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July 4, 2015

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Police seize $10.9 million of cocaine during traffic stop


Courtesy Las Vegas Metro Police

Rahul Grewal, 52, was arrested Thursday after an estimated $10.9 million in cocaine was found in his vehicle.

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Rahul Grewal, 52, was arrested Thursday after an estimated $10.9 million in cocaine was found in his vehicle.

Authorities arrested a truck driver hauling more than 280 pounds of cocaine worth $10.9 million after he was stopped Friday in the northern part of the valley, Metro Police reported.

The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force stopped the 18-wheel truck at 3:45 a.m. for a traffic violation while it was driving north on Interstate 15 at Craig Road, police said.

About 284 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $10.9 million, was found in the vehicle, Metro Police said. The driver, Rahul Grewal, 52, was arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center, police said.

Grewal faces counts of trafficking a controlled substance and transporting a controlled substance for sale, police said. His bail was set at $20,000, according to jail records.

The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force is made up of law enforcement officers from Metro Police, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Nevada Highway Patrol, Henderson Police and the Mesquite Police.

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  1. $20,000 dollars bail is sure low bail for someone caught in possession of this much cocaine. I guess the Judge setting the bail must have been using some of the drugs or else he/she just thinks drug possession is a joke.

  2. These guys - if it were me, I think I'd be driving my truck in a way that WOULD NOT draw the attention of law enforcement.

  3. ssenjo -

    Read between the lines. A drug task force making a traffice stop on a truck? They knew what they were going to find ahead of time.

  4. The brothers that lost $10.9 million are going to be a lot more interested in talking with Rahul than the Court system. Being on the loose after loosing these goods, the probability is nearly 100% that he'll never sign up for Medicare or Social Security. I guess the Judge thought he'd save the State the cost of a trial.

  5. I agree with everyone else...20k bail for a guy that had almost 11 million in coke in his possession. I'm sure he'll get out and angry people will get a hold of him, except the police will be watching him so closely it would be dumb for anyone in the drug trade to ever contact him again unless they want to be caught through association.

  6. "The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force stopped the 18-wheel truck at 3:45 a.m. for a traffic violation while it was driving north on Interstate 15 at Craig Road, police said."

    Lapan -- I see nothing here about how these cops with the fancy name ensured this search and seizure was reasonable. Grewall is an Indian (as in India) surname. How good is his English?

    "I guess the Judge setting the bail must have been using some of the drugs or else he/she just thinks drug possession is a joke."

    itsumo -- the real joke is how you and your ilk ignore the Bill of Rights in favor of cops searching and seizing whatever they want without a warrant. Unless the cocaine was in plain sight at the traffic stop, they needed a warrant. Lapan should have filled us in.

    Each cop involved here swore an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitutions. That includes the Fourth Amendment and its Nevada counterpart. Each of us as citizens should be alarmed by our cops violating their oaths. But what can be expected from a nation of men who allow their little daughters to be fondled and their elderly mothers forced to remove their diapers for inspection just because their molesters wear badges??

    "Indifference to personal liberty is but the precursor of the State's hostility to it." -- United States v. Penn, 647 F.2d 876 (9th Circuit, 1980), Judge Kennedy dissenting

  7. A quick trial and execution if found guilty.

  8. "A quick trial and execution if found guilty."

    nez212 -- apart from your lynch-mob post, why? Who exactly did this Grewall hurt?

    " little does the common herd know of the nature of right and truth." - Socrates in Plato's "Euthyphro" (399 B.C.E.?)

  9. I read that to be $20 million in bail!

  10. For everyone that thinks this man has a 20,000 dollar bail is being misled. One of his charges carries a 20,000 dollar bail, they other charge is no bail. That's what it looks like to me anyways. Check out clark county inmate search and you put the persons name in there and you'll get a lot of info. Why is this person not in federal custody?

  11. Who figures the value of these drugs? The $10.9M figure given in this story seemed to be too high so I checked on the 'net. I saw values, in the U.S., listed as ranging from $8,000 per lb. to $27,000 per lb.

    Calculator says:
    284lbs. x $8,000 = $2,272,000
    284lbs. x $13,000 = $3,692,000
    284lbs. x $27,000 = $7,668,000

  12. "To killer b. sadly our bill of rights have been eroding for years."

    flyermart74 -- that's why I picked that quote. Which as you can see below others can't seem to comprehend its meaning.

    "@KillerB - I find it incredulous that you would pose such a question as 'who exactly did this guy hurt' - you can't seriously think that but I'm sure you do."

    azsk8fan -- crimes mean someone was injured. "Illegal" drugs are still profitable because there's a market for them. Evidently you're one of those who still swallows the propaganda -- illegal drug = harm. Try thinking for yourself next time.

    "Second, KillerB plain view is not the only way they could get in the vehicle to search. . .The courts have ruled that you can search a vehicle without a warrant if you have both probable cause and it is "occupied and mobile" at the time of the stop. Your internet law degree has failed you."

    gohugatree -- your guessing aside, the threshold you posited is correct, there must be probable cause. That involves more than rumors and just making it up. Hence the Constitution's requirement for a warrant. And I raised the language barrier because this is starting to show a pattern -- how can someone who isn't fluent in English consent to anything? Especially when surrounded by cops?

    "The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others." -- Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781-82

  13. There is a bill in the Legislature that would stop the abuse and maiming of horses and steers and it should be a slam dunk, but LOBBYISTS have rallied and got dummies like Tick Sergerblom and Tom Collins to support them. Someone please tell Tick Segerblom and Tom Collins that instead of worrying about protecting Hispanic Rodeo's and their "rights" to trip horses and pull tails on steer's, that Nevada has become a huge hub for narcotics trafficking because we are close to the Mexican trail and are central for distribution. There are many causes they should be fighting, protecting animals abusers is not one of them. Oh yes, them please vote them out next term for being ignorant to the real issues in Nevada. Southern Nevada has serious issues and idiots and drunks running the state are not helping us.

  14. Hi bail is now at 2 million.

  15. Wholesale (by the pound) and 'street price' don't mean the same with coke. It's not 'cut yet'-- the street price would be after it's cut. Price can double or triple that way.

    And no one knows if the Cops had or didn't have a warrant. Why would you assume they wouldn't?

    This is not your typical highway stop, kids, this was a slam-dunk. Someone just got themselves a get-out-of-jail card for turning this one.