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July 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Congress is supposed to represent people

I am appalled by the lack of representation we currently have in Congress. Almost all of us want to see background checks implemented in the gun sales industry.

It is shameful that lawmakers cower to the gun lobby and turn their backs on the vast majority of their constituency. Congress needs to represent us accordingly or be totally replaced.

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  1. Background checks don't stop criminals and deranged from getting weapons. Gun crimes are caused by those who obtained guns illegally. Enforcement of gun laws and prosecution of gun criminals are first and foremost, then background checks for the 10 percent, or less, who aren't eligible for whatever reasons to buy/own guns.

    Carmine D

  2. Just so readers aren't misled by Carmine's claims about background checks:

    "NICS checks prevent tens of thousands of attempted criminal gun purchases every year:
    NICS prevents over 80,000 illegal purchases per year:
    Background checks denied prohibited persons from getting guns 87,474 times in 2007 (the last full year).
    There are over 5.4 million names of prohibited persons in NICS - not counting felons and others who are checked automatically because NICS is linked to III and NCIC.
    Less than one percent of NICS checks (0.8%) result in denials."

  3. You were expecting Senator Reid to lose his stripes? He doesn't represent the majority who want illegals out of here, border security, real e-verify now, WAIT on legal residency, COST-EFFECTIVE you think he's suddenly receptive, coherent, rational, responsive????

  4. To me, the main point of this letter is that Congress is not representing the will of the people. If you read the notes of the Framers of the Constitution, their belief was we couldn't have three million people voting on every single issue. This is where the HR comes in. The specific instructions for the HR was to poll their Constituancy and vote accordingly. This is not being done in today's House. They only vote for their parties platform, or vote for the Guy that contributes the most.

  5. Mark:

    9 out of 10 prisoners for gun crimes obtained their weapons illegally. Background checks don't prevent criminals and mentally ineligible from obtaining guns. These persons get the guns they use despite the background checks. Now, enforce the jail time for illegal buy and sale of guns to 5 years for buyer and seller, with no chance for parole, and I'm all in.

    Carmine D

  6. Today's US Congress is an epic fail. Consistently, they are avoiding making the tough decisions, trying to circumvent their duties by sending what they should be working through to the US Supreme Court. Shame Shame Shame on them!

    The People of the United States of America deserve better. Congress needs to be "representative" of the People who VOTED them in, and do the work.

    Blessings and Peace,

  7. Background checks are critical in determining who is stockpiling weapons (and ammunition). James Holmes would have drawn attention to himself when stockpiling his arsenal over a short time.

    Background checks should also be performed for chemicals associated with explosives. Checks do not violate the Second Amendment and that is the issue.

  8. Carmine tells us that "Gun crimes are caused by those who obtained guns illegally." Background checks don't stop illegal gun possession and thus are not needed.

    There are also laws against murder, but those laws have never prevented murder so they should be eliminated. Laws against robbery don't prevent robberies so they too are unnecessary and should be eliminated. Same for heroin and drug possession. Using that logic there should be any laws because they don't prevent illegal behavior. In fact, that is all true but unworkable.

  9. One of these days you wingnuts will wake up and wonder why your politicians screwed you. They do not represent the people, they represent themselves, which is why they spend most of their time fund raising and little time on the floor of the capitol debating.

  10. Jon,
    I appreciate your untiring efforts in debating Carmine but he is absolutely not going to learn and will simply continue to regurgitate slogans received from elsewhere.

  11. Gun laws, and for that matter any law, are meaningless unless and until they are strictly enforced and criminals prosecuted and punished. Remove the law breakers [criminals] from society with mandatory jail terms and no chance of parole. Once that is done, then worry about background checks, if still needed, for gun sales.

    Carmine D

  12. Agreed EXCEPT that inalienable rights CANNOT be subjected to majority opinion. Gun ownership is not subject to your review. There is absolutely nothing preventing Congress from enacting a law that it would be a federal offense to use a firearm (handgun only?) in a crime--then the criminals would face minimum sentences in a federal pen, perhaps several states away. Their resulting records... Nothing precluding the State Legislature from doing something like that. Or, we can sit around and obfuscate, rut in place and keep complaining about the world not being as friendly as we'd like. Sure, I want a world/country where we're "concerned" about everyone else (government doing everything for everyone) except that we'll get there much sooner IF we insist that each person take care of self and their own (kids, animals, property). We live in this world not that one. That's why we have a George Zimmerman on the defensive for watching out for his neighbors. What would you do if a man were loitering in your neighbor's yard? Do you expect EVERY BODY ELSE to do EXACTLY what you would do?