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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Immigrants and social safety nets

If the president can weave his way through the cloud of scandals surrounding his administration, he has a chance to bring about meaningful immigration reform. Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle standing in the way will be the cost of bringing millions of immigrants into our entitlement programs.

Ours is a generous country. Whenever there is a natural disaster, our leaders unhesitatingly put the taxpayer’s checkbook on the line. We are all weary of hearing about the national debt accumulated by our generosity. Foreign wars of liberation, “entitlements” of Medicaid, disability, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Obamacare and a host of others.

It’s fantasy to imagine that we will somehow grow our way out of our debt by cutting taxes. Republicans promoting that idea will be treated badly at the ballot box. At the same time, it’s just wishful thinking to imagine that the world will continue to treat our public debt as if our country could pay its bills.

We are facing a political crossroads that will either be painful or disastrous depending on our choices. We can either resolve to bear the pain of raising the tax money to pay our debts, accept the price of our social safety nets and be able to accept immigrants, or we can continue in denial and bitter division and await the judgment of the world.

Let’s let our politicians know that we’re tough enough to do the right thing.

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  1. Open the borders to all who want to come, but build a high wall around the welfare state. It's not the productive hard working immigrants who come to America to share in the dream of success and upward mobility that eat and drink at the taxpayers' trough. It's the entitlement mentality of those here, or want to come, seeking a selfish carefree life at others' expense.

    Carmine D

  2. Mr. Dornlas,

    Well reasoned and brilliantly stated! Kudos!

    Warm regards,

  3. We don't need "immigration reform!" We need immigration enforcement! The word should be: come here illegally and, when found, you will be deported. Come a second time and you will be barred from ever applying for legal entry! Enough of the touchy-feely, namby-pamby, politically correct apcray! Enforce the laws on the books and the immigration "crisis" will take care of itself!

  4. The United States of America has been on an UNsustainable course in unchecked population growth, unchecked illegal immigration numbers, that has adversely impacted the lives of every legal American living here.

    Those who come and are here LEGALLY, welcome and thank you. To those who have fallen upon hard times economically, take only what you absolutely need, and try to find better times in the process. For those who are able body, be productive any way you can, be it securing a job or in volunteering, or both.

    For our country to survive, we must cut excess, live leaner. No more lavish spending, because the government simply cannot afford it when it is in the pit of debt.

    Federal funds for Free and Reduced School Lunch need to be frozen, until the system delivering food to our nation's needy school children deals with the MASSIVE WASTE OF GOOD FOOD being thrown out into the trash unopened, unconsumed. There is great waste here that is shameful!!!

    Those who don't believe the incredible waste, go to a school and observe for yourself. Your blood pressure will rocket off the charts watching what gets tossed.

    Will a monster bureaucracy be able to change how it deals with WASTE and EXCESS? Judging from the two party gridlock, it cannot happen even if it is possible.

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. Ed's working with it. Let's keep on. Another amnesty would add AT LEAST $6 TRILLION to the national debt PLUS devastate our schools, counties, cities, states.... The cost of letting them stay even without pathways is also beyond belief. The American "citizen" arrested for pounds of marijuana taped under her bus seat was "BORN THERE" but now an American--she has SEVEN kids in Arizona. We NEED SCOTUS to CLARIFY that birth-right citizenship is passed ONLY when the parents are LEGAL AMERICANS. Whenever we're slow to expel/deport we'd adopt all the illegal babies and allow the extended family to stay for "family" reasons? IT'S BANKRUPTING US.

  6. Star has SOME of the info on WASTE in our FOOD PROGRAMS. Any wonder our kids are obese? We provide breakfast, lunch, groceries, summer meals, food banks, EBT SNAP to anyone and everyone with a young child while American SENIORS are cold and hungry and do NOT qualify for as much food assistance.

  7. "Don't look for meaningful immigration reform to be passed by the present Congress."

    It will pass the House AND Senate. President will sign.

    Carmine D

  8. Ed - or anybody supporting him - Just what can Obama DO to "...bring about meaningful immigration reform." He's PRESIDENT, not a member of Congress anymore. Have you forgotten? American Presidents, unlike some elsewhere, do not have the ability to rule by fiat regardless of some Republican'ts opinions.

  9. "I said, " meaningful immigration reform."

    And I said... "it [as in meaningful immigration reform] will pass."

    Would you like to try again?

    Carmine D

  10. "or anybody supporting him - Just what can Obama DO to "...bring about meaningful immigration reform."

    Stay out of it and let Congress do it. Senator Obama Jr. threw a monkey wrench in the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill in 2007 when he was in the pocket of John Trumpka and big labor over the guest worker program. Obama was silent on the provision again when he came to Las Vegas to hawk immigration reform. He doesn't deserve another shot. If he wants another strike, he should take up baseball.

    Carmine D

  11. Ed, dear, they're already milking our government programs. You have one illegal anchor baby (or pretend the kid was born here) and you get all the stuff. Sure some of it is calculated as a "family of one" but then you add on things like LIHEA free utilities for the size of the household REGARDLESS of the illegal status. K-12, no questions asked. Higher ed, no questions and we'll subsidize you. Free local housing vouchers even if no illegal anchor babies. Food banks, no serious questions--you get more free food if you say it's an "emergency" because your kids don't have SSN's. Free vaccines and health clinics so they can continue K-12. Free UMC emergency care and dialysis. Free everything already. Why would they want to become citizens and be subject to 2-year limit for TANF cash?

  12. Deportation is cheaper than adopting them all. EXPULSION cheaper still--bus tickets south at $75 each. Confiscate "assets" left behind. Confiscate vehicles when they try to register the cars and/or when they sign up for driving permits. 22 million Americans looking for work, any work. 7 million illegals in our stolen jobs.

  13. We are NOT the richest country. Our people do NOT live as well. Forget the numbers and dollar amounts. 24/7 health care, jobs for life, nice Europe. Free food, American-paid police in Afghanistan where the cops refuse to patrol or enforce any law. Free vaccines and medical care in all of Africa because AIDS/HIV needs..... But look at how we live in the U.S.: American seniors cold and hungry while we feed illegals. Long-term unemployed with increasing suicide rates while 7 million illegals steal our jobs. Recent college grads unable to pay student loans while living with Mom or Dad and being berated / encouraged to find work. Illegals driving new SUV's and using smart phones while Americans live in weekly motels or on the street, walking without vehicles, without cash, WITHOUT.

  14. My past post made the national news without attribution but then maybe others have clear thinking processes: INSANITY: Amnesty after amnesty after amnesty and expecting a DIFFERENT result. Not so, just more illegal invasion.

  15. 60. Very mixed dna with a SIGNIFICANT bunch of native american. Lobo, I'm NOT anti anybody--we can all do for ourselves. I am anti you taking mine just cause you want my money. Oh, by the way, many natives pre-Columbus had pale eyes--particularly those near the Great Lakes--after Lief Erikksson and crew wandered through.

  16. That would be ANTI ILLEGAL immigration.

  17. Carmine, immigration reform would be MEANINGFUL when we ENFORCE OUR LAWS. The system is not broken. The administration of our laws is broken. We take in a million LEGAL immigrants a year and several million ILLEGAL INVADERS who are NOT immigrants.

  18. Roslenda:

    There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.A. thanks to poor U.S. border enforcement. The U.S. has to make that right through a path to citizenship for these 11 million people. And, ensure that the borders are secured then to prevent the same occurrence from happening again. It will be done [meaningful immigration reform] as long as several knuckleheads like Leahy keep their stupid amendments out of it]. And the President keeps his hands off until it's time to sign.

    Carmine D