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June 30, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

House does little under Boehner

In front of an audience, John Boehner tries desperately to act as if he is in total control of the House. He knows he is not in control or even an integral member of the House. He simply received the title “speaker of the House.” His approval ratings have continued to drop. He has called for 37 votes to repeal Obamacare and focused on his war against women and women’s health care issues. Why are we paying the Republican House members to waste our valuable time and money on ridiculous votes? What legislation has the Republican House brought forward to address the single largest problem facing us today: our lack of jobs? What have they done to improve our economy?

Boehner wants people to go to jail for the IRS decisions. Why didn’t he have the same attitude toward Wall Street and large banks, which drove the nation into a recession? Where was the call for those people to go to jail?

Boehner is not good at his job. Thanks to Republican gerrymandering, he gets to keep his job even though the Republicans lost the popular vote in the House and presidency.

The last Republican House under Boehner accomplished absolutely nothing, and this current Republican House has done even less. Remember, the Republicans ran on jobs, jobs, jobs, and have yet to approve any jobs bill presented to them by the president.

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  1. Debbie Starr gives a passing grade for the "do-nothing" democratic senate led by 73 year old Harry Reid? The house minority leader, 73 year old Nancy Pelosi, gets a passing grade from the liberal letter writer Debbie Starr as well? What about 74 year old house minority whip Steny Hoyer? Does Debbie Starr write biased letters to the editor that ignores the failed leadership in her own democratic party? Of course she does. This letter is more like a democratic ad and is an obvious attempt to divert attention away from the many political scandals now engulfing the Obama administration.

    In Debbie Starr's view, does "doing nothing" in the house or the senate mean not passing laws that support her liberal Occupier agenda?

  2. We need many more comments like the one by jldour and fewer letters like the one by Debbie Starr.

    Voting 37 times to try to repeal the ACA is foolish and a waste of time. Claiming that the House never proposed legislation in the jobs area is false.

    Here is the truth: A lot of legislation passed in the House is prevented from reaching the Senate floor by Harry Reid or defeated if is does. A lot of legislation passed by the Senate is prevented from reaching the House floor by John Boehner or defeated if it does.

    I'm Americans were smarter, they'd do as jldour suggests: Vote out Pelosi, Reid, McConnell and Boehner.... as well as many others.


  3. How simple life would be if Republicans 'were' the political anti Christ, if all Republican members of Congress were wealthy and cared nothing about anyone except themselves and their wealthy friends. In fact there are Republicans in Congress like that. Unfortunately, there are also many Democrats like that, but certain people just refuse to recognize it.

    A little research will show anyone how wealthy most members of Congress are; how many of them became wealthy while in Congress; and how disconnected their personal financial dealings and personal life is from their public pronouncements. Some people just refuse to recognize that this is true for members of both parties.

    Most of us believe that members of Congress should have to use exactly the same medical system we all must use. Both parties have held enough votes at times in Congress to make this change. Have they? No.

    This alone, plus thousands of other examples say very clearly that while there 'may' be a political anti Christ in Congress, both parties could easily lay claim to the title.


  4. The Speaker's challenge is that he cannot pass necessary legislation without help from the Democratic minority. The rote votes on Republican red meat issues ;ike the ACA are meaningless. The more difficult issues.....appropriations, farm bill, monetary and fiscal policy.....fall prey to divided Republicans. The Tea Party members do not trust the Speaker or much of the leadership for that matter. Ryan and Cantor pay lip service to the Speaker but, Cantor in particular, have their knives ready for any sign of weakness. The business Republicans generally support the Speaker.

  5. The gang of 535 [aka Congress] moves by its own momentum regardless of the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

    Carmine D

  6. In the House of Representatives, there is a remarkable difference between both political parties.

    The Democrats go in there to do a job they were elected to do....and legislate.

    The Tea/Republicans go in there and do whatever they want for themselves....and lift their leg and flatulate.

    With this Farm Bill debacle yesterday, there's the proof in the pudding.

    It is because of the Tea/Republican Party infection in the House of Representatives the reason why nothing is getting done. And, even more telling, the reason why Congress enjoys only a ten percent approval rating. To show how horrible that statistic is....let's flip it around the other way. That means nine out of ten American voters think Congress is less popular than curling toenail fungus. I would expect the approval rating to sink even lower after this Farm Bill craziness.

    The Tea/Republicans own it. They can point fingers all over the place, but it ends up crooking right back at them. They are to blame. Plain and simple.

    Scorched earth, people. Every vote coming out of me from now on is straight Democratic Party ticket. I aim to fix this. And I hope a lot of other people on the State and Federal level agree with me on their future voting habits.

  7. Excellent letter Ms. Starr, don't let negative comments get to you. Some posters here don't deal in the real world and are mislead or misinformed. For example Future posted, "Agreed - why did Democrats vote against SNAP. Why would Democrats vote against Food Stamps?" Dems voted against the farm bill because there were too many cuts to food stamps. But you can't expect delusional people who communicate within their echo chamber or bubble to see the light.

    This Congress is the least productive because we have members sitting in The House who believe their function is to stop the government from doing anything. That is their idea of shrinking the size of the government. They have no problem wasting millions of dollars on votes such as ACA and defunding ACORN which hasn't existed for over two years. What exactly was the point of defunding ACORN other then to waste money and time? Contrare to other posters who believe both parties weigh in with the same guilt, bullsh*t! The GOP/Tea Party is responsible for the bulk of filibusters and stalemates in these last three sessions, and that is a fact!

  8. Future - "Yet the Democrats REFUSED to pass the SNAP food stamp program"

    No matter how much you lie you can't change reality. Once again you've gone off to visit Planet Bizarro leaving reality behind. In the real world its the GOP/Tea Party people who want to cut food stamps funding. The same people who take millions in subsidies to fund their family farms while bitching about government waste. The same people who want to waste $30 billion on border security when we have net zero illegal immigration. $30 billion is far more than enough to rebuild and repair our infrastructure while creating jobs for private contractors. You don't hear a peep about jobs any more by the Tea Party clowns within the GOP. They are far too busy investigating dead end issues to side track the public.

    Unfortunately this great nation suffers at the hands of people in Congress who have the ability to do absolutely nothing. To ad insult to injury our tax dollars pay their salary, provide their children with education, provide them with healthcare, in some cases provide them with funds for their own businesses, pay for their travel, and a host of other perks. The next time you hear a congressional member speak of waste, ask them, "What do you do to earn your $174,000 plus perks salary?"

  9. Jeff,

    At the risk of being accused of doing exactly what I said I don't do, which is provide 'links' to conservative leaning sites, here is a link that does list some legislation passed in the House that reflects the Republican / Conservative views on things that could help increase employment.

    I don't happen to agree with every piece of legislation or the ideas behind them that are on that list, but the legislation was passed.... as have been bills on the Senate side that have gone nowhere. Here is where I see the problem.

    Democrats / Progressives, in general believe having government spend more money and create new programs is the proper way to try to create jobs. Republicans / Conservatives, in general believe that taking actions that they believe will make it easier for the private sector to operate and expand is the proper way to create an environment where more jobs are available.

    Both sides do create legislation along the lines of what they believe. What we have today, however, is two sides that mostly dismiss anything proposed from the other side and refuse to even consider it... and also falsely claim that the 'other' side offers 'nothing' in whatever area we may be discussing.

    What 'nothing' really means is nothing that fits into the 'frame of reference' that each side operates from.

    I'd love to see and want to see Conservatives / Republicans hold their noses and accept some increased spending and new programs in the jobs area. I'd love to see and want to see Progressives / Democrats hold their noses and accept some ideas that revolve around Republican legislation that might make it easier for the private sector to operate and grow. THAT IS WHAT USED TO BE KNOWN AS COMPROMISE.

    We don't do that anymore, either in the public square or in Congress.


  10. Boehner has turned out to be a bummer for the GOP,and may find himself on the outside looking in.

  11. El_Lobo,

    Comments like yours just make me shake my head. Nowhere, in anything I have ever written, have I called for people to be restricted from giving their opinion, just as Ms Starr did. I simply wish that more people, on the left where Ms. Starr is, and on the right, where several other letter writers are, were able to see what I, jldour and a few others see.

    No call for censorship of anyone there, at least to me.


  12. Vernos,

    You are right. Many Republicans want to cut food stamps. Future is wrong and the reason Democrats voted the way they did is because of food stamps. However, your contention that border security should be short changed because illegal immigration has lessened is no less 'bizarre' than Future's contention.

    Immigration is down because our economy is down. Once the economy is good again, illegal immigration will rise with it. We don't really need a 30 billion dollar wall and more agents and drones; we need a fully implemented E-Verify system before people are provided a path to legal status. Many Democrats don't want that.

    So let's summarize 'the truth': Many Republicans don't like food stamps, SNAP, etc and want the programs curbed or eliminated. Many Democrats want de-facto open borders and don't want an effective E-Verify system.

    Can't we all just admit he truth?


  13. Michael,

    I'm not aware of any democrat speaking on E-Verify. I suspect if they voted against the bill was due to attached poison pills. I'm in favor of E-Verify and consider it one viable solution to illegal immigration. There is also another point of view. It's quite possible corporations don't want it because it would negate cheap labor. I'm positive the Chamber of Congress lobbied against E-Verify because they are basically anti labor and anti union fair practices .

    Future - "Democrats refused to vote for food stamps when they found out that lap dances are being eliminated from the government program."

    Joseph Geobbels - "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

  14. Just finished reading commentary and analysis from multiple sources on the failure of the Farm Bill in the House. The results appear to support Ms. Greene's comments regarding Speaker Boehner's inability to direct legislation through the House. Most Democrats voted against as was expected with cuts to the SNAP program and expansion of aid to farmers, ranchers and, worst of all, ag producers. The Speaker needed, but did not receive, necessary support from his own members....62 defected. It is a matter of speculation trying to decide if the Speaker was warned by his Whip that he had insufficient votes and went ahead or if the Whip miscounted. Regardless it is indicative of the Speaker's weakness as a leader though it is convenient for multiple competing interests within the Republican Party to have a weak leader during the competition for supremacy within the Party. It will be interesting to watch the mid-term Republican primaries to see if any particular tendency will win out or if the status quo will be maintained.

  15. More than 7 million jobs stolen by illegals. ENFORCE against the employers and allow Americans to find work. Stop feeding illegals and feed American seniors. To consider getting a FARM BILL through, we'd have to RESTRICT benefits away from illegals and increase the $16 a month American seniors can get in EBT.

  16. Pat Hayes,

    Thank you for the post. It's good to see someone research the subject and post a comment based on reality and not some bizarro belief.

  17. To Carroll O'Conner, Debbie would be a "dingbat!" Not a word about the fact that under Reid the Red, a federal budget has not been passed for more than 4 years. As for "Gerrymandering," it is a time honored, though crooked way, to void the votes of the opposition which both parties use with gusto to protect their fiefdoms. If the woman had an ounce of decency, she'd decry both sides for the practice but, clear for all to see, that's not little Debbie's aim. Doesn't fit her Commie-lite agenda.

  18. Debbie, THAT'S the plan. The party not of the administration is known for NOT promoting the administration's agenda.

  19. ...WRONG AGAIN, Future, when you claim (5:51 a.m.) "We need to only look to yesterday to see how the Democrat party of NO is stopping the House from passing authorizations "

    1. It's the REPUBLICAN'TS that are routinely called the party of NO.

    2. Unlike the Senate, where any action now requires a 60% super-majority, the House needs only a simple majority to pass legislation. The Republican'ts have 16 votes more than that and can pass whatever they want, whenever they want to, with NO Democratic votes AT ALL required! The farm bill failed because 62 Republican'ts voted AGAINST it. Boehner simply demonstrated, again, that he has no control whatsoever over the members of his own party.

  20. Future keeps repeating the same lie - most recently going so far as to say that "Democrats refused to vote for food stamps when they found out that lap dances are being eliminated from the government program."

    He apparently feels that, if he repeats himself loudly enough and often enough, perhaps someone somewhere will actually believe him.

  21. Roslenda - "The party not of the administration is known for NOT promoting the administration's agenda."

    ... and the abuse of the filibuster has never been used to this extent. Even Newt Gingrich was able to work with Clinton and Democrats unlike these current batsh*t crazy wingnut clowns who call themselves patriots. This is the worst Congress in modern history because of GOP/Tea Party ideology, which is defined as not willing to compromise or negotiate on any level. John Boehner is a failure because he doesn't know how to deal with nut jobs currently sitting in The House. I'm waiting for the day he will be treated like Caesar and back stabbed during the Ides of March, "et tu Cantor?"

  22. Future is losing it. He has thrown out the counter-charge it was the Democrats who shot down this legislation. And the Tea/Republicans are in the majority in the House of Representatives?

    No big deal, but Future has said the same comment four times in a row. Running out of excuses, not to mention changing the subject away from what the article is about.

    If this is the case with the Farm Bill going down in flames, what is going to happen when an Immigration Bill is presented to the House of Representatives?

    Anyways, Speaker Boehner is an unmitigated disaster. He simply can't count. The Farm Bill didn't have a chance of passing, unacceptable to not only the Democrats, but enough Tea/Republicans that would have put it over the top to pass....didn't happen. They voted it down. NOT the Democrats.

  23. I rarely read the "All Comments" section as I have found anonymity often breeds contemptuous commentary. The "trusted" commenters with a few exceptions seem more willing to engage in robust discussion.

    I disagree, Colin., the Farm Bill did have a chance of passing. It was a Republican bill not designed to attract any Democratic votes save some farm or western state Ds....20 to 30, perhaps. There were no sweeteners in the bill for other Ds, only poison pills. Anyway, the Speaker does not allow bills written by Democrats to be introduced.

    The Farm Bill, as presented, thus represented Republican priorities. If the Whip's office had been doing their job of counting votes, the Speaker would not have been humiliated as he was. Unless there is a master strategy which has yet to be unveiled the only logical explanation is the Speaker Boehner was sandbagged by elements of his own party.

    Boehner is a convenient foil for competing factions of House Republicans. None of the factions can muster the strength to elect one of their own as the other factions combined have a majority, Boehner was elected as a fall guy.

  24. The issue today both on the home front and abroad is President Obama's failure to lead, not Speaker of the House John Boehner. Don't believe me? Take a lesson from the German attendees to the president's recent address in Berlin versus the number at his address there in 2008 as Senator. 4000 versus 200,000. Germans have him pegged perfectly as the numbers indicate. He's lost his halo.
    Carmine D

  25. Chapline: what is with this "Anti-Christ" nonsense? You need to see a modern day Witch Doctor. It's convoluted thinking like yours that spawns hate groups, creates the atmosphere for lynchings and paves the way for concentration camps. If I'm "anti-Christ" for opposing Osama Obama, then you are un-American for promoting violence and hatred among us.

  26. Future: Per your 2:56 pm question, No, I DIDN'T miss "... the part where 172 democrats voted against $1 trillion in farm food stamps "

    You can't back-peddle fast enough!! ALL the Democrats could have voted against a flawed farm bill which would have hacked food stamp benefits while retaining subsidies for House members "farms" and it would have made NO, as in ZERO, difference. Republican'ts occupy 234 seats in the House. To pass, the Farm Bill would have needed only 218 votes - which Republican'ts could easily have provided by themselves. It's quite obvious Boehner and the Republican't leadership wanted the bill to fail, otherwise more than a quarter of their members would not have been allowed to vote AGAINST it!

    Typical Republican't tactic - they go out of their way to create a problem just so they can turn around and try to blame it on the Democrats. And they con people like you to spread their lies loud and long!

  27. Jeff,

    I understand that you differ in philosophical terms with Republicans but surely you are capable of recognizing the difference between Democrats and Republicans on jobs.

    Democrats believe the government should spend taxpayer dollars directly to 'create' jobs. Republicans believe they should pass legislation that will help create conditions where the private sector will create jobs.

    It's fine to favor the first and disagree with the second, but to pretend the 2nd doesn't exist is to deny reality.