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April 20, 2015

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Registering gun owners won’t help

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Regarding the letters - "A comparison of guns and cars" and "Gun-car analogy is apples and oranges" - comparing gun registration to car registration:

If registering all car owners has not reduced deaths caused by automobiles, what makes us think that registering gun owners would reduce deaths caused by guns?

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  1. There are people, in and out of government, that would like to see all guns banned. Personally, I find it highly unlikely that such a desire will ever come to pass here, so it doesn't concern me much.

    The 'only' logical reason for gun registration is the same rational used for car registration; it allows authorities to more easily investigate accidents and crimes committed that involve a car or a gun. Registering cars does not reduce accidents by any measurable amount and the same is true with gun registration.

    Personally, I have no problem with requiring gun owners to register their weapons. I just wish the advocates for that would stop falsely claiming that registration will reduce gun violence. They should make the 'logical' argument instead.... that registration makes sense because it assists law enforcement in solving gun crimes.


  2. The NRA won the gun law debate on the facts. President Obama and Democrats lost the debate on emotions. Congress' principled opposition to the gun amendments is exactly what it should have been. Laws are not passed on popular opinion polls and surveys. They are passed on facts and evidence.

    Carmine D

  3. Handgun registration is already required in Clark County and has been for years. I have yet to hear of a single case of law enforcement confiscating a handgun from an owner who was otherwise entitled to possess it.

    Enough of the boogieman crap!

  4. March 25, 2013

    "LAS VEGAS -- After 65 years, Clark County's handgun registration program could be history if a new bill becomes law. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is fighting to keep gun registration, but others say the law doesn't serve a purpose and infringes on Second Amendment rights.

    The origins of the gun registration law go back to the Mob days when the wise guys moved from the East to set up shop in Las Vegas. It was a way for authorities to keep tabs on the weapons brought into Clark County by organized crime.

    Now, there is a push to get Clark County out of the handgun record-keeping business. Senate Bill 226 would have the state take over concealed carry permits from counties. It also halts Clark County's handgun registration program.

    "Every since my brother was killed on the Strip, it changed my life," said Tehran Boldon.

    His brother, Michael, was driving a cab when he lost his life in the Feb. 21 Strip shooting that ended in a fiery explosion.

    Clark County is the only county in Nevada that requires gun registration. Boldon thinks there should be more registration, not less.

    "Right now, maybe I think the state should get involved, and they should have uniformity in the codes."

    Metro routinely taps the gun registration database to solve gun crimes.

    "Gun registration is a valuable tool for law enforcement, an investigative tool," said Chuck Callaway, director of Metro Intergovernmental Services.

    "We do echo the opposition as described by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department," said Capt. James Green with the Henderson Police Department.

    Others argue, those who bear arms in Clark County are unfairly targeted.

    "Those people deserve the same rights as the people in the rest of the state," said Janine Hansen with Nevada Families for Freedom.

    The owner of The Gun Store on Tropicana Avenue, Bob Irwin, says the registration program is a complete waste of time and money.

    "What's happening here is the bad guys don't register their guns anyway. It's illegal for a felon to register a gun because he's a felon," Irwin said.

    Boldon wants stricter gun laws.

    "The bad guys don't bother to register their handguns, but a lot of people who have handguns register them, get them stolen. We need accountability for these handguns that are loose on the streets."

    Follow SB226 and other bills on's Bill Tracker

    Ultimately, the portion of SB 226 that repeals the Clark County handgun registration program could be cut out of the bill before lawmakers vote on it."

    Carmine D

  5. Death from car accidents are just that car accidents.Death from gun shots are deliberate and acted out by all who kill people for what ever reasons they use.

    With cars, we require the driver to be trained and licensed.If the car is sold or given to a new owner it is required by law to be re-registered by the new owner.

    But for guns,there is no licensing, no training required, and no registration.This enables the criminals to obtain guns from private citizens or buy them from gun shows (gun show loophole).By getting guns this way the criminal has no background check,no waiting period-no means of enforcement at all.

    Gun lobby groups use fear tactics to fight even modest regulation.First they'll register your guns,then they'll take them away,Sure.Just like they do with cars.

  6. Jeff and I disagree on many things and I disagree with his generalizations and labeling of people on the right, but he is correct on gun registration. It would be a benefit overall, just like car registration is. Would it impact gun crime much, if any or prevent massacres? Probably not, but it is a worthwhile goal, just the same.


  7. Some of our commenters seem to argue that we should not have laws because people break them anyway. So, if criminals will get guns illegally anyway, we should continue to enable them and not close any loopholes that allow them access to guns without breaking the law. That way we can get them for other crimes when they use their firearm.

    How's that working for us?

  8. "The NRA won the gun law debate on the facts. President Obama and Democrats lost the debate on emotions."

    Bullcrap ... they won with lobbying and large funds given by manufacturers. Blow back is coming for a number of politicians who voted against registering weapons. Why was the NRA for registration before they were against it? Attaching a name to a serial number will stop people from selling weapons to criminals.

    "With a President like Obama law abiding citizens would be in constant fear of infringement of their rights."

    More delusional-paranoidal dribble. While banks and insider traders are stealing the wealth of the country and sending our children off to wars, you fools are misdirected by scare tactics well paid idiots air on radio shows, television or blogs.

  9. Mr. Moss, you are right. Registering guns will not reduce gun deaths. The only thing that will reduce gun deaths is to repeal the Second Amendment and ban guns altogether. Is that what you want? I certainly don't.

  10. "If registering all car owners has not reduced deaths caused by automobiles..."

    That's a very large IF, Gordon. Anyone have evidence that it's valid? Maye we should STOP registering cars...

    NO law has EVER stopped 100% of the population from doing something 100% of the time. Therefore, we should repeal ALL laws that are designed in any way at all to affect/change behaviour. Bans on drug use/abuse, on robbery, on fraud, on murder, on mopery, on DUI. NONE of them have eliminated their target! ALL of them have to go!

  11. Criminals don't use legal guns to commit crimes. They use stolen guns and guns bought illegally on the city streets. The last two means account for 8-9 out of 10 gun crimes and gun violence committed by those incarcerated.

    Carmine D

  12. Nevada outlaws illegals to not possess firearms--would that law be voided if they never even apply for a work permit? So how is it that illegals are doing so many armed robberies? ENFORCE the law.

  13. Richard Pratt says "he only thing that will reduce gun deaths is to repeal the Second Amendment and ban guns altogether."

    Actually history has already shown that banning guns won't reduce gun deaths.

    The UK and Australia are great examples of countries that have tried it already. Australia saw "no definitive evidence that a decade of restrictive firearms laws has done anything to reduce weapon-related crime" and the UK actually saw an increase in gun crime per capita and no decrease in gun deaths.