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April 28, 2015

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Nevada bill raises nude dancing age limit to 21

A state law that allows young women to dance in the nude once they reach 18 years of age, as long as alcohol is not served, is under fire in the Nevada Senate.

Republican Sen. Barbara Cegavske of Las Vegas presented SB413 to the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday.

The bill prohibits anyone younger than 21 from nude dancing at adult entertainment establishments. The current age restriction is 18 _ unless alcohol is being served, then it is 21.

Another provision allows local governments to enact laws related to the same subject that don't conflict with the bill. Brothels are exempted from the proposed statute.

Supporters say it provides additional safeguards against the exploitation of underage girls.

But opponents counter the bill violates adults' constitutional freedom of expression rights.

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  1. Old enough to vote and serve in the military but not old enough to dance nude?

  2. Go with age 18. Many young people are faced with supporting themselves right after finishing high school or the moment they turn age 18. Freedom of expression is protected under the USA Constitution, and what we have here, is a Lawmaker who likely has a personal history of religious leanings trying to legislate morality.

    Is nude dancing a great career choice? Most of us would reply, "NO!" But, a choice it is. God bless America, land of the free, home of the brave.

    As far as dealing with the "Human Trafficking" element, this is NOT the best place. Cut the demand, protect those who have been or are trapped by others who make them essentially their slaves for their profit. Go there, Republican Sen. Barbara Cegavske of Las Vegas!

    We must differentiate between LEGAL and ILLEGAL transactions here, which routinely Senator Cegavske avoids in such conversations.

    Blessings and Peace,

  3. oh republicans, trying to legislate morality under the guise of something else once again.

  4. To be clear, until a few years ago, entertainers only had to be 18 in ALL establishments, regardless of whether they served alcohol. (Anyone remember how old Wayne Newton was when he started singing in downtown?)

    Can we please, for the love of Vegas, stop trying to turn one of the few remaining places of freedom into a nanny state? Enough already.

  5. So she wants to raise the age to 21 to dance nude but it is ok to work in a brothel at 18? I think someone has the priorities messed up as to which is the more serious issue. But then again, being 18 doesn't make you an adult in many areas. At 18, they still able to be covered by mommy and daddy's heath insurance, can't drink, can't work in bars. But they are old enough to vote and protect this country. When I was 18 I could drink legally and I don't think the problems were any worse then compared to now. But at the same time, most 18 year olds still think they deserve everything handed to them.

  6. 18 is a adult.

  7. Right wing religious zealots trying to impose their morality on women.

    This is wrong, stupid and hurts young women trying to make a good living.

  8. I thought Democrats were the nanny staters!

    I guess Sen. Cegavske only believes in the freedom to make the choices she believes are right.

  9. lol - Did I read this article correctly?

    Did it say "Brothels are exempted from the proposed statute."

    So that means 18 year old kids can prostitute themselves - but they aren't old enough to dance?

    What in the bell is wrong with these legislators. Seriously. Is this woman out of her mind?

    She talks about preventing exploitation but doesn't do anything about 18 year old girls prostituting themselves - and, instead, is more concerned with dancers?

    Wow! The level of stupidity is truly flabbergasting.

  10. I think this would force 18, 19, 20, year olds on to the welfare system instead of in the workforce. This would push women back to being house wives instead of them making a choice to be independent,
    The current law is that 18 year olds are adults and this bill is supposed to stop exploitation of under age, It seems that this sen. is trying to create "Older Children" 18 thru 20 would now be under age.

  11. "Supporters say it provides additional safeguards against the exploitation of underage girls."

    The age of consent in Nevada is 16. In at least one of our neighboring states a 14-year-old can marry with parental consent. In the 1860s the U.S. Supreme Court approved the marriage of a 13-year-old bride.

    Just a guess, since my own daughter is way past 18, that a poll of "underage girls" would find they don't want these kinds of "additional safeguards."

    "Is nude dancing a great career choice? Most of us would reply, "NO!" But, a choice it is."

    star -- that's only one of many points lost on this legislature.

    "To be clear, until a few years ago, entertainers only had to be 18 in ALL establishments, regardless of whether they served alcohol. (Anyone remember how old Wayne Newton was when he started singing in downtown?)"

    James_P -- according to Wikepedia he was first booked by a Vegas agent in 1958 when he was a junior in high school. Looks like he did his first show here when he was just 16.

    "So that means 18 year old kids can prostitute themselves - but they aren't old enough to dance? What in the bell is wrong with these legislators."

    UNLV -- ditto.

    Our economy is in the tank with all its attendant problems, they just spent two months distracted by the Brooks affair, they are now midway through their session, and this is what they come up with??

    "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." -- attributed to Seneca the Younger (executed by Nero in 65 A.C.E.)

  12. Chunky says:

    Exactly what Mr. Botfx says! Seriously, if you can die for our country you darn well ought to be able to dance for our country. Frankly, Chunky isn't all that far off on saying drinking ought to be fine too.

    Being able to fight and die is old enough to take on the rest of the world.

    That's what Chunky thinks!

  13. Dancing nude should be limited to those over 40. This would take a lot of applicants off the unemployment rolls and invigorate their self-esteem, even if the compensation was only minimum wage. This new policy would also sell a lot of refried beans, potatoes, cheap beer and build a micro-brewery backlog. They all need the business like anyone else.

  14. I think this is a great idea. Another way to clamp down on prostitution, and help protect young women from the evil pimps and slime that exploit these girls. Three years wiser.

  15. It might interest Commenters to follow the legislative leanings of not only Republican Sen. Barbara Cegavske of Las Vegas, but Dina Neal, and S. H...d. It is NOT the job of Lawmakers (or Lawmaker's wives) to allow their personal religious belief systems drift into crafting laws and policies, which seems to be common with these here.

    The United States Constitution makes it clear about the "separation of church and state".

    There is a huge distintion between exploitation, making another individual a slave so that you may profit, and those who willingly, without coersion, select a career choice. Slavery is against the law of the land. Freedom of choice continues to be protected under the US Constitution.

    Just want to add here, that this bill discriminates...why limit nude dancing to age 21 for only "young women" when there is quite a business with male strippers as well. Hummmm

    Blessings and Peace,

  16. This 18 or 21 age subject revolves around a rational pole which is to slippery for politicians to hold on to when the constitution makes no determination of age for adulthood. Rather, the 26 amendment implies the age of full citizenship to be 18, and the age of 21 has only been applied unconstitutionally to alcohol or any other law without due process.

    The age debate is only central to how young a society thinks death to its citizens can be mandated, otherwise, the real determinate must be an individual's mental capacity, as with maturity.

    The need for young people to fight in wars changes everything about what society thinks of age. The draft made it real for many 18 year olds at what age society saw fit to kill our young. Although many established American families objected to sending their offspring to battle at 18 or any age for that matter, the under privileged marched-on, unless you were a "Senators Son" or of wealth your chit was stamped.

    Ultimately, the only minimum age at which America can apply a limit to adult rights is 18 or it becomes reverse age discrimination.

  17. Whew, it just gets more insane up there in the circus, Stop with the stupid stuff and concentrate on the budget and the education mess the state has. It's amazing that these people are re elected.