that even when they drive illegally, they carry liability insurance as required by Nevada law? Did he ever wonder why so many drivers involved in fender bender accidents abandon their vehicles and flee the scene on foot?

    He's still in that dreamworld!

  8. Jerry Fink,

    " Why this rush to encourage lawlessness? "

    Illegal immigrants for the most part want a slice of the American pie.However we all can agree that there are so many of them (illegals)it's almost impossible to deal with the situation. Most of the illegals that are here work hard and abide by the rules and laws of the land.

    If we have a mass roundup and deported all that are not citizens as some have suggested.Would we not have some sort of lawlessness in doing so? Something should be done and I think that Governor Sandoval is trying to do just that.There is no easy fix to this huge problem. Let's wait and see if this works or not, trying out something is better than complaining and doing nothing.

  9. I don't want my state (or country) accommodating illegals. Period. If they are here illegally, leave. Now. Otherwise, detain and deport.

  10. Jeff,

    If we don't institute some method of distinguishing between people here legally, who should have a right to work and to benefits and those here illegally, without those rights, how do you propose we place any limits on who can cross our borders? Are you for open borders? Please explain.


  11. I'm with you, James. Sounds very UNCONSTITUTIONAL since only the federal government can regulate immigration and immigrants. Joan 7:10: Exactly. We need a court decision and some LEADERSHIP to EXPEL ALL ILLEGALS who cannot show they entered legally--to save time and money on deportation. Those who over-stayed a VISA MIGHT be "entitled" to a deportation hearing. But maybe not, there must be SOME WAY TO DEPORT overstays without the endless appeals via "civil liberties" groups.

  12. Michael: We need a court decision that anchor babies are ILLEGAL INVADERS in all cases where Mama was here illegally at the time of birth.

  13. Roberta,

    If we keep our attention focused on the illegals already here, we will never tackle how to keep more from coming here. That's just what people who want de-facto open borders to continue as they are today want us to do.

    I hear and understand your frustration about anchor babies and all the rest, but those of us that want to stop the unregulated flood of illegals need to fight less about the side issues and put all our effort into getting a robust E-verify system with punishments for business violators.

    Look at the comment by 'BushDepression'.... Obama deports more illegals than Bush and the headlines that say illegal immigration is down. It's only down due to our weak economy. If our economy comes back, so will illegals... in a flood... just like before. E-Verify is the key to putting an end to illegal immigration.


  14. Michael, yes they ALL MUST LEAVE either on their own or by force. It is absolutely disgusting and insulting that "our" politicians prioritize illegal needs over the needs of citizens. It is NOT OUR PROBLEM what each illegal is gonna do when they land back in their home country. CONFISCATE any and all assets to defray our costs--costs of locating and removing AND costs incurred by stolen K-12, stolen food, stolen welfare benefits, crimes committed.

  15. Roberta,

    We can argue all day long whether, since we (our government) sat on its hands for years and just allowed a de facto open border, it is 'fair' to now just grab all the people that came in illegally, take everything they have and throw them back to where they came from. Whatever we decide, fair or unfair, doesn't really matter. As a practical matter, we will not be sending these people back to their home countries.

    I would much prefer to put my efforts toward doing something that is achievable, such as enacting E-Verify. Each one of us had the opportunity to organize and try to force our government, over the last 50 years, to halt the illegal immigration. Instead, we just lived our lives and did nothing and 1 million became a flood of probably 20 million illegals. We let our opportunity to send people back pass us by... because we allowed such a huge number to enter. Now we have to live with those here and stop any more from coming with E-Verify.


  16. What a mess this is! Liberals and many "Republicans" are pandering to the future voting illegals, and those Mexican voters who are here legally. The blatant law breaking going on, and the arrogant supporters of amnesty who represent the new American voter, are leading America to social.political and fiscal hell! I am not the least concerned with how long it takes, the illegals must be deported.They must not profit from an inane, and incompetent government which would rather cover up its pathetic perfomance than do the right thing. What a shame!

  17. Vidi,

    Nice letter affixing blame, but do you have anything to offer as to what to do now?


  18. Vidi: What about what to do? Ty Cobb, Reagan's former senior adviser, says the President and cabinet and advisers DEARLY REGRETTED THE AMNESTY so let's REPEAL AMNESTY. Do ya think ENFORCING laws re EMPLOYERS OF ILLEGALS and cutting illegals off all social welfare would reduce the invasion? Wouldn't this be fast and effective? Locate, detain, arrest, expel, deport those who STEAL ER AND UMC BENEFITS ON A RECURRING BASIS--such as those on dialysis costing us upwards of $120K EACH PER YEAR.

  19. Hombre:

    Interesting personal tidbit. Thank you.

    I agree with your view on licensing and insuring motorists, documented or not.

    Carmine D

  20. I am certainly glad we are ! More votes for Obama next election , Thank You ! In a few years we will be integrated into the US and like the Italians will be considered white . Thank you again Mr Obama , your the best !

  21. We are still the people that said no to Hitler and Stalin. We can fix this thing. Might be expensive to absolutely insist that all illegals evacuate, but WE CAN DO IT. And as far as cost, saying no is much less costly (to our culture, our safety and our economy) that to accept invasion.


    SENATOR HELLER NEEDS TO BE HEARING the public's deep objections to the S. 744 immigration bill that will get a vote of the full Senate in June.

    The word from various Senate staffers is that if they are not hearing the phones ring with objections EVERY day, the Senators and their top advisors assume that opposition is dying down. We can't let let the Senators and staffs thinking they can get by with voting FOR this bill.

    Would taking 5 minutes out of your time complaining on internet kill you?

    Call Heller and tell them to vote NO on S.744 the Amnesty bill. (Here's a toll-free number: 888-978-3094). You can leave a message after hours with most Senators 24 hours a day.

    If you're nervous about making that first call to a Senate receptionists, just say your name and where you are from and ask them to tell the Senator that he/she should vote NO on S.744 because it puts amnesty before enforcement.

    Here's how to find out who your reps are and their e-mail addresses: