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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Tea Party takes gridlock to the extremes

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Gridlock has always been a part of politics in our nation’s capital but never to the degree that exists today. Gridlock started the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated and prominent members of the GOP met to develop a strategy designed to make him a one-term president. That plan was confirmed when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said his top goal was to make Obama a one-term president. The results of the congressional races in 2010 brought gridlock when the Tea Party won a good number of seats, particularly in the House. Besides wanting to hold Obama to one term, the attitude became one of no compromise.

The goal of Obama being a one-term president failed but the spirit of gridlock carried on, propelled by the spirit of no compromise. The Tea Party somehow has managed to strike the fear of God in all GOP members in Congress. The fear of being defeated by their own party in their re-election bids trumps any hope of putting country first. Gridlock will not end when President Obama finishes his second term. It will exist as long as the Tea Party has a stranglehold on the rest of the GOP members. Gridlock via no compromise has and will continue to paralyze any attempts to do what is right for the American people.

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  1. Robert is correct in pointing out that many in the Tea Party have little interest in compromise. He ignores however, that many on the left define compromise as 'you do it our way'.

    The right was dragged, kicking and screaming, to taxing the wealthy a little more, but taxes were raised. Now, the tax reform the left wants to talk about is all about closing loopholes and ending deductions. Where is a discussion regarding a total overhaul of the income tax system?

    The truth is that both sides in our government are addicted to deficit spending and increasing debt.

    Our government needs to either find ways to spend less or tax everyone more or take a combination of the two and get to work.

    Robert can slam the right and others can slam the left, and with good reason, but to claim one side has cornered the market on failure flies in the face of the facts.


  2. Rove and Norquist are dead. So are McConnell, McCain, and Graham. There are a new cadre of Republicans in town: Rand, Cruz, Rubio et al. They are carrying the GOP banner now. Everybody knows it. Even the stock market!


  3. Freeman

    Your dismissive post is symptomatic of the selfrighteousness and pomposity that seems too prevalent in this country. If you have a contrasting opinion on the letter content, state it. I doubt your expertise extends to accurate analysis of other people's motivations and you certainly can't claim any high ground for objectivity or lack of bias.

  4. The two political parties are having difficulty agreeing on the problem, the solution and whether or not a problem is best handled at the national or state level. This scenario leads to many no action results. There is no consensus about what constitutes doing a good job as a member of Congress. What is the yardstick? How many bills passed? How do we decide what an effective congressman looks like? We expect a congressman to represent constituents. We expect members to bring into the legislative process the views, needs and interests of their constituents; we expect the Congress as an institution to provide a forum to exchange these views, needs and interests. Only in a perfect world the majority wants align with what policy experts deem most likely to be effective. When a conflict exists, however, which should take priority? What constitutes good public policy?
    The general public has little in-depth knowledge of what good public policy is that will lead to positive societal outcomes.

  5. Bradley hits the mark with his comment. Just like many people on the left, many on the right are concerned about what they see here in America today. What they see as positive solutions may differ, but if you're an American who cares about his or her country, you cannot help but be saddened and concerned.

    Compromise is a requirement on both sides and neither side is willing to compromise enough, at least in my opinion. Our government massively misappropriates taxpayer funds and does not even come close to living within the limits of the tax revenue it collects.

    Whether you believe in taking more revenue from the wealthy, cutting what is spent, attacking the waste , fraud and duplication, re-writing the income tax code, moving to a new health care system, changing our defense and foriegn aid posture, re-working entitlements, etc, we should all be able to agree that our government, at the national level, is currently failing to do its job and has been failing for quite some time before President Obama was elected to office.


  6. Freeman

    Are you claiming you don't write partisan letters or comments? Do you claim only people who agree with you are nonpartisan?

    All letters and all posts are partisan because they reflect the widely varied life experiences and allegiances of their authors.

  7. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Blanner.

    I got nothing to add except that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the Tea Party takeover of the Republican Party. And it needs to continue.

    The Tea Party was created by the conservatives to address a problem the Republican Party had with popularity, getting the votes, and primarily get people interested in filling their campaign coffers with money. It energized them, as well as their policy makers, the right wing news media, beyond their wildest dreams.

    It was so successful that the Frankenstein monster they created...can no longer be controlled. The infection of the Tea Party into their ranks is almost complete. So much so that no amount of mobs wielding pitchforks and torches and storming the windmill can ever get rid of the monster they created.

    Like a boomerang, it's comin' back at them.

    Let it continue.

    Gooooooooo, Tea Party! Rip them to shreds!

    Pure entertainment. I got plenty of popcorn to watch this lunacy.

    Get Paul to talking fillibuster something else til he wets his pants, for all I care. The more this stuff goes on, the more that entire party is marginalized to nothingness.

    Don't blame me, ultra-conservatives. It's your fault you let this go on so long. That conservatism that was appealing a long time ago is gone, baby, gone. Until someone from your stupid political party puts their foot down to stop it, it will continue. When you look to a big goof like Rush Limbaugh to dictate the policies of your party, there's gonna be no end to this.

    In the meantime, let the ongoing internal civil war commence without let up. You gotta learn this stuff the hard way, I guess.

    But, all I ask is this.... Do it in front of cameras/microphones.

    So we can watch and laugh at ya.

    Pure entertainment.

    Pass the popcorn. A little more butter, please. Not much salt.....

  8. Blanner continues in the mold of most leftist commentors. They have selective and short memories and don't let facts get in the way of their diatribes. Where was Blanner and his fellow travelers when George W. was elected and Dumbocrats fought all the way to the US Supreme Court to deny him his victory? Obviously, Dumbocrats wanted George W to be a "no-term" President, let alone a "one-term" President and that's fine with me because being in the "loyal" opposition is exactly what the Founders intended. Blanner also intentionally dismisses the shenanigans pulled by Harry the Red and his fellow travelers who, while in the minority, went so far as to filibuster Supreme Court nominees - a first. They fought just about every proposal put forward by the Bush administration tooth & nail. No complaints from Blanner & his Commie-lite pals then that I recall. No should there have been. Once again, it is the duty of the "out" party to keep the "in" party in check and not let it run rough-shod over those who disagree. One day (sooner than later, I hope), the Dumbocrats will be the "out" party and I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut, they will not bend over for the Republicrats, nor should they. So-called "Gridlock" is good for us.

  9. @JimWeber....the more you feed the trolls,.......

  10. Wharfrat -

    Yeh, I know. But he's so invested in being right, it's hard to resist having some fun with him to see how many questions he'll ignore and changes of subjects he'll come up with. If there was a book titled "Copy and Paste and Paste and Paste and Paste and...Paste for Dummies", he'd be the author.

  11. Boy oh boy, the generalizations are rampant! So, everyone that is a Tea Party member or supports some of what they stand for wants to go back to the buggy whip, rotary telephones and life as it was portrayed in Leave It To Beaver. Oh my! I think not. Oh, there are kooks in the Tea Party, as there are in any movement, but to get a more 'balanced' view of what many people that belong to or favor the Tea Party movement believe, simply go here and read:

    I believe the Tea Party has made and continues to make many missteps, but I can look at our government and see at least as many and probably many more missteps. I believe that it is unlikely that the Tea Party offers what we need to resolve the nations problems, but it is equally clear to me that our present government and those of the recent past also are not offering much that will put us on a more sustainable fiscal path.


  12. Freeman -

    Perhaps the biggest winner today is Mr. Blanner. He started out as a liberal hack and now he is merely partisan like the rest of us. Mr. Blanner speaks for himself as we all do when presenting our worldview.

    Freeman, you neglected to answer the two questions in my 6:23AM post, perhaps because the answers were evident? :-)

  13. At 2:49 last night, Wtplv (Michael Casler) commented that "The right was dragged, kicking and screaming, to taxing the wealthy a little more..."

    This is but a continuation of the right's "big lie" technique that requires rebuttal whenever it rears its head. Taxes were NOT raised wholesale on the wealthy. In 2001 and 2003 legislation to cut certain taxes across the economic class spectrum was introduced in Congress. One provision of that legislation was that it would expire in 2010. A Republican-controlled Congress passed, and a Republican President signed, both bills.

    In 2010 a Democratic-controlled Congress passed, and a Democratic President signed, legislation to extend those bills for an additional two years.

    In 2012 the Republican-controlled House and the Democratic-majority Senate (though de facto Republican controlled) failed to further extend the full cuts. Rather, they made the cuts for lower-income taxpayers permanent and allowed the cuts for the higher-income taxpayers to expire. The Democratic President signed that legislation.

    Bottom-line? The REPUBLICANS are responsible for both the original cuts and for their subsequent expiration. The DEMOCRATS are responsible for suspending for two years the expiration of the full provisions and for making permanent those cuts applicable to the lower-income majority of taxpayers.

    I would like to consider Mr Casler's comment to be simply hyperbole or exaggeration. Neither term, however, does justice to the technique it represents - "big lie" does. ("Big lie" = "the use of a lie so 'colossal' that no one would believe that someone 'could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.'" As used by A. Hitler, 1925, in Mein Kampf.)

  14. Anyone who thinks the tea party has the country's interests as the most important thing to fix,best guess again. The tea party is only interested in their own skin first,country second.

  15. @BChap,

    I agree with your assessment of the Tea Party, not all of them are hate mongers, but those projecting that image aren't being reeled in by saner members of the GOP or Tea Party. Not one of the leading candidates in the GOP was out front attempting to quell the fear or hate these people projected, instead they catered to them in hopes of gaining votes. If a crime is being committed and none of us report it, aren't we as guilty as the criminal?

    "Fed by antagonism toward President Obama, resentment toward changing racial demographics and the economic rift between rich and poor, the number of so-called hate groups and antigovernment organizations in the nation has continued to grow, according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center."

  16. Of all of this erudite elucidating...

    One line @ColinFromLasVegas sums it up nicely;
    "Pure entertainment. I got plenty of popcorn to watch this lunacy."
    They oughtta show reruns of the Republican 'debates' from last summer...
    Dang, that was a HOOT!!!
    Can't hardly wait for 'The Sequel', featuring Carmine's Hero's Rand Paul & Co...they're cow chips off the 'old block'!