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April 17, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Turns out ‘1984’ was not fiction

The predictions of “1984” were about 30 years premature, but it’s coming true and happening now: Big Brother is watching you. Government intrudes into almost every aspect of our lives.

Do you remember reading this book? If you are age 45 or over, you should remember it and hopefully have read it. I’d suggest anyone read or re-read it now.

It is frightening to see the realization of “1984” happening in our lives.

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  1. Face it! We only have an illusion of privacy. If you use electrons someone knows a lot about you. Your credit card company knows your spending habits. Credit reporting agencies know who and what you owe and where you work. Your debit card issuer and mobile phone service know your whereabouts. Your doctor and health insurer know your social security number and medical history. Want to find someone whether they want to be found or not? Use the internet! Somewhere there's a trail that is easily uncovered.

  2. Did Mr. Bernstein read and understand "1984"?

    It's basically a love story where the main character realizes what he is being told in nothing less than propaganda. The citizens of Oceania are pounded every hour of every day by a talking head that uses language in a way to reinforce misinformation. The main character feels oppressed by "The Party" which prohibits free thought, sex, and any expression of individuality. In the end because the government disallowed his sexual contact and love for another, he was brain washed into feeling nothing for the woman he once loved.

    Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

  3. Government surveillance that is going on in our country is a necessary thing to prevent terrorist attacks in our country. I don't believe that our government is watching the average American only those that pose a threat to our national security.

    There have been over 50 planned terrorists attack on our country since 9/11 that have been foiled due to domestic surveillance conducted by our government.Listed below are a few of the attacks that were prevented using surveillance methods.

    Dec 2001, Shoe bomber attempted to blowup fully loaded passenger airplane.

    May 2002, Jose Padilla attempted dirty bomb attack.

    Oct.3003, Lackawanna six all U.S. citizens attended Al Qaeda training camp.

    May 2003, Lyman Faris conspiracy to use blowtorch to collapse the Brooklyn bridge.

    May 2009, Synagogue terror plotting to blowup N.Y. Jewish centers.

    March 2010, Raja Lahrasb Khan U.S.citizen providing support to foreign terrorist groups.

    March 2010, Antonio Martinez planted a bomb at military recruiting center.

    Feb. 2012 Amine El Khalifi plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol.

    Domestic security has made it harder for terrorists to plan and carry out attacks in the U.S. We are dammed if we do, and dammed if we don't,conduct domestic surveillance in our country.Nothing about all this is easy and simple.

  4. Google, Amazon, and Facebook could know way more about you now than the NSA ever would. If you want something to worry about, worry about that!

  5. I wonder what the letter writer is doing that makes him so concerned about the government surveillance programs?
    You can tell me Mr. Bernstein. I won't say a word.

  6. "The predictions of "1984" were about 30 years premature, but it's coming true and happening now: Big Brother is watching you."

    Bernstein -- not just "not fiction," Orwell's dystopian novel was prophetic. It's good to see its sales spiking -- proof people still actually read books!

    "Face it! We only have an illusion of privacy."

    pisces -- in practice but not by policy. That inconvenient Fourth Amendment again.

    "It's basically a love story where the main character realizes what he is being told in nothing less than propaganda."

    VernosB -- the love story isn't the main plot, and not only is he subjected to propaganda by the Ministry of Truth, Winston creates it there. Maybe we should call Metro "The Ministry of Love."

    "Government surveillance that is going on in our country is a necessary thing to prevent terrorist attacks in our country."

    samspeaks -- and government is not only there to help us, it never lies. Get a grip, man!

    "The Fuhrer is always right." -- Joachim von Ribbentrop, the 1939 Konigsberg address

  7. Ironic isn't it. Watching those who are communicating. Might make more sense to wonder about those who are incommunicado with the world.