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May 3, 2015

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Governor’s office swamped with calls over gun background checks

CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office has been flooded with telephone calls for and against a bill expanding gun background checks, but the governor is standing firm on his promise to veto the legislation.

On Monday alone, there were 44,000 calls — 33,000 of them against the bill that would require background checks for sales or transfers of guns between private parties.

In all, there have been more than 100,000 calls to the governor’s office on the issue.

The bill would require those obtaining guns in a private transaction to go to a licensed gun dealer for a federal background check. Private sellers who fail to ensure a background check is completed could be charged with a gross misdemeanor and barred from having a gun for two years.

The bill was approved by the state Senate on an 11-10 vote and by the Assembly 23-18 on the final day of the Legislature.

Sen. Justin Jones, who pushed the legislation, said he wasn’t surprised by the governor’s stance but added, “He has not made it official yet.”

Jones, D-Las Vegas, said that if no federal legislation is enacted and Sandoval vetoes the state bill, “I’m sure I will return” in 2015 and push the legislation again.

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  1. Justin Jones is a fool. This would do nothing but make it harder for people with legal guns. Perhaps that's his plan.

    Glad the Governor will veto this foolish bill.

  2. Allowing the secret sales of guns and military grade weapons has nothing to do with restricting the rights law abiding citizen.

    This policy generates unreported business deals and is thus tax evasion, while supplying the underworld an inexpensive and inexhaustible supply of guns.

    The most interesting revelation is that Brian Sandoval, a devote Catholic would permit tax evasion and undocumented supply of guns to the underworld.

    You will notice that the most vocal advocates of tax evasion and hidden gun sales come from the very religious NRA. This attitude is clearly compatible with their devotion to God and bringing Peace and Love to the World, i.e. Biblical values, and they should know.

  3. Everyone Needs a Dozen assault Rifles with thousands of bullets. Got To Get That Deer you Know.
    If you're that bad a shot a BB Gun if far too dangerous for you to possess. Everyone purchasing a weapon should be required an annual license in addition to passing an operations Test and get the License the same as you would need to go hunting or fishing.

  4. I think the Democrats who caved to Mayor Bloomberg's money will find their re-election efforts failing in the next election.

  5. When our State Legislators sat down and conducted their business regarding gun control background checks, the people here in Nevada were for it. To the tune of just about 86-87 percent according to the poll taken.

    And our State Legislators paid attention to the people. They approved it.

    Now, since it is being sent to Governor Sandoval, he doesn't want to sign it.

    To build up some ammunition in order to veto it, he creates his OWN poll by setting up a stupid phone hotline. The set up of the poll, and the advertising of it, is only meant to skew the poll to back up his veto. Nothing else. In other words, this hotline phone poll is rigged. In his favor. So that I guess he don't feel guilty when he vetoes this background check legislation. The poll is garbage and is an insult to the people of Nevada's intelligence.

    Quit playing games with the people of the State of Nevada, Governor Sandoval.

    You really need to worry about a passing grade from your constituents. And not the NRA.

    This coming Friday, when that bill hits your desk, you are going to sign it and do your job. A job the people here in Nevada elected you to do.

    If you don't, we are going to hound you forever come election time with this issue and continually point out you're in it for yourself and the pro-gun lobby, not us.

    We put you in office. And we can remove you out of office with our votes. You veto this legislation and ignore what the people of Nevada want, then we can make sure you get your old job back at Jones Vargas. Because you ain't gonna get reelected.

    Again, quit playing stupid and silly games, Governor. The Second Amendment is alive and well and signing this bill is common sense to address a loophole that needs to be fixed. Not only to help the people, but to assist law enforcement efforts to stop the mindless violence. We are not yanking guns out of citizens hands with this legislation.

    It's the right thing to do.

    You do the right thing too and sign this bill.

    If not, we are going to make sure your veto comes back to bite you in the butt. You can kiss reelection chances goodbye. Or any other aspirations for political office here in the Great State of Nevada.

  6. Big Gulp and French Fry banning oppressive billionaire New York City Mayor Bloomberg financed the psychological warfare campaign here in Nevada to push for New York style Gun Control here. Were you played by the New York City Mayor, his fabricated percentages, and his attempt to buy a Nevada law? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Page 3, lines 60-62 of the SB221 requires gun registration. All thinking people understand that the purpose of a gun registration is to allow the Government to tax and/or seize the firearms.

    Everybody should take a moment and send Governor Sandoval a thank you note for KEEPING NEW YORK OUT OF NEVADA.

  7. "Page 3, lines 60-62 of the SB221 requires gun registration."

    Dude, in Clark County, when you buy a handgun from a store, IT GETS REGISTERED. That's what the fancy blue card is about.

    I love the whole "They're coming for your guns" thing. It makes me laugh and have pity on the weak minded...

  8. By SunJon (Jon Becker) June 11, 2013 5:02 p.m

    Take a look at members (current and former) of the DEMOCRATIC Party - including the President - and you will see some DISREGARD for THEIR (Christian, Catholic, or other) faith in God, and their religious principals.

    As for guns, IT WAS THE Patriots in the Revolutionary War who fought to secure our freedom as a Nation - and they had to use GUNS to do it.

    Further, the same Patriots knew the dangers of a King's power, and in 1776 wrote the 2nd Amendment into our Constitution to ensure the Citizens of this nation could "own guns" if there was ever a need to defend this Republic. When they signed the Constitution, they held that "these truths" were recognized as being "self evident" and as being ordained by their "Creator" - and that this new Nation was established "Under God."

    Believing in a religion and God was common among those who started this Nation. So if you are opposed to guns - if you believe in God or not - that is fine with me. But you should not critize the FAITH of other people - or their desire to own a gun. It is their RIGHT, and it is the Law of the Land.

    But Faith is not the issue when it comes to gun owners, or Citizens who just believe in the 2nd Amendment. I doubt you could find that the 100 million+ gun owners in the U.S. would even fit such a belligerent mindset as you say.

    While you are critical of "REPUBLICAN" or "RELIGIOUS" Citizens who you believe have an "incorrect" opinion on gun legislation - I would point out ANOTHER TIME when Religious Faith WAS a BIG POLITICAL issue for the Democratic Party.

    On May 21, 2010 - their Catholic Faith was IGNORED by Catholic and other Christian Legislators in the House of Representatives. Democratic Congressman Bart Stupuk (D-MI). a devout Catholic, and four of his group who were against abortion, did not want to pass the Health Care Act because it would ALLOW ABORTIONS to be paid for by the federal government.

    But the President offered a DEAL to Bart Stupak, et al, to get them to overcome their fears, and sign on to the legislation. The President said he would sign an Executive Order AFTER it was passed into Law - that would REMOVE the payment of federal funds for abortions.

    Congressman Stupak (and the others in Congress) accepted Obama's deal. BUT, by doing so, Stupak and all other Catholic legislators became subject to "automatic Excommunication" as mandated by the Catholic Church, for violating the principals of Cannon (Catholic Church) Law.

    Thus, with the promise of an Executive Order to fix THEIR RELIGIOUS concerns - AFTER the Act was signed into law - RELIGION had become the KEY and ENABLING part of passage of the the Health Care Act. (which not one Republican voted for it.)

    So, just as a reminder, before you decide to "call the kettle black," I suggest you look in your own "HOUSE" to make sure no contradictions exist.