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July 4, 2015

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law enforcement:

Authorities arrest ex-girlfriend of man killed in Strip shooting, crash


Brian Nordli

Kenneth Cherry Sr. talks about the life of his son, Kenneth Cherry Jr., with his sister Becky Cherry, center, and his son’s girlfriend, May Hagos, in a press gathering at the Turnberry Towers on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013. Cherry Jr. was shot and killed while driving his Maserati on the Strip after a verbal altercation at the Aria valet area Thursday morning.

Updated Wednesday, March 6, 2013 | 12:48 p.m.

A former girlfriend of Kenneth Cherry Jr., one of the victims in the Feb. 21 shooting and fiery car crash on the Las Vegas Strip, has been arrested on an alleged parole violation, according to Metro Police.

The Parole and Probation Division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety took Asmayit Hagos, 22, into custody Monday, Metro Police Officer Marcus Martin said.

Hagos, who also went by the name May, was on parole for a 2011 conviction for grand larceny trick-roll. Details about on the nature of Hagos’ alleged parole violation were not immediately available.

Cherry was killed in a predawn shooting while driving his silver Maserati on the Las Vegas Strip. The shooting led to a crash with a taxi cab, which exploded, killing two other people, the cab driver, Michael Boldon, 62, of Las Vegas, and taxi passenger Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, 48, a businesswoman from Maple Valley, Wash.

Hagos, the mother of one of Cherry’s children, spoke publicly after the shooting, telling news reporters that Cherry was a caring father and denying reports that Cherry was abusive and engaged in pandering.

In 2011, Hagos pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny. A few months before she entered the plea, Hagos had agreed to perform sexual acts for an undercover police officer before attempting to steal a bottle of liquor from his room, according to a Metro Police report.

Hagos received a suspended sentence, according to Clark County District Court records, and was placed on intensive supervised probation. Among the conditions of her probation was for Hagos not to obtain any employment as an escort or outcall dancer.

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  1. It's hard to get out from under certain clouds, let's hope she finds reform.

  2. Brilliant gal to put herself on center stage while on parole

  3. @nelma...."Her ex wasn't a pimp but she was a prostitute?"

    Are you defined by the actions of your ex girl/boy friends? Are you responsible for the bad decisions of everyone you know or used to know?

    But you are correct. "Something doesn't seem right."

    What's not right is your description of a woman without a single conviction for prostitution as a prostitute. She's an admitted thief, but the Sun's statement, "was on parole for a 2011 conviction for grand larceny trick-roll" is entirely inaccurate.

    1) Hays was not on parole. Parole is granted to convicts serving time in prison. The sentence here was suspended. The woman was on probation. While the distinction may seem slight, it goes to the credibility of writer.

    2) Hays was not convicted of "grand larceny trick-roll." There is no such offense in state law. Hays was convicted of attempted grand larceny, which for the average first offender would be treated as a gross misdemeanor, that is if she were white.

    3) There is not a single word in this article that ties Cherry to Hays at the time of her arrest. For all we know today, the two hadn't met yet.

    4) At the time of her alleged parole violation she was not involved with Cherry either.

    But I know Cherry was black, lived in a fancy-high rise, drove a fancy car while it seems he never put in an honest day's work in his life, so he must be a pimp.

    If that's your life and your black your a pimp. If that's your life and your white your a Republican candidate for president.

  4. BGHS,
    So you are saying someone can't be a pimp or prostitute without being convicted for it first?

    Also you're putting the racial aspect on show. Regardless of race, it looks off when someone has such extravagant spending without an apparent source of income.

    Also please, please learn the distinction between "your and "you're".

  5. @Brianlv..."So you are saying someone can't be a pimp or prostitute without being convicted for it first?"

    Did that sentence appear anywhere in my comment? No, it did not. Since in many parts of Nevada prostitution is legal there are many prostitutes that have never been convicted.

    Just because you haven't been convicted of molesting young boys doesn't mean YOU'RE not a pedophile, but it would be wrong to accuse to such activity when you hadn't been convicted of that crime. It would be even worse to accuse your wife of providing the young children you victimize through her international underage sex trafficking ring.

    "Regardless of race, it looks off when someone has such extravagant spending without an apparent source of income."

    In other words, your ignorance is enough to raise suspicion. Paris Hilton has had such extravagant spending, yet no one assumes she's LITERALLY a prostitute.

    I don't know where you got the money to buy your computer, should I assume its from the profits of your dog fighting ring? Just because YOU don't know where his money came from doesn't make it suspect, it just makes you void of knowledge about something that, frankly, is none of your business.

    BTW, it has been widely reported his father, owner of a very successful cell phone business, has provided him funds and that the younger cheery has invested in various businesses.

    You say I'm puttying the racial aspect on show, but if a white guy driving a fancy car is killed no one would go to all this effort to try and accuse him of being a pimp. Just as no one has even glanced at the female victim's work in the fashion industry ties her to employing child laborers.

    Normally the victims of shootings don't have their character assassinated when the shooters are police officers.

  6. @Bob..."Cherry was a willing participant in the incidents leading up to the deaths of innocent people."

    After seeing the video where he was driving up and down the Strip begging someone to shoot him I'll have to agree.

    Oh, wait, that didn't happen. The videos show the Cheery was approached by Harris, and that he did not engage in any discussion with him. Dash cam from a taxi shows Harris chasing Cherry and threatening him and which point Cherry did nothing but try and drive away. The video shows his repeated attempts to avoid colliding with Harris, despite Harris's repeated attempts to do so,

    But if you call not engaging and trying to get away from a stranger trying to kill you as being "a willing participant" then go right ahead. That way anyone reading your comments in the future can get a pretty good idea of the hateful person you are and judge your comments appropriately.

  7. BGHS1986 - I'm not sure if you're just trying to play devils advocate or not, but could you stop pulling the race card?

    It would be racist not to look at all aspects of a story or case because someone is a certain skin color.

    Open your eyes.

  8. @chuck333...Sorry to pull the rug out from under that career as a detective you were hoping for, but as a conservative I have no issues with a good Christian running for office. Whether it was Romney, Obama, Busch, Clinton, Reagan.....I have no issues with Christians running for any office. I'm also cool with Jewish, Hindu or any other person of faith running for public office. How about you?

    Now, I suggest you invest in a good dictionary before you start throwing around words you clearly don't know the meaning of

    Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

    "racism noun \ra-si-zm also -shi-\

    Definition of RACISM

    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    : racial prejudice or discrimination"

    So please quote the exact phrase that indicates that I have a belief that race is "primary determinant of human traits," because I don't see where I broached that subject.

    Would it be easier to show where I suggested "racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race?" I don't see anything on the topic.

    Perhaps you see my racism in definition number two.

    I would love to hear you explain how, in a post where I argue exclusively AGAINST people forming a preconceived judgment or an adverse opinion before gaining sufficient knowledge, I displayed "prejudice or discrimination."

    Just be aware that prejudice is defined as a...

    ".....preconceived judgment or an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge"

    But you know I am so embarrassed to have suggested people take an honest, impartial view of the facts before attacking the character of a dead man.

    It would be so much honorable to attack a man who can't defend himself or to cast aspersions that I clearly don't understand.

  9. homer..."the white woman who was killed...has been falsely accused of bad behavior for being in a cab by herself in the early morning."

    Really, where did this happen? For the most part she is barely mentioned when people discuss the incident.

    And while your trying to provide evidence that your fantasy world can be seen by those of us in the real world, tell us where exactly the woman in this story "wants to be seen a a pillar of the community."

    @ William...I guess if material things like fast cars are what you find important in life, then yes, you're doing it wrong.

  10. I'm afraid that sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be. The probabilities do seem to indicate that the victim was involved in some clandestine activity. In the court of public opinion, his youtube video, his lack of a visible means of support, his associates and his lifestyle combine to portray him as most likely a pimp or a drug dealer or both. But that is all meaningless because he was not the aggressor in this instance. Any previous criminal or antisocial activity is completely irrelevant because he was the victim and not a suspect and it is important to remember that. His life is no less valuable than the two killed in the taxi in the eyes of the law. (wink, wink) If Harris had only killed Cherry, he'd be in for a sentence that would include parole at some point. However, because of the two additional lives, he'll be leaving the penitentiary in a horizontal format, feet first.

  11. handyetc & PISCES41....and anyone else who wants to blame Gibson for not taking his medication.
    Gibson was OUT OF MEDS because the VA was jerking him around and had canceled an appointment.
    Let's also not ignore that


    shortly before killing Gibson
    @Dom...In 2011 the threshold for Grand Larceny was only $250.