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May 3, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

America can’t afford this war

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The Afghanistan disaster has cost this great nation and wounded our youth for life. The millions that have been spent have brought this country economic disaster and virtually nothing has been accomplished.

Let those in this country live the lifestyle they prefer and let us end this obligation that could go on forever.

As a retired Marine, I tried to volunteer as a helicopter pilot but was informed that I was too old.

Thousands of our youth continue to serve repeated tours of duty at a cost of death, wounds that stay for life and a continuous drain on our economy.

We must withdraw immediately to save our fragile economy and the lives of our outstanding youth.

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  1. Afghanistan has been a thorn in our side. Although I firmly believe that we had every right to go into Afghanistan as that is where we were attacked from by orders given by Osama Bin Laden and his hench men.

    I also believe that if former Pres.G.W. Bush had not ventured off into Iraq with his made up WMD bull....we could have finished our job in Afghanistan years ago with a clear victory.

    Once we got bogged down in Iraq all efforts were made in trying to stablize Iraq,which turned into a quagmire. As was once stated would happen by V.P.Cheney during the first Iraq war which ended in 1991.

    Put the blame where it belongs, Pres.G.W.Bush and V.P.Cheney,along with Donald Rumsfeld. They had no clue what they were getting into in Iraq.With Pres. G.W.Bush declaring "Mission Acomplished" on May 1, 2003,and "American Operations Have Ended In Iraq".The war did finally end some 9 years later once Pres.Obama completed the agreed upon withdrawl of all U.S.Forces. The agreement was made by Pres.Bush and the Iraqi govt in 2008, and was completed in Dec. 2011.

  2. Sounds like shades of Iraq. Just imagine if President Obama retaliates militarily against Syria, Iran, and/or North Korea for crossing his red lines in the sand. Allies and enemies are watching and listening. The President needs a pick-me-up [juice] for the second term. He's sinking fast. A dose of military action in Syria, Iran, or N. Korea could be just what the political doctor orders!

    Carmine D

  3. "The agreement was made by Pres.Bush and the Iraqi govt in 2008, and was completed in Dec. 2011."

    The agreement was not mutually made and approved by both sides until well into the Obama presidency. Bush was lame duck President in November 2008.

    Carmine D

  4. It's definitely time to turn our nation-building energies inward and take care of our own needs first. It seems to me that spending hundreds of billions playing whack-a-mole with a handful of terrorists accomplishes the objectives of the terrorists more than our own.

  5. "The final version shows significant concessions from the U.S. side. For instance, the Bush administration agreed to a total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. The draft and final versions also called for additional restrictions on how U.S. troops conducted missions, and required a pullout from Iraqi urban areas by July 2009."

    Just to site one of the many additions to the agreement after November 2008.

    Carmine D

  6. This war has gone on far too long. After the attack on 9/11 I was a strong supporter for the US retaliation in Afghanistan to depose the Taliban rule and demise the safe haven for al Qaeda
    that had been established there. In my opinion when these two tasks were finished we should have left and come home. Instead Iraq became a major distraction to the fast and effective accomplishment of what should have been the primary mission in Afghanistan. Much of the blame for this distraction rests with George W Bush and his policies in Afghanistan. I am not as critical as are many for the invasion of Iraq. Placing Iraq in an historical context, Hussein was a major distabilizing force in the region by his invasion of Kuwait, and plans to enter Saudi Arabia which triggered a wide coalition to his defeat in the Gulf War. Following that Hussein's mischief and taunting actions which brought multiple UN resolutions against Hussein and his regime including resolutions to allow UN inspectors into Iraq to inspect for WMDs created a bi partisan reaction from the US Congress to invade Iraq to depose Hussein. The following discovery that WMDs which had been previously in Iraq had then disappeared was a surprise to the entire global community. I will never blame this intellegence lapse on George W Bush who relied on it just as did the US Congress and the international community. Afterall, Hussein once had an active WMD program in full swing and had used chemical weapons to slaughter the Kurds from his own country, and used them on Iran in his war with that nation. One would have been blind and ignorant not to believe that these weapons still remained in Iraq, and that Hussein was still pursuing such weapons programs. Hussein was a madman and a bully who had already proved he was a danger to the stabilazation of the Middle East. It was certainly time for this tyrant to be eliminated.

  7. What a bunch of weasels! If Afghanistan was not a proper intervention then nothing is. The Taliban allowed Osama bin Laden and his band of killers to operate freely and openly. If we had not ended their regime, ousted Al Quaeda and finally gotten rid of bin Laden, what do you think would have happened? Would we have been safer or not? Would another 9/11 have occurred by now? Iraq's another story, but Afghanistan? It was a no-brainer!

  8. The problem is not in the intervention to secure our defense and/or national interests. The problem is in the notion that we can somehow turn distinctly alien cultures into clones of western capitalist democracies. We continue to have a number of folks in the foreign policy business who believe that the successes of the Marshall Plan can be replicated anywhere. The strategy did not work in Vietnam, Iraq or any other place. At least in Afghanistan we have moved beyond the Iraqi strategy of sending pallets of it's only suitcases, backpacks and plastic shopping bags. If we need to change a regime like the Afghani Taliban, then destroy their infrastructure, kill off their leadership, and keep troops and "nation building" sidelined.

  9. Anybody think Afghanistan won't revert to what it was promptly upon our withdrawal--so the only alternative is to stay forever--like the generals want so their careers can rocket upwards. We should never have sent our kids to be maimed and killed, mentally tortured. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between isolationism and tough cop of the planet. We can much better use the funding by focusing on special forces and real intelligence instead of reliance on stray cosmic rays. Why are we ignoring AMERICAN DEFENSE? SECURE the borders and develop the database to track foreigners in the U.S. Expel the illegals. Repeal the 1986 and subsequent amnesties.

  10. Afghanistan produces over 90% of the worlds heroin. The yearly production can exceed 3000 metric tons. Heroin can also be stockpiled. When the production is cut back, the price on the street goes up accordingly. Storage tunnels are scattered all over the country.

    The cultivation of poppies to produce opium was fostered in the 1980s to hook the Russian soldiers and diminish their fighting capacity. That's when the local tribes developed production, transportation and financing techniques to take it to Europe, Russia and the rest of the Eurasian Continent.

    Heroin buys the guns, ammunition, explosives and small trucks for the local warlords and their armies.

    The UAE, Pakistan and other middle eastern countries provide the money laundering systems to trade commodities for heroin without a cash trail.
    (Read Gretchen Peters: Seeds of Terror)

    Ahmed Wali Karzai, Hamed's half brother worked with the tribal leaders that trafficked heroin until he was assassinated.

    Afghanistan also has one of the highest birth rates in the world. They are flooded with you males who receive religious training at Madrassas at a very young age to memorize scriptures. They graduate without critical thinking skills, paranoid and ready to fight the infidels, sort of like Texas Evangelicals, and their numbers grow much faster then can be culled by battle.

    After 30 years of war, legitimate food crops cannot compete with the money brought in by poppies. Fools in this country and Texas believe they can change eliminate the poppys and many who try end up as cold as the casabas and carrots they want to grow.

    Many of the Afghan tribes still live in the sixth century, where religion would like to keep us all. The 'Graveyard of Empires' is an appropriate description because it's been true for 2300 years that we know.