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April 18, 2015

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Rep. Joe Heck apologizes for son’s ‘offensive’ Twitter rants

Updated Thursday, June 13, 2013 | 3:25 p.m.

Joe Heck

Joe Heck

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck’s teenage son has used his Twitter account to insult women, demean gay people and poke fun at President Barack Obama’s race.

From August through last month, Joey Heck tweeted pejorative slurs such as "faggot,” mentioned that his mustache makes him look like “a dirty Mexican,” and told his schoolmates that “I’ll stab you in the throat” if they talked to him about the president. The younger Heck, who just completed 10th grade at Coronado High School in Henderson, also tweeted that Obama was good at “spear chucking and rocking skipping” because these are the sports they do in his “home country.”

The Republican congressman apologized for the comments after Buzzfeed broke the story today.

"I am extremely disappointed in my son's use of the offensive and inappropriate language on Twitter: That type of language has never been permitted in our home,” Heck said in a statement. “I apologize to everyone he may have offended. My son also apologizes for his insensitive behavior. My wife and I have addressed this family matter directly with him and he has learned from it."

Heck tweeted often about the lacrosse team he played on, going to the gym, music, television shows, high school classes, his social life and other details.

But he also often used Twitter to hurl insults, calling those without school spirit “queers” and writing “fanny pack = fag bag.” “That’s what my mom calls them,” he tweeted about fanny packs.

He tweeted that “I hate repeating myself to Asian people,” that hitting a “ginger” or person with red hair might make a fun game, and that there were families speaking Spanish at a soccer game, a tweet to which he added the hashtags “Mexicans” and “liberty.”

The congressman’s son also referred to his father several times, often to tout his political knowledge.

“I'm pretty sure I know more about politics than any of you,” he said in a tweet. “I mean it's not like my dad's a politician and I grew up with this or anything.” He also asserted in a tweet that “Obama didn’t make the call to kill Osama ... That was the intelligence committee” with the hashtag “I would know.”

In reference to presidential election debates last year, Joey Heck wrote that “Romney raped Obama” in a debate and made him “his slave.” During another debate, he tweeted “crack that whip Romney.”

Joey Heck also appears to have benefited from his parents’ status, noting that he got a job making $25 an hour with a “company for like voting stuff” because “my mom is friends with the guy so he offered me a job.”

Although others found many of the tweets to be disrespectful, Joey Heck tweeted that “I never have and never will wear a Rosary as an accessory.” He added the hashtag “disrespectful” to the tweet.

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  1. right!!! like father, like son.

  2. Usually this is what teens learn at the dinner table in family discussions.

  3. I think more should be said and looked into on how a kid that age gets a $50,000 a year job.

    Is someone using that job to make favors with the father?

  4. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate

  5. It is a cop-out to say, "I apologize to everyone he may have offended. My son also apologizes for his insensitive behavior." He doesn't question the validity of the values Little Joe expresses, he's just sorry he wasn't smart enough to cast his aspersions out of the public eye, so as not to embarrass his father. When your son has been tweeting these obscenities for 10 months and you're just now finding out about it, Something isn't right. And I can't believe he didn't pick up his anti-President Obama comments (born in Kenya?) at the family dinner table. I'd warn the family friend who gave Little a $25/hour job not to trust him with company secrets. And thanks, Joey, for giving us some insight into your parents' political viewpoints.

  6. Wormy apples, from a wormy tree, do not drop far.

  7. "Joey Heck also appears to have benefited from his parents' status, noting that he got a job making $25 an hour with a "company for like voting stuff" because "my mom is friends with the guy so he offered me a job."

    Sounds like something the House Ethics Committee should look into...

  8. Disgusting stuff! Is this what they mean by "family values"?

  9. Joe Heck represents me quite well. It's too bad that he has such a son.

  10. I bet if you asked Heck's son if he thought Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme, he would nod his head yes.

    Kids learn this stuff from parents.


    Don't surprise me his son is like that. He just repeats the uninformed drivel that Heck spouts on the right wing radio shows he loves to show up at and talk nonsense on. I would imagine when Heck is at home, the talk is way worse.

    But I do agree with Heck's vision of less government. In that he should get out of government and go home and work on providing to become a better role model for his son. But even that wouldn't work. Heck has demonstrated during his whole time in Congress that the Tea Party faction there are happy with him and welcome him with open arms. Don't believe me? Look at his horrible voting record that is in lockstep with everything they do.

  11. Comment removed by moderator. Off Topic

  12. Comment removed by moderator. Off Topic

  13. Almost every racist I grew up around learned the behavior at home. I mean he didnt know his kid was a spoiled brat, then turned around and gave him a do nothing 25 dollar a hour job? Come on

  14. Oh I almost forgot,
    What do you expect
    What the Heck
    Its Joe Heck

  15. Well the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree now does it? Where do you think Joey got those ideas from at such a young age? It certainly doesn't speak well for his family and friends unless his goal is to lead the Aryan Brotherhood or be a Fox News contributor. (Hint: Go with the Aryan Brotherhood because they are more reputable)

  16. Didn't see any consternation on the left and no condemnation of Jesse Jackson when Jr. & wife were tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for their crooked ways. Guess "offending" the sensibilities of the left calls for more venom than does actual criminal acts. Typical for this bunch of hypocrites!

  17. The hostility and racist inclination in this child is flabbergasting.

    Yes, teens say and do stupid things. Absolutely. But this ideology could be viewed as a reflection of the kind of family values that exist with Mr. Heck.

    Irony should be introduced into his vocabulary.

    But he is a kid - and kids say stupid things. Hopefully Mr. Heck and his family will learn and improve from this experience.

  18. It is obvious that Representative Joe Heck's "handler" has gone AWOL, otherwise, this "politically incorrect slip" would not have happened. Children are a product of their environment, so they reflect their interaction with the world around them as their peers, family, and what they take in spiritually: church, movies, social media, news media,etc.

    However unfortunate this event is, it has opened the eyes of the public (which is a good thing), it has brought forward meaningful discussion and debate, something that has been sadly lacking in our relationship with our representatives and government for years.

    Clearly, this has become a not only localized news item, it has virtually gone "viral" around the state, national, and world news media sources. All this publicity, without spending a dime! Question is: can Representative Heck use this in his favor?

    No doubt his church, political friends, and certain friends and family members will distance themselves from the situation in their quest to "support Heck".

    While watching a Arirang Korean program called, "The King and I," there was a government incident that prompted the following comment, "There are 3 things in a man's life that he cannot control: who his parents are, who his children are, and control over his passions."

    Caution should be exercised by Representative Heck at this point, as his political party is solely loyal to itself, and will not tolerate any member taking them down. Note the silence of them in the news media. Where are they???

    Once children have attained their majority, there is precious little a parent can CONTROL or do about their behaviors that is within the scope of the law: other than taking the door off of their bedroom, limit financial support, limit transportation, and limiting social contact.

    This terrible and "offensive" event only causes me great anticipation for the next election opportunity.

    Blessings and Peace,

  19. Happyleper - you fail to comprehend the hypocrisy. Republicans often premise their policy positions on "family values." They advocate against certain policies on the basis of their belief system.

    Here, we have the child of a congressman who shows great hostility and reckless racist behavior toward others - all while the kid's father defends his position on principles of "family values."

    The question asked? Are these the family values Mr. Heck defends?

    The kid is just a kid - ignorant, foolish, and just another ranting delinquent. But this behavior reflects on his father - what kind of household was this child brought up in to hold such blatantly offensive and downright bigoted/racist/hostile intolerance toward others?

    The criticism is valid.

  20. I agree - parent's are not the only source of these bad influences. Absolutely true.

    I think most people are merely pointing out the obvious hypocrisy - arguing for family values - defending policies on family values - then this happens.

    I think it is entirely reasonable to question what family values does Mr. Heck defend?

    But I agree - despite the hateful/ignorant/bigoted comments by this child - he is a child. I just hope he did not pick this up from Mr. Heck himself and I hope the source is elsewhere.

    Hopefully this will be an opportunity for Mr. Heck and his family to address that issue - but that now becomes a personal issue.

  21. Comment removed by moderator. Off Topic

  22. Someone should remind this kid who so loosely and frequently uses gay pejoratives that he plays lacrosse.

  23. Sounds like the kid is going through that rebellious stage, huh? That's no indication the kid won't grow into an adult in behavior and thought.

  24. I'm suggesting parental involvement, NOT excusing it. You never said or did anything STUPID? More often when you were younger? If not more when younger, do ya think you're all growed up?