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April 24, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Congress is a bad business model

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So now the sequester is in effect. Congratulations to all the members of Congress for their total disregard of the American people. This is America as it now stands.

Of course, the people who will really suffer are working-class families who are struggling to make ends meet. They are, apparently, little more than collateral damage as congressional members fight with each other. After all, these families contribute little, if anything, to campaigns so they are irrelevant.

Members of Congress will lose nothing. They will still get full salaries, free health care, limousines to take them to work, fact-finding junkets, numerous vacations, etc. Oh sure, they may have to lay off junior or insignificant members of staff, whose functions or names are, most likely, unknown.

If Congress were a business, the owner of the business (voters) would have fired the members long ago. When will all of the people of America actually be represented and valued? That’s a question everyone should ask when the next election occurs.

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  1. Members of Congress act as we should expect given the 'system' in place.

    Being a member is lucrative and we don't have term limits so many members want to make a 'career' of 'serving'. Election and re-election demand huge sums of money, which are provided by lobbyists for powerful interest groups looking to advantage themselves. We don't have public financing of campaigns so lobbyists run rampant and 'buy' the votes of members of Congress.

    Current members of both parties have 'earned' being fired, but if we don't change the 'system', new members will behave as current members do.

    Stop buying the crap both parties spew and demand a change in the system. It is the only solution.


  2. Yes, Congress is a bad business model.

    For the record, the Nation is moving without the help of congress. Almost as if Congress is not needed, that the business community on a National and Gobal level have a system that does not need a congress. A bypass of sorts, a different level of evolution. Business is going around and through congress.

    As we can see the wealthy, the people and corporations that are involved with the essentials of the World, are moving ahead in spite of the obstructions in Washington, DC.

    In other words Washington is no longer the straw that stirs the drink. There are forces that are letting this be known.

  3. The Congress is not a business model. It's a governance model. And it worked to the tune of $85 Billion in less spending. Not cuts. But reduction in growth of spending. All 3 parts of the government approved sequestration. Two parts Democrat: President and Senate. And one part Republican: The House. Compromise and negotiations got it passed into law. Let er rip.

    The sky hasn't fallen. The country has not come to a stop. People are not affected, unless you count the kiddies who want to visit the White House during spring break. Then I suggest they go to the Capitol. That's open and a much better tour. Plus if you talk to your local representatives, you can obtain a flag that flew over the Capitol. Free!


  4. The business of Congress is governing, but the resemblance to a cafeteria food fight is unmistakable.

  5. "Cutting" 2.4% from increased spending is not a "cut" to begin with. That would be like you overspending your earnings by 40% and cutting it back to 37.6%. You'd still go down the tubes! Why is it folks like Stilley haven't a clue as to what is really happening to the United States of America? Is he profiting from government overspending? We are purposely being pushed towards bankruptcy and if we don't stop the big spenders, the $#*% will really hit the fan when the Social Security checks stop coming; hospital & doctors bills go unpaid; food stamps wither on the vine and welfare addicts are left to sell apples on the corner once again. Armaggedon will not be flaming balls of fire coming from the heavens. It will be the collapse of the dollar and the chaos it will lead to. In your own self-interest: WAKE UP, FOOL! There is still time to reverse course.

  6. The moral limits of markets ?

  7. Per Future at 2:54 AM: "Leaked e-mails show that team Obama has directed that the sequester should cause maximum pain."

    Whoever sent that wasted a perfectly good e-mail!

    I've been a manager. Were I directed, by someone who didn't understand my job, that I MUST, willy nilly, cut my overall expenses by AT LEAST 10% I would be d...ed sure I made cuts that would have maximum visibility. I would be equally sure to go above that goal - to avoid any possibility of ending the year below it. Any failure, regardless of reason, to meet such an imposed goal would only open me to charges of "shirking," "not being a team player," or (from my supervisor) "disobeying my direct order." No sense, or promotion, in getting THAT type of reputation!

    Oh yes, I'd also be quite sure to protect my OWN job!

  8. Frontline did an excellent piece on how the sequester mess developed:

  9. Future - "The sequester has broken Obama's spending momentum"

    One day people will come to realize much of what they believe is nonsense. The Easter Bunny doesn't exist and wrapping tin foil around your head doesn't do squat but make you head hotter.

    Here are two articles from the WSJ for you to chew on. You can't accuse the WSJ of being a liberal biased news source when it comes to facts.

    Obama spending binge never happened Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s

    Laffer and Moore: Obama's Real Spending Record

  10. Vernos: I excerpted this from one of your articles. I'm not sure you read it.

    "Maybe Keynes was wrong and Milton Friedman was right when he warned that government spending is taxation and that government can't tax an economy into prosperity. Friedman made it clear time and again that restraining government spending stimulates the economy by liberating private resources."

    I'm on the side of Friedman not Keynes and Krugman. It would appear so is the US economy.

    Remember Keynes says increasing taxes to increase government spending jump starts the economy. Really? $180 billion in 2008. $900 Billion in 2009. Unemployment still at 5.5 percent. $85 Billion in sequestration: Stock market hits all time highs. Everybody gets it except the President and his keynesian economic advisors.


  11. @CarmineD,

    The point of my post was to illustrate that misinformation is being used as propaganda. This deficit was a long time in the making initiated by both parties over many years, check the chart in one of those articles.

    According to many who post here we didn't have any problems until the Obama administration. A few believe the universe was stable and planet Bizarro was fine, until Obama came along to wreck everything.

    I submit, if it weren't for a number of things Obama did to stall this recession, we would have had another Great Depression. The auto industry would be extinct and Wall St. would be in the toilet instead of setting new records.

  12. Congress is NOT a business model. It's a government model and yes, not a good one.

  13. "I submit, if it weren't for a number of things Obama did to stall this recession, we would have had another Great Depression. The auto industry would be extinct and Wall St. would be in the toilet instead of setting new records."

    Vernos: Credit goes to Ben Bernanke for easy money and liquidity. But sadly inflation is up: prices for goods and services, like food and energy. These hurt consumers and workers.

    But even that [inflationary money policy] only goes so far: J-O-B-S. Hopefully President Obama after 4 years will finally approve the Keystone XL Pipeline and get 16,000 direct union hires with more downstream. While it doesn't sound monumental it sends a message to businesses and consumers. FINALLY, this President gets it!


  14. Both parties have contributed to the current state of affairs, which is embarrassing. If this is the eventual destiny of free nations as history suggests, no wonder our future looks bleaker with each passing year.