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July 7, 2015

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A culture that berates victims

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Disgusted! A one word description of my thoughts about protecting rapists. Two girls, one in Canada, and one in California, were gang raped. In both cases the photos of the crime were posted in social media and circulated in school. Both girls were mocked and hounded by their peers to the point each committed suicide. What is wrong with people? Is the new social norm to protect rapists and defend the boys accused before empathizing with the victim?

Do the parents protecting the boys involved have daughters? I sure hope not because they are setting a precedent they may regret.

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  1. Vernos:

    We are the victims of our own making. Members of our society believe they are entitled to everything they want. Even to be morally right when they clearly aren't. That's what happens when half of us support the other half.
    Carmine D

  2. Bullying has become our national pastime. It takes many forms and all with the same results. It preys on the weak to make the perpetrators feel strong and powerful. It has defined who we are as a society.

    It is everywhere! Look how our elected and powerful officials behave. They pass laws that only benefit themselves. Look at CEOs of big corporations. Their salaries grew 1,000% to one compared to the average workers.

    The very rich stashed their money to the tune of 30 to 50 trillion in offshore accounts to cheat on their taxes and bankrupt the economy causing devastating unemployment and economy collapse all over the world.The government bailed-out the same banks who did business with these tax cheats because 'they are too big to fail.'

    Look at workplaces. The bosses treat people as pawns and inconsequential in their never-ending thirst for money and power. There is no more concern for the average worker because they are afraid to lose their jobs which are their cash cows. The abuses on the average worker get unreported because nobody cares and they fear retribution.

    Look at how the heads of powerful countries aid and abet abuses in human rights because of their self-aggrandizement objectives.

    Look how the powerful endorses corporations with projects to rape the environment just so they could extract more money from the earth even when environmental disasters have resulted in nature's fury and devastation.

    Rape and the marginalization of its victims is evil incarnate. Those who bully the victims are the devil's advocates.

    Evil is winning and we are cheering it on!

  3. "Disgusted! A one word description of my thoughts about protecting rapists."

    VernosB -- I see you mentioned nothing about the flipside of accusations, innocence.

    "Rape and the marginalization of its victims is evil incarnate. Those who bully the victims are the devil's advocates."

    ASadTeacher -- and what about the falsely accused?

    "The legal system has also been wounded by lawyers who themselves no longer respect the rule of law ..... When lawyers cannot be trusted to observe the fair processes essential to maintaining the rule of law, how can we expect the public to respect the process?" -- the Honorable Edith Jones to Harvard's Federalist Club "American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School" 2/28/03

  4. Yup. I know too well about being falsely accused. Some people will step on other people to lift themselves up.

    You remember those two teenagers who accused a male teacher of harrassment? They later admitted that they made it up to get back at him for some discipline problems. That teachers has been 'tainted' for life even with his innocence.

    Evil is winning and we are letting it.

  5. KillerB,

    Very true, I haven't mentioned innocent people being accused. As of right now I'm thinking of those students at Duke who were railroaded by the district attorney. I truly believe DA's using those cases as political stepping stones should be incarcerated for years.

    My opinion was targeted at callous, unempathetic and inhumane individuals who would drive young ladies to suicide.

  6. One of the things wrong with (American) people is that "we" hype that men having young and younger girls (not adult women) on their arm is glamorous or somehow sexy. Men who can't handle an adult relationship but prey on young, less-emotionally-developed young girls is just sick. Look around and observe a bit. Look at couples that are about the same age--when you see happy or long-married couples. then compare that sense of success, serenity, happiness to the macho loud dude with a stripped down hustler on his arm....

  7. "One of the things wrong with (American) people is that "we" hype that men having young and younger girls (not adult women) on their arm is glamorous or somehow sexy."

    Roslenda -- you should get out more. It's not just Americans. Your opinion isn't really credible -- look around at the daily barrages from the popular media. Sex sells, and in those ads young sex sells best. One example is Japan -- the young schoolgirl has been wildly popular for many years. Seems to be a primal thing.

    "Ah cha cha, but now there was a choice. Or the possibility of a choice. She was pretty. And a pretty girl can always make her way in a civilized society." -- from "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"

  8. "Carmine's subtle insinuation about the "other half" is Shameful."

    I posted it, I did not insinuate. Self-support through work serves as the moral and ethic fabric of society. Without it [work], we deteriorate as a society and nation. Just as we are doing.

    Carmine D