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June 30, 2015

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Israel’s prime minister is right

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right! This past week, regarding Arab and Palestinian refusal to seek true peace with Israel, he said: “The root of the conflict isn’t territorial. It began way before 1967. The Palestinians’ failure to accept the state of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people is the root of the conflict.” I agree.

The present peace talks that involve Secretary of State John Kerry are based on the 2002 Arab Initiative that offered a comprehensive peace between Israel and the Arab world. To wit: Peace with the Muslim world only if Israel withdrew from all territories Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast War — which Israel won.

Palestinians have rejected Netanyahu’s request to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Netanyahu further says that for the peace talks to succeed, the Palestinians must guarantee solid security arrangements: “We’re prepared to discuss many things, but I will never compromise on Israel’s security.” I agree with Netanyahu.

Herein is the crux: the Muslim world not only failing to recognize Israel as a sovereign state but the inflammatory rhetoric of its leaders calling for Israel’s destruction. Such threats are not indicative of those who truly seek peace. Any Mideast peace talks backed by President Barack Obama must insist that the Arab world recognize Israel as a sovereign state that has a right to exist. The world has already witnessed the horrific, horrendous Holocaust. This is why in the mind and heart of every Jew throughout the world are these words: “Never again!”

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  1. Israel's weekend bombing of Syria was genius. Showed that Syria, despite the Russian made and manned surface to air defense, is vulnerable to off shore weaponry and missile attacks.

    Carmine D

  2. al-Assad has killed 70,000 innocent Syrians. Most recently with sarin gas. That's a humanitarian tragedy. So far after 2 years and counting, Israel is the only country to intervene militarily. That's not only genius, it's heroic.

    Carmine D

  3. Israel and the Arab world have been fighting wars since the first Arab Israeli war which took place in 1948-49.Again in 1967,and also in 1973.

    Israel has never been fully recognized by the Arab world as the State of Israel.This is why these wars have occurred, and will keep occurring.

    Most Islamic scholars do not see any problem with a Jewish state but as usual the violent and extreme minority sway the majority.

    Israel is not going anywhere and as long as the Arab world holds out in recognizing Israel right to exist.Expect this conflict to continue.

  4. Author, you are correct. Is Israel going to leave the middle east? No. Will it's neighbors accept Israel? No. There is no solution.

  5. As usual lad Jeffery, your facts are wrong:

    "Last weekend, Israel saw a threat to its interests and acted, staging aerial attacks on Syria's military research facilities and on a shipment of Iranian missiles waiting to be sent from Syria to Hezbollah militants in Lebanon."

    Only Muslim babies there are big ones.

    Carmine D

  6. Here's the real baby killer lad Jeffery, in Syria.

    "The pictures appear to tell a familiar story. In one a pile of bodies lies on a street corner, shot down, apparently where they were gathered. Among them is a girl in a red blouse, perhaps five years old, spreadeagled among a dozen other family members, some covered in sheets. A baby's legs are visible and a crumpled man has apparently been shot through the spine.

    According to Syrian opposition activists, these killings happened in the coastal city of Banias, a Sunni family gunned down in the midst of the Alawite heartland, the Shia minority sect largely loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Although the pictures could not immediately be verified, video and other pictures appeared to confirm reports of whole families being killed in two massacres by a pro-government militia in the past two days, prompting thousands to attempt to flee the area.."

    Get your facts straight lad before you get your depends caught in your plumber's crack.

    Carmine D

  7. We pray that Israel will act sooner rather than later. We pray that they maintain intelligence sources and know that they must strike to preclude Iranian nukes, Syrian missiles to terror mobs. We pray that Israel keeps on keeping on even when our President is so out of it and won't deal with reality of Islamist extremists.

  8. CarmineD: It appears that sarin gas was released into the environment in Syria and may have killed an unknown number of people (or that photos released were PhotoShopped.) However, have you seen any definitive proof that government forces used it? Perhaps the rebels managed to seize a weapon or two from government armories and were experimenting with it. Or perhaps one side or the other managed to accidentally hit a gas weapon in an armory in such a fashion as to set it off. Or perhaps an aged and eroded shell failed.

    Yes, families have been gunned down - apparently by BOTH sides. This is a not-unknown tactic for a tyrannical Middle Eastern government...or a Taliban/al Queda supported Middle Eastern terrorist group. Do you have any definitive proof that the report you quote, without giving us a source we can check, shows a killing by Syrian government forces? I note that your quote includes the phrase "Although the pictures could not immediately be verified, ..." Assume that the Syrian government DID do that particular shooting and DID use sarin and we decide to assist the rebels. Specifically WHICH rebel group(s) do we assist? How do we control the results of that assistance and the direction the rebel group(s) take?

    Claims of actions by one side or the other, which may or may not have happened, are very far from being sufficient cause for the U.S. to join yet ANOTHER foreign war. Haven't we learned ANYTHING from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, et al.?

    "Get your facts straight lad before you get your depends caught in your plumber's crack."

  9. Not all Muslim countries are anti Israel as the author indicates.

  10. Robert and Jeffery lad:

    You both introduce opinions not based on facts and as a result fall victim to the same opinions pushed by the President and Administration. That's fine. Your prerogative. Just not mine.

    The truth is there are no good solutions to Syria. Just bad, worse and worst but necessary. It was President Obama who drew the red line in the sand with Syria on sarin gas in March 2013 and told Iran in 2012 that he, as President of the U.S., doesn't bluff. Apparently both occasions of meaningless words.

    By the time he and you have the proof you need based on your standard it will be too late. In fact with 70,000 Syrians dead and more every day, some would say it is already.

    Kerry went to Russia this past week. Any idea the reason? Russia and Syria are in talks for an imminent deal that would provide an upgraded missile defense system that, if in place, would have shot down the Israeli missiles. The U.S. can't let that happen. Our delay to date allowed the Russians and Syrians to put in place the current ground-to-air defense systems in Syria, which Israel, to its credit, penetrated with its missile strikes. Once the new missiles with a broader range and mobility are in place, Israel can't. We owe it to our allies, like Israel and Europe, to stabilize the mid east and prevent and preempt Assad, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas from perpetuating their ilk.

    Add in the mix that Russia, thanks to the Caucasus states [sound familiar?] which are Islamic, owe Islam [Syria] its protection or risk uprisings within its borders.

    Carmine D

  11. Not all Americans are anti-Muslin. I am.

  12. CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio) Ref your 5 a.m. comment to Jeff and me "You both introduce opinions not based on facts and as a result fall victim to the same opinions pushed by the President and Administration. That's fine. Your prerogative. Just not mine."

    Reread your post of 5:50 yesterday AM. where you said "al-Assad has killed 70,000 innocent Syrians. Most recently with sarin gas." Since you say you don't "...introduce opinions not based on facts..." would you provide the specific factual sources for the idea of "innocent" Syrians and "most recently with sarin gas." All Syrian deaths were of "innocents? How did you define that word? Deaths over the last couple of days were provably from sarin?

  13. I'll introduce these two words for both of you: Benghazi, Libya. You've had 8 months to reconsider your false claims and spin [deny, attack, and cover up]. Just like your nonsense about Syria and sarin gas. Let me know your conclusions.

    Carmine D

  14. "I'll introduce these two words for both of you: Benghazi, Libya."

    I'll see your two words, Carmine, and raise you a few more:

    Karachi, Pakistan; Deaths 12, investigations: 0
    Karachi, Pakistan (again) Deaths: 2, investigations: 0
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Deaths: 0, investigations: 0
    Taskkent, Uzbekistan; Deaths: 2, investigations: 0
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Deaths : 9, investigations: 0
    Karachi, Pakistan (Yet again - You think someone would set an alarm or something); Deaths: 9, investigations: 0
    Athens, Greece; Deaths: 0, investigations: 0
    Istanbul, Turkey; Deaths: 3, investigations: 0
    Sana'a, Yemen (practice); Deaths: 0, investigations: 0
    Sana'a, Yemen (6 months later); Deaths: 16, investigations: 0

    I count 49 dead and zero investigations. Benghazi: 4 dead and seven investigations. It's interesting that terrorists hit the SAME EMBASSY THREE TIMES, yet not one Republicon saw fit to even recommend Blackwater to go there (for a hefty price). Terrorists execute a well-planned assault on Benghazi, and the right wing gets all frothy.... I wonder if the difference is in who is President...or rather who will be there in 2016?

  15. "Not all Americans are anti-Muslin. I am." - Roselinda

    What do you have against fabric? It makes great shears, and is very nice to wear on a hot day...

  16. "Not all Americans are anti-Musli<m>. I am." - Rosalinda

    (assuming this is what you actually meant, and just happened to be in a bigoted rage:

    Allow me to translate: "I fear, and therefore hate, anyone who does not look like me..."

  17. But if you really do hate the fabric, My bad....

  18. Here are three more words: Iraq Death Count

    Since war began (3/19/03): 4488 3532
    Since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03) 4347 3424
    Investigations: 0
    War justifications verified: 0
    National Debt Increase from George W. Bush: $5.9 trillion
    Investigations of the money trail: 0

    The Axis of Evil looks like it got it's strength from regions surrounding the Potomac River, as it took almost 6 years by the most powerful military on Earth, to control a third-world country with no standing Army.

    Like Thomas Jefferson said, "If God is Just, I fear for my Country". Right on.

  19. More War Statistics: